Guide to Mecha Done Achievement – World of Warcraft

all right so uh what i’m aiming to do with this guide video tutorial whatever you want to call it is compact every tip comment slight thing that might not be obvious whatsoever put it all in the one package for all of you to get the keys to your model w let’s get into it so if anything in this video happened to help you or you enjoyed the video itself don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon as doing so will let you know when i go live during the week i stream three evenings between monday and friday around 6 p.m eastern right now i don’t have a set schedule working two jobs but if you follow my social media which i’ll put in the video i also post when i go live on those as well so the first thing i recommend everybody to do is as soon as you finish the introductory quest is get the blueprints for the rust bolt gramophone as quickly as you possibly can the rust bolt blueprints drop off of steel singer frieza and that rare is going to be over here in the western spray i think the spawn time is roughly 30 to 60 minutes uh i think on average it’s like 45-ish minutes or something like that uh the coordinates for this one are going to be about 25 77 or again you just come over here on the map western spray and this is this little alcove here uh i think the drop rate for that one is about uh 20 or sorry 17 drop chance as soon as you get us you’re going to want to set it up finish the quest as soon as you get the quest you’ll come over here to pascal and pretty much unlocks it for you on top of this if you want your map to look like this so you can spot all your rares one of the add-ons that i would recommend everybody get is going to be tom tom and then tomcats tours and then tomcats tours rares of mechagon this is going to allow everybody to see the general area and where rare spawns some of these will travel around the map but most of them do have one position so when you bring up the map uh what’s going to show is the star here if you don’t already have it set up and it’ll bring up a little rare creatures log this is the same places you can look for your quest log or the map quest log anything like that but for the most part if i was to want to know i don’t know let’s say what rumble rocks drops you’ll see a rare spawn there’s not going to be a description here because it’s not a quest but for the most part it shows the blueprint here that he drops if i was a do the klepto boss same thing so he drops a vinyl here depths of ulduar and then he also drops the experimental adventurer augment other than this it’s pretty nifty add-on i definitely recommend to get it it will help you guys these little stars will also turn into green check marks when you kill them for that day all of these keep in mind you can also only loot once per day all right guys so with the achievement itself uh the structure that we go with this is just basically the way it’s laid out on the actual achievement uh so throughout the video i’m gonna go from top to bottom and then top to bottom so we’re gonna go from the macagonian threat all the way down to making the mount and then rest in pistons down to arm for action as for the first achievement the mechagonian threat uh this one’s pretty easy this is literally just finishing the main story so when you come in and you finish the main story it’s a pretty quick uh quest chain uh you’ll get the tick for the macagonian threat and then you’ll be able to unlock everything here in the island and then the next one’s going to be outside influences uh this one is going to take a whole lot more to go through all right so the first one’s going to be aid from nordrassil uh it’s going to be the npc my loon it’s going to be the daily and she’s going to appear right here she’s going to be a uh a druid i’ll give you the quest from nordrassil and you’re going to need to kill the fungarian fur probably didn’t pronounce that correct at all but uh i’ll bring you over to where he’s going to show all right so the way this is going to work you’ll be in the fleeting forest so if you have the add-on that i told you to download for the rares it’ll show the fungarian here that spawns next to the waterfall he does not actually spawn right next to the waterfall essentially what’s going to happen is these mushrooms right here that you can interact with see if i can zoom right in on those so these little mushrooms here you’ll be able to click on when you have the quest what they will do is they will grow a tiny bit and they will spawn smaller mushrooms if you already have flying what you can do is you can literally just mount up and fly away and not have to fight anything you can go around all these trees you’ll have mushrooms all over the place as you can see there’s another one here and essentially what will happen once you pick the right one that’ll spawn the fungarian rare these will grow pretty large and then it will spawn him one quick mention on the aid from

nordrassil daily is you cannot loot him more than once and you cannot keep the quest to do for a second day by not turning it in the only way you can kill him twice on one daily is if you kill him whenever you pick up the quest and then if you try and spawn the fungarian right as soon as the reset happens like he will have to actually be in combat with you um and the reset happens then you will get the loot a second time because it was uh during a reset the next one uh clues abound this one is technically seven quests and one for part of the uh clue or outside influences achievements generally people think it’s just the three but you can get seven of these quests done in one daily if you do it correctly uh so i’m going to try and explain that one as clearly as i can and slowly as i can so people don’t have to do this several times so the daily npc that’s going to offer you the quest clues about is going to be elise star seeker she’s pretty much the same place where you would get uh aid from norjasil it’s gonna be 70.4 31.2 once you accept the quest clues abound what’s going to happen is you’re going to get another npc and his name is going to be sir finley mergleton and he’s just going to be a murloc that floats around on a disk following you wherever you go and mechagod uh you cannot complete the achievement until you do the three quests for sir finley the other four are going to be during this which are still other achievements you need in order to complete outside influences so essentially what it is you need to find three clues three of them aren’t so obvious the first one being a growing mystery so this one is an ancient rune stone which is going to be around this area will be dirt piles the dirt piles i’ll just throw a picture up here uh it’ll be sparkly just like everything else you can interact with in the game when you get them eventually you’re going to get the ancient runestone the ancient runestone will then give you the quest a growing mystery simple enough on top of that when you have a growing mystery do not complete it you’re going to want to come over here and you’re going to kill mutant lashers eventually uh most people say after about 15 minutes you’re going to get what’s called a night elf ring i’ll toss that up in the video as well for you to see what it looks like this ring will give you the quest strange discovery you cannot complete a growing mystery before you get the ring or you cannot get the ring uh as for the next one it’s going to be a historical mess that you need an old parchment for that you’re just going to kill toxic lurkers that one’s pretty easy same thing you’re going to have to just farm these until it drops again about 15-20 minutes do not turn in any of these quests that you’re doing until you finish all seven the next one is going to be time for heroics this one you just need a hearthstone curve easiest place for that is going to be over here pretty much right here where this toxic lurker is you’re going to it’s going to be so tiny you can barely see it but at least it’ll be sparkling and you can interact with it and that’s going to be over here on the map right on the side you’re looking at 82.4 60.7 for uh coordinates and then uh pretty much when it comes to that you’re not going to want to turn this one at all because what it’s going to do is it’s going to let you rescue three people the first person you’re going to want to rescue his name is called adeline half height you’re going to rescue him first he’s going to be at 75 33 69 83 the reason you want to do him first is because he’s going to give you the quest decam which is also part of the achievement then you’re going to go to 76.05 and 73 34 for the coordinates and you’re going to kill the gluttonous ooze which drop adeline’s card before rescuing anyone else kill the congealed oils which are these here which are in the outflow they’re all over the place you’re going to want to kill those and then eventually as well they will give you the old pirate hat which will give you the quest pirates i hate those guys then you can rescue duncan crack jaw who’s that 85 73 73 82 and then you can rescue leona missed caller 7403

59 10. and again i’ll throw these up on the screen so you don’t have to listen to me say them you can also watch the video all right so for bugs lots of them essentially uh the daily uh visitors gonna be rasik ironsides and he’s going to spawn right here on the little hill on top of russ bolt be right here a little gnome he’s going to give you a quest and literally all you’re going to have to do is exterminate 20 meccano spiders which will be a little sticking out part here you can go all over the place here and spark weaver point everywhere here kill any spiders you see and those go towards the quest for the next one pretty much we’re gonna do for rico’s rescue for him you’re gonna want to go all the way over here it’s not too much further and it’s just gonna be in this little area here there’s gonna be another gnome who’s gonna offer you the quest forgot the name of it rico’s rescue and you’re just going to have to rescue three different gnomes that’s that’s all you have to do so locations for these one will be over here up on the map another one is going to be where this mechano tarantula is and then the other one be over here on this part it’s pretty simple i mean you’ll be able to interact with this it’ll highlight it on the map for the quest this is one of the easy ones okay so some of these will be a little bit easy and then others will be not so easy uh essentially what’s gonna happen is the other place that’s gonna be up when chromie is active uh the follow-up quest for these are adapt improve overcome then the final act then be kind rewind this starts from chromie who will teleport you to the alternate timeline the personal time displacer required to travel into the alternate timeline drops from mobs within the alternate timeline itself you’ll need to kill mechanized scrap hound and clockwork giants for the blueprint to drop many reports say that it takes about 20 kills in order to do this i honestly don’t remember how long it took myself also some poor reports of people getting this from spare parts farming which is possible because you get quite a bit from that uh if you are able to bring an armored vault bot key before going in um this will be helpful as well for uh something else uh for adapt and prove overcome this starts from christie punchcog all you’ll need to do for this one is basically just collect parts from bots around the map that’s all you’re going to do uh the final act which is which is from zira gear sworn this quest may not appear if chromie is active again the only way to go to the alternate timeline when chromie isn’t up is to have your personal time displacer uh and that’s when some quest will appear is when chromie isn’t active uh try leaving the alternate timeline and having chromie teleport you back to have the quest appear or you may have to use the time displacer on the day that chromie isn’t visiting be kind rewind starts with azira gear sworn this quest will appear when finished when you finish the final act and then remember that the vault bot key mentioned earlier this is what will come in handy while in the alternate timeline as the key lets you loot the armored vault bot you don’t have to kill it you don’t have to kite it it just lets you use the key to open it up which will give you the visual holosphere instead of uh killing him forever all right so uh next one’s going to be aim high uh starts with pedram meccano tracks it’s just going to be up here i don’t have the quest right now unfortunately but he’s gonna be right here and you’re just gonna have to kill these ravens that’s literally as easy as the quest gets it’s just gonna be up here in uh the top or the south part of the map up where uh rust feather is uh looks like it’s a 61 26 76 94 when you come up if it’s the daily you’ll see the quest anyway and once you get pretty close but i just wanted to get you uh give you a general idea on where it’s going to be the next one’s going to be gold for gold and that one is going to be from short john mithril that one’s going to be see if i can find this very quick the quest is going to be offered down here it’s going to be around 21 58 80 86 uh this one is just going to require you to kill the chief murloc loot his key and then use it on the chest so you’re just going to kill chief

kurgle murker blur burglar i don’t know i can’t pronounce this i don’t think anyone can uh but you’re just going to kill him you’ll have his key and then you just loot this chest here and then that’s the quest that’s all let’s do it uh plate time’s over is gonna start with rocket chief fuselage uh it’s gonna be over here in rust bolt so it’s just gonna be around the corner here on the left side and the npc is going to offer you toys for destruction now there is no quick way to do this you just have to hope that the rng gods are in your favor because essentially what it is is play time’s over is a random quest to the follow-up to follow-up toys for destruction so once you complete that you will then just hopefully get play times over which you will just have to kill 12 trogs and the 12 trogs are going to be over in the scrapbone den area that’s where they are littered all over the place you’ll have that quest completed in no time the next one after this quest for your achievement is going to be off the books brawling and that one’s going to start with usha eye gouge that one is a pretty easy one as well a lot of these are going to go pretty quick until you get to the complicated ones this could be completed by doing pvp or you can just go to the western spray here and on this first island with the rares uh you literally just have to kill the mobs that’s that’s like i do and they’ll have supplies uh they drop and they’ll be dirt piles around that you can also do this quest is pretty easy because the quest tracker is also going to tell you where to go and the area to gather all these not much you got to do for that toys like us this one will just require you to scan robots in a marked area i personally didn’t notice while i was doing this stuff but if you have any issues with getting any of the progress you want you might want to try scanning before initiating combat so over here south of russbolt let me just mount up here south of russbolt in this area here you’ll be able to scan the mobs you’ll get a little icon on the side here to interact with them you want to click on them first and then scan them because a lot of people report that they do not get any progress on the quest uh that’s pretty easy one i think taking the arrows this one is going to be rewarded from you when you get the item a venture co rocket box now the only way to get this is if another quest is active for that day and this is not straightforward unless you look it up so the best way to tell if this daily quest is available is if the tortollan visitors and russ bolt offer the quest unprofitable ventures as soon as you accept this quest you’ll be able to accept another quest called a direct approach if you get a direct approach and not the quest waste not the item venture co rocket box will drop from the mobs in this area in the fleeting forest all of these robots will change to the ventricle goblins and all the related stuff and you will see uh blimps and air balloons all over the sky here killing those will give you uh the item venture co rocket box when you pick up that item that item is what gives you the quest taking the air out farming this could take anywhere from 10 minutes up to 25 minutes or longer if the drop rate is awful the next quest is going to be the quest itself unprofitable ventures which will just require you to kill three pummelers and the quest itself will mark that map for you and you can go straight to that location uh the other one a direct approach that one literally just requires you to kill 12 tech scavenger venture co in this area so you’ll be getting two quests in one so that way you’re not farming for no reason the next one is going to be one gnomes trash that one starts with moxie lock spinner and that’s going to be at 73.6 34.6 this one is pretty easy as it’s just going to be in and around rust bolt itself and you can go around the whole zone if you want but essentially you’re going to use a rare metal detector to go around picking up metals out of the ground and the ground will be sparkly all over so you’ll know where it’s too the best place to start is going to be south of rust bolt here in the heaps and then work your way down here unless your server is super overcrowded you should be able to get this done pretty quickly the next one is going to be abduction reduction uh for this one itself uh just look around the rust bolt and eventually what you’re going to see is these little robots carrying around gnomes and robot dogs you might have to pan your camera up to look but essentially what will happen is you’re going to see gnomes falling from

the sky and it’ll be a red circular telegraph on the ground your character will be running around with a pillow to catch the gnomes if you see a dog dropping do not catch that because you’re just gonna have to kill it um but yeah so if you’re there at the last second doesn’t matter as long as you get in the circle before he hits the ground you can catch them if another player whether they’re on your faction or on the opposite faction catch the gnome make sure you stay next to them in the telegraph as well because it’ll bounce off of your off of their pillow onto your pillow and that way you’re going to waste any more of your time alright so happen to get lucky and this quest was actually up when i was recording so uh pirates sea monsters robots it’s going to be offered to you by dread captain demezza i think i said that right who’s going to be in russ bolt when you accept this quest is to recover to mrs father’s sword clothing and bones accept the quest if you don’t have flying you can ride the giant parrot here if not or if you do sorry you can go all the way over yourself to the western spray this is where the quest is going to be so i’m here on the island in the western spray as you can see the quest itself pretty much walks you through the whole thing i’ll put the coordinates in the video as well so the first one here is going to be father sword we’re gonna pick this one up and as you can see over here on the map it’s gonna highlight it for the next one we’re gonna go over here and we’re gonna pick up the clothing again in another chest and final piece should be over here easy peasy request is done you go turn it in all right so the next one is going to be the family jewels this one happened to be up the same day as well so you’re just going to go to sneaky pete who’s here on the western spray as well the coordinates for this are going to be 24.75 you’ll see them pretty easily here this one is just going to require to collect 75 family jewels and it’s going to drop from all the monsters here and it’s also they’ll also be here in the crates around the island that’s literally all there is to this quest pretty straightforward one uh as for the next one it’s gonna be toys for destruction you get the quest from rocket chief use a lot this quest is gonna have you build the weapons that you need and there’s no way to speed this along you just have to hope the daily comes up and you get the new weapon and you’ll come over to this table and uh the three or four different npcs here will basically say a bunch of text as to what you need to add to this weapon to make and you just go over and click on whichever one started talking and then eventually the weapon will be built you pick it up and go around and use it battle tested is also offered by rocket chief fuselage here in uh russ bolt uh this one is just a follow-up quest from toys for destruction and generally the best area to get the kills for this quest are going to be in junk watt depot but you also you’re also able to travel around to the alternate timeline and kill tint upgraded anodized or corroded century anywhere you find them pretty much my chickens are not for eating this one starts with oglethorpe of noctis who’s going to be over here when he’s on the daily just going to spawn here this one is literally just collect 20 mechanical giblets from the troggs in scrapbone den and turn it into the oox bomber mg mechanical chicken which is at 54 32 and it’s not on ground level it’s going to be up around the side on the little cliff there discs of norgannon this quest is going to start from archivist a bit bite he was at 71.9 36.6 all it’s going to require to do is the first time you complete this quest is honestly pretty easy and it just requires you to kill enemies around the marked area of the quest itself which is generally around the southern area of the map here killing robots as usual once you get the item corrupted data disk all you gotta do is bring it to r33dr here in russ or mechagon is going to be 63.1 and 56.5 even on your way to uh junquad here he’s just on the left hand side uh but you turn the disc into him he’s going to spawn a mechanical anomaly here that’s going to look like a ghost you kill that and then you just turn in the quest that’s uh simple as that if you are trying to kill any

extras or you don’t want to farm the discs themselves to keep spawning extra you can only loot one type per day and there’s i believe four types which i’ll go through later in the video uh there’s also other people that will probably be turning these in on the same day so you can get more chances of killing other rares all right so the next one luckily was up today is cog frenzy’s construction frenzy uh this one you’re gonna need a good fit a good bit of spare parts in your bag for and all it’s going to do is require you to contribute to construction projects on the island which can be anywhere on the island and i’ll actually attach a little photo showing you the locations of different things you can build throughout the island and then also in this quest requires you to complete at least one construction project so if you finish building a turret or anything else whether it’s the armory or a drill rig you have to be the one that’s going to finish it and not just contribute to it sometimes this can be a bit of a pain as well again if there’s too many people online and you can’t find anything to build next one’s gonna be junkyard apprentice uh this one is pretty tedious and i’d probably recommend to slowly chip away at this one while you’re doing your mecca done otherwise it can burn you out quite a bit you will need to craft at least 300 items because you actually need to have a junkyard scavenger before you can even see junkyard apprentice so you’re going to build a total of 300 items best one to build is going to be the scrap grenade because it’s only 50 spare parts building five grenades here still only counts as one build if you want to do this all in one go that’s entirely up to you but it can be pretty boring uh one thing you’re gonna want to do as well is use the lfg tool here in order to find spare parts uh groups if this is by the time shadowlands is released then chances are you can probably solo all of this just in case nobody knows jungkook depot is just uh southwest here on the map uh you’ll probably need to get at least 15 000 spare parts in order to do this um having energy cells as well will help you if you’ve got any spare ones to just build items that don’t require spare parts um make sure if you do collect spare parts um in junkwest that you’re picking up the extra items that the monsters drop which is hardened spring tempered plating machine gears because you can return you can turn them into bundle of recyclable parts and what these will do is uh give you two items that are chests which are recycling requisition or strange recycling requisition which will drop a ton of other spare parts they will also give you three different blueprints you need uh one vinyl and a couple other things that you can just bender next one is a little bit longer and not something you can complete that quickly unless you have a great chance that drops in order here we’ll do big old bronze this is a drop from the rare rumble rocks located in the toothy shallows which is over here on the west coast he’s going to be in this cave here or if you’d rather the coordinates it’s around 38 and 53 and it’s roughly a drop chance of 13 percent copper trim itself can be obtained through recycling requisition with about a three percent or sorry less than one percent drop chance according to wow head also obtained in strange recycling requisition for about two percent if you have the rust bolt requisition blueprint contained in a radiated box of assorted parts from the hard mode reclamation rig event you can craft rust bolt requisition for 100 spare parts with a three percent drop chance just to show you this here so rust bolt requisitions are 100 spare parts and we can just build the chest and this will have a three percent chance to uh drop it overload orange is a bit more lengthy so this one is possible through two different rare mobs who can only be looted once a day when available the first rare being fungarian fur which was mentioned earlier in the guide as you can only spawn him on days the daily quest aid from nordrassil is active drop chance is about 19 i think i got it in like third or fourth try the second rare is the crazed trogg who is located in a cave in the northern corner of the map he’s going to be over here in the spark weaver point

in the cave he’ll just be in this cave over here so essentially the way this is going to work is the crazed trog is going to bang on all the paint cans if he’s available here we’ll be able to see it no he’s not up so what’s going to happen is he’s going to bang on these paint cans and he’s going to say he hates a color when he hates this color what we’re going to do is we’re going to mount up and we’re going to go all the way we’re going to go all the way in bondo’s yard here and you’re going to see these colors let’s say he says he hates blue we’ll step into the blue here cover ourselves this is now how we trigger the crazed frog in order to attack him or for him to attack us you cannot do it any other way otherwise uh he’ll just be an npc you can never interact with sometimes you want to make sure that not too many people are around because they could come by and kill him before you manage to get back drop chance from the crazed rock is about one percent it’s not a very good one you’ll probably get it from the hungarian for a whole lot quicker as for filament green it also drops from the crazed frog and has roughly a six percent drop chance and that is the only way to get it is from the craze drug so for lemonade steel uh you’re gonna have to kill the oxidized lich beast in order to spawn this rare you’ll need to kill mobs in jungkoa depot here i just kill any of the robots around and eventually the item called exothermic evaporator coil is going to drop i don’t know the drop chance on this one i think it’s like roughly maybe one percent or less you do get it pretty quick though even though it’s a pretty bad uh drop chance after you get one you’ll need to go to one of the weather stations if it’s spawned right now it is not but it only spawn over here on the right in junkwat uh it’s roughly 6162 if you need the coordinates but what will happen is when you interact with this it’ll start raining here and all of these will turn into rusty machines and also non-elite and then it will just start piling uh because it’s raining sorry it’ll start spawning oxidized leachates after you kill enough of these it’ll just spawn the oxidized leech beast and he also has the chance to drop the paint file for uh 13 percent according to wowhead uh this is one of those things which might be easier while in a spare parts farming group but again if it’s shadowlands this is going to be a whole lot easier for you to do uh next one will be mechagon gold is dropped from the rare armored vault bot who roams around the fleeting forest and then into bondo’s yard so usually you’ll see him over here i don’t know if he’s up right now but he’ll usually spawn somewhere here in the forest usually starts over here and then he’ll just walk directly into the yard and eventually everyone everyone in the zone is gonna have to kill him unless uh again you out level the whole area it’s about a seven percent drop chance for the vial another way is to travel to the alternate timeline through chromie uh for free if he is active uh that day or the personal time displacer but other option make sure you have crafted a armored vault bot key which again you can only get from killing the vault bot at least once if you get the armored vault bot key you will not have to fight at all essentially you just go over use the key it opens up and you have a chance to loot the vial fireball red is dropped by the mechanized chests which are random spawns around the entire map these pop up same way it would for farming resources like herbs or anything like that this has a one percent drop chance some reports that it dropped from the crazed frog as well but these are very rare and i couldn’t find a loot table on this uh for the craze drag uh but some waypoints for the chests i’ll put up on the screen here for you guys to capture or pause the video alright so the next one uh making the mount as part of the achievement doesn’t require explanation as all the quests pretty much have markers just like any story quest through his own this quest starts from rizik here in russbolt he’s just over here on the side chilling out for the most part this quest is going to show as a regular quest it’s not going to show us blue but you can only do one part of this quest every day for the 12 quest chain so it’s essentially 12 days to do it once you complete one quest it’s going to disappear and when you come back the next day during reset you’ll be able to do the next step for it no way to speed this up that’s just how it’s designed the only weird thing is that blizzard doesn’t show that it’s a daily so it feels like you finished it

and never have to go back okay so on to the real stuff rest in pistons now this achievement could possibly end up being the hardest depending on how unlucky you get because of the tedious ways some of these rares are activated but let’s see if i can help all of you save time and hopefully less wall punching rage now some of these obviously unless i try and do the achievement again i will not be able to show because i was not recording at the time but with all the tips that i have here hopefully that makes up for it so the first one mechagonian nullifier located 52.2 52.6 spawn time roughly 30 to 60 minutes in order to interact with the terminal that spawns this rare you will need to have a pocket-sized computation device which is a mechagon themed trinket which allows you to add punch cards with special passives or flat stats i believe i have one here yes so as you can see it says you may hack some creatures and constructs in mechagon essentially what this means is because you have this and you will get this after the intro quest for the most part you just have to make sure you build it so you will need to have what’s called remote circuit bypasser which drops from another rare called scrap king with a 25 drop chance so in order to get this you’ll have to get it from another rare again you can only loot him once per day alternatively you can kill the enemies that spawn for drill rig dr jd99 or drill rig drjd41 which will drop a smashed transport relay i don’t have the drop rate for that one as it’s not recorded properly which you then activate near the terminal which spawns mechagonian nullifier but this method could possibly be much harder than looting a punch card from scrap king does have pretty high drop chance the trinket needed is rewarded from a quest called upgraded once you complete the introduction quest you get the quest or sorry you get the trinket itself as for a little device that you have to interact with to spawn the nullifier that is located at the same coordinates of the mob itself next one is going to be the scrap king probably one of the easiest located 72.2 50.1 in the heap south rust bolts scrap king so just at the top here i don’t know if he’s active right now no he’s not and uh just for argument’s sake so this here is jungkook depot in the northern part of it macagonia nullifier and i’m going to die the mecharantula this is another easy rare located 87.9 19.6 sparkweaver point roughly between the p and o in point so right up here it’s the only rare right in this northeastern section jawbreaker again another easy rear this actually gets a lot harder these these are the easy ones uh 77.2 44.6 in the heaps so this one is really close he might actually be up he’s literally just outside here yeah he’s not up at the moment but he will spawn in this section all right so when recording actually uh notice i forgot to talk about a rare uh this one is going to be pale pond water this is going to be a two-headed giant located here on the northern tip of the western spray it’s right here uh his spawn chance or sorry the coordinates for this if you do need them is are going to be 22 and then 69.17 um roughly about 30 to 60 minutes spawn timer uh rubble rocks 38.2 53 again inside the uh the rust rock cavern in toothy shallows spawn timer again reports he’s just about 30 minutes but some people have camped him for three hours it’s also possible to for the spur to spawn in the alternate timeline again rumble rocks is on the west coast here in the cave arachnoid harvester 51.6 41.5 southwest of

bondo’s yard so this is one it’s usually in the forest here but this is one that drops a different type of mount in doing my entire mecha done achievement i didn’t get this mint to drop once kill saw 41.2 34.8 in the fleeting forest he is located over here generally this is where he’s going to spawn this guy is a tricky one uh no clear strategy on this rare as he doesn’t seem to follow any regular rules has a long spawn timer of at least two hours and he will not spawn on days the venture co is around some people claim killing the sabley clear cutters uh will force spawn kill saw uh but he doesn’t show on the map as a star like these other ones he does because i’m using this add-on but he won’t show up on the mini-map like one so it can be a pain in the ass hungarian fur as mentioned at the start of this guide the only way to spawn fungarian is if my loon is the daily visitor and rust bolt offering the quest aid for nordrassil generally we just go into the fleeting forest here again and you’ll see hungarian fur so you loot or sorry spawn through clicking on any of the mushrooms just go to earlier in the video and there’s a better outline for that one foul manifestation 66.1 50.1 use circuit breaker device at 67.56 and 55.5 then connect three pylons circuit breaker has roughly 45 to 60 minute timer so that’s going to be over here you will flip flick the switch on this click the pylon and then you will activate these pylons here which you can interact with but this has to be active for you to interact with which at the moment it is not deep water ma 37.2 43.8 requires 100 fathomler to spawn complete danielle angler’s fishing quest chain which you can get at 37.1 46.9 water is here the fisher person here that’s going to give you this quest chain is just right there on uh outside or next to the shore here um the first hundred fathom where you get is free from the actual quest when you finish it here so you can at least clear uh kill the rare once and it’ll be completely fine all right so the next one’s a bit harder to explain which is ook’s avenger mg or oox avenger mg can only be spawned on days oglethorpe of nauticus is the daily visitor if he is the daily visitor you will need to locate the robot chicken running around mechagon this one is called oox fleetfoot mg i’ll put the name in the video here uh he runs around pretty fast you cannot walk and follow him around you will have to kill him in order to spawn the rear so you will need to see him quite a bit i’d probably look for parties uh use the lfg or look in general chat if anyone’s found him because you will it will take you quite a bit of time to kill him by yourself unless this is shadowlands and you severely out level this i will put a macro here that i’m talking about to target him make sure you mark it again with some sort of marking so you don’t lose him it is a tiny chicken and i’ve lost him plenty of times uh once you do find them um you’re going to want to keep cc’ing them whether it’s traps stuns anything you possibly use probably said that 15 times now but don’t forget to do it because it will take you forever to catch up again once you kill fleet foot uh he’s gonna say that he needs backup and this is going to spawn the actual rare oox avenger mg which spawns at 57.2 39.4 right under the a in bondo’s yard here as you can see on the map it will just be right here on this little cliff bone picker another easy rear 65.9 26.9 is in sour back hideout cave roughly 36 or sorry roughly 30 to 60 minute spawn timer bone picker in the cave here in the water just uh west of rust bolt all right so next one bogic skull bash doesn’t seem to have a timer listed online but uh is more active on days the drill rigs are active in the zone a lot of people

report killing troggs a lot of people report killing troggs and scrapbone den here north mechagon help him spawn i can’t confirm that myself but um he’s also more active on days the daily quest my chickens are not for eating is up when he spawns he will also have global text like sea spit here uh show up in the chat window he will be in the cave so as you can see logic skull bash just north of bondo’s yard here in the cave on the hill it will be right in the back uncle trogg 58.6 23.5 inside the cave hungry rest long respawn timer that’s about all the info i can find on that guy he’ll be north here so he’s right inside scrapboned in in the back of this giant bony cave he’ll be back here somewhere then we have c spits 19.2 80.2 western sperry spawn timer 20 to 60 minutes on average 40 minutes so c spit on this little tiny island next to western spray island spark queen pimp respawn timer 30 to 60 minutes location 83.6 22.2 after the aggro purse starts moving towards rust bolts and only spawns on days the quest bugs lots of them is available in rust bolts otherwise you will never see that rare so she’ll be just around here south of uh spark weaver point rust feather good old rust feather rust feather is far south on the mountain here uh spawn timer for rust feather is about 30 minutes or exactly 30 minutes so if you die recently you can actually count down this one if you want coordinates it’s 64.1 78.8 another thing to note the rusted keys of the junk heap drifter this is a reskin of the model w i killed this rare every day doing this achievement and i got this achievement before i got this drop malfunctioning bee spot will actually spawn here in bondo’s yard i believe uh it was in the background there earlier but uh he’ll spawn here and he will need the beast bot power pack which is in bondo’s yard laying on a metal box next to him so right here when you pick that up you’re going to go craft this and then when you craft it that is the only way to activate the b spot crazed frog as mentioned earlier is in the cave here and the spark weaver point or 81.9 21.3 earthbreaker gullrock this rare could only be accessed if the drill rigs are active for that day if you’re unsure you can go to the gnome npc warren gearheart located 73.1 33.3 in russ bolt and he will actually let you know if it’s active this rare itself spawns through drill rig dr t r 3 5 6 3.5 25 is the coordinates spawn timer is roughly 15 minutes and he is in scrapbone den so if we look up here earthbreaker yeah so he’s between uncle trogg and bone picker right here in this cave old big dusk this guy is accessed through drill rig dr tr28 located 56.1 36.2 again scrap boned in oops so he’s just um on the left here it’s not in bondo’s yard it’s still considered the scrap owned in so he will be this one here it’s been open recently this one’s accessed through drill rig

drjd99 left side of junkwa depot considered south 59.6 67.2 roughly a 15 minute spawn time and i’ll show you here in just one second so south consider down here which will be this cave so if you don’t have flying you might have to walk around the side here as mentioned as part of the achievement earlier oxidized lich beast i’ll explain it again just in case because this one is pretty hard to explain and i think it did a bad job in order to spawn this rare you’ll need to kill the mobs in junkwa depot where you’ll be farming your spare parts and eventually one of the items called exothermic evaporator coil will drop drop chance is one point three percent after you get uh one you will need to go to one of the weather stations if it spawned again you’ll see those in here on the posts inside the depot wonderful ones yes i want to spawn here now on the right side so as you can see down the bottom right requires exothermic evaporator coil if you have one you can interact with this when you have one of these and you activate it it’s going to cause everything in this area to rain all these elites are going to turn to normal creatures be rusted have less health but they’re also going to be spawning oxidized leachates if you kill enough of these leachates eventually oxidized lich beast is going to spawn this is one of those things that is much easier to do when you’re in spare farming groups again if this is shadow lanes you don’t have to worry about that and you can just probably tear through this in no time boil burn located through drill rig dr jd 41 or locations 51.4 50.2 considered right of junkwod or north is going to be this one right here boil burn roughly 15 minutes spawn time next one is to be kleptoboss this rear is also behind a drill rig but it shares a spawn timer with two other drill rigs and is probably going to drive you crazy these rares took me the longest to do simply because the drill rigs that it shares the spawn timer with it could just spawn its uh the other ones could spawn several times over and you could be waiting for this drill rig for a while because it’s all rng so on the map here you have caustic mecha slime the klepto boss and gorged geared cruncher all of these are three caves which join into the same tunnel one here one here and the other one here is over in the heaps hidden down here this is the one for the klepto boss 68.3 48.1 these drill rigs have a spawn timer between 30 to 60 minutes on average 30 minutes this one specifically is called drill rig or dr ccc88 again you will see this in red text on the map when it’s active so you have roughly uh one minute to come over or sorry two minutes to come over while it’s drilling into the rock and then you have four minutes to get into the cave and actually kill the rare if you don’t kill the rare within four minutes the cave will collapse and he will despawn you will not get the kill this happens for all three of the rares that share this tunnel by the way steelsinger frieza 25.2 77.5 western spray respawn timer is about 30 to 60 minutes 40 minutes on average steelsinger is over here in the little out cove on this island western side of mechagon gear checker cogstar only spawns when a certain amount of upgraded sentries are killed they will say unit defeated request immediate support and then cogstar himself yells distress message received gear checker cogstar reinforcing target area he spawns where the last upgraded

century died um i’ll put on a map a regular area where you can find these or sorry i’ll put on the screen here the map that you can find these you will also generally see this rare talking in general chat and uh so long as people in the zone aren’t [ __ ] you can usually ask where he is or get an invite to a group who’s already fighting him this rare was uh was probably the hardest for me because of the amount of places he could spawn and he would die before anyone would tell me where he was too uh again if this is shadowlands unfortunately you will have to solo this mr fix this located in junkwat depot 61 61.4 on top of the tower respawn is about 30 to 60 minutes see if i can get there in time while i’m talking about this so that rear will spawn right here not active at the moment but up here next to the weather station enforcer or sorry vault bot located in the fleeting forest 50 and then 46.4 again as mentioned it’ll spawn around here what’s going to happen is you will need to kite him all the way to bondo’s yard you will need a party to kill him in time once you get the bondo’s yard you can actually use the magnet that the the vault pot walks right up to in order to kill him other than this pretty simple enforcer kxt57 55.1 60.4 respawn timer 30 to 60 minutes uh the rusty prince another one that’s in junk watt depot which again you will probably get while spare part farming 57.2 58.3 this is in future mechagon and will only spawn on days chromie isn’t visiting so you will need the personal time displacer in order to travel to the future without chromie so again 57.2 58.3 the gorged gear cruncher this rare is also behind a drill rig so as mentioned this year’s one of three so the klepto boss gorged gear cruncher caustic mecha slime again spawn timer width that shares between the three of these is 30 to 60 minutes on average 30 minutes this drill rig specifically is drcc61 coordinates 72.6 53.8 again you have four minutes to get in and kill him once the drill rig has completed or the tunnel will collapse and he will despawn and you will not get credit the doppelgang in order to spawn this rare the quest cog frenzy’s construction frenzy that we picked up has to be active which is offered by walton cog frenzy 73.4 33.4 you will also need three pressure relief valves which drop from cog frenzy’s construction tool kit which is actually a reward from completing this quest so you will need to at least complete this quest three times and get it or you will need two other people again if this is shadow lens you will probably have to solo this yourself so you’ll need to do this three times or maybe if someone in your guild has it you need to use these three pressure valves so you will need to use your pressure valves on these strained exhaust pipes so as you can see there is three that’s up here in spark beaver point 82.6 or 81.1 20.3 you just click these i don’t have any right now you click three of these and eventually this thing in the middle will have an animation and then three little gnomes pop out and you kill them you’re gonna have to get give it a few seconds do the animation it might seem like it didn’t work uh scrap claw located 82.6 77.4 southeast in

the sea spawn timer for that one is about 30 to 60 minutes what i mean by the sea is he is south way south here in the water scrap claw it also gives you the blueprint all right guys so next up is going to be uh junkyard architect which is going to require you to unlock every blueprint blueprint in that achievement this one i’m pretty much just going to read out i’ll put on screen with any info extra required for it to kind of help you but everything else will be related to everything else in the video so the scrap grenade scrap grenade that we mentioned earlier uh is offered by pascal himself and must have completed the last quest for the mechagon intro quest which ends with welcome to the resistance pascal himself is located 71.2 32.6 100 fathom ler location 37 47.2 again offered by danielle anglers and is offered from the quest build a bigger fish trap which is a quest chain that starts with the quest fishing or something for something bigger canned minnows 18 drop rate and drops from the rare deep water maw emergency repair kit 73.4 33.4 and has a drop inside the cog frenzy’s construction tool kit that you receive from doing the daily visitor quest cog frenzies construction frenzy from the npc walton cog frenzy meccano treat dropped by the scrap king 72.2 50.1 in the heaps south of ruspolt with a seven percent drop rate also drops from old big tusk access through drill rig dr tr28 located 56.1 36.3 with a seven percent drop raise bone picker also drops this 65.9 26.4 with a five percent drop rate also drops from gorged gear cruncher drill rig dr ccc61 location 72.6 53.8 with a four percent drop rate refer to the rest of the pistons rest in piston section of the video for more details on the rares themselves g99 99 landshark dropped by foul manifestation 66.1 50.1 with a 12 drop rate rust bolt kegerator dropped by c spit again 19.2 80.2 western spray with a 10 drop rate bald 371 dropped by mr fix this 61 61.4 on top of the tower with 11 drop rate emergency rocket chicken dropped by the oox avenger mg or oox avenger mg for any help with him refer back to the rest and piston section rust bolt resistant insignia this one is going to drop from rust bolt supplies rewarded for every 10k rep after exalted with rust bolt resistance has a 14 drop chance scrap masters blow torch reward from the quest this one’s on me which is started when you reach honored with rust bolt resistance it will be offered by pascal so that’s the robot where you go to craft everything advanced adventurer augment sold by stolen royal vendorbot when you reach honored located 73.6 36.6 holographic digitalization relay dropped by data anomaly which can only be done when the daily visitor quest discs of

norgannon is uh is available and you will also need to be at least friendly with rust bolt resistance if you’re not this will not drop it is a four percent drop chance orange spray bot dropped by cog for er sorry orange spray bottle is gonna be dropped by crazedrog 81.9 21.3 with less than one percent drop chance uh this is also contained in a radiated box of assorted parts which is dropped from a hard mode reclamation rig also contained in recycling requisitions the blue spray pot is also dropped from dead anomalies which again can only be done on days discs of norgannon are available and you will need to be at least friendly with rust bolt resistance or it will not drop is a six percent drop chance and it can also drop from crazed frog for uh one percent or sorry less than one percent drop chance the micro bot xd dropped inside rust bolt supplies rewarded for every 10k rep after exalted with rust bolt resistance has a 13 drop chance to be inside that chest rust bolt pocket turret dropped by enforcer kx t57 55.1 60.4 are the coordinates with an eight percent drop chance also has a very low drop chance to be in a radiated box of assorted parts from reclamation rig hard mode encrypted black market radio this is rewarded for doing three daily quests for uh steel sage geo jl uh he’s located here he’ll be sitting on this little light post little panda now with his purple hat on in case you need it the coordinates are on the bottom there 73.6 34.3 what’s going to happen is you need to do the quit his dailies at least three times so again that’s rng on whenever he spawns some people who have reported having to do them four times i personally only had to complete three uh nothing special once you complete it he’s just going to give you the black market radio blueprint the spare crate is rewarded through a quest that you receive once you’ve finished gathering 250 spare parts it’s just you’re going to automatically get the quest the scrap trap drops from earthbreaker golock who again is located 73.1 33.3 with a 19 a 19 percent drop rate and boyle burn uh which is drill rig dr jd 41 located 51.4 50.2 with a 15 drop rate mechanocat laser pointer all right so this one is going to be sold by npc cork stuttgard which is located 63.3 42.9 vault bot key so as mentioned earlier the vault bot key can only be dropped from the armored vault bot himself with a roughly 14 percent drop rate the emergency power pack located 73.4 33.4 and is a drop inside of cog frenzies construction toolkit that you receive from doing the daily visitor quest cog frenzies construction frenzy from the npc walton cog frenzy i do not have a drop chance on that one unfortunately the ultra safe transporter for mechagon is dropped by gear checker cogstar with roughly a 9 drop chance the rust bolt gramophone drops from steel singer frieza who’s again 25.2 77.5 with roughly a 17 drop chance highly recommend to get this asap the protocol transference device drops from mechagonian nullifier who is at 57.1 53.3 drop rate is roughly 23 percent

the uh battle box sold by stolen royal venderbot 73.6 33.6 when you reach exalted with rust bolt resistance and that is the only way to get that one the rust bolt requisitions contained in radiated box of assorted parts dropped from hard mode reclamation rig with nine percent drop chance the experimental adventurer augment dropped by the first kill on any rear when you are neutral with rust bolt resistance generally at this point in the achievement you should be able to get neutral very easily if not far beyond that by now the extraordinary adventurer augment or sorry extraordinary adventurer augment is sold by stolen royal vendor boss 73.6 36.6 when you reach revered with the rust bolt resistance the personal time displacer dropped by mobs in future mechagon when chromie is visiting and offering the quest the other place from comments on webhead um it seems to drop within 30 minutes on average of farming the mobs in the area depending on your luck it could be quicker or it could take over 30 minutes the green spray bot is dropped by crazedrog again 81.9 21.3 with a 8 drop chance utility mechanoclaw is a drop by caustic mecha slime 66.4 58.8 and that’s going to be drill rig dr cc 73 with a 28 drop chance the anti-gravity pack drops from rust feather which is again 64.1 78.8 top of the mountain with a six percent drop chance also drops from malfunctioning b spot and bondo’s yard with a three percent drop chance the annoyotron gang this one is contained in a radiated box of assorted parts dropped from reclamation rig hard mode it has less than a one percent drop chance it’s also contained in recycling requisition and strange recycling requisition which you get from from using 30 times hardened spring 10 tempered plating 5 machine gear assembly which you get from killing mechanical mobs while farming your spare parts pretty much anywhere in mechagon as long as it’s a mechanical mob you can also purchase them off the auction house for super inflated amount i don’t know what they’re going to cost at this point making the video but it is an option the re procedurally generated punch card contained in a radiated box of assorted parts dropped from hard mode reclamation rig with less than one percent drop chance it’s also contained in recycling requisition and strange recycling requisition which again is created from 30 times hardened spring 10 times tempered plating five times machine gear assembly which again you get from killing any mechanical mob in mechagon or in jungkwa depot when you are spare parts farming is generally the fastest way to get them a junkyard mechanist or mechanist the fastest way and most efficient way to this achievement would be on days the automated flame turrets are up as the construction project the opposite faction uh can kill your turrets which help them spawn faster and to rebuild them and vice versa so you can kill theirs and rebuild it as well um another option as well which i personally didn’t do um to do it even faster if you manage to have the toy sliver of n’zoth you can kill your own turrets have them respawn super fast build the turrets destroy them again they take about 10 minutes to despawn and if you actually kill them it’s a respawn time of one to three minutes these turrets are usually in clusters of three

if you didn’t leave this until the last minute you will probably have most of this achievement completed while chipping at mechadon anyway you do not need to focus on turrets and complete any construction projects you wish so long as you have the spare parts saved up to do so generally what this would do is you can do the armories the drill rigs even doing the reclamation rig itself but um as long as you can complete them all right so next up is going to be junkyard mellow maniac this one is pretty much going to be once you get the rustbolt gramophone installed this is what i think is the actual hardest part you will have to uh what is it five vinyls which can be quite a pain as some of them have really low drop chances and some of those drop chances are from rares that are pretty rare to spawn themselves um first up is going to be ode to tinkertown this part of the achievement is literally just for you to actually install the rust bolt gramophone which again drops from steel singer frieza uh in the western spray again over here west side of the map and with a 17 drop rate when it comes to mimirons we have it here where we too memron’s brainstorm this final drops from steel singer frieza as well but it will only drop once you’ve actually installed the gramophone apparently it has less than a point sixteen percent chance to drop from this rare so uh it’s gonna be quite a bit if you’re gonna be farming this especially when you only lose it for uh once a day you can also obtain this vinyl from a radiated box of assorted parts which is again the hard mode of reclamation rig with less than one percent drop chance also contained in recycling requisition and strange recycling requisition which you create again with 30 hardened spring 10 tempered plating and 5 machined gear assembly which you get from killing mechanical mobs while farming spare parts and again you can purchase off the auction house next one is going to be depth of ulduar this final gives you six chances a day to get it when you kill the rares as long as you are killing six of these per day old big tusk with a four percent drop chance boil burn with a three percent drop chance uh germicide with a three percent drop chance earthquake or earth breaker golroc 3 drop chance the klepto boss 1.7 drop rate steel singer frieza again uh 0.04 drop rate apparently next one is going to be gnomeregan forever this vinyl drops from bogic skull bash with a six percent drop rate also drops from macagonian nullifier with a five percent drop rate a small amount of players have commented saying they received this vinyl from steel singer frieza uh i couldn’t find a drop rate online but it seems like the the chance of it dropping is there next one is going to be battle of gnomeregan uh this one you can do either way as a i don’t know a faster way to get it done uh the first way you’ll need to have completed the the quest uh that we mentioned earlier which is disks of norgannon at least once uh which starts the daily visitor uh or sorry starts from daily visitor archivist bitbyte again located 71.8 36.6 uh once you finish this you can all salute large storage fragment uh best of firm in junk watt depot which is down here behind these walls and then there’s also a rust covered disk is going to be dropped from the rare pale pond waiter i think that’s how you say it he’s uh north of the western spray here it also drops from strange recycling requisition regular recycling requisition and a radiated box of assorted parts and you can also do scorched data disk this drops from the rear pale pond water

as well again contained in strange recycling requisition and regular recycling requisition so the reason you’d spend the time to get these four items was dropped pretty quickly and only on days the quest disks of norgannon is active is because these four items uh spawn the data anomalies that you need which are going to drop this vinyl if you have all four items you can spawn these every single day without ever having to gather them again or needing to wait for the discs of norgannon to actually be the daily quest simply start the quest each of these items gives so one at a time uh once you kill the dad anomaly that the item spawned you can now abandon the quest itself that the uh the item started and use another one for that day these rares are also grouped up so if you kill one and spawn another of its pair you will not get the loot and can only loot a rare once per day these groups are going to be as follows and i will put these on the screen as well so cracked numeric cylinder spawns the anomaly hogger or razor claw the butcher so those two are paired large storage fragment spawns balmazar or captain crom crush so those are paired rust covered disc spawns baron chasm or crowd pumler960 scorched datadisc spawns only baron gidden so these are all the anomalies that’ll give you the chance in order to get that vinyl i would like to give this credit uh as outlined by many people to a user called dragonkin451 for listing this um he seems to be the first person who noted this or she so i figured i’d give them some credit uh next up is going to be triumph of gnomeregan uh now uh for the item most people will probably end up losing their minds over because it’s a ridiculous drop rate the elusive triumph of gnomeregan vinyl i’ll start with the easy prayers this can drop from steelsinger frieza again i don’t really have a drop rate for this because it’s so low i don’t even think wowhead had anything listed for this the only other way to get this to drop is going to be from a radiated box of assorted parts which is from hard mode reclamation rig okay as i’ve not explained in this guide yet exactly what the reclamation rig is or the hard mode i’ll go through that now so the reclamation rig itself is in the outflow here on the map just south of rust bolt once you get here it’s going to be the only place that’s like this this giant tunnel that’s going into the mountain here and the reclamation rig is here sometimes it might not even be spawned like this and it’ll just be empty nothing here at all i can’t interact with this right now because the reclamation rig event has actually already happened downside with this is now everyone has to wait for this to despawn and then respawn and this could be hours upon hours there is a way to force it to respawn which i would only recommend to do with a group as it could be really hard to solo but let’s get into it this will require you and others in the zone to repair the rig with spare parts which then start the event i believe you also have to use batteries that you charge it up as well for this uh it’s been a while since i’ve done it at this point but chances are i think it’s five batteries and a thousand spare resources but people are usually nice enough in chat to announce when the event is starting or when they’re about to trigger it you can also find groups in the lfg on other servers if yours has already been used it is pretty hard to do but they do happen to pop up once in a while obviously for shadowlands this might be a completely different case where you’ll have to just unfortunately wait in order to trigger the hard mode you will need the item super collider which you get from the quest before toys for destruction essentially what’s going to happen is when this event starts there’s going to be mobs that spawn every second wave these will just be called irradiated elements the radiated elements when you hit them

with the super collider they turn into unstable irradiated golems they’ll be a deeper orange and they’ll grow a little bit bigger and you just basically it’ll spin around and do a whirlwind it has a pretty low cooldown and if there’s other people that are also trying to do hard mode uh they might have the weapon as well so that way you don’t miss out on turning them all into unstable radiated golems uh generally again if you advertise oh here we go so this happened despawn this this is really good luck right here this does not normally happen when you’re trying to wait if you advertise and this would be a good time to come over here and see what it takes to build okay yeah so this guy has already contributed quite a bit i think it was i think he put in a couple resources here i think it’s 3 500 spare parts actually so as you see here i put it in so this doesn’t require energy cells anymore and then you just put in however many of these and once this is finished everyone will come over for the most part once you’ve actually turned 20 irradiated elementals into unstable irradiated elementals the last phase will reward you with an irradiated box of assorted parts on top of the normal stuff that you would usually get in a regular box of assorted parts the again the super collider requires you to have completed the daily quest toys for destruction five times which then allows you to pick up rust uh pick it up from rust bolt armories from uh or from the workbench itself on days toys for destruction is up so we don’t to look around or build an actual armory yourself okay now so you have an irradiated box of assorted parts you just have to pray the vinyl is inside which apparently has a three percent drop rate on top of waiting for this stupid event to even happen this was the last item i needed and took me the longest solely because of the hard mode and the way everybody else would kill everything before i even had a chance to even turn anything into an unstable element one thing i will say as a small tip i’ve seen it work and it worked for myself you might laugh you might think i’m trolling uh but basically before you open the box make your way back to rust bolt make your way back to rust bolt go to the gramophone and play the track gnomeregan forever then target the rust bolt gramophone and slash dance then open the box so come over here and look for number gone forever we’ll start playing make sure you have the russell gramophone targeted dance with it and then you open up whatever it is wherever your thing is open it up i don’t have one on me now this is just me doing this uh the day that i got this the person in front of me did it before i got here and he completed mecha done by getting this vinyl i did it myself after confirming which song he played uh and this i would also like to give credit to the user dr destiny who actually posted this on the wowhead forums i did not find this myself or stumbled upon it in game and again i know this sounds like complete [ __ ] but it worked for several people on the forums i’ve seen it work for somebody else before i even did it so there might be some weird trigger here uh i hope it helps you let me know in the comments if it did and if it didn’t let me know as well but i’ll let you get an idea on if it’s just luck of the draw or if it actually increases the drop chance now as for anyone who might want to know how to trigger the event um for the reclamation rig without waiting for it to respawn like it did in front of me while recording this what you can actually do if you’re a hunter it works best you can come all the way here to jungkook depot and you need to make sure that you get the enforcers because they do a slam attack when you kite them all the way over here next to the rig you make sure that they’re right next to the rig when they’re trying to attack you they will do a whirlwind and it will actually hit the reclamation

rig and damage it the more people you have the easier this will be i did not get a chance to do this the closest i’ve come was ten percent with me and one other person because there are people on the server who will come over and repair it some people will do it just the troll some people do it because they didn’t notice and they were trying to complete something else um but i got down to 15 and it got repaired to 100 after a half an hour of kiting and also these here are the irradiated elementals so these are green when you use the super collider to spin and uh turn them into irregular ones uh they will turn a dark orange and that’s this that’s hopefully with that one i really helped you guys with that i honestly found the the vinyls to be the most complicated part um more so because of the ways to find them and because of the low drop chances so for arm for action this one’s gonna require you to complete the quest toys for destruction at least five times this will complete all five weapons for you so the volatile blaster lightning zap 5000 bolt spitter ricketts special delivery and super collider so once you complete those again they’re offered by rocket chief fuselage located 69.8 33. there’s no trick to this it’s just basically block of rng and yeah that’s all that’s to it i guess that uh that pretty much concludes everything in terms of um the model w achievement mecha done um unfortunately i didn’t have footage of everything as i wasn’t recording anything yet uh when i was doing this achievement myself uh hopefully i explained everything easy enough for you guys to understand and show the locations of everything i try to do as much research as possible so that you guys didn’t have to keep going through all several links reading forums yourself uh so again if i helped in any way you’ll like the video um or you want to watch me live stream sometime again monday to friday um three times a week uh 6 p.m eastern so don’t forget to uh subscribe like the video and hit the bell icon to know when i go live uh if uh if i happen to help you in any way save you some time enjoy the keys to your model w and hopefully you got this ridiculous rng achievement completed you