Getting Stuck On The Forbidden Journey | Universal Orlando Vlog 2015

yeah that’s how always starts but then later there’s running and screaming good morning everyone it’s actually morning I’m waiting for my friend hailey nevermind there she is hello she’s back again okay where we going when you walk in it’s just mass hysteria best hurry African Laura hurry that’s what food would dispense for guys I should have been Mary Poppins maybe I am married I could’ve been Mary Poppins oh man it’s right that wasn’t okay a little wet and reading it rough stubborn funny story we went on forbidden journey and we thought everything was all good and well and we got to the whomping willow section and the ride stopped we panic a little bit that it moves again a little bit more and then the lights came on with the willow branch like right in our faces and that was probably one of the scariest moments in my Universal career it was the freakiest part would be when you would hear the sounds right before they would start it and the branch would start moving but the thing you’re in doesn’t start moving and you’re just kind of there like hum what do I do it’s freaking me out but I don’t know what happened maybe someone lost the shoe and he’s on threw up I don’t know oh I was gonna pull out the camera I kept having the notion like oh I should pull out my camera this would be great and right before I was actually going to pull out my camera it came back on again like I said great star dragon challenge was super fast also lockers are problem lockers are a big Hey look at their shirt it’s magic Harry the coping symmetrical I would never eat this but for some reason I just picked this up oh yeah because it’s pretty because it I want it I like oh man did use my favorite kind invisible with the best oh wow 995 for invisible candy good stuff everywhere yeah whenever like there are two people who like vlogging this ends up happening I love this place this ends up happening okay this needs to go oh good okay buddy I should have named them what is this fizzing it’s just a just chocolate face and magical but really they display maybe you eat the box and then maybe that’s where the fizzy whiz comes in because you can find them at your grandma’s house whose sharply to vote to

people I I was just rolling my thing oh my gosh look at all this stuff Oh like pastries and stuff this is what it’s all about rocky you guys know how much I love chocolate actually no you don’t I love chocolate I was like you guys know I saw that earlier the dark chocolate a milk chocolate if it starts out back I can pitch in no on second thought why he wasn’t against our chocolate no I have something against high prices what’s this it looks like though at the game oh man he looks it was thrilled okay we’re going to die Gennady then just pull this out so I can bridge the gap between here and it’s awkward because I have no idea what to say what to do so I’m just standing here talking to myself Haley’s still here air conditioning in here so magnificent this is a view that never gets old so we were going to eat at the leaky cauldron but it was really crowded and like here there was a 35-minute line so we decided to come here there are more lines here you’re actually too much there’s one line to get into the line and then there is this line and then whatever line there is whenever you go up to get food at the places where things are I’m torn I don’t know what I want to get to eat a crusty burger and a pepperoni pizza really really thinking about getting some honesty over there I don’t know if I should maybe maybe this time maybe this time it’ll be honest I don’t know they’re actually a lot of good drinks up there because you have like some mango stuff then simply orange or simply lemonade honesty all sorts of drinks up we’re going we’re in the final stretch initially blurry we’re in the final stretch and I still don’t know what I want let’s do it I’m getting the krustyburger I’m gonna have a crust today at the custard burger hi I’d like a burger please this looks so good but it’s probably cold by now and yeah there’s a drink okay so when you get a drink ask them for the drink like when you’re ordering your food don’t be like I got the food now go over to like flaming Moe’s to get a drink it takes forever and that’s what just happened to me and Hayley Authority the halfway telepathy and I just got so you’re welcome Hayley finally got her frozen butter beer there’s so many obstructions now she just has to okay there she goes so good okay I got so excited about bring us being 45 minutes and then I

realized Hayley just has to put her back in the locker the magical trash sneaking all her stuff and looking like it’s gonna be in our favor anytime soon I think I said that right okay we’re gonna go in I got it I gotta put this play so they don’t soon as we walked in the line it just started pouring talk about good timing let’s let’s show you how much training like yeah it’s raining but this all just happened in five minutes and I love how the mist fans are still going when she finished this and like how fast did you finish she did it in last minute on top of that she ate an entire pizza and a bunch of people could keep going out to her me like oh honey you’re so sunburned like now it’s just your skin right you’re a tomato bring us broke down and now it’s fixed again it should be called Harry Potter and the professional breakdowns with me taking pictures I would have enjoyed staying in here when it broke down instead they’re in the hallway it’s like really cool in here so this thing just ended and you know as soon as it ends the doors open the doors are not opening oh here we go – door – oh and there’s like this big open space nobody fights glasses never mind I live none of mind those people are just too cute they didn’t know to go around right here they need to sell these I like the gift shop these looks so good on me Alex I’ve got you know yeah like I can’t even everything’s more vivid it hurts if you’re not it’s great all these people are sitting here waiting for the dragon to go off you’ll hear it don’t start like crumbling and lurking in your face men I gave in I went by the stale food market and I got myself some honesty again maybe and it’ll be more honest to make me actually say it says apti and half lemonade

that’s Jenna what’s the future oh my god contraction compassion wrong food is the first five principal exceptions to gaps or elemental Transfiguration Jewish – ventures on us all miserable creatures something to the trophy deer I say heaven did very chocolate rocks easily the most crowded part of our team it’s back there somewhere by the dragon challenge lockers is terrible and then there’s like that one point when you just walk out and then you can breathe again they change the location of the t-rex because it used to be over yonder that way direction was goes over by like where Kong is now I’m gonna meet a thing I’m gonna meet a velociraptor engine I am shaking so much

they receive the Velociraptor they’re already selling a bunch of Jurassic world early selling and Dominus rectitude whatever yeah kind of looks like a raptor whoo the indominus rex is a raptor and a t-rex who formed into one that is a bad idea holy crap this thing is huge oh it I am so gonna get yelled at for standing on this thing but there is King Kong okay so I’m on my own they’re going back to Diagon Alley they’re going with or they’re going on the Hogwarts Express that packed Diagon Alley they’re gonna have butter beer then go on bring connotations not the best combo in the world and I figured I would take this time to just do whatever on my own so I’m gonna go over to fighter mana to maybe hold down our lockers if there are lockers then I’ll just go in the spider-man and then all right cool go man in the single rider line which I’ve never done before so that’s new what is this is different okay so before I go on down you do this bear fall on the floor you know well I have free time anyway okay so I’m out here they’re like you little black marks we’re Fantastic Four have a hand we’re going up into this thing and have fallen to their doom per se so here’s the abyss whole woman I think this is this might be read records I think that’s Johnny whatever his name is but the thing I don’t know where is I don’t know I’m gonna go on now and cue the ominous lighting I try my work here is done also secret exit now off to unit trashcan now to universal thank you all right I mean there’s a parade going on if there’s one thing I learned from public school that will actually apply to the rest of my life it is that I will no longer have to worry about how to maneuver around opposing traffic what is it like a street mower it was weird I’m gonna go on The Mummy that was loud fast and fun I’m gonna go on transformers down explosions boom Wow Michael Bay everything crazy yep that was that happened I’m just like turning around all day I’m gonna go to rip Ride Rockit that’s a good idea literally everything is dying on me my phone has like nine percent of battery which is not alive what else my camera is about to die so if it cuts out at any random time that is the reason why you’re welcome they are really cracking you can’t even get into the line unless you like that which one is it 1 2 3 3 I keep forgetting how much Rip Ride Rockit is not worth more than 35 30 35 minutes tops and also the single rider line is sucks now the one on the mummy again there are some rides where the single rider line is great like mummy Spiderman transformers like those kind of things Rip Ride Rockit is not a good single Runner line because it takes forever while everyone’s watching this magical movie show I’m gonna go on transformers again I feel like I gave you anything when I walk into this building it makes me feel so bad so long universal until next month or something

yeah now Luke lovely brat cowfish man totally forgot to film when I was eating imagine there you