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hey folks it’s John DeHart your Quito sensei coming at you from Sandy Utah today I want to go through the native program and how to use the keto OS product in conjunction with the native diet for maximum results and weight loss and body transformation before I get started I want to read you this legal disclaimer I John DeHart am NOT a doctor or medical practitioner this these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this video is not designed to and does not provide medical advice any information you receive is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease and as always make sure you see your physician or medical practitioner before starting any weight loss program so with that let’s jump right in I think the place to start is really what is keto adapted you hear a lot about becoming keto adapted and really what is that and folks it’s really very simple once your keto adapted your body is now burning fat turning fat into ketones as its primary source of energy as opposed to sugar or glucose and typically if you’re on sad the standard American diet you are a sugar burner and you don’t have a lot of access to to burning ketones so what we want to do is get you ketone adapted where your primary source of energy your primary source of fuel for your body are ketones and ketones that are are coming from either the keto OS product or the conversion of body fat into ketones for maximum energy so I’ll tell you what guys once you make this transition and get keto adapted you’re going to feel fantastic inflammation is going to go away I mean there’s just it’s almost like a euphoric feeling so let’s jump right in and go into really step one and becoming keto adapted so the first thing we want to do is we want to start with the OS product and I recommend starting with a half serving twice a day so breaking that up I love the charge product in the morning because it’s caffeinated and then right before I go to bed I love the other OS product that’s not charged the decaffeinated I love having ketones running through my body at night there’s something magical about having that happen so that’s how I personally recommend it you may want to do it a little bit differently but start out for the first two three four or five days with half servings and work up to it otherwise you might have a little gastro intestinal distress and that’s no fun so just start out easy and work your way up the other thing that I want you to do is I want you to go to keto eight wwk eto the number eight calm and what I want you to do is to fill out those fields there join part of our community and I’m going to send you some things to get you on your way on this this weight loss journey this body transformation journey I’m going to send you some documents how to calculate your your BMI your your body mass index how many macros you should be having every day how much fat how much protein how much carbohydrate depending on what your goals are I’m going to send you a measurement chart so that we can keep track of your measurements along with your weight like I said as much as this is about weight loss it is also about body transformation and that’s the beauty of this program is that you’re going to see your body transform you’re going to hold on to your lean muscle mass whereas most diets especially low-calorie diets the weight loss that you have normally about half of that is lean muscle what they found with the ketogenic diet is that you preserve or even build your lean muscle mass as you’re losing body fat so it literally is body transformation so go there and then you know the other thing that we’re really going to look into is how do we cut your carbohydrates and start to increase your fat and make your body really a fat burner that is the key point and I love this os product because I need you to follow me here becoming keto adapted is not as easy as just flipping a switch right there’s a period of time that it takes and at that time varies depending on you depending on the amount of metabolic syndrome that your body may have and how insulin resistant you are you type two diabetic there’s a lot of factors that go into this but understand this when you cut your carbohydrates back and you increase your fats your body is still a sugar burner right you’re still burning glucose is your primary energy it’s going to pull that glucose or the glycogen out of your

muscles and it’s going to burn that for energy for a day or two days or three days or however long it takes to burn that up right and then there’s not going to be anymore and so your body’s going to start to transition into becoming a fat burner but it doesn’t happen automatically so you’re in kind of this no-man’s land right you don’t have sugar to burn and you’re not efficiently burning up your own body fat turn it into ketones for energy you’re in this no-man’s land they call it the keto flu it has actually got a name it’s called the keto flu and what I love about the OS product is it helps to bridge that gap of the keto flu so that you you’re putting ketones directly into your bloodstream within an hour this product is putting ketones beta-hydroxybutyrate directly into your bloodstream and you can start burning that for energy it is a fantastic product to get the job done with that so remember start small about a half a serving twice a day and work up to two full servings a day I love morning and then at night right before I go to bed but use it the way that you feel most comfortable and what works for you the second thing we want to do is we start on this as we really want to increase our water intake okay the body is going to be flushing we’re going to be burning up body fat there’s going to be toxins in that body fat that are going through the the kidneys that are going through the liver we want to be flushing the body so it’s recommended a half ounce of water per pound of body weight so if your weight 200 pounds you need at least a hundred ounces of water every single day if you’re working a hot or if you’re working out hard and sweating you’re going to need more than that just straight-up you’re going to need more I do a lot of hot yoga I drink well over a gallon of water every single day the other thing I want you to do is I want you to increase your salt consumption when I say solve I’m not talking about table salt here your typical iodized salt I want you using a really really good salt Himalayan pink salt your sea salts that are out there I like real salt it’s mined here in Utah it’s a full salt that’s got minerals in it along with a high level of sodium and it’s just really really good most Kido experts that I’ve consulted with recommend that you have three to five grams of salt every day and it’s really simple why your liver needs salt in order to convert fat into ketones if you don’t have enough salt you’re gonna you’re gonna kill your weight loss you’re going to plateau you’re going to stop so you need to be increasing your salt intake another great way of getting salt is actually an appeal there’s a company out or a product out it’s called keto salt I think you can find it at keto salt calm or just google keto salt and you can actually either about one gram pills so I actually take anywhere from three to five of those a day because I’m doing a lot of sweating I’m burning up a lot of minerals and I want to make sure that my body is efficiently able to convert fat to ketones for energy so that’s the the second thing that you want to do the third thing that you really want to do and this is where the rubber meets the road folks this particular diet the ketogenic diet becoming keto adapted is really all about insulin control okay we don’t want to spike our insulin because as soon as we cause an insulin surge we bring in a lot of sugar or carbohydrates it’s going to cause a high insulin spike as soon as that happens your body flips the switch and goes into fat storing mode anything it can’t burn up it stores as fat and so this is really all about insulin control so we want to eliminate refined sugars altogether so any of your sweets you refined sugars we want to eliminate those you see a picture of coca-cola and Tropicana up there those are both 16-ounce bottles and I challenge people and say you know from a strictly weight-loss perspective which of these two products is worse for you and you might be surprised which one is actually worse for you because that that bottle at 16-ounce bottle of coca-cola has 52 grams of sugar can you believe that and it’s a 16-ounce serving you know that’s a lot of sugar it’s a lot more than you need in any particular day it’s going to throw you right out of ketosis if you’re in ketosis it’s going to throw you right into fat storing mode and a lot of other things that go along with that but we’ve got the orange you sitting right next to it right well it only has 28 grams of sugar per eight ounces or excuse me 29 grams of sugar per eight ounces it has in that same 16-ounce bottle 58 grams of sugar there’s no fiber there’s nothing to slow it down it almost immediately reacts in the bloodstream sends your insulin

through the roof right somebody’s having a diabetic attack or some sort of seizure what do they do they hand them orange juice why lots of sugar right and so that’s what comes them down I remember the Godfather Part 3 but anyway so we want to eliminate fruit juices soft drinks anything that’s got sugar in it and folks understand this we really do have to start reading the labels if we want to keep our body in a fat-burning state and be Aikido adapted you’ve got to read the labels because about 80% of the products that you find in your grocery store are going to have added sugar to them so we’ve got to look at our carbs and we’ll get into how many carbs you should be having a little bit later in this but start looking at the labels one more thing to understand it’s all about insulin control and you’re going to hear a term out there called the glycemic index the glycemic index is how much raise an insulin does a certain product cause so fat has no glycemic index zero on the glycemic index it doesn’t raise your insulin at all protein believe it or not can raise your insulin and certainly carbohydrates raise your insulin a lot and refined carbohydrates spike it completely so it’s really we want to look at the glycemic index understand this some of you out there look at the back of a diet coke and you say man this is really really good for me because there’s no calories we’re not counting calories here it’s all about insulin control right and so that diet coke that is filled with aspartame some of you would know it as as NutraSweet or it’s filled with sucralose which some of you would know the trade name is Splenda is going to cause an immediate insulin spike not going to be good going to send your body right into fat store and diet sodas are not good for anymore sports drinks are not good for you good old-fashioned water carbonated water that’s flavored is really good some of the liquors out there that’s good stuff because there’s no sweetener in there but teas coffees that’s what you want to stick to when you’re looking at things to drink and of course good ol agua h2o water flush that system how much at least one half ounce per pound of body weight okay so I think we covered the sugar pretty well but there’s another form of sugar that we’ve got to talk about and folks these are processed grains you know I grew up pretty close to farm in Indiana we grew up out in the country and I can just tell you this wheat back then and even when I was a teenager over five foot tall wheat was about head high today wheat is about 18 inches it’s short it’s fat it’s wide it’s a food like substance it’s nothing it’s been genetically modified so badly that it’s nothing like the wheat that you and I grew up with as kids and folks once we process that any of the the flours the wheats the corns whatever it may be understand what we’ve just done soy we have processed the fiber right out of it and so that bread that you’re eating that pasta that you’re eating literally takes about two to three minutes for your body to convert that very quickly right into what into sugar we want to eliminate all flowers all chips all pastas all those things as well we want to stick we want our carbohydrate source coming from green leafy vegetables from vegetables that should be our carbohydrate source the rule of thumb with vegetables is this if they’re grown above ground corn being the exception some of them a couple others but for the most part if they’re if they’re grown above ground they’re good if they’re grown below ground not so good things like potatoes are going to have high starch high sugar amounts contents in them obviously your beets your onions things that are grown under the ground not so good things above ground squash spinach green leafy vegetables kale whatever it may be very very good now let’s talk a little bit about fruit and here’s my thoughts on fruit after really being on a ketogenic diet for a year fruit is nature’s candy and I’ve heard several experts out there say you know short of vitamin C not a lot of nutritional value for for really what you’re getting we don’t want to be juicing that’s for sure if you have to have fruit you just feel like you’ve got to have it stick with the berries the raspberries the blackberries the strawberries those seeds are fiber it’s going to slow down the glycemic impact on your system it’s going to slow down the rise of insulin but really if you can eliminate it all together eliminate it understand the – your body sugar is sugar it does not matter whether it’s a tablespoon you’re pouring does not matter if it’s coca-cola does not matter if it’s pasta that your body breaks down into sugar in just a few minutes to your body sugar is sugar and that’s all going

to have the same effect it’s going to spike your insulin it’s going to throw your body into a fat storing mode so eliminate your fruits as much as possible all your grains definitely go with green leafy vegetables your vegetables vegetables vegetables and you’re going to be in a safe zone so what can you eat right fat right healthy healthy fats and here’s the thing we’ve got to change our definition of what a healthy fat is and I’m going to give you just a little bit of history here on where this whole idea that saturated fat is bad for you by the way that’s been disproved and we’ll get into that another time but there are certainly there’s certainly ample evidence out there right now that saturated fat is not the demon we once thought it was as a matter of fact coconut oil which is 100% saturated fat is probably the most healthy oil that you can possibly use your body needs cholesterol cholesterol is so important to your body that nearly every cell in your body can make its own cholesterol and so healthy fats are all fats with the exception of trans fats and processed vegetable oils that’s what we want to stay away from no corn oil no vegetable oil no processed oils you know eat real butter don’t eat margarine you know these are healthy fats along with you know your avocados your nuts your seeds eggs are fantastic they just came off the endangered species list and now what I’ve been saying for the last 15 years it’s one of the healthiest foods that we can possibly eat has been truven or proven to be absolutely true cholesterol does not cause heart disease and all of that by the way I’m going to give a little history on this all of that started with a guy by the name of Ansel keys and and he was a researcher back in the 50s I’m not going to go into a ton of detail on it you’ll see it someplace else out there I’ll put another piece out on it but anyway he was the known as the the father of the lipid hypothesis which basically says that cholesterol causes heart disease if you eat saturated fat it has cholesterol therefore you’re clogging up your arteries and that’s what’s causing heart disease and he had originally 22 countries that he had studied that he used his data points in this theory and he through 16 of those countries out because they did not match his hypothesis he kept six of the 22 in throughout countries that had very high fat high saturated fat diets and had a very low instance of heart disease and countries that had very low saturated fat diets and had a very high instance of heart disease he threw those out because they didn’t match his hypothesis and for that degree of scientific integrity he got his cover or his face on the cover of Time magazine it set into motion this whole fat free era that we saw in the 80s it started the food pyramid that said you should have six to eleven healthy servings of grains every day folks I’m going to tell you straight up that is a myth there’s no such thing as six to eleven healthy servings of grain every day it will send you into insulin resistance it will turn you into a type two diabetic and we’ll give you metabolic syndrome and many other diseases that stem from metabolic syndrome so all of it was really set up as really not being true false research and we set in motion really this and unleashed on the American population just this this food pyramid that has set us up to be fat you saw my video it’s not your fault you’re fat here’s why I say that it’s because it’s not you’ve been given bad information that food pyramid you know that has six to eleven healthy servings of grains every day and about this much fat and your diet is a setup for disaster we need to be on a high-fat diet these are some great fats let me cover a couple other things we want to be eating as much as possible organic and grass-fed especially when it comes to dairy we want grass-fed dairy so that’s grass-fed butter that’s grass-fed cream that’s grass-fed beef something magical about a cow that actually eats what it was supposed to eat which is grass and it’s going to set you up on a much better diet it’s going to improve the higher levels of CLA much lower levels of omega-6 which of the omega fatty acids is not the good one and the one that causes the most inflammation in your body so we want to eliminate that so grass-fed organic is as much as you possibly can and I want to cover something with you here because it’s more expensive to eat that way okay

so two thoughts on that number one build your prove it business right so you’ve got money coming in to afford better food number two here’s what I will promise you you will eat less food on this native program your body once you start eating healthy fats it sends a signal to your brain your body is more satiated you’re just going to eat a lot less food a lot less frequently and you’re still going to feel terrific so you’re going to shift your budget around because I can promise you if you’re on sad the standard American diet you are probably hungry every two to three hours and eating or snacking on something because you’re going from a sugar high to a sugar crash and your body saying feed me feed me I need that high again and it is a vicious vicious cycle folks once you break that cycle you got good fats coming into your body your body feels satiated you’re not nearly as hungry you eat less food but you’re eating a lot better food eat in a way that supports your body don’t be scared of fat don’t be scared of saturated fat and and one of these great a great way to start off in the morning by the way is what they’ve got listed here is keto coffee it’s how I start every day some of you would know it as bulletproof coffee I’m going to take a teaspoon of either coconut or MCT oil MCT stands for mid chain triglyceride I’m going to take that and I’m going to put it in the blender along with a teaspoon of butter and I’m going to put in about 12 ounces of coffee and I’m going to blend it all up and it will make you the best cappuccino you’ve ever had in your entire life it’s going to make you feel full satiated it’s going to start your body off correctly now one more point to this – and we’re kind of going in Reverse here but chances are you ate your last meal the night before about 6 o’clock so when I get up that next morning and I just have my coffee with my Kido coffee with coconut MCT oil and butter look for Kerrygold butter it’s grass-fed butter it’s an Irish butter it’s delicious set it side by side – American butter you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about it’s bright yellow it’s just it’s yummy I mean it just tastes different it’s so good so look for Kerrygold but when I have that understand all I’ve had is fat I have not broken my fast and one of the principles with the native diet and the ketogenic diet is what’s called intermittent fasting it’s going a period of 15 to 18 hours without eating okay without eating protein or carbohydrates that are going to cause a spike in your insulin that’s when you’re in the fat-burning zone folks that’s when your body is using fat converting into ketones for energy so that’s you want to stay in that zone so by using the the bulletproof or the keto coffee and not having your first meal until 11:00 12:00 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon you’ve now went 17 18 19 hours without eating that is perfect for your intermittent fasting absolutely perfect and you’re going to notice a huge difference in your body it’s going to let your body heal it’s going to let the inflammation go away your body’s not going to have to work as hard and most important it’s going to be burning fat turning fat into ketones make sure you have your salt into ketones for your energy and when you bring in that coconut oil and that butter it’s going to convert that right away just more energy it’s just going to ramp it up so that’s the first thing the second then is we want to have our main meal like I said between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. I call it brunch and brunch should be the largest meal of the day for you ok you’ve we’ve all heard before and so much of this diet guys is really having to unravel some of the stuff that we’ve been told about diet and weight loss right here’s here’s a couple of really good ones right it’s your fault you’re fat you just need to eat less and exercise more that’s a lie you know on this diet you’re actually probably going to eat more and exercise a little less and trust me it burns up body fat you know we’ve been told the calorie is a calorie that’s not true you know a calorie if sugar is way different there are you know nine calories of sugar is way different than nine calories of butter you know way different in what it does and how it reacts in your body and what it does in your body so that that’s absolutely not true we’ve been told that breakfast is the important means that the most important meal of the day that’s not true either right as a matter of fact we want to intermittent fast right through breakfast have your keto coffee and by the way if you don’t drink coffee use tea and remember you can always use the the keto OS product – right then so and get ketones right into your bloodstream so there’s some things we can do to stay on that intermittent fast to stay in the fat-burning zone that’s what you want to do and so lunch brunch becomes your largest meal of the

day here’s the thing eat alright this is not a calorie restricted diet I want you to eat fat a lot of it so butter meats you know all the things that you saw up and we want to take a look at our macros how much fatter we bring it in how much protein are we bring it in we don’t want to bring in too much protein and we want to limit our carbohydrates now the recommendation on the native program then and getting into the native zone is is really a hundred grams of carbohydrates a day I I don’t like that I’ll just be honest with you I think it’s too much I don’t think you will ever as a matter of fact I’m 99.999% sure unless you are an ultra elite athlete you will never see ketosis with 100 grams of carbohydrates in your diet so if you notice if you want to go to the keto life down at the bottom of this slide you see that it modifies it and so you see the beginners and the athletes where you’re about ten percent of your calories are coming from carbohydrates and so let’s say you’re on a sixteen hundred calorie diet that means one hundred and sixty or forty grams of carbohydrates 40 grams of carbohydrates are your max carbohydrates for the day folks I really recommend cutting that to under 20 grams of carbohydrates go keto it may not be for you right away you may need to store and kind of ease into it that’s okay but I’m telling you as soon as your body cuts the corner as soon as you make that that quantum leap into vegan keto adapted everything will change for your energy level will go through the roof just out of the blue you’re going to get on say I need the vacuum the house you know I mean you’re going to have energy like you’ve never had energy before it is almost miraculous and if I sound like I’m on a soapbox it’s because I am it completely has changed my life so go Quito don’t be afraid of it you remember your biggest meal of the day is going to be brunch eat eat eat and then as we go into dinner you know see how you are here’s what I want you to do though at least spaced out four hours between when you ended your brunch and when you eat your dinner so I need a four hour gap there at least five is better six even better and if you want to start your you’re fasting if you want to use the OS product and just use that as a dinner and maybe a little bit of fat to go along with it that’s fantastic and now we’re starting we’re really getting into that whole intermittent fasting thing and you’re going to be burning it up remember we’re not depriving ourselves of calories you’re getting plenty of galleries in you’re not on a starvation diet your body’s getting what it needs it doesn’t shut down right it just keeps burning and burning fat so we want to bring in a sufficient amount of fat grams so that your body doesn’t think that it’s deprived so again go to keto eight so you can determine your macros how much you should be having every day to maximize your Native Zone diet experience and then finally guys we want to get moving right and so we want to exercise and let me say this if we roll the clock back 2,000 3,000 years we look at our real native state and how did we live understand the evolutionary process takes a while and it’s just recently that we decided that you know bringing in a thousand calories of pure carbohydrates and sugar was a good thing and look at the havoc that it’s wreaked on our health right so if we roll that clock back and we say okay we used to live well let’s look at it we used to eat a lot of meat and a lot of fat okay that was a primary part of our diet right that’s how we survived we were in ketosis that’s how we survived as a species and so what did we do as a species well I’m going to recommend a couple of things number one I’m going to recommend you walk a lot and you look at our primal and there’s a good book out called the primal blueprint one of the things that we did is we walked everywhere we went right that’s that was our mode of transportation so we walked a lot and sometimes we ran and we ran really really fast why because we were either being chased or chasing and sometimes we lifted really really heavy okay why because we had to pick something up or we had to climb a tree to get out of harm’s way or whatever it may have been but we were lifting so let’s go through these principles three types if if we look at longevity what all of the docs tell us today for longevity is we really need to be doing three things number one we need to be walking walk walk walk we that’s going to help the cardiovascular system and believe it or not I believe walking is better than running or hiking is better than running with the ketogenic diet we’re keeping our heart rate down in that 60 to 70 percent range of max so we’re not throwing our body off to a place that we really don’t want it to go

where our body shuts down and absolutely and actually slows down the metabolism walking speeds that up it puts us in the fat-burning state in the fat-burning mode and it burns the most most fat so walking if you’re hiking you like that I live in the mountains so we love to hike in the mountains that’s perfect number two stretch okay with this is about longevity this is about feeling good so if you can get into some yoga or just start stretch and get your body moving and flexible again we sit so much during the day we have lower back problems right we got knee problems joint problems start stretching that’s number two for good health and then number three as we look at our workouts we want to look at what’s called hit high-intensity interval training high-intensity interval training I call it hit training um and I love it it’s high-intensity and so look that up there’s some programs that you can find out there and basically what it is is it’s interval training and you can do it if you’re if you’re walking then sprint for 30 seconds and then walk for 30 seconds then sprint for 30 seconds then you walk your interval training if you’re lifting you can do it lifting you can do it doing push-ups or you can put yourself on some sort of circuit you know it’s not hard to set up a circuit in your house push ups one place planks the next place sit ups the next place you know you can set yourself up on a circuit of high-intensity interval training that’s what’s best for the body in the workout zone and then finally folks I want to say this one more time stay connected okay go to keto wait so we can connect with you keto a calm and remember this okay as we look at this ketogenic diet it’s really I’m going to say this about diet and exercise to me it’s the 80/20 rule and truthfully it’s probably the 95/5 rule and so if you want to lose weight truly weight loss comes around 95 percent of it is what you are eating and when you are eating that’s the biggest piece exercise is a small piece of that okay if you’re not going to exercise and we as a society are not going to exercise our way out of the obesity problem that’s not going to happen we’ve got to change the food’s weed and we’ve got to change how we write and so and I think Thomas Edison said it best when he said the doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs but rather cure he use the c-word cure and prevent disease with nutrition eat good food eat real food and it says it best on this slide over here don’t eat crap at juice and soda are just sugar choose real food choose life folks a healthy life keto OS with the proven program transition you know use that that product the OS product to transition through the keto flu and get your body into a ketone burning state and then stay in that keto state using the OS product it’s a great product to help you stay in ketosis and then adapt the key to lifestyle with what you eat a high fat medium protein and low carbohydrate diet that’s what it is 80 15 5 80 percent of the calories come from fat 15 from protein 5 from carbohydrate adapt that diet get keto adapted and guys I will see you around it’s it’s an incredible journey keep me updated on your progress it’s been amazing for me over this last year and your progress will be the same just stick with it understand nobody’s perfect if you have a bad day you have some carbs you know it’s not the end of the world just go back to it right I mean you get do-overs all the time but primarily stay in that type of eating program the native state get in the native zone and watch good things happen John Dee Hart your keto sensei thanks for being with me