(ENG SUB) – Xiang Long Zhi Bai Lu Wei Shuang (Chinese Drama 2018) EPISODE 19

Young master – It hurts – Are you all right? – It hurts – Young master! What happened to you? Were you hurt? I’m dying, I‘m not gonna make it Young master, don’t speak nonsense Doctor! – Go get Doctor Zhang! – Go get Doctor Zhang! – Young master, what’s wrong with you? – Yaya If I died what would you do? Young master, don’t speak nonsense The doctor will be here soon – Why don’t you tell me what’s wrong? – No First tell me what you‘ll do if I die If you die I’ll die too Good! You said it! Commander Long Then let us drink at your wedding in a few days – Yes! Let’s have a wedding! – Alright! After we capture Wang Dake, peace and prosperity for all! You said it child – Let’s go brothers! Let’s drink! – Let’s go! – Let’s go! Follow young master for a drink! – Come, come! Where is Lin Qian? Don’t know Where is Mr. Sun? I need to ask him to lend me more people There’s no rush I’m asking you the war between the Dragon and Liu families who won and who lost? Idiot Liu is as good as his name suggests He’s just a kid who can’t be helped If the Liu family won he would have worked well with you in the future you would have replaced Liu Xuewen but… if the Dragon family won this only means you’re even more useless than he is (Sun Jialiang)

The wall is so high how did you climb it? Mr. Sun, I climbed up along the tree I just wanted to look inside Now I can’t come down Don’t be afraid Do as I say and you’ll get down It’s too high, I’m scared! Don’t look down Look at your feet Isn’t there a strip of wall underneath you? Step on it! Step on it! Alright Come Okay, let’s go! Thank you, sir One step at a time isn’t hard Remember Don’t do anything dangerous like this again – Go home now – See you again, sir What a pity… such a good tree I’ll have it cut idown and keep the children out of here – Is Lu Yisi here? – He’s here. Waiting in the living room Mr. Sun Our people are leaving Shanghai Something went wrong it didn’t work out But don’t worry, John Chen and the others have all been hidden by us John Chen that supplier Louis You disappoint me Mr. Sun, I really didn’t expect them to find out so early The withdrawal was so ahead of time, we had no time to make arrangements The more you explain, the more you fail to It was a perfect opportunity to create a rift between the Dragon and Man families It would have also allowed you to easily replace Jia Enyu and establish your position But what did you do? Dug the hole and jumped into it first Louis After this how are we going to work together? – Mr. Sun – Go ahead with plan two Let Man Chengze find John Chen Let John Chen insist on having cooperated with Jia Enyu Can you do that? I can John Chen is a faithful Christian He’s smart and I trust his loyalty A christian A man who doesn’t believe in himself, but believes in an imaginary God Is he reliable? Don’t leave anything to chance, remember that Alright Sure thing Then Mr. Sun, I won’t bother you anymore Louis The door that belongs to you is behind you Is Wang Dake eager to ask for credit? In Xuancheng, the Dragon family won Unexpected The only chance of success for the Dragon Family was the assistance provided by the Man family I told Lin Quian how much the Man family gave them and asked him to give Wang Dake the same Where is he? – He needs to explain this – Chief Lin he’s dead Well, that’s even more interesting Commander – The game is finished, let’s move on – When I left Xuancheng the situation was clear to me I left two options for Deputy Kian in case of different results but in my heart I never thought the Dragon Family would win I had three pieces in this game Liu Xuewen, Wang Dake Lin Qian I even brought Lin Quian into this game

Old Wu Help me figure it out Which move did I take wrong in this game? Commander Back then… you interferred in the affairs of Xuancheng for the sole purpose of disturbing Man Shucai’s cooperative plan What happened with the Dragon family was unexpected but nothing went wrong For us, it’s just a different strategy You really don’t have to fix yourself on this But the old man of the Dragon family just died and the young one is not up to the task I’ve seen that Xu Ziyun before, he’s skilled but he isn’t that tough How did they win? Deputy Kian said that in the Dragon family there’s a teenager He’s Long Xiang’s secretary His name is Bai Lusheng Let Deputy Kian stay a few more days He should check out Long Xiang and Bai Lusheng for me I’d like to know what they’re capable of Brother Lusheng Can I come in and talk to you for a second? Come on in Looking at you you want to talk about you and Long Xiang? This matter, it’s up to you to decide I’m so confused Young master is mentioning it more and more often My mother’s getting more excited People around me laugh when they see me Brother Lusheng I don’t know what to do Actually, I don’t know much about these things But I think in any case… don’t care what other people say What do you see or think? First you have to find out if you like him or not Brother Lusheng Have you ever liked anyone? I I’m not qualified to like someone Before finishing what I want to do I can’t think about liking anyone It’s impossible for me to like someone Yaya This is about you and Long Xiang, right? Yaya Long Xiang keeps looking for you and talking about marriage this is why you are pressured Yes and no Before I didn’t quite understand Long Xiang and I thought if you followed him you’d only suffer together but now both of you are equally important to me Is that what you really think? I… I was just saying Yaya You are a good woman No matter what you choose I brother Lusheng will support you

I have to go and help out at the base I’ll be leaving, Yaya Commander Long, Chief officer Xu They found Wang Dake’s body He had already died – Where did you find him? – Garden Hotel I don’t know who’s behind all this Now even Wang Dake is dead That guy better come out and fight me sneaking aroung like that such a loser One Two One Two One Two One Two Old Duan How come I’ve never seen these soldiers? Those are the ones who surrounded from the Liu family Commander Long said he would deal with them later They are They are the soldier Senior Xu borrowed from the Northeast Other people’s soldiers are not easy to control Look These days the weather is getting warmer Did Yaya look for you? I just came out of my room is she looking for me again? It’s okay Maybe I’m wrong Long Xiang Do you know from whom Xu Ziyun borrowed soldiers? I didn’t ask Besides, as long as I beat Idiot Liu I don’t care where he borrowed them from You really don’t know Do I need to know it? Why do you ask? I’m afraid he borrowed soldiers from someone who’s hard to deal with It won’t be easy to return the favour Let Xu Ziyun worry about that Why should you worry? If you have so much time to kill then – Guess you don’t have anything good for me to do – How do you know it’s not good? I’ve been thinking about it since I came back from hell It’s just that, I’ve been fighting a war I want to marry Yaya! You have to help me I can’t help you with that Long Xiang You think marriage is just a word but Yaya thinks it’s a word for a lifetime Bai Lusheng You sound more and more like Yaya’s mother! Alright Forget this one Let’s talk about the other thing What else is there? Idiot Liu is dead now in Xuancheng my Dragon family is the strongest one I’m going to take action against the surrounding areas of the city Long Xiang Now all of Xuancheng belongs to the Dragon family

Here you have money and power And you’re thinking of marrying Yaya! Isn’t that enough? Why do you still want to fight? It’s not enough I’m going to be Emperor Bai Lusheng Are you still thinking about that Man Dog-cai thing? Alright I promise you Let’s get that done first I want to ask you something Shoot Did you want to help me kill Man Shucai because you thought it was fun? Yeah So now you want to kill him for me for what reason? I want to have a real fight with him and see who’s stronger When you killed Liu Xuewen what did it feel like? Good! That felt so good! After I shot him he looked the same As if he couldn’t believe that he was dead Lusheng You’ll fight with me through it all We’ll go beyond Xuancheng! I want to be emperor I want to be a real emperor Ziyun There is a message from the Man family we don’t have to give back the soldiers They also sent the conditions for cooperation I gave a quick look and it’s a good offer It’s surely not as simple as it looks Ziyun When are you going to tell Lusheng about this? A cooperation between the two forces in our Dragon family’s current situation The pros outweigh the cons There’s no need to give up such a good opportunity because we are worried about him No one understands you Do I also not understand you? This child, Lusheng you do care about him The Dragon family provides him with food and shelter but he still can’t let go of his obsession It’s tiring When the time comes he’ll have to face the consequences Alright, no rush in replying to this In the conditions of the Man family there is a lot hidden – I’ll arrange a face to face meeting with the Man family – No rush I’ll meet them after I’ve gone over it This old fox, Man Shucai should not be taken lightly Careful, it hurts, it hurts Milord Why did you close off my place? Did I do something wrong? Mr. Jia Don’t you know what you’ve done? This… this Where does this come from? Fake! It’s a fake! – Someone forged this – Mr. Jia Don’t cry injustice yet John Chen who supplied you with the goods has already been found and he gave you up This It’s also clearly written in the account book and this contract is also signed by yourself Signed? How is that possible? Milord Even if you want to cut my head off I won’t dare to oppose you You better ask yourself, Mr. Jia If there’s anything I’ve done that might have offended you Well Is this your revenge? Milord It’s not what I meant! John Chen! Why are you accusing people like that? Mr. Jia, we said we’d make quick money together How nice of you to turn your back on me! You’re talking nonsense! When was I going to cheat with you?

I, Jia Enyu, am known in Shanghai as a man of quality and integrity If not you – who else would I dare to do this with? – You! Milord! He’s lying, I didn’t do it! – I really didn’t do this! – Alright, alright I almost understand Mr. Jia That it has come to this is not my fault I can only bother you to go to jail for a couple of days No – Milord! – I’ll look into it again Milord, I really didn’t do it! Milord! Let me explain! Milord! John Chen’s background did you check it out? Actually, he’s from Shanghai He also worked at Puren Pharmacy When the gold rush started a few years ago he went to Nanyang with a boat Then went to Hong Kong and worked as an arms dealer In his family is there anyone else? I know what to do John Chen I’m giving you a chance to tell the truth now If not, your brother’s life will be ruined My brother? What have you done to my brother? Brother! Help me! If you don’t save me, I’ll die, brother! Brother, help me, brother! Great young master, I told you the truth! – I’m begging you! – I’m begging you! – I’m begging you! – I’m begging you! We are begging you! Let my brother go! He seems to be telling the truth Then Jia Enyu, he Army lord Army lord Please let me go, Army lord Alright Go! This brother gave his life to save his little brother and this little brother turned around and ran away No conscience at all Mr. Sun The mission was completed As soon as he saw him, he knew we had taken all his family members He’d rather die in front of Man Chengze than speak nonsense Really? John Chen’s body, did you bring it back? No If you were really John Chen’s brother and your brother died in front of you would you not collect his body? Alright Relationships are self-seeking and volatile, warm one moment, chilly the next Mr. Sun So can John Chen’s family be released? I remember according to the plan John Chen’s family should disappear without a trace Lusheng Bai Lusheng Did he go to bed so early? Yaya Is Lusheng back in his room? Y-young master I don’t know Are you going to sleep? I’ll get some water to wash your face These two what’s going on? Bai Lusheng! Yaya! Come out! I haven’t seen you for days Hurry up, come out! You two what have you been up to lately?

You are asleep when I leave in the morning and you’re asleep when I come back And you Why is the one serving me, washing me and bringing me food now Xia Tan? Why are you two avoiding me? Young master I’m not avoiding you I just She’s just not sure yet I told you, if you want to marry Yaya you have to give her enough time to think it over What about you? Why do you keep avoiding me? I I’ve got my own things to do Young Master Brother Lusheng he’s been busy Why are you two singing the same tune today? Since when did you become so in sync? Or is there something you’re not telling me? Young master! Bai Lusheng Why don’t you get mad at me? A guilty conscience, is it? I’m telling you Yaya is mine Stay out of it! To be continued