Liam Murphy Down the Town 2015

so obvious but unity yeah I grew up in spring garden alley which is just up around the corner from here from the Theatre Royal and I was born in 1948 which was I suppose a gray miserable time or it seemed miserable I mean I wasn’t miserable I was not happy either but there was that kind of sense that you did what you were told you were sunday clothes and took him off and sunday was over and you had a bath once a week by the fire and you have we were respectful and watch your P’s and Q’s you at your cabbage if you didn’t you get it the next day and all those kind of things and if your mother or father were displeased they would probably trick me you and your mother will train your father comes normally beta and your father came home and threatened to but his belt or whatever and whatever and there were wooden spoons and my father to take off his belt but chief he told someone today that your father hit you was a belt and they’d almost reconsider that was abuse so they should sue my parents I had lovely parents in many many ways my mother was too religious to spiritual to holy and all those kind of things and my father was probably funny he could take a drink and he’d been around the world he actually went to way on a ship my father was a very Bank he was known as a tummy more for your Tony Murphy and he was very thing came back to play hurling but he got a ship it was he was shoveling coal in the coal yard called McCullers in fairy Bank and with my own fart with my grandfather and ships were coming in and he went to wee on one of them actually went away and he came back to play hurling for fairy Bank and the city manager and worthless a man called Raftis and he got him a job to play hurling and very banking small world where people took care of people because of sport and I mean I I when I was a kid I used to get Harleys in the post from Tipperary sent in the post with pheasants but my my mother’s sister lived married a man in Tipperary and feathered in County Tipperary and they would send food stuff down and bags of Padilla’s pheasants which of stanked which you couldn’t he’s a pheasant which was nearly hanging you to hanging on the wall for as many days and a holy I got Holies in the post up in Harlan in the park I mean father ran leagues and you know when I was going to clear for fairy Bank and I probably didn’t you I played we played on the streets and the guards had come around we played hurlan we’d spit in kind of Street leagues we had really I mean if you weren’t careful you’d be hopped off the wall which is torn – wall under the nuns there was a green canopy a green tunnel going from the lady laying nuns cumbered into the garden and that the ball went into the garden you really were in trouble you have to go into onna near his house and claim over our wall she’d let you in and climb over the wall and get the ball back you know what I mean I went into cooks who were on the other side but if your mother knew you everything the notice came down to your father and mother odd it’s one of priests code by the Hallinan but they came down to your house you were in deep trouble I mean serious problem bringing I mean no but today if you brought it the drug squad of the Guardian to your door would seem to be something terrible you know what I mean and you wouldn’t want to do anything about it but imagine if a priest who wasn’t making a house call came to your door to give out because mrs. Murphy I’m afraid your limb was in the orchard Oh Mother of God but was no point in explaining it if you robbed apples and we did God we did rob apples and your mother made hearts out of them and made applesauce out of and all those kind of things but that was okay because you weren’t in coffee but I remember the black doctor dr. Dubrow causes in a water park and sent for the guards the man called Nevins who worked in the pumping station in water park where they pumped the sewage out and the water in he stepped in an intervene but brought me home and father Hallinan the priest in the cathedral arrived and the deal was almost and I’d be an altar boy oh my god I and I wasn’t clever enough and I wasn’t brainy enough to know that if I had been an altar boy I would have had money I would have actually had serious amounts of town shillings and pence but I was seated I wants to be wild or mad or we made me be Street carts with wheels and bits and pieces we were in the bogs behind the railway station in railway square but guys like Hemmings tectum he became a priest afterwards Dominic farty the Gleason’s and we were in mad stupid castles I went to school in the manor and manners CBS and there was Casarez Boggs already I shouldn’t say pokes a pattern Reilly

but he zoomed everybody has bugs his mother fed us many and many a time give us a sandwich oh not necessarily a sandwich but bread with buffer and maybe sugar sprinkled on it you know and Frank cotton the late actor lived up around the corner and Castle Terrace you know and we supply and the castle we were choking bricks off the Kassadin suds after castle and and Dom McFerrin II had a castle in Mandi City layin on the opposite side of the road next to the railway station so a mad absolutely mad times even though yes I would say it was a great time and it was a restrictive time and yeah you went to Mass and yeah you prayed and you prayed and Latin and you read your you got a nice fancy rosary beads and everything and you were brought around to all your relations for your communion I thought the ferry Bank Timmy’s aunts and uncles that I didn’t know particularly but there are my father’s side I my mother didn’t have that many relations on her side and you’d be going to people’s house and they’d be kissing you with whiskey bread and they’d be giving you dip and their finger in Guinness and give me a taste of and your mother disapproving but you did it and it was you know and I must be my communion when I first tasted whisky or Guinness even though I take in a pledge and I had a pioneer pin not only an airplane airplane by the time I got to secondary education but Anna thought I had a kind of a fornia thing and I had a an Irish language some of it looks like a badge rather than the circle of abra had a fornia as well and I went to the race and I danced Irish dancing like I went to Mass as I prayed and I was I mean I I find this ridiculous and it’s almost as if I’m believing that I that I had a previous existence I was in the Legion of Mary wants and believed in it and taught that my mother was in the blue army my mother was so delighted that I joined the legio Maria and I was up in Eddy Lane and that I was going out to visit sick people people who were dying in our Keene and we were making visitations and praying with them and going to something back in my head I believe there was a legionary and the lovely man called paddy king who came from up in prayers knocks over and he took care of everybody and he called for you and he reassured your mother everything would be wonderful and I wouldn’t go anywhere rosary beads I might have a Harley in this end and a 64 page comic in the other hand and somewhere a Rosie have you got your rosary beads yes ma’am have you got your Russian boots which will its boots because it always reads so you had to have I mean I had marks on the backs of my legs from the black of Russian boots that was the way it was was the wonderful childhood probably wasn’t did I have rickets probably I didn’t yeah I was fat and I was short sizes so when I was in school there was a time when I was probably referred to specky forays and I made an awful mistake I sang a few times and the Christian billet have Ubuntu the class singing and it’s the same things from the movies but my mother would be working in the kitchen we’ll be singing the donkey’s remember us taught me the donkey serenade she read me comics and I must have cost her a small fortune then – by me – dandy the beam or the eagle the bees are the topper and read Intimus I mean I’ve made most of my living in my life true teaching true words racing reviewing all that kind of thing and my mother taught me to read no I wasn’t taught read in school and I mean I don’t mean that that the Christian Brothers were bad people do not mean that I taught me to read and taught me to eat the hard way and also means sachet down and worked on your English and give you words and examined your spelling I was well god I was SWAT God forgive me even though I wanted to pay a hurlan and I did play Harlan because Harley’s are common in the post and your father was involved in Orland and my father had been to America and he told the stories in bed I liked what they were real I took my father fought Wars and was in Guadalcanal and in Korea flying aeroplanes and I sometimes I wonder why I’m attracted to narrative and story but I grew up but people are telling me stories and we walk by the riverside my father was really in love at the river he to boats we actually had two rowing boats on the river when I was six years of age – maybe when I was 14 15 16 my brother rode in the boat club and I asked I just I wasn’t interested I I did want to play sports but I knew I wanted to be a racer all right I want to write poetry and imagine when you told people in primary school that you wanted to write poetry to Jesus it was the kiss of death no matter how you regal I mean eagle wouldn’t be initiative wouldn’t be aware that I had an eagle but since that you would tell someone that you wanted to be a poet and your mother be saying

that’s lovely you know that’s good I know and your father’s here but there’s no money in a point I did sure I was I was in primary school when I started sending off stuff and I’m not really I used to write articles for the evening press like people write the letters page and they paid people for the letters page so I used to write letters to the letters page and I got paid for them stupid things you know I yeah I don’t I mean I hadn’t thought about in you ask me I mean genuinely you’ve opened a door in my mind so to speak you know and I I started to read more I read a lot there was a little swash yes and I remember Miss Fanning in the library and the library was at a reading room downstairs where Carter Lee and one is today and going in there and reading newspapers and you did because we didn’t have a family we were lucky to have family newspapers might have a newspaper once a week or something like that you know and your father read the heart starts racing and something at and your mother took something else and we I think my mother got Ireland’s own and some other like woman is weekly and when that came in which was kind of a small book was big only for knitting my mother knitted all my jumpers like the most horrible you know it was awful to think that your mother and listed everything and if the sleeve went out it was patched my mother Darrin sucks I mean I would fire away it sucks because today because it looked baggy I didn’t look fluffy or you know or that didn’t seem to be rice or the he look wrong I mean we had to have him darned and repaired and replenished and I don’t mean had newer semi trousers but if I was stupid enough to have newer sumitra’s it had to be repaired you know what I mean ah I was taking Dylan Thomas out before I was fifteen I was reading Thomas Merton who was a fusion Trappist monk and I must have been spiritually today I’m not and I don’t mean I do I don’t mean that I do people don’t I don’t believe in religion or anything else like that if somebody has to somebody says to me a prayer for somebody I’d say Margaret when you with a mass much more life will you pray for my mom it would pray for them and everything else and I would say to people I’ll send you good thoughts I think when I’m dead I’m dead that’ll be the end of it you know boss I was if I joined the Legion Mary Natalie I must be really a holy Joe as well that you know that there’s a past you don’t really want to be you don’t want to go back there you know I mean and I probably should be saying this that’s the way it is some dungeon oh I got a scholarship God forgive me I got a Council of scholars I got a corporation scholarship like the Erlich Ark or something to go to secondary school and it paid from I would have had a secular education otherwise I genuinely wouldn’t have had the same education if I didn’t get a scholarship because you were my father was a dustman and I’m not that don’t mean husband is a bad thing I don’t be some people sneer I mean we were working-class that’s it make any difference yeah I’ve already working class you have to work for a living you have to work for a living and it shouldn’t be just an issue of stairs Azhar when I was a college lecturer I didn’t see that it was a something different I was still working for a living and I reared a family and everything else but it was that sense that that’s what you did and I mean you you you went out and you did you think I did yeah and I enjoyed setting the school I was good at Irish I was I would definitely spot I mean I really maybe his fear maybe I couldn’t let me me me down maybe I you know there’s a whole range of things oh yeah it’s got longer look I know you don’t want to go into that no come on I mean that’s been that’s been forced that’s been harassed around it and often often yes with I got a new era straightening award I mean back in the 1770s I was published by the I was parted by the News’s start probably first of all but I I won a new era straightening award for poetry I had a dog you know the Hennessy brandy dog and I left it when I got married I left home I left my mother and my mother polished us with brass or not brass or what silver the stuff to polish silver with and the dog wasn’t totally silver the dog was plastic with silver coating and

my mother polished the silver nearly offers and when she died I took it back and it’s now in the hall you come to our house there’s a wooden heart by the door that I got from the salvage shop because as Elvis Presley it’s rock and roll and stuff like that sorry I do stray and and there is the dog with his back the plastic exposed on his back I tried to get his recourses I brought it to people and everything else but I was lucky I got a Hennessy award for poetry and he you know in a year when oh really significant writers got at that time you know I was probably the least significant of them no I wouldn’t I would not have said that I don’t think that that’s true of that a yes I’ve been a young guy who didn’t use punctuation and I was on the radio and fellows came to interview me and I was so politicized this one time I mean I remember protesting about Mayor Daley coming to Waterford when he was bequeathing stuff to Capra Quinn and don’t garland that because of what happened in Chicago and I was angry about the Vietnam War and I can’t understand the kind I can’t understand the kind of person I was as against the person that I am today I don’t mean to say I was a rebel but I didn’t I didn’t go gentle into that good night if I have felt something I said it I was no deal you know I started waterful Rachel’s group at a time when Sean Don Kim Phillip O’Neill a chap called Brennan Michael O’Reilly who died in London different people and they came to our house and you know we got published and I did I typed I had it’s my pleasure I worked in Chevy’s brewery in two summers I always had a second job or a part time job or something which probably my mother or my father got for me and what I mean and worked in a brewery was magic I came of piss-drunk many a time is it you know in my layers routines and I saw armies of Carrick’s up on the wall up on the roof of the Dominican those photos tree statues over the Dominican I saw multiplied and they wave in amchem boy hey I mean I fell down the stairs once give all the under stairs and it was a wooden panel at the end of the door and my feet went out there and I was bleeding and I mother fired me out and I went to live with my aunt in fairy Bank my aunt Esther my father’s sister and my mother only brought me back when she found I was giving Esther the money that I should have been given her so she brought me back properly chastise and everything else I’d never drink again but I had to go back to Cherry’s the next summer because I like to party way more than like the money or whatever you know what I mean I don’t drink today particularly I’m not I was a pioneer at one time I presume and I did all the right things you know I was a hippie I remember being a hippie I remember I remember getting people to bring me clothes from the UK I had Bell button I wanted to have the first bell-bottom trousers involved I didn’t have but I I didn’t see anything wrong with having Bell part of a curtain material and getting them my mother want to take him in a bit because there’s too much in everything else and having orange orange trousers I had orange trousers I still gonna blow my nose I’d Irish trousers I had yellow shoes and I was tripping along quite happy and friends of mine would be in London and a friend called mixi Collins from race Park who’s Tom Collins brother and what are their children their brother’s children as a lighting guy in garter Lynne lippy Collins today you know he would be in Green Park in different places in London and he would go up to poets like Mike Sweeney who was a little it was a little liver pudding a Geordie poet and visit him and send me stuff and it was just a kid there was a cinema here back in the there was a period some will be the thirties forties in the 50s there wasn’t the theatre here anymore there wasn’t an assembly or renting as that it was still it there was there was a variation was a cinema and it put on shows and I kind of put on traveling shows make additions variety shows and stuff like that but it was a cinema owned by Lawrence and Martin Breen and they had an open to the 50s and I would sneak in people’s like I sneak into the Coliseum I’d sneak into the survived

you couldn’t sneak into the Regal because you have to go up a metal fire escape to get in so you couldn’t sneak in there but you could sneak into the car if you were quick enough and fast enough and whatever you know and I hung around here I mean if you lift a finger I was just what listen 100 yards away you home around it was an opportunity went in the door and when this place became a theater where it was bought and cones were going to get rid of it in some shape or form developed maybe the council offices or whatever and people like Larry Fanning Joe mile and other people and people that can’t remember their names and they should but I don’t got together to save it for a theater and I remember back the early days of the operon the Opera it was 50 years of opera and Wharton before that there was a grand opera and forever when it was but someone between nine and twelve I was an altar boy in the Grand Opera Larry Fannin kinda sweaty out there and said you’re gonna hang around here come in here and hang around you are something to that effect at least we know what he’s Robin he never said that I don’t mean that he said I don’t know that kinda said bringing the young fella for God’s sake and make him do something useful and there I was an altar boy in Cavalleria rusticana and they’re singing the Easter hymn and there was a guy investments and it was English singers and everything was and I was mesmerised but it’s my turn to walk off I was lights and at the same time I was in failing the scholar failing this colander and I saw a photograph for myself a fade and it’s called up in the library and Waterford where Paul Clancy did it think about manners schoolboys and there I am as a pirate no it was opened a large room oh just hear something but I remember the large room which was the Municipal Theater in that stage and my mother made me a pirate hat in white with red dots and she walked the terminus she would say I walked it down for you by to get you read sequence and she sewed those sequins into that hat so I’d have a better player at costume than other people so the most of me there must have been shoe business in the family’s over that I wasn’t aware of you know what I mean that was Grand Opera yeah Willy what and people like him set up waterford music and I mean it’s fair to say that when we have people talking today about the three sisters and the bid for European Capital of Culture in 2020 Waterford more than 50 years ago were bringing in German musicians Viennese musicians people who are fleeing a war and whatever and they were playing in the large room or you know places like that there were German refugee musicians down by the courthouse Ernest Gabler or Gabler taught people violin and other stringed instruments because they came from a war and in a sense devil era brought them to Ireland you know brought people to learn who had musical skills or whatever because they and I mathematicians and all I mean whatever had a greater back more than 50 years ago Wofford had Grand Opera it had been in his colony I saw I remember tops of the town starting here and if there wasn’t the Theatre Royal if there wasn’t or was the Town Hall then I mean it wasn’t the Theatre Royal or that kind of notion I’m in the theatre it was a town hall and you went down to the town hall and the Town Hall was under mal and that’s where I was but it was part of the people’s life for you know I know it’s the truisms and to say it was the people’s theater but it was and early tops of the town was mad I mean there was sure lasted an hour there was an era of an interval but once set went don’t know the said came in and I mean you go to the theater you’ll be out of the place of nearly twelve o’clock and people sat all of you up to the gods and enjoyed it and that there was just that it was a different world that I was a kid probably 9 or 12 maybe singing cowboy songs and failing the Scala are singing pirate songs with very suddenly glaucoma cream occlusion and a wooden tin mug in my hand and a sword that my mother had made not my father I mean mother had made me she didn’t even look like a carpenter and spring guards got Eddie Foley and he made me a sword a wooden sword to be in fear in the skull yes people because tops at home picked people from communities from factories from jobs etc etc and it was it was a wonderful idea it tops it to him actually when it was called Topsy the town started in Waterford the Dennis Salle Committee who wanted to build a school in Stephen Street the people who were involved in that and I assume most of those people are dead No and they were also on the committee here goes a mix of Mount Zion

people and Telus help people on the committee Larry Fanning would have been a moan sign person and I just can’t just can’t off and think the people’s names but there was that kind of sense that the theater would also get he used that Topsy to tell would save the school would build a school I would also keep a theater open and that was important I mean people did want entertainment the cinema was here and people went to the cinema and there was the survivor regal to Colosseum well that’s gone and there were lots of Pentos of different pantomime societies we but yeah Tommy Fitzgerald Roger McGraw was a comedian drama Greg’s brother was a famous photographer I remember coming my mother my mother brought me to the Penta and my father you know my mother more than my father was my father was away he worked for Airy shipping and he worked abroad and you know we had a bit more money because of that but I was brought to the Penta and I remember howling and sitting there and shouting and I would probably be as amazed by lights today in the theater as I was 50 something years ago that is I mean maybe that’s what makes me a theater critic I don’t know I mean I don’t know why nobody came along sadly we want you to be a theater piece was a which arrays abilities are whatever or whatever or whatever I would probably write in promotional stuff sending it to newspapers anyway so fellas when they want this one somebody died or did something she leave morphing in right after yeah you know I mean whatever it was you know it wasn’t there was an ad in the paper wanted crazy what that is to be the wordless I joined it I was involved in plays I was involved in the WDS in the early days building scenery painting flats nailing flats over the Henrietta Street sure I didn’t know any better it’s not like that I had some kind of I woke up some day and I sorta said wow I want to be a star or I want to be an actor or I want to build sets and then I because I read a lot I wanted to direct because by directing you’re not a chance to do the play that I wanted to do I mean that was important I remember Oh weird ones kind of claim to please people bags on their heads social realism bekasi odd sort of pleasure in III had notions or God I must have had notions but I remember in the panto sitting up there dressed as stopper or Waldorf and Pat McAvoy who’s the theater critic for the news and Starwood the best of friends and we probably we were for rebel papers was probably still the best events in many ways which slag would know the rough but that’s part of the process and the public expect you to kind of slag off the opposition or whatever but we played Statler in one of mr. howell done have been hanging call yourself ER call yourself an actor and people in the patient we we almost took over the pen tool like stupidity because we were you know the way your ego sores you get that kind of sense we’re better than the people honest I don’t mean we were better than people on stage but sitting up there and the lights on you you did think you were and we had lived and everything else and III then the Panthers decided is there today whatever pantomime studied at any corner people were I was on the committee the Theatre Royal was the secretary theater I want him I actually got to be a secretary I actually got to be on the committee to be made a decision maker if there was such a thing even though Larry Fanning was probably a one-man show I don’t mean that in a bad way his kind of philosophy was if you want to do and you do which are safe and he was probably right but if you wanted things done and that time you did it yourself and you knew it was done and he ran the Grand Opera society he was also involved in hurling in sport played for my own sign and played for what word nari Fanning isn’t was an amazing man who bridged generations who bridged sport and literature he collected the plays and books of George Bernard Shaw I remember Larry Fanning reading me preface open his house when I went to collect the keys or get a letter signed or something that a man would bring you in and read you George Bernard Shaw that’s weird that is we have this kind of idea that the past was not as literary or literate or as intelligent or whatever else it was there I’m still a great time and a difficult time but people understood things they came in the tops to tell me there was always a camera opera because it was an opera festival there was over 50 years of late opera and Waterford and that give Dennis Albert there before them but it give rise to be insane are the Edmund Rice Society and it gave rise to younger societies like the Brian Flynn’s and all those people who were involved Jimmy Beamish came to Dennis L College shows and everything else it was in him

looking back it was an amazing time maybe today is an amazing time as well and last night at our town I realized how amazing another generation can be but looking back kind of colors thing City it always seems that we always had summers and we sat on the beach and your mother made tea and you sent you up to the shop to get hot water and all those kind of things no you come home for the chips you know I mean if the queue was too long and throw more I just come home and get chips and are you made chips or you made chips we make chips at home though in an air machine you pop them in there’s no fat and are cooked play so probably cost to grow a 200 euro zone but the world has changed you know I mean there it’d be wrong to think that there weren’t people racing back then and there were yeah I I got involved in arts for all again on the basis that I wanted to see things done yeah I actually got involved with music moves before I got involved with arts for all but I knew Jim Nolan I knew you Jim O’Meara just people who were involved like milind and arts for all seemed right there was a need for an Arts Center it was happening everywhere else yes I mean if you were reading Time magazine you were reading international publications you’re reading publications or the international news or a London which was looking at rock and roll in pop music you know I mean that you couldn’t have been a child of the 60s I know people say if you can remember the 60s you were in there I do remember the 60s and I do remember beat poetry and I do remember the sense you could go out and entertain and our art I mean after all is a real bubble the sense that people got together and we did a play for a month on the street on green areas and Waterford every night for maybe 20 nights and something else and there was Jim Nolan involved in that Claude oh well she was an RT e you could have been involved in it indirectly just so many people over the years that came and went we went to the kick any Arts Festival we went all over the place but we went to housing estates because we believed that ours flawed believe they genuinely believe that the arocs is not an elitist thing I would probably in today the artists more releases I do think that sometimes but I would select voice against I would argue against myself that should be the people if we pay our taxes the council’s who spend that morning their tax payers should have a look at democratizing it more opening it out more arts festivals are become a latest trick any Arts Festival at the moment 13 performances of Bach three separate performances Goldberg Variations at probably 50 you a pop shake that is wrong that is not the way at least if you’re going to charge that giveaway at least 10% to the tickets to I don’t mean ordinary people average people and give them a chance to go and see it I don’t people I don’t believe that your people should have art shoved down their throats are forced like we weren’t in school in some you know I mean that was a generation school kind of well-meaning teachers kind of felt that there should be exposed to more theater and more culture and more singing and it has good points and it has it’s bad points and sometimes social asleep socially and social ously minded people kind of believed that music would be good for the masses etc etc etc but I I bought into arts for all as a project as an idea we did stupid plays we did plays in different place I’m not going to pubs I mean who in the right mind would take a play by Yeats to a pub in this token where the fellows in the pub were still throwing darts and then someone chopped labour come on come on the real orphans there are ruined young fellows his father was Tommy Murphy he’s um he’s he’s on the ash care your honor mean and they’re kind of grudgingly he finished yes but we just thought it was I remember being in a small pub in Arundel Square with Jim Nolan on my back in a Yeats play and Jim Nolan had no eyes I had gauze dealt his eyes with stage makeup and gauze and at the end of the play I brought him to the well and he pulled back his hands up to his eyes splashed imaginary water on his eyes took away in his hand the two pieces of gauze and people in the public he can

see mad I I did understand that the spectacle the magic that things behind it and we didn’t know any better we genuinely thought that when we were doing Yeats then everyone was doing Yeats but they weren’t when I actually did the research we might have been the only people ever in Waterford have told me it’s in the pop oh hell I don’t mean their ass I don’t mean that I expect race what I don’t how stupid how naughty how daft you can become sometimes because it takes you over and I was I remember being involved in lunchtime theater in WDS because hello Regan was involved in lunchtime theater and the idea that we should be doing players for terrorists and we should be doing stuff and we did Teresa DV players and Teresa DB was waterful playwright who was deaf and worked for the BBC at one time and her work is produced now in America and the UK and has a great revival outside of waterford ever has in waterford it was only recently a plaque went on the wall for theresa TV and waterford here I hope answered your question I don’t know yeah so you get three minutes out of that fantastic we get that shot with Lee