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all right welcome everybody uh my name is Jennifer Palmatier and i work in the Zhang Career Center I am an employer relations specialist and I’m here to help or help host the “What to Expect in the Fall” for our Finance and Commercial Law Department Today we’re going to be covering finance, personal financial planning and business law majors so the format for today will be a Q&A question so students if you have a question that you would like to ask of our faculty members and staff about the fall semester we’ll be happy to answer those questions about the COVID-19 response, HCOB changes, academic coursework adjustments, industry changes in your major career and internship concerns, SPURS related questions, happy to answer all of those or any other school related topic that we might be able to help you with are all appreciated This will be an hour session that’s recorded and will be uploaded to the FCL webpage as soon as we’re able to get that up um hopefully shortly and then all to all of our panelists this will be an hour long session so we have a lot of material to cover so we’re just gonna ask you to keep your responses um fairly brief so that we can move through all the questions that we have to get through today so students if you could actually put your questions into the chat you’ll see a little chat bubble in the middle bottom of your screen feel free if you have any questions during this session to go ahead and put those chat questions in there and we’ll get those answered Um faculty you don’t have to worry about what’s going on in the chat I’ll go ahead and take care of that and get that added to our question list, um let’s see if we go over an hour we’ll start to try to wrap things up and perhaps we can take a few extra minutes if we have extra questions but we anticipate being done right at two o’clock and with that um i would like to introduce our panelists and i’d like to start with uh Dr. DeMello he’s gonna give you a little bit of info about himself and uh faculty if you could just share your name and and what courses you’ll be teaching this fall Hello everyone um and welcome to this uh this town hall my name is Jim DeMello I’m chair the department of finance and commercial law I’ve been at Western now for about 33 years and teach the courses in corporate finance and investments mainly although i have dabbled in a few other courses over the years We are excited that you’re considering our department for one of the majors you know we have three majors finance business law and personal financial planning and we hope you know we can interest you to pick one of those for your uh your academic career at WMU, so welcome Thank you, Dr. Lu do you want to go next? Uh sure my name is Wenling Lu, I’ve been at Western for six years up to now and for the coming fourth semester i’m going to teach Finance 3450 Computer Application in Finance as well as the Finance 3200 Business Finance and welcome. And in addition to the faculty i’m also a faculty advisor for our student organization Financial Service Club so you are also welcome to contact me if you have any questions or interested in joining that, thank you Dr. Burnie? Hello there I’m David Burnie, finance and commercial law, I’ve been a faculty member in this department for over three decades and my particular course topics teaching this fall are Business Finance 3200 and Investments the 3510 class and uh other graduate classes and mergers acquisitions I teach as well so there’s a wide variety I cover as well as other faculty do so we’ll hopefully see you on campus this fall, thank you Thank you. Onur? Hi guys um my name is Onur Arugaslan i have been at western for 18 years now i am a professor of finance and also the director of the personal financial planning program we also have a center for financial planning and wellness and I am one of the co-directors of the center and in the center we try to help students with their financial needs, we give them financial coaching and um I teach business finance, corporate

finance, retirement planning and business enterprise, and also financial management at the MBA level Welcome to Western, thank you Geralyn? my name is Geralyn Heystek and I’m the director of the Zhang Career Center, I have been at Western for over 30 years um in a variety of different roles and this is my favorite one as the director of the career center um I am here to answer questions about all things careers, I am also here to answer any questions that you might have about the SPURS program Great, thank you everybody we have a great um a great group here today so we’ve actually had our first question coming from a student so um just remember to all students on the call you may go ahead and um send those questions into the chat and I will try to get them added into our list as soon as i see them so the first question to our faculty it says good afternoon my question revolves around meeting with professors in person, a major success factor in my opinion revolves around the relationship you build with professors not just in class but outside of class as well Will in-person office hours and meetings be allowed or will the student and professor meeting strictly be virtual? Thank you so whoever would like to go ahead and answer that question first feel free to go ahead and start I can i can respond to at least my end of it I plan on being on campus at least three to four days a week and we have we will have the department office open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 to 3 I believe and so anybody who wants to see me is welcome to come in to the office uh we’ll have sufficient uh you know uh social distancing measures at the office uh you know plexiglass screens and so on for you to be safe so I welcome you know you I encourage you to come in if you have anything uh to ask of the department at the department level uh I’m not really sure about all the faculty though i know some faculty will be teaching in person so they probably will have office hours but uh others you might you know you might just as well be able to talk with them on MS teams uh on a video uh chat so you know that’s unfortunately uh the way it might go this semester we just want everybody to be safe you know i mean we don’t want to risk anybody uh to to to get this awful disease so you know we’re not we’re not forcing anybody to come to campus it’s voluntary so you know please check you can you can you can book on MS bookings and uh we can always organize a chat uh you know with you uh via virtual ms teams type of communication okay great great thank you anybody else have anything to add hey there yeah and I will be on campus this fall so there will be opportunities we’ll have to work out individually with each student if is going to be an in-person I will have office hours but i have had this past summer office hours virtually and coordinated you know by student video conferencing so and that worked reasonably well um but there will be opportunities for in person it just has to be worked out there are rules that the universe is implemented and we’ll have to work through those rules in each case and to make sure we stay within the social distancing and so forth so there will be some opportunity yeah i’ll be teaching online so i don’t plan to be on campus at all but i hope to have virtual office hours uh yep sent here so i will be teaching online course with partially a single nine sections and there will be a chance to meet visually online on MS teams Thank you um and i would also just say for the Zhang Career Center we plan to be open from 8 to 5 this fall semester we will be available for virtual appointments which we’ve been having since uh March with students on the on a regular basis and we’ve gotten some really good work done in those appointments we also have Microsoft bookings to be able to arrange an appointment uh for that as does SPURS um the SPURS uh folks will be temporarily temporarily located in the Zhang Career

Center this semester uh due to the Covid um and because our large conference room is where we will have face-to-face appointments um by appointment with students with plenty of social distancing and a big enough space for us to be able to to work with students who want to be seen so if anybody wants that we have that available and we also have available on that the opportunity to do those virtual appointments Great thank you all. Um next question is uh how can there’s two questions that kind of go closely together so i’m just gonna kind of lump them together here but how can students best prepare to be successful for your coursework in the upcoming semester and for students who are thinking about joining this major are there specific things they should be doing to prepare? Who wants to go first? I don’t want to be the one every time but go ahead… well one of the things for Business Finance 3200 is obviously it’s a course requires prerequisites and if you’ve been away from your courses in particular particularly accounting, statistics, etc go back and review those things because particularly we’re going to be looking at a lot of it online it really means you need to dig back further yourself just because the nature of the process so go back and look at those and well if you’ve got your textbook go ahead and read it it’s a great start and as i always say to my students if nothing else the first thing you should do when you get to the chapter a new chapter is go down and look at the bold items these are mostly definitions and get you a good flavor because it’s language it’s a new language and you want to pick up that new language quickly so go back there and look at all those definitions and ideas because if you don’t get the language down it’s really hard to succeed so you want to get the language down first yeah and I’d like to chime in there on top of what David just said you know almost all of our professors are using uh Connect with with the courses i know we’re doing it in 3200 and many other courses and you know Mcgraw-Hill Connect has this what they call a smart book uh resource available i personally am i’m using it for my 3200 section and i know many others are too i strongly recommend that even if it is not required do it i mean it takes a little bit of time but it takes you interactively through the chapter like David said you have to read the material and you have to answer it and it also tests to see whether you’re getting what you’re reading or not and then you can go back and look it over you know it takes a bit of time but you will get the fruits of it at the end of it okay so do all the work all the homework whether it’s required or not if it’s voluntary even i mean some of them you know is opportunities to just practice do them because finance is all about practice and you know and practice makes you perfect so I strongly recommend that Perfect anybody else have anything they’d like to add to that? Sure, um in addition to accounting and statistics um if you want to hone in your algebra skills that would be really helpful too for most finance courses you need those basic algebra skills and the other thing is don’t forget to enjoy the last days of summer Agreed i think that’s great advice, anybody else want any anything else to add? Um i would just like to add that um to prepare for the semester ahead um we are holding career fairs um really in the sort of the same schedule that we have in the past so but the difference is there are going to be virtual so there will be some things, new things to learn you will still need a resume so and we plan to hold resume revamp in a little bit different format as well but we will be prepared to provide students with feedback and if you’re going to a career fair getting some feedback on your resume is a really good idea so those are the minimum things that i would suggest that you would do and of course there’s many many more things that you could do as well if you don’t know what those are you can connect with us and we’re happy to talk with you about those specifically for you Right so the next question is will a lack of an internship due to Covid 19 affect my ability to get a job in this industry? I think Geralyn might might want to respond

i will absolutely respond to that um the answer is really it um it’s unlikely that it will it will impact your ability to get a job if you didn’t have an internship this summer in any field employers certainly understand this is a worldwide thing that’s going on this is nothing that’s just at Western Michigan University so this has happened all over some industries our gang busters other industries have slowed down a little bit and so they weren’t able to hold um hold uh internships this summer and that will not be held against you What the expectation of an employer is is that you did something this summer so if you were attending classes this summer great that that’s what you were doing if you um had an opportunity to work on some certifications or other kinds of things or just did some information interviewing and talk to employers about where you want to land and know more about the interest industry that you want to participate in all of those things are great so you know the answer you don’t want to be sharing with employers is that I spent a lot of time on my couch playing video games, even if that was what you would do, I would recommend that you don’t share share that part with employers so share the parts that you did to invest in yourself and make you a better candidate And it’s um and even if you didn’t do any of that there’s plenty of time for you to start doing those things in the fall as well so it’s it shouldn’t hold you back from your uh from you getting a job again as long as right now industries are really pretty strong um hiring most of our campus partners are are here to are here in the fall to hire students they’re very excited about hiring students in the fall and getting back to um to getting connected with students I would um I would just also add to that that it’s perfectly fine to indicate on your resume that you’re offered an internship if that internship was canceled due to Covid 19 and if you need help um you know with how to appropriately appropriately put that on your resume we can certainly help you out with that in the same career center as well employers seem to be very understanding of the situation as many employers had to cancel so they they understand what the impact of this was um one other point is internships although a lot did get cancelled in the last year or the last six months there are some that are doing virtual internships so don’t necessarily steer away from an internship because it’s virtual you can still get some experiences and learn from it so if that comes up it’s an opportunity investigate it and make a good reasoned decision to take it or not yeah i agree because i know a couple of my friends kids who are doing virtual internships and because people are now working from home right so so they’re getting trained to do that as well so so those opportunities might be there as well yeah absolutely that is uh great advice and um uh what some of the things that are important about that is really taking that experience you’ve had working virtually because as Dr. DeMello said you’ll be doing that in the future so um just even having those skills and being having that ability to do that is something that employers will be will be uh will will be impressed that you have that ability so something else you don’t have to learn uh also that uh just for you to be aware that our department also have credits for students to apply for and like the summer time I actually have one student doing the future internship i have coming to students one is future one is onsite but uh just still encourage you to try to look for the internship opportunities, thank you Perfect i would also like to um take a second to welcome Carol Hustoles she’s um one of our business law professors so i Carol I’m trying to get him here I”m trying to get my face in the light Hi Carol, totally fine yeah I wasn’t joined in I was trying to thank Wenling for making sure and Jen thank you for Yeah no problem at all so I was just wondering if you could introduce yourself just quickly so the students you know who you are and then what courses you’ll be teaching this fall and then we’ll continue to roll on with some Q&A I’m Carol Hustoles and have a long history at Western Michigan University I have been at Western Michigan University for almost 30 years and prefer to joining the college of business the full-time faculty member i was a legal counsel i was attorney and including as vice president and general counsel

for west university for over 14 years other different roles as attorney for the um it has been wonderful working directly with students so i have both my juris doctorate and my Ph.D and i have been teaching um several different kinds of law courses primarily law 3800 that is the legal environment course which all the business students need to take and i teach sections and small sections of that this this semester i will be teaching the large um well what used to be the auditorium section and there are i think about 240 students registered for that and then i also have two other sections of law 3800 but i have also taught criminal procedure and marketing and sales law and so it is um it is an honor for me to help the students as best as possible with with decades of some practical experience as well to um how it how important law is in business you can’t escape the law the law is everywhere and the law is in aspect affecting it’s not only in business it’s in every single profession and also it is in your personal lives so it so whatever do you help with with um getting the students to understand the law better and we certainly do have a fascinating legal environment these days so that is what I do I hope that suffices. Yes, absolutely thank you Um let’s see the next question we have for the group is so if you’re conducting your class online in the fall what technologies will you be using um to communicate for class so um i think most of us are on the D2L platform right desire to learn and uh in you know we’re going to use MS teams for the office hours i think at least i am um and connect so you know we’ve uh again depending on which professor you’re taking I guess it’s either uh connect or I mean uh Mcgraw-Hill or uh uh what’s the other one I forget now um (inaudible) you know one of those platforms i think is what most people are using a lot of the publishers are providing us with those virtual learning uh options and but i think on campus it’s mainly e-learning with D2L where we use Mediasite where we post our videos or we do you know synchronous teaching and so on so yeah yeah and some of the other professors might have other things they’re doing but i think that’s probably most commonly being used Right does anybody have any additional things to mention on that one? Well i think Dr. DeMello was fairly clear that most people are using those platforms the e-learning platform etc and things like Connect but of course as mentioned it’s uh for myself it’s a combination of MS teams and Webex or for the video online and so will be those for myself the two common platforms I will be using um my courses are listed mostly as asynchronous in other words i will be recording and the the lectures utilizing Powerpoint so that there is some visual along with how I am lecturing and the uh the other I may also I’m likely to at least invite students who have a synchronous for example to you know I might just schedule one we’ll need to keep up every week with the posted assignments with the Connect assignments keep up with the uh with the lectures because you don’t want to fall behind because if you they may be available to pull up later but you want to keep you want to keep the you know the momentum the momentum of… one lecture after another lecture in the materials that helps so much in the success and that will be I know that students able to go back and pull those up at during some flexible time so it actually may be very to some students uh and when when they are trying when they are pulling up their their uh the lectures or what they’re catching up on but for

quizzes and tests I will be setting express times for those where students will need to um uh take the quizzes or the or the um exams like a midterm exam and online through e-learning and of course the other thing also is that of course students are welcome to email me to try to set up a virtual office meeting or i might try to set some of you. Perfect thank you, um um just quickly um I will send um weekly email reminders to let students know that the deadlines are you know usually friday midnight for the different assignments or quizzes or other things that i’m expecting them to do Great okay so next question is there anything extra I can do including certifications online tutorials professional development to prepare myself for your class in the fall so do you have a suggestion on anything they could do in the next few weeks to kind of prepare um for classes in the fall semester well I think Dr. Arugaslan said it right to review your algebra you know your math skills they’ll come in real handy and maybe even uh go back and and take a look at some of your statistics if you’ve done them already uh you know the basic statistics not a very we don’t do a lot of very exotic statistics you know just maybe simple mean median mode you know some regression basic regression i mean that’s that would come in handy Great yes as opposed to math for the law classes i i can’t urge you enough to try to start paying attention regular don’t study the news what is happening in our world there are so many i know we have an incred we have the health and that is taking um that is absolutely so much in the news right now but we also have very interesting issues involving uh the upcoming election constitutional issues supreme court issues these different things start start watching the news start watching the news possibly you know to understand oh well we have a separation of powers in this country with the obviously with the um uh the branch and the executive branch and the judicial branch so there is much going with the um arguments on who has what power about what and who that that is all absolutely regarding legal so we will be actually we’ll be talking beginning in law 3800 starting with some of the big principles what’s laws about what is our what is the heritage why why do we law get here in this country the way it is but it is our legal environment and we’re going to be touching upon so many subjects that i am hoping that will help you but start checking the news no matter like whether it’s cnn or fox news or msnbc or just the local stations to oh so this is what’s going on in the government this is what’s happening this is whatever so start start maybe um doing a little bit of what is happening in my legal environment today as well as the pandemic and but again the pandemic and many different issues there are guess what there’s legal issues related to all that too so that would be one idea yeah and then look at the constitution yeah what to piggyback on that i just want to say uh also with the finance part you know the news is is critical what’s going on in in the economic world uh you know i know in finance 3100 few of the assignments are to report on current events and current you know current goings on in the in the economy so keeping up with what’s going on will help you you know pick the right topics and write about them so that you you know you’re knowledgeable about it so yeah i great point carol the news current

events things are you know uh important for next few months as well exactly these aren’t just courses to because i have to take the three credits and i have to pass it what you are learning in all of your courses relates to your career your profession your so many different ways there are so many aspects and different facets to getting a business degree and no matter what profession you choose no matter what it’s going to hit it’s going to fun those other other areas the other disciplines when you’re taking action of courses uh all of those will relate to what you ultimately will do and not only your professional lives but your personal lives as well it’s exciting to learn um regarding certifications so i teach retirement planning and employee benefits this fall finance 3730 and it’s one of the required courses for the certified financial planner certification which most personal financial planning graduates take after graduation and if you would like to graduate in spring or summer 2021 then you have to take the retirement planning course and the estate planning course which is finance 3720 this fall so that you can take the capstone course finance for 710 applications in personal financial planning in spring and you can graduate and be able to take the CFP exam Thank you, let me add one more thing and so planning your schedule is very important as as as Dr. Arugaslan just said because you know you only have two years right two years in the finance area to with us and and you know you need to plan out the courses because sometimes you know you may not get them in time if you don’t plan correct so yeah so that’s another critical thing is not so much before you come but just keep that on your radar and you know look for uh definitely get to those bba orientation seminars where we advise the majors and i know that’s happening uh you know in early september so again if you are decided you want to do one of our three majors i encourage you to attend those orientations and then you know follow up with follow through with them okay whatever’s advice there great great thank you next question i think this is a great one for dr lou um this one is what are your thoughts on how RSOs will operate if we’re not able to meet face to face uh based upon the information that i contact with the president of our financial service class Caroline Rupp she already signed up for a future community sections in early July and she actually uh at the time to contact with all other ebook members so in the coming fall semester the student organization will have the perhaps the future meeting possibly weekly or perhaps bi-weekly depends on the employees for availabilities and all the information will be sent now perhaps about the first week of semester a little bit earlier later and if you have any specific questions i can connect you with the ebook member of our student organization, thank you. Anybody else have anything they want to add about student organizations? Okay thank you, that was very nice. Um what are some changes students should expect to see when compared to um a traditional fall semester so what what might be different this year than they’ve had in the past? Wearing masks so one thing we all have to wear them wear them right uh and also filling out the online uh health form every day that you come to campus so if you’re planning on coming to campus you make sure you’ve got to fill that up because they will not let you in okay just for safety reasons so there’s an online form that needs to be filled out uh if you’re going to be attending or entering any of the buildings on campus, at least that’s one thing i can tell you for sure And one thing i like uh emphasizing how important is for students to keep up with the weekly materials in a traditional four semester you probably just you know be on campus and trying to find the classroom to be in

but it depends on the class you are taking some of them might be something probably hyper rotational being on campus so you have to be pretty diligent to know you know look at your schedule are you actually having a part-time job or perhaps look at your four or five class that you are taking and be sure that you set up the time for each class and focus on you know business six for the you know class even it’s online or on campus and i referred to one of the professor told me that hey he actually saying that students should expect a very dynamic situations meaning that if you actually have a class online you’re probably saving time to commute to the campus but you might expect that it’s a learning curve to be you know in an environment of learning online at your own pace so basically he just trying to have students be sure that you know whatever the time you basically spend you know on campus traveling account mute or perhaps you know sitting in the classroom be sure that all the requirements for each class was being you know keep up with yourself and the base communication with the professors do not expect every professor will set up the same you know weekly emails notification or perhaps the timing what would be the daylight the exam and it should be pretty much uh keep up with yourself uh have a very healthy style get back to the routine like even myself summer session you know no class no teaching so i pretty much all my time so now you need to be knowing that you have actually three or four or five classes are taken Okay, great thank you, anybody have anything else to add to that? Um so i think from a career, career center perspective one of the biggest changes that’s going to happen this fall is the online career fairs so we have invested in some software that will help us help that feel more like a career fair to you than just a webex where there’s a bunch of links and other things that i know some schools have done it that way but the software that we’ve um we’ve uh decided on and jen and i spent most of the beginning of the summer vetting softwares so we’ve seen a whole bunch of them but the one that we ended up with is called easy virtual fares and it will have some design elements to make it again feel like a career fair we plan to have a student event uh to um really uh go over with students kind of what to expect and how to be successful at a career fair we’ll be inviting all the student RSOs we’ll be in contact with the presidents we do have a a list of those names to let them know when that’s going to be we can’t we can’t possibly make it to all the virtual meetings of ours our student organizations that they’re having so our plan is to really um record um we’ll invite everyone everyone who can attend uh can attend and then we’ll record it and it will be uh something that they can review on at that time whatever time we picked it interferes with a class or or whatever or whatever and so but learning how to do career fairs correctly virtual career fairs it’s just going to be a little bit different so we plan again to help students understand what those differences are and to provide that information to students before the career fairs and follow following up on that which are great points Uh things are certainly um but with respect to what hasn’t is desire of the college of business to relate to students and to get to the students i am a faculty advisor for the student leadership advisory board and Dean Deshpande has is so anxious to have the contact with the students with the and and has established this liaison a student board a liaison board to make sure that that they can work with third student organizations to get input and to then have this great relationship with the dean’s office and there are already communications and so following up on be sure to check out current registered student organizations and get involved in those and and let your feelings be known because i know are wants to hear and

from the students and possibly through the registered student organizations because that is a good way to do this but we the office has set up an actual student leadership advisory board to to be a liaison between the dean’s office and the business students and and that is important that has not that has not changed for to do it and just following up on that as well i think all of the faculty members would be more than welcoming for your comments and thoughts as to how as this progress your input with your tech savvy as the students you know let us know what your ideas are let us know what your ideas are as we progress along so i i think that we’re all very interested in what you may have to your your thoughts and what can make things our courses uh better for you and uh more a better or just a more conducive learning environment Go ahead. I just wanted to say you know in terms of what’s different you know not everything is bad okay let me say virtual learning has its advantages you know where else could you fast forward a professor to two times the speed right and get to the class in half the time and and you know and also on the plus side i mean you’ve got the lectures now if you missed it or you were you know or you just didn’t listen the first time you can go back and listen i wish i could do that some of the classes that were really great that i i slept in right and i can go back and i could have listened to them again and you have that opportunity now with these recorded lectures so it’s not all bad these are some really good opportunities you’ve got interactive video you know stuff that’s right down your alley so uh you’ve got to take advantage of it and push us faculty you know to to to give you more and we’re willing to do that but we’ve got to you know got to give us the suggestions like Carol’s… okay I love that um, Dr. DeMello, somebody else mentioned in another previous town hall that um great teachers instructors faculty in the classroom are also great teachers faculty instructors online so you know this is going to be a good experience for all and I honestly, Dr.Hustoles, your your comment leads into the next question very well because the next question was how do you anticipate building a sense of community with students, so you’ve already mentioned the student orgs and the open door policy of just giving suggestions and you know making this a very um you know conversational you know piece as far as how classes are going and suggestions and all of that so if anybody else has anything to add on how we plan to build a sense of community during this time, i think yeah if anybody else has anything to add to that that would be great i would just add one more thing to think about as students sometimes students have may feel that i don’t want to speak up because um i i don’t want anyone to think um you know something that i don’t know what i’m talking about or whatever consider this a a unique time a unique time to speak up and and whether it’s video wise whether it’s suggestions to your instructor whether it’s ideas for your your your major your department the college of business it’s a great opportunity to speak up be heard and also you know in in the career world uh get a head start on voicing your voicing is because your ideas are important and your ideas are just as important as others so use this college experience in in the courses especially when we have such a great college that comes this input go for it thank you okay let’s talk about um if we start the semester in person so if somebody has a face-to-face course um and then we need to go to distance learning um what should they expect that transition to feel like Well this will be the second time around so it’ll be better than the first time i’m sure you know i did not teach last semester so i really don’t know how exactly it would feel but i think uh faculty have gotten very quickly trained on using the meat of the technology now

i know in my department almost everyone to a person uh you know did a fantastic job uh you know transitioning to virtual learning so i think it will be it will be fine as far as the lectures go the students obviously are already techno savvy so i think it’ll be great i think it’ll be fine we are used to it we had it the first time in February of last year right and if it happens again you know we are all now geared for it so it’ll it’ll be a smooth transition i’m pretty sure Well i don’t think it’ll be as hard as last time for for students either because some of the classes they’re going to be taking are going to be even if they’re hybrid they’re already doing part online and not so they’ll already have that feel that in hand and of course the rollover for the faculty is you know if they’ve taught the class perhaps through march april or whatever they they have some feeling for it if not a hundred percent so it won’t be as hard i hope at that time for most of us it’s it’s obvious a transition but for the students if they’re particularly taking some in person some in-person hybrid and online uh it’s relatively easy for them to roll over into that you know class that’s moving from in person to online uh hopefully we don’t have to get there but we never know yeah so one of the things that i learned from i think it was from another town hall and i had just hadn’t thought about it before was um it would probably be great if faculties sort of had that plan on their syllabus so students would not understand what the plan is because it was just the surprise factor of everything and i totally agree that’s going to be better this time anyway but i think if the students understand especially for hybrid or um uh in person classes what what the plan is uh in case that happens would be probably for some people who are nervous about that would really help them to be able to digest that and prepare so and again you know um we are going to go virtual after Thanksgiving. Right so so faculty who are teaching in person already preparing for that they’re just going to have to pre-open it a bit um so i think it shouldn’t be too bad for transition Great, thank you Okay so here’s the question we talked a little bit about um what’s going on currently um you know Dr. Hustoles you talked about currently what’s going on in the environment we talked about what’s going on in the finance you know field currently but thinking about pre-Covi um can you think of any exciting industry trends that were happening then and are still happening now anything come to mind that might be interesting another additional thing that might have been pre-covid that they should look into before coming to campus might be helpful? I guess i would go oh go ahead i’m just going to say i know Tesla is going through the roof and and and so is amazon right but, go ahead Carol, oh no i was just going to say that uh pre-covid uh it was fascinating how many exciting and and bewildering things were happening in the uh in the news legally with respect to we’re not only talking about what’s happening in the uh the administration and there were many i mean again for uh this was the first time in many many years since you know since president clinton that we had a president who was impeached so we had a chance to explore constitution written in 1787 and the provisions in that constitution how it applied to the legal this is no with respect to the news reported so many different contracts of contractual issues so many different things that were hacked in the business industry and students were are interested in well what are the different kinds of business organizations and the legal aspects to all those and issues of tort and issues of employment settings i mean talking about legal areas about getting employment letters uh and and thinking about your own future well if those letters for example has a covenant not to compete what does that mean so we basically pre-covered had many many legal issues we could

continue to talk about and that are on youtube and that are all the time that had nothing to do with the pandemic and so uh yeah pre-covid trying to abs much as one can about the world affects and again i’m speaking about the legal world because that’s what i teach so so the uh that was definitely pro co and it um con (inaudible) to be leaning in one way or another There’s one area in finance in general uh several that had changed before pre-kova and this is in the uh brokerage representative registered representative field and stock brokers as most people have said but the point here is that the qualifying exam in that field has been and all the other related fields has been broken into two parts there’s the securities industry exam now that everybody has to take first before they can take the second part of the registered rep exam or uh administrator you know the series seven examine that specific number but the SIE exam as it’s shortened to is out there and it started just before Covid essentially and that’s building up and for students we do offer these two course classes as well in the college but it is something that it affects actually even if somebody’s going to go into the cfp that most of those people will want to get their series 7 or 63 and maybe 56 and some other ones uh but they need to take the sre as well and somebody wants to be a CFA and if they’re going to do that work themselves in their business they will also uh well you can get waivers or certain things but anyways take the sie so that is going on that’s new relatively speaking and is going forward and the part is somewhat interesting all this that field continues to expand and i think this experience that we’re running through now is having a bigger impact on people of all ages who need more investment advice even though there’s some cheap you know robin hood trading platforms out there and get on i mean that doesn’t solve everything for you the people going into that field will there’s go it’s just growing it’s growing at a fast fast rate whether people just stay in the brokerage or go through as an f CFP whatever i mean it’s a huge huge change and a lot of students aren’t fully aware of it and they should be that’s a big change an interesting one among others yes and uh regarding to dr bernie’s point that CFA which is going to be scheduled four times next year and it’s going to be computer based rather than paper based due to Covid-19 there’s no chance to hold the events there in a big hall that everybody takes exams so if you are interested in a CFA uh they actually have three levels of the exam now the level one exam is going to be held four times per week per year next year and level two and level three will be two times next year