December 6 Denver for this week’s episode we r trying to go to east to Kansas then double back and get 2 El Paso Texas Right Now, at intersection of Brighton and 31st- just barely off the property right Right here, what we have got is, apparent Denver to Kansas general manifest train So as you can see with this area Right in here to the departure track and the rest is fenced off and then you’ve got, yu know, cars and people and fortunately it’s saturday, so this guy is closed And there is not any activity here because it’s kinda plain sight what’s going on here the fortunate thing is where I’m standing there should be no No problem right here Just 5 feet off the property So this is one of the rides I’ve been looking at Its gonna be kind of risky to just run and jump on in daylight- Whats goin on, half hour later, just kinda hunkered behind this electrical box Seems fairly low key, I don’t think theres anyone really ON to whats goin on here which is fortunate the new pot laws in Denver mean people are hopefully more relaxed and chill about this kind of thing, than they used to be I have met the bull, right at this spot, so if he drives up, there MIGHT be an issue I’m not trespassing so there’s nothing grave to worry about except if the bull drives thru and sees me he’s gonna be on the lookout after this, cuz Its pretty apparent to a BULL whats goin on here Know what I’m saying? On board, I hope the train leaves soon, I am in this to win this now as you can see, this is the perfect ride in the element of, being able to see if the cops are coming Look at this, (hole) I mean this is head level about 1:20 later with no sign of the train moving hoping…this train IS leaving today It’s a Saturday which can be different than weekdays for when these trains leave So…..I was hoping not to have to pop the alcohol before leaving, but It’s probably going to…. occur Alright, we are pulling out… at 2 in the afternoon Whats goin on, Stobe the hobo goin thru eastern Colorado I have a pretty decent setup here in this gondola, As soon as it gets dark I will probably get in bed It will be a 14 hour sleep which will be fairly simple, because I’ve got THIS guy, right here thats already half gone! The train is rolling into Salina, KS Its been a SUPER long ride left denver at 2 in the afternoon yesterday and now its 10:30 So, very slow, the train never really went over 30MPH the whole time

I’m also filthy in this gondola here, the dust is just blowing everywhere all over the place definitely not a ride I would recommend if you can find sumfin else Anyway, I am not positive if this train is gonna dead end here or continue to KC So I am gonna sit tight for a bit and see if we move, and if they start taking the train apart obviously I will get off and try to figure sumfin else out not much going on at this old factory Well, it appears the train is dead ending here in Salina and that figures, it would have been nice to go to KC I can’t see any purpose in stopping in this town for any reason naturally, Union Pacific has some kind of operation here where trains are made and broken up rather than just going thru to KC I will be marooned here, guaranteed longer than I wish here in Salina KS gonna go check out the “town”, see whats goin on So this is Salina, KS, which is pretty much just out here in the plains definitely didn’t have any intention of stopping here, but this is where the train broke up thats kind of what the deal is unfortunately, with traveling on cargo trains is they don’t always stop in the coolest places It’s not like I really had an option of getting off here its totally deserted, theres definitely zero hot chicks here here or you know, hot guys if you’re a chick there’s not even a store, or a liquor store and tell you I just really hope another train shows up soon I guess there’s still enough geezers in town living here to go see this concert but it’s pretty much about it for culture these days during the holiday season Well folks, looks like I’m probably gonna be marooned here in Salina for quite a long time the train has broken up there’s absolutely nothing moving thru here and to hitchhike, well, as u can see, I am completely filthy from that nasty gondola So, is just one of the things you go to deal with, on trains, if your gonna ride a line with minimal traffic, you gotta be prepared to be marooned So I’m just gonna go sit somewhere and try to figure out what to do Hitchhiking is not out of you know totally out of possibility but that would mean having to at least clean this dirty face off, so for now I’m just gonna enjoy this cold beer on this miserable day in this miserable town. out this has been a complete bust, I am just waking up here the following morning evidently since the last time I’ve been kind of paying attention to this line there’s been a total drop off coal traffic due to some mine closures in like you know the price dropping or whatever of coal to where couldn’t afford to send it on this line anymore There’s been nothing….at all no activity in almost 24 hours here and get the other train I was and the other train expecting to get the rest of the way would have been a coal which I guess doesn’t happen anymore so you find that out this way occasionally so the next step will be to hike to the interstate at hitchhike on I-70 Institutions like this in Salina work hard to prevent kids from turning into people like me and doing things like I’m doing right now know where the hell the kids are there should be out doing push-ups outside in t-shirts right now, some military school this is! its about….3 and just due to lack of rides I’m looking at just just going to Herington and getting the Union Pacific main line to El Paso from there It’s only 26 miles, I’m here in Junction City another TOTALLY pointless town if you ask me it’s just bleak it’s not that cold fortunately in Kansas but I’ve got to just say, I left Denver two-plus days ago and I’m just FRIED with all of this place is not interesting not fun I really just wanna get out of here at least get out at a line where the trains run this is horrible waiting hours and hours for a ride to go 26 miles just drives me bonkers folks

wouldn’t recommend ever doing this hopefully me doing this and you seeing it will prevent you from doing the same thing Well, thats one ride closer here… in a pretty remote area but its 9 miles to Herington Walking distance I guess, 9 mi to go to what I believe is a far busier mainline with a lot of intermodal trains going towards El Paso Interesting wildlife specimen here on the side of the road that is a BIG ass turtle too bad it got smooshed! OMG I’m so sick of this! Just rolled into Herington another deserted Kansas town like Salina As you can see again, not much going on here In Herington KS, I’d say the town is a bit better in that, at least there is a hill here, you know-topography so anyway at this point kind of time to just get on a train and stay on for a while possible I could be on board this next train to El Paso Texas for about twenty four hour ride, so I’m gona stock up here pretty good some beer something more try to get some beer, sumfin enuff food for the trip at the..heartlands food and liquor right down this hill to the train tracks Whats goin on, Stobe the Hobo here in Herington, Kansas, and its basically the same as Salina this town I mean if you want to see the town actually you should just come here on your own because I’m here at the train tracks reconning how to get out here and actually start like really moving on this trip So, what it appears is that this train is going straight and therefore south which is not the direction I am trying to go the important thing is that they are going slow enuff at this junction the junction is right here, you could bail, if it was going the wrong way here, here in herington kansas So the main concern here is going south west… you’ve got this junction, right at the border of the yard and u see this track here curving off towards the right, I assume this is the track I want to Dalhart Texas and El Paso and here, the train that just peaced out here, I think that goes to Fort Worth looking at the maps of Union Pacific so definitely want to go HERE not here So this signal here I believe will be green for any train making the right turn this is just a little south of the yard Here is the yard office and all this nonsense is all Union Pacific (property) So the plan is to hike up, a ways past this office should be an easy place to get on a stopped train hopefully, it will make the right turn If it goes the wrong way, its easy enuff to bail off but we’ve also got this signal we can look at, hopefully we can see that from back there and basically know for sure what direction the trains going December 9, been here a little longer than I thought it’s been a lot of trains but they’ve been going mostly South, trying to get one that’s going west so I’ve basically gotten to the point where I’ve gotta start making tracks I am now gonna climb over..these couple cuts of cars and get on one behind, that I HOPE is going west After almost 24 hours in this frikkin yard This train looks like it’s leaving I have heard…Remember-I have only heard-that all unit grain trains and unit covered hopper trains make the west turn at the end of the yard here Sooooo….yeah it’s kind of a gamble. When u ride for free, its not as certain whats gonna happen, you know some might say its not totally worth it I aint jumping off this thing if its going any faster than this at the junction hopefully it’s gonna make the right turn! Cuz if it doesn’t, I’m just gonna go the wrong way I have been drinking, and I’m not jumping off this train, at all!

Passing thru the fuel pad here where they gas up all the trains It’s goin the right direction! Yes!!! Peace out, Bitches!!!! Alright’s now in Pratt Kansas and the train Another stack (train) just pulled up next to the train, the grain train I was on and so I’m on the stack now which is way higher priority than the grain train greetings from New Mexico, the train definitely made quite a bit of progress during the night, it was going high-speed pretty much the entire time so you can tell that you’ve arrived in the southwest when you see this sinister fog rolling in here, Well, its probably rolling OUT now that it’s morning the southwest is definitely place with a..different vibe to it Indian burial grounds evil spirits just a lot of things that can make it..unnerving I would say, to be out here I mean listen-it is DEATHLY silent out here I can’t hear anything at all might as well be in outer space additionally you know just think- at night this has the vibe of a place where the train would just cruise into one of these fog banks, and when it came out whatever hoboes were on board would have, somehow disappeared off the train, no doubt victims to some kind of spiritual force, thats definitely still in charge of this land This is one of those areas where your cell fone doesn’t work GPS doesn’t work, it’s like one of those Bermuda Triangle dead zones So hopefully this stop is for a good reason like letting another train pass and not just because some other kind of weird problem that can’t be explained And even though you got these cactuses…right here yeah these things It’s Cold! There is ample frost on these railroad ties one survival tip I’d like to point out here if you were out of water here all these rocks…. they’ve got frost all over ’em Obviously thats not a lot of water, but but if you did this frequently you would survive get a cup of water maybe from here to here (Hiss of train car brakes) thats my indication that it’s time to get back on the train Here in Vaughn, New Mexico for the crew change Right where the Burlington Northern Transcon crosses over this Union Pacific We’ve got a tanker train right here rollin’ thru looks like its ethanol judging by the markings on the cars Its hard to tell, but theres totally snow up on that peak!

Stobe the Hobo out here in the desert just about 90 miles north of El Paso Texas I’m really glad that I’m not here in like you know August or July because it’s gotta be a hundred thirty degrees possibly so right now it’s pleasant but I would say it’s still really not habitable for human life there’s not any sign of water around here looking around here, there’s probably gila monsters extremely poisonous that will bite you because we got a couple people I guess we have a few people who live around here but they are probably, crazy nutcase who do peyote, is my guess This is highway 54 new mexico You’ve got this…hawk here definitely looking for some corpse with eyes they can just gouge out and feast on Actually in Texas now, El Paso has to be close Well, the train is stopped pretty close to town I am just gonna get off here, I’d like to see what the town is like So this is El Paso Texas, on the 10th of December Not a whole lot going on here in the downtown area I am still trying to find just a place to get some cheap food and maybe some more beer as I have pretty much expended all my alcohol supplies I guess this (building) is where you go if you get pulled off the train Very interesting, looks like sumfin out of the Salt Lake mormon complex Here on the main drag Wednesday nite about 8pm, not much going on there’s a little more goin on nightlife wise than there is in Herington I would still say its fairly dull Down here at the border It kind of looks like BNSF has a train that crosses the border it’s right here this is the bridge, both the auto and the pedestrian bridge right over into Juarez The other side folks, right there otro lado de la frontera….Juarez Train parked here, going east and the border fence and Juarez there’s the bull right there, in that little vehicle I don’t know what he’s doing, its good to know what his car looks like the thing about the bull is that he looks tuff, really all he does is drive around and not do a whole lot this is gonna do it for El Paso, I am gonna check the town out and get a bus to LA institutions like distance turning into people things like right now