Episode 59 Bob Seger and the SIlver Bullet Band Stranger in Town 40th Anniversary

Welcome to the Terrence Reardon and Friends podcast with your host The Rock Sponge Terrence Reardon. Kick on back and listen to this rock and roll fan talk about the music he loves and there will be no country and no rap on this podcast. So without further ado here he is, your host, Terrence Reardon! Hello ladies and gentlemen boys and girls this is Terrence Reardon with another episode of the Terrence Reardon and Friends audio-visual podcast boy I’m getting good at this shit aren’t I over a year and a half into the show and I’m kicking a lot of ass and as of this recording I want to let everyone know that I will be appearing on Rock Metal Combat in the next few weeks they sort of paid to a pure episode a fan wanted to hear the original three back together again so yes at the intro I’m saying I will be back on the show for a one-off and doing it was therapeutic for me and a good thing I did leave the show because now I can discuss albums I love and like on the show here I talked about things that I love pretty much and today is another example of talking about an album that Terrence loves very much and I know you love hearing me talk about things that I love and I’m gonna be talking about a Detroit native who should have been in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame before Bruce Springsteen was but nevermind but I’m gonna talk about him anyway today a gentleman by the name of Bob Seger yes today I’m going to discuss a Bob Seger album for its 40th anniversary the album Stranger in Town boy do I have a major love fest for this album as you’re gonna hear in this review and before I get into the review of Stranger inTown Terrence Reardon has got to go off on his preaching from the choir again I just recently read news that Phil Collins is embarking on his first North American tour in 14 years or 13 years not counting the Genesis tour he did in 2009 what year was it oh yeah 2007 the not dead yet series of shows I wouldn’t call 15 shows in America a proper tour but a selection of shows and sadly this pains me to say it I won’t be seeing the tour reason being is because Phil Collins now and looks very what’s the word I’m looking for looks pretty sad just sitting there because if you’ve seen live performances of Phil Collins with Genesis in on his own over the years he was very energetic I mean before he had his back problems and so forth he was running around on stage getting the crowd on its feet don’t you know going from the drums to stage front to even playing some keyboards and piano back to to the front of the stage back to the drums again now he just goes on stage and just sits down well you’ve got to gonna count that he had some back surgeries because in 2007 during that Genesis tour he threw out his back he said it was bad drumming I disagree it had to do with those tambourine jigs eaten every night on that tour I need to do a tambourine jig in your 30s and 20s and 30s and 40s yes fine but there comes a time where you have to stop I mean him doing the tambourine jig during I know what I like every performance that’s what threw his back out and his back began bothering him in Toronto and I mean Montreal during the Turn it On Again series of shows it was like three or four nights after I saw Phil with Genesis at the Boston Garden sold-out show I might add and the see read that he had some back problems after you know midway through the US leg of the Turn it On Again tour he began experience pain and his lower back and then he tried heavier drumsticks and things and then he had a surgery which left him with some numbness in his fingers and then recently he had back surgery to correct it and he was trying to get back on his feet again but then recently he developed dropped foot and for a drummer to have dropped foot that’s that’s basically it party’s over you know and

his singing voice is not the same as it was a decade plus ago or you know ten years ago eleven years ago when they did the last genesis tour he sounded great now he just looks like a caricature of himself and this is no disrespect on Phil because I want the guy he’s one of my favorite drummers of all time he’s one of the reasons why he took up drumming as a kid and picked up learning the drums and as your drumming work is still amazing those first two solo albums he did were masterpieces beyond belief if you’ve heard my face value review and hello I must be going I’ll work on at some stage but it’s just I just didn’t want to burn you people out on Phil Collins and Genesis reviews because I have a lot of bands to discuss in the show and the night he’s performing in my neck of the woods of New England which is October the 9th I believe falls on has a look at the calendar behind my back here it falls on a Tuesday night so I’ll be able to go anyway and it pains me to see the Phil Collins who was once one of the most vibrant rock performers in history now just sitting down singing and his voice is not the same as it once was no slight on the guy but you know there comes a time where you have to end it I mean you know it’s sort of like becoming what Rush saying about on the song “Losing It from Signals “Sadder still to watch it die than never to have known it” and it’s and it pains me to see Phil in the shape that he’s in now on stage I mean I know if audiences loved it but like I said you got to come to a time or you got to take yourself out of the game and if now is the time to do it I’d say now it’s the time to do it go out on top go out in style you know and I’m not sound like a grumpy old man but you know and there’s a few newer bands that I want people to check out but one of them is not Greta Van Fleet people stop telling me about those fucking morons those guys fucking suck donkey dick I mean who would want to hear fucking a Led Zeppelin wannabe I mean there was Kingdom Come there was Wolfmother and even the darkness was a you know a throwback band you know The Darkness you know married what Zeppelin and AC/DC with like in the singing of Queen and you know sadly the novelty wore off because Americans were brainwashed by doom and gloom rock from Linkin Park especially Chester Bennington who basically wound up reaping what he sowed he whined and cried about his fucked-up life upbringing where’s he now dead as a fucking doornail that’s what happens when you sing and whine about how bad your life is and telling people to shut up eventually he would if you live by the sword you die by the sword you know sadly that most Americans are just brainwashed by what the big labels push as rock music I mean when people tell me to try liking Porcupine Tree boring his fucking shit but thankfully my buddy Dr Fukk Ralph Viera launched said he had a couple bands Thrash or Die so I checked out Thrash or Die for kicks one day and I fucking love that shit right off the bat to me that’s one of the few new bands on vanaf Thrash or Die, Combat old leather in any turn me on will be I call Night Demon who fucking rule you know today I’m shame at the big record companies won’t do shit for the real bands like night demon and also the son of David Gilmour Matt Gilmour who released an amazing debut album a few years ago and he’s releasing an EP with his current band Matt Gilmore’s patient wolf that’s some good shit so there is a there are some new rock bands if you were willing to pull yourself away from the Dave Grohl malaise and they Dave Grohl he’s a fucking poser you know that brings up another thing I want to say the best thing about fucking the Pick of Destiny Dave Grohl gets his ass kicked by fucking Jack Black how godly is that fuck Dave Grohl where was he during metals black ages oh yeah sucking the cock of fucking all those alternative rock bands fuckin moron fuck the Pixies fuck the horse breeders dog breeders whatever the fuck 3-digit comp fuck that shit you know during the time of the Dark Ages of metal which was the early 90s I was flying the flag for that

shit I mean got back into Maiden and Sabbath if you heard my some of the episodes you know my history with hard rock and metal even when people didn’t like it I never gave up on it it’s because I’m a true fan of that shit thick through thick and thin plus the fact I didn’t kowtow to nobody so let’s go from veering off my soapbox to a celebratory mood as today I saw a great 40 years of Bob Seger’s 1978 classic Stranger in Town the album was released in May of 1978 and it was a Bob Seger’s second studio album with the Silver Bullet Band but don’t be fooled because the Silver Bullet band appears on half of the songs and the other half of the songs feature a half of the album feature the Muscle Shoals rhythm section so there’s four signs with the Silver Bullet Band five songs with the Muscle Shoals rhythm section and this album was produced by Bob Seger Punch Andrews in the Muscle Shoals rhythm section and this album was his first album since the blockbuster Night Moves made his ass famous a year and a half earlier and Night Moves an amazing album I will talk about that album in the future but I want to talk about stranger in town first and this album was recorded mostly at criteria studios in Miami Florida in the Muscle Shoals recording studios in Sheffield Alabama Cherokee studios in LA as is the capital record studios in LA plus was also recorded at sound suite studios in Detroit Michigan I believe it was mixed either a Cherokee or at criteria studios in Miami and this album like I said was the tenth studio album for Bob Seger his 11th overall and also the first Bob Seger album where Bob would have custom labels on his albums and this would be the first of four albums he would release where he would have a unique custom label and some of the pictures we’ll show you later in the review the how the labels worked on the original vinyl record my introduction into Bob Seger wall I grew up listening to Bob and half of the songs on this album I got intro to on the live album nine tonight which was released in 1981 and my mother rest her glorious soul this is dedicated to you mom because I know how much you worshiped Bob C here and you turned me on to his music as a small boy back in Whitman mass I’m now tried to believe you’ve been gone for 11 years but looking back at her getting me into all these rock and roll bands Bob Seger was one of them and the first bob seger out my owned was nine tonight the live album from the against the wind tour and that album featured one two four signs from this album on that live album and he’s played much of this album live in concert over the years much of it he played on the tour to support the stranger in town album and you know I had nine tonight then I got against the wind then stranger in town was the first studio album from Bob’s I ever had on cassette when I stole it from my sister Tony’s ex boyfriend Peter Santos was–oh and bade our round that dude yes I came home from a vacation with my dad this was shortly after my parents split and I found the tape stranger in town in one of them in my bedroom so I played it yeah I just never gave it back to him and to this day stranger in town does remain my favorite Bob Seger studio album I mean I also love Night Moves I love against the wind I love beautiful loser and Bob Seger was doing the Heartland rock thing before Bruce Springsteen was even even emerged okay but it took Bob unlike Springsteen it’s a Bob Seger ten ten albums to break out big and Bob wasn’t even loved by many of the critics unlike Springsteen who was worshipped by critics the Bob Seger just persevered and eventually every part of the United States jumped on the Bob Seger bandwagon and some of the biggest strongholds for Bob have been not only Detroit but also

Boston Boston Massachusetts was where Bob would wind up recording half of the nine tonight live album at the old Boston Garden back in 81 I mean 80 and he recorded half of that live album at Cobo Hall in Detroit his home his neck of the woods and the stranger in town album is so named because Seeger recorded much of the album in Los Angeles and you see of the front cover of the album depicts Bob standing with the Hollywood Hills behind him in that pure shot of 1978 1978 Americana and this album was from the get-go an amazing amazing album and like I said a huge success not just commercially but musically it was a convert who was a success with me and I will begin my love fest with this album in just a moment and thanks to an episode of in the studio with red beard I want to give Redbeard some thanks as always because that shows the crucial and helping me with the review of this album he that interview red-bearded with Bob on the making of this album is was very crucial and helping me talk about the songs in the album and give you people some stories about the songs in the album and some of the stories are funny but true but every song in this album is gonna get a glowing review from yours truly and I’ll to know which songs were recorded with which band and every song of this album bar one well technically two was written by Bob Seger by his lonesome one of the songs he did co-write and sadly did not ever take credit for it I’ll bring that which of and it’s a very popular sign but I’ll tell you which one is when I get to it and another one is a cover of a song from an unknown musician to us Yankees but enough of the backstory on the making of the album in the introduction do it because this album is gonna get a glowing review and I currently have the remastered CD which sounds amazing let’s delve into this lovefest of stranger in town and begin with the song called Hollywood nights which was the second single from the stranger in town album and this song is just an amazing rocker and it then he begins this album like the previous album with a hard rocker and the song features Bob with the Silver Bullet Band on this track so it’s Bob on vocals on guitar it was on drew rabbit bass guitar was Chris Campbell on drums David Teegarden and on keyboards was Little Feat keyboard player Bill Payne and the song was written about a guy from the Midwest who goes into Cal goes into California meets a beautiful girl who choose him up and winds up spitting him out as he explained a red beard and he wrote the song while he was staying at the rented house in Hollywood and found a time magazine with very popular model Cheryl Tiegs on the cover at the time Cheryl Tiegs was one of the most attractive looking pieces of female specimen in in history and men had a lot of perverted fantasies about her so he saw the cover of Time magazine and said shit but I write a song about a girl who looks like that who lures a Midwestern boy into our lair and seduces him and throws him to the wolves you know and this and then of course the course the Hollywood Knights in those Hollywood Hills it was looking sorry all those diamonds and thrills all those big city nights and those high above all the lights she had all the skills what a killer fucking track and of course the final course being Hollywood nights Hollywood Hills above all of the lights Hollywood nights and this song was also the last sign to be recorded for the stranger in town album but it was the first song in the album talk about a strange twist of fate the last song recorded for the album was the song that begins the album very strange sometimes like in movies the final scene in the movie would be the first thing filmed for a movie you just don’t know what you’re gonna get because sometimes making albums was like making a movie sometimes you’re beasts sitting for days and Gordon studios even a studio time just recording a section of a sign one of the signs took several days to record I’ll tell you which one that is when they get to it but Hollywood nights great excuse me an amazing great rocker was a live

concert steeple a live version does appear on nine tonight and I believe the version was recorded at Cobo Hall in Detroit but the studio version was also a hit single peaking at number 12 in I believe late summer early fall in 1978 an amazing rocker this is and not much more to add to Hollywood nights but a killer tune and a sign that I don’t get sick and tired of I know classic rock radio was played at nauseam it’s on much of his greatest hits albums but Hollywood nights killer rocker an amazing opener to this album and one of the best hard rockers Bob Seger ever recorded and not much more to add to Hollywood nights but a killer tune next on stranger in town is the album’s first single called still the same and this song almost did not make the album because Bob Seger had recorded a couple more songs for the album one being called patience which he loved but his manager hated so the manager said now let’s get rid of that song and put that that crappy song you don’t like on the record and Bob’s like you’re out of your fucking mind the song is not gonna be a hit no one’s gonna like it all bob was proved wrong because this song was a top 5 hit for Bob in late spring early summer a night in the spring of 1978 and there you were the Dada that still the same and a promotional video for the song like Hollywood nights was made from her performance in San Diego and Bob Seger again recorded the song with the Silver Bullet Band and it’s about an American nation of characters he met when he first went to Hollywood while making the stranger in town al and again the musicians on stole the same is the Silver Bullet Band with Robin Robins playing piano and instead of bill Payne and played keyboards on the opening track and on top of that the backing vocals on still the same we’re done by Vanetta Fields who of course Pink Floyd fans know her from her work on the 1974-75 Pink Floyd tours as well as our backing singing on shine on you crazy diamond from wish you were here so there’s a Pink Floyd connection on this track and clydie King also sings backing vocals in this track and Shirley Matthews let’s see clydie King also sings backing vocals on it and then or and waters sings backing vocals on still the same as does maxine waters Luther waters and joy of waters what an amazing sign this is still those things do the same and is still the same see that’s fine you’d be seeing it for days on it and this song does appear on his greatest hits album was played live on the stranger in town and against the wind tour so there’s live versions out on bootleg in soundboard quality for those you want to hear it and a live video appears is online if you want to watch it now I’m actually using some of the footage slowed down so I don’t get busted by the copyright police’s so your fans can look at the videos I talk about the song and the slang like I said Bob Seger didn’t think much of it almost left it off the stranger in town album by his manager and the band said no no no put that song in the album screw patience screw the title track of stranger in town still the same as if he’s your first big top it’s going to be a big top 10 hit for you turned out to be a top 5 hit so Bob was proved wrong sometimes he has to listen to management and his own bandmates so he was proved wrong on still the same what an amazing song this is if you don’t like still the same and you don’t like the sign you don’t like America if you don’t like America get the fuck out of here just kidding still the same I love that tune that too was written by Bob by his lonesome next on the album is old time rock and roll and this song was written by George Jackson and Thomas Jones the third and Bob Seger got his hands on it while recording the stranger in town album as the Muscle Shoals rhythm section was playing it and he did not like some of the lyrics then George Jackson and Thomas E Jones light wrote so all he kept from the original was the course

but Bob Seger wrote rewrote all the lyrics to the verbal all the verse lyrics both verses he wound up writing the lyrics but never took credit for it he even said the red beard he goes that was one of the most asinine things I ever did was not taking credit for I mean shakedown you know I musically thought the sign was great by in like the lyrics I rewrote those lyrics to my liking old time rock and roll I didn’t like any of it and rewrote the lyrics and didn’t think much of it who knew that that song was gonna be the most popular song and Bob Seger’s career outside of Night Moves and the song was released as a single as the fourth and final single from the album and this song has gone down in history and the song go went down in history as one of the biggest songs in Bob’s career and this song of course is well documented for the scene and Risky Business with Tom Cruise where Tom Cruise’s character mimes the slang and dancing in his fruit of the looms as the song is playing after his parents leave him home on a holiday and then it was of course parodied by Alf in but you know in the in the TV show Alf and the sign was also in the 1998 film adaptation of The Odd Couple part two which reunited the original a couple of Walter Matthau and who’s Jack Lemmon in a sort of 90s remake you know reboots sequel to the 1968 Odd Couple and turned out to be a kind of a quasi Road Trip version of grumpy old men if you’ve seen both grumpy old men movies you know what the fuck I’m talking about yeah those two were fuckin hoods and the song was played in the redneck bar that the two were stranded in it’s fucking hilarious but old time rock and roll what a great sign this is I know it’s been played to death on rock radio and classic rock radio just dig those old records off the shelf I said listen to it by myself and the sign when it was played live through the years it was the song was recorded an f-sharp but live was normally played in E it was dropped down a whole step her there was yeah a step and a half who was in in E and the song was not thought of much by the Silver Bullet Band because the band silver bullet Bend did not want the sign on the stranger in town album in fact the song was recorded with the Muscle Shoals rhythm section the only member of the Silver Bullet Band who appears on the song aside side Bob Seger with sax player Alto Reed blows it brilliant tenor sax hole in the middle of this like an old time rock and roll an amazing tune little burned out on the sign but if I’m listening to this album all at the sign play and the sign reached a disappointing number 28 on the Billboard singles chart in the spring of 79 but it did also reap enter the charts in 83 peaking at number 48 all time rock and roll is very well documented very popular in pop culture and the song like I said Bob’s was you know Bob performed at his induction of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in 2004 and Bob even said he wished he had taking credit for the lyrics to all-time rock and roll all in that way the song would have been spared from being used in so many commercials over the years you know Bob regrets not taking writing credits for Alzheimer I can roll but thankfully you did verify with red beard that he did write the lyrics to all time rock and roll an amazing song but I prefer the live version on nine tonight not to take anything away from the studio version but live it just had more meat and balls to it next on the album is a very overlooked sign from Bob called til it shines till it shines which is the fourth song in the album and the second to feature the Muscle Shoals rhythm section which comprised of if I’m not mistaken here as I have the CD in my hands Barry Beckett on keyboards Pete Carr and Jimmie Johnson on guitars David Hood on bass guitar and Roger Hawkins the hawk on drums and percussion and this sawing wound of featuring a friend of Bob’s on lead guitar being the late

great Glenn Frey of the Eagles who policed the brilliant guitar solo on this track in harmony guitars at the end with a peak car on this track and the sawing detail ah Bob wrote while he was vacationing in Barbados and he wrote it about his experiences in Los Angeles while making the stranger in town album especially the second verse like an echo down at Canyon never coming back as clear lately I judged just judged the distance not the words I hear and um you know on the last course being see the rich man lost and lonely watch them as he dined sitting there just testing all the wines till it shines what an amazing song this is and you know the song speaks about the shady corrupt people that love to live in especially love to live in Los Angeles California no shady hangers-on and things and there was that topic that Bob based the song on and mostly the song was recorded at Muscle Shoals except for the guitar solo of Glenn Frey and the vocals from Bob which were recorded I believe in Miami and the song is just an amazing beautiful track and the guitar I would like that doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo did it you know you if you all know the song you know what the fuck I’m talking all right let me sing the melody of the damn thing and Bob’s singing the slide it’s just a per bwe and an amazing sign he wrote with till it shines and the song also you know the section of I’ve been too long in these islands was written about his experience in Barbados and the song is just an amazing sign musically lyrically the way it flows and this sign was – used in a movie called crossing the bridge which was a coming-of-age film which I’ve never seen but Bob liked it so much that he allowed his sign to be be in the movie just like this the song the proceed of this the old timer I can roll it appeared in a movie and the song what I also love about till it shines is it’s just musically an amazing um musically lyrically everything about the song is just classic especially Glenn Frey’s short guitar solo in the middle he was a lot of people never gave Glenn Frey the props do as a lead guitarist I mean he was a great rhythm player and his lead skills and the Eagles did diminish once Don Felder and Joe Walsh joined the band glenn frey could solo like like the best of them in fact most of the souls on the first Eagles album was Glenn and the song had some of Glenn’s fine guitar work never recorded on this song and when it was done live on the stranger in town tour Bob Seger played this guitar solo alive and he was using a Fender Telecaster a custom-made Telecaster he had which Bob would play Glen solo live and this was one of the few songs of Bob actually did play electric guitar live and he played lead live on live versions on the stranger in town tour replicating what his best buddy going for I did and Bob and Glen had an amazing friendship you know in fact if it wasn’t for Bob we would not have heard of going thrive because Bobby at Glen appear on ramblin gamblin man I was in fact Glen’s first recording session and then glidin told his bandmates about Bob Seger and they became buddies with Bob and Bob wound up having every eagle from the 1978 to 2001 line-up appear on on his albums in some way shape or form and on this album two Eagles now former Eagles I should say because Glenn Frey sadly passed away in January 2016 from colitis and pneumonia may you rest in peace Glen this section of the reviews in your memory god Russia glorious soul Glen and another member of the band who was kicked out of the band in 2001 I appears on another couple songs from now later on this album but till it shines amazing song not much more to add but a great great mid-tempo number and then we inside one of stranger in town with one of Bob’s most

ferocious rockers feel like a number and this song basically stemmed from a real-life events when he in a of his went to Canada in a truck and the guy he was with had some marijuana in the back of his truck his friend got arrested and Bob was put into a computer kind of like a computer bank and to you know like a list of felon although Bob didn’t even get charged for having marijuana wasn’t his his buddy had the marijuana and Bob was guilt by association so he was put into a computer bank and given a number hence the title feel like a number and he was on that list until 1980 in this slang was basically written from that experience and this song is an amazing art rocker and this song was played live on the stranger in town tour as well as the tour for against the wind a live version appears on the 9:00 tonight album and this song is just an amazing rocker again the Silver Bullet Band appears on this track excusing the end Canadian session player Doug Riley plays keyboards on this track he plays the ham in Oregon and does the brilliant piano solos in the middle and the ending of course this would be the last album with Robin Robbins who would leave the band shortly after the stranger in town tour so on the next album bill Payne would play much of the keyboards and Bob would play some of the keyboards but Doug Riley doing a phenomenal job on keyboards and a brilliant guitar solo by Drew Abbott who was one of the most unsung heroes in Bob Seger’s band between 1975 and 1981 and this song he had some of his tasty playing especially him using that Gibson Explorer that he used during the night move stranger in town period he just rips us all and Bob Seger singing his ass off I feel like a number don’t be a rocket number stranger in this land say it again what a killer fucking tune and reading the lyrics to feel like a number what I kill our song I mean who knows if I made Nick this idea for the fucking prisoner from the number of the beast album but the lyrics I take my cart and I stand in line to make a bucket I work overtime dear sir lighters keep coming in the mail I worked my back till it’s racked in pain the boss can’t even recall my name is showing up the late and I’m doctored never fails I feel like just another spoke in a great big wheel like a tiny blade of grass and a great big field and from the like I said from the experience of him and his friend getting busted at the Canadian border for marijuana he wrote those lyrics basically knowing what it’s like to be a statistic number in a kinda like in the IRS file and if you all know being on a list I was almost put on a list myself back in 2004 from my hair-trigger temper towards John Kerry for saying some hurtful words towards the dude which I regret to my eternal shame because I was no you know at that time I was pretty brainwashed by Fox News living in the redneck wreck of South Carolina him saying negative things about the US military me being the the son of a retired now retired US Army sergeant who served the military for thirty years thirty plus years plus relatives who were in the Navy the Air Force the Marines sheesh I come from a military family you can tell and I said you know I hope he get massacred in the 2004 election and those words got me in trouble with the FBI CIA what saved my ass was me being autistic if I hadn’t been autistic I would have been I probably be doing this show right now I’d be in I would be in fucking life and worth being somebody’s bitch hello haven’t I’m havin fuckin stomach-churning thinking about that shit but feel like a number amazing rocker not much more to add to the song but a fucking kick-ass rock and roll tune great rocker one of Bob Seger’s best rockers and a song that I don’t get sick and tired of great song not much more to add now you have flip the album decide – and we begin with another rocker this time recorded with the Muscle Shoals rhythm section a cover of the Frankie Miller tune ain’t got no money and this sounds kind of like the fire down below but a fucking killer rock tune and Bob Seger remarks that Frankie Miller was a huge influence on him and this song was just just a heavy fucking da-dun da-dun – what a killer

from you know the rhythm fuckin Pete Carr playing slide guitar on this track a very underappreciated slide player Pete Carr is and he was one of the rhythm of the one of the key pointers in the Muscle Shoals rhythm section and Muscle Shoals wanted to play rock and roll for so long in this slime they get to play rock and roll big time and Bob writing the singing well I’m looking for a woman about five foot six who ain’t in the Glen where she’s in – just in the kicks just a sweet fashionably step and dynamite who’s gonna take me for granted in the heat of the night I ain’t got no money but sure I got a whole lot of love what I killer fuckin I ain’t got no money but I show love you could tell this was a this was the fire down below of a stranger in town but I find this to be the better sign than the fire down below because radio kind of killed that track for me but this sign radio doesn’t really play I haven’t I don’t think I’ve heard rock radio play this maybe talk to fuckin play one day but who knows but this song is amazing and this line does feature an Eagle again this time Don Felder yes these same Don Felder who was ousted from the band in 2001 thanks to Don Henley that prick Don Felder does a ripping guitar solo on this track him that’s him doing the main lead solo in the middle and that too is recorded Criteria Studios in Miami because of course it’s where the Eagles recorded the previous album Hotel California and they were still they were at the height of their success so two eagles who one is sadly no longer with us physically and being Glenn Frey and another who’s still alive but not in the band anymore don felder both appeared in this album and don Felder’s guitar solo I mean got no money just fuckin burns I mean if you don’t like the song God you’ve got issues in fact Bob Seger proved to the world that he could still write rockers with the best of them especially on this sign here and this sign is just an amazing amazing rock tune and I think he got scan airplay on rock radio back in 1978 but classic rock radio won’t touch this sign because it wasn’t a hit well fuck classic rock radio because I heart RI fart that’s what I think of I fart they won’t have the balls to play this fucking tune Bob Seger’s take of ain’t got no money fucking rules possibly my favorite song in the album that wasn’t a hit single then again I love till it shines and feel like a number but ain’t got no money my god him fucking doing another killer rocker amazing amazing song ain’t got no money is getting on it especially with Bob had hitting those high seas at the end of his fucking peak car it’s that storming slide guitar solo at the very end what a killer sawing ain’t got no money is not much more to add but I killer Rock tuned Bob Seger taking a cover recording as well as his own and kicking some ass on it ain’t got no money sure as hell kicked a lot of ass now we come to the big ballad from the album a song which was released as the third single from the stranger in town it was one of the first to be recorded for the album and the first of two songs to feature orchestrations by Jim Ed Norman the slang we’ve got tonight and this song was written for the beautiful loser album as a sign called this whole the house I believe and then Bob was like Kennedy’s lyrics don’t fit the sighing so scrap the this allows lyric theme and then one night he was watching the movie The Sting with Robert Redford and he saw the scene where Robert Redford is trying to evade get away from the bad guys and he runs into this lady and says and comes to our house and says it’s for AI it’s 4 a.m. and I oh no anybody can you hide me away from the bad guys so she lots of men and so forth and that’s where Balearic idea we’ve got tonight who needs tomorrow came from and this ballad is just an amazing song and boys this ballad amazing and did you know that we’ve got tonight was actually recorded with two different bands one take was done with the Silver Bullet Band which was not used in the album and the take that appears on the album was done with the Muscle Shoals rhythm section and the orchestrations on this track were brilliantly done by Jim Eadie Norman who of course Eagles fans will remember him for his orchestrations on

the desperado album which already talked about in an earlier episode and also he did the orchestrations on 1975 and one of these nights which was a blockbuster for the band and of course he did the orchestrations on their masterpiece Hotel California and of course the song again features Vanetta Fields and Clyde eqing doing the backing vocals and in its Bob actually playing piano on this track and Bob is the one who played the piano on it of course he played the piano on the live versions that we’re done in during their a during its heyday and a live version does surface on the night tonight live album excuse me and this song you know I know it’s late I know you’re weary and I know that your plans don’t include me and what a beautiful beautiful ballad this is I know soft rock radio is play the everliving shit out of this sign over the years and classic rock radio I don’t think never touch this song oh yeah because it’s not rock enough well sometimes you need to hear some ballets to give yourself a bit of balance in between I’m just hearing Oh rock and roll every day you’d be bored to death here and just rock and roll and this song was the third single released from the album in October of 1978 and it reached number 13 at the tail end of 1978 and the sign was one of the first to be recorded for the album back in nineteen in December 76 and was recorded like I said mostly in Muscle Shoals were the overdubs done in California and of course the song was a huge hit for Bob in 78 and of course the song was then re-released as a single in 1982 on the live nine tonight album when it reached number 60 and then a year later Kenny Rogers and Sheena Easton talking about strange bedfellows a country singer and a Scottish pop singer had a major hit with their remake back in 1983 from Kenny Rogers is a final album for liberty records we’ve got tonight and one of Sheena Easton album’s best-kept secret and the song went all the way to number six on the Billboard singles chart in 8300 Bob Seger a Grammy Award for best country song of the year very strange that the slide was a big country at the Bob’s I preferred Bob Seger’s original by a landslide reason being is because it’s just so powerful and if you heard the versions on the radio it’s edited to three minutes and 40 seconds pure blasphemy you need to hear the full four-minute forty second version which thankfully is on all this compilation albums and it’s on the stranger in town album and this song is just so beautiful that if you don’t like the sign god you got you probably are homosexual thinking you know you know he got problems because the chicks love balance I love balance sometimes it’s good to hear a nice Bell when you need a breather from all the rock and roll and this song it was a little detour from what was about to be unleashed just the next song in the album after we got tonight which is an amazing two which was the lap the third single from the album but an amazing song and one of the last to be played on the initial tour actually there was two more songs from this album that were played live during the late seventies early eighties period we’ve got tonight was one of them and when they had have reproduced the string section live let’s just say that um keyboard that trying to think Alto Reed I think played sax or organ and Robin Robbins had a play an ARP Omni string synthesizer because in those days it would have been impossible to bring an orchestra on the road for just two songs so they bought the Omni ensemble string synthesizer and he worked all live in fact the song was played live on me against the wind tour and on the stranger in town tour as well we’ve got tonight not much more to add but a brilliant sign now we come to a slang called rave strangers and this is the longest song in the album and one of my favorite deep tracks from Bob and this song was the song that Bob Seger spent the longest time recording on this album he spent get this 11 days recording this track and they wound up recording about

a hundred and sixty-seven different takes so there’s a hundred sixty-seven different versions of the song and the one they used in the album it was take seven so the other days were useless and he laughed about it in his interview with Redbeard about the making of this album and trying to go back to listen to it and basically sighing brave strangers you know is an amazing six-and-a-half minute ditty which is mostly up-tempo in nature but then also it does have the breakdown section but of course the slang is lyrics begin with Knights of warm dreams are easy you know la da da do-do-do-do-do T see I’m just seeing the lyric and the melody Knights were warm dreams are easy no one standing overhead conversation didn’t mean much we were hungry but could not be fed you know we only listen for the beat taking our chances hiding in the shadows from the heat we weren’t lovers just brave strangers and this song keeps going in that you know up-tempo poem bonded then then until he goes to the you know I and what I know you do baby I know you I know you you do too babe I know you remember it too then it slows into the a different section to the the moon was high gets in this little slow thing and mace basically on the sign who was on the backing track was just Bob Seger on acoustic guitar Doug Reilly on keyboards and organ Chris Campbell on bass and David Teegarden the drummer and Alto Reed addicts brilliant tenor saxophone during this the moon was high Duncan didn’t omit Big Jim just slows down and then slowly builds up an anticipation with it my body was dead didn’t shakin BAM keeps going and Bob’s singing you know in the lower range and then kissing into the high belting and some people said he was like a bull in a china shop when it came to singing his vocals over the years it’s just he had a very powerful vocal range and he did not have her blow out a microphone unlike Axl Rose who would ruin microphones with the strength of his voice and then of course it builds up into the it went all right and then the backing vocals which was the war water family doing the backing vocals which was Oran and Luther and few other people Waters siblings doing the it went alright and then it just kept going and all of a sudden it stops cold and then goes back to where we started with the done today today today that so we walked out hardly speaking disappearing in the night saw each other a few of the few times after but we never really got it right we weren’t lovers just brave strangers what an amazing song this isn’t a way it just flows this song which is the final appearance of the Silver Bullet Band on this album just proved to be how amazing this you know the song is and then the backing vocals just brave Strange’s and doomed don’t you see if I didn’t like the sign I wouldn’t be saying the damn thing because I adore this track and this song was not ever played on rock radio was not ever release a single no wonder I appreciate it more these days because excuse me if you just heard signs at radio played you’d be extremely bored to tears but brave strangers another winner on this album and there isn’t much more I can add to the sign but an amazing sign which has a lot of different twists and turns but in the six and a half minutes that the song is you are not disappointed and after living with this album for most of my life I’m still proud of the sign listening to it today at my advancing age of 41 years old hard to believe this album was released when I was 2 but then again I grew up Wilson of this album thanks to my mom may she rest in peace brave strangers amazing sign not nothing more to add now we come to the final song in the album which was the famous final scene which was written and sung by Bob Seger himself and featured Bob on piano and the Muscle Shoals band on with

the hawk on drums Pete Cardinals brilliant electric lead guitar solos and the song basically talks about you know and it features the orchestrations of Jim Ed Norman which just make it more haunting and the song is just the perfect final sign one of the best final songs you could ever hear in the song I actually wanted using perf fittingly when Red Sox slugger David Ortiz retired and as far as I’m concerned when he retired my interest in the Red Sox just deteriorated I no longer them into the team as I used to be when Ortiz was on the team and I did a video for this song but unfortunately had taken down but the truth is you know his younger days through his red slacks days through most of the slang think in terms of bridges burned think of seasons that must end see the rivers rise and fall that will rise and fall again everything must have an end to like an ocean to assure like a river to a stream like a river to a stream it’s the fatal famous final final scene and each chorus is a little different like a guest who stayed too long now it’s finally time to leave yes it’s finally time to leave take a calmly in serene it’s the famous miss final scene you know during the vs it’s just Bob on piano the guitars and the bass and the drums and the orchestration just building up and Bob seeing pretty much in his lower register of his baritone in going it you know especially for when he goes into the mic I guess you stayed too long you know what an amazing song then of course the bridge section is just Bob delivers the vocal life performance of a lifetime on one of the best things about the final scene as with the birch section where Bob Seger starts going it’s been coming on so long you were just the last to know and P cars guitar fills but I know what an amazing thing and when I did this video of the best of Ortiz’s career to the famous final scene I was just like this was just you know using many of his classic long balls and it just fit perfectly and also this so I could be tied in when I see the final performance of rush or the final performance of Pink Floyd and just saying you know they knew when to end sad it ended but BER to go out and style them to become a parody and of course ironic that Bob Seger opened for rush back in the day and of course in the winter will be here the nights are growing cold soon the winter will be here and there’s no more no one warm the hold and he goes into the died and and dead instead of going down like a go later it goes up and it goes right to the a and then the final verse is song just like the first two verses now the lines have all been read and you knew them all by heart now you move toward the door here it comes the hardest part try the handle of the road feeling different feeling strange this can never be arranged as the light fades from this screen from the famous final scene it ends as Bob finishes singing the fame from the famous final scene it ends with the dad and I’m done it ends with that dumb beautiful ending in fact sometimes when I’ve heard this song over the years I’d wall up because it’s so moving if the sign doesn’t move you you have fuckin mental problems because the famous final scene is one of my favorite deep tracks Bob Seger ever did and this song was played live a few times on the stranger in town tour in 78 and Bob Seger played the piano just like you did on the record at the grand piano and Robin Robins played both the string synthesizers the Omni string ensemble for the orchestra stuff and the organ and he was doing double-duty on that track and drew Abbott did a brilliant lead guitar Phil kind of like mimicking what p-card did but amazing in the famous final scene sadly he was not ever played live again after 1978 but a brilliant brilliant closer to this album and stranger in town upon its release 40 years ago this month in May 1978 the album quickly soared to number four on

the Billboard album chart which if I’m not mistaken was was actually his highest charting studio albums at that stage because Night Moves only peaked at number eight stranger in town went to number four and the sales of this album wound up tying it actually I would sold Night Moves because Night Moves has sold six million copies in the US alone stranger in town eventually eclipsed the sales of stranger in town eclipsed the sales of Night Moves it as is sold actually it’s tied as best-selling album at 6 million copies in the US alone the album went platinum almost immediately a chip platinum and to this day it’s tied with a night movses Bob’s best-selling album both at 6 million copies each and you know when in the first year went platinum and the album forever solidified Bob’s place in rock history is one of the greatest rock songwriters in the history of rock and roll I mean some of his early albums he kind of disowns them all and he called it Bob to learning how to make music and then you know starting with beautiful loser he put out a host of great albums Beautiful Loser’s one of them I’m also a fan of of course Live Bullet you know that’s one of my favorite live albums by a soul artist then Night Moves of course stranger in town I just discussed against the wind which I will talk about when I get to that albums 40th anniversary that too was a big blockbuster Nine Tonight one of the best live albums by a solo act that will get a review at some stage in the game it’ll be mentioned on a top 10 best live albums by a solo act amazing album the distance for me to that to was an amazing album sadly it was Bob’s last perfect album that album is just amazing and it was the first since the departure of David Teegarden who would leave the band after 81 and Drew Abbott to quit the band in 82 so for now my friends that’s my look at Bob Seger on this episode and what is Terrance listening to at this current point in time well I’ve been on a little Fleetwood Mac Lindsey Buckingham kick you know I’ve been a casual fan of the band for years and I’m going to recommend Lindsey Buckingham is 1992 album which is one of his best called out of the cradle and it features songs like wrong countdown soul drifters read of dreams surrender the rain what an amazing album this is and sadly got overlooked at a time of grunge and alternative this was from 1992 and it was his first album after he was fired from Fleetwood Mac the first time around in 1987 because he didn’t want to tour to support tango in the night and he released out of the cradle which was to me still his masterpiece of an album to this day as a solo artist and I’m also gonna recommend an album by stark contrast the re-release of Metallica’s Garage Days Re-revisited this album mini album was re-released in just a few weeks ago and this was the album mini album that was released before who was that album oh yeah it was released before And Justice For All which I will look at for its 30th anniversary later this year and this mini album that covers a helpless the small hours the weight crash course in brain surgery in last caress slash Green Hell so this week I’m urging you to check out Garage days by Metallica and Lindsey Buckingham’s out of the cradle both albums both choices are excellent I urge you to check them out now when it before I go into the other plugs I want to plug my buddy DJ Jeff’s radio show on every Saturday at 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time 1 p.m. Pacific Jeff DJ Jeff’s classic Rock Tracks show on cranium radio.com please if you’re a fan of classic rock I urge you to check out that show in addition to that fine show I want you to I want you call motherfuckers to check out these

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