LACJHS Student Town Hall Meeting August 20th, 2020

you’re good to go hello everybody um welcome to the student town hall meeting for the high school for law advocacy and community justice my name is miss conwell and i am the high school principal for those of you who have not met me today we’re going to walk you through what the school year will look like when you come back in september um so as you listen to the presentation today take some time to take the right jot down questions notes anything that you want to find out more information about and we will take some time at the end of this um presentation to go over that with you right now i’m going to introduce assistant principal miss muscalino and she’s going to walk you through the agenda you’re on mute miss muscalina hello everyone welcome to the high school for law advocacy and community justice to our new students and welcome back to the students who were with us last school year we are so happy to have all of you so um today’s meeting is going to be informational with the information we have as of today as you hear on the news the information is fluid it is changing but this is the information we have we have up to as of today and this is our opening plan so we will be going over what student accounts you need in terms of emails in terms of accessing coursework your grades your transcripts your schedules all of that we’re going to go over what hybrid learning is versus remote learning versus in-person learning we’re going to go over the schedule for the school year the bell schedule we’re going to go over the air um quality on the campus and then we’re going to be answering some questions that you have so i’m going to turn our presentation over to our tech coordinator edward moore uh hello everybody so uh welcome i’m the tech coordinator for our school i’m your go-to person whenever you have any technical issues related to your g suite account your people path anything uh maintained and managed by our school uh initially for this presentation uh we’re gonna just demonstrate some of the account activation that you’ll be uh having to do for some of your your accounts uh so i’ll be running through your lacjhs email account how to uh register your student doe account and then also how to activate your people path account when you have your account uh creation code for that to start off we’ll go with your lacj hs email account uh this is very simple and it gives you access to a whole host of uh productivity tools that we have here at our school this includes like google slides google docs google sheets uh also google me and when you start uh having teachers invite you also google classroom so i will just share my screen with you guys really quickly so that you can see how this looks so for any incoming students who have yet to activate their account um i’ll be sending out this little guide along with any other materials from our presentation today but essentially what you’ll do is you’ll go through here you’ll fill out the stuff either on a piece of paper it’s really quick and simple it’s just a guide on how to get your initial login credentials so uh the things you’ll need are your first name your last name and your student id number just those three things and you’re all set uh so the way this works is you’ll have an email that is a combination of all three of those things the first portion of your email will be your full first name without any spaces the next portion will be the first letter of your last name and then the last portion will be the last three digits of your student id number and here i have a little example showing what that would look like so for somebody named john samuel doe first name john samuel last name joe with student id of one two three four five six seven eight nine the first portion would be john samuel the first letter of their last name would be d and then the last three digits of their student id number is seven eight nine i know uh for students and parents uh they may not know what their student

id is and i could tell you that if you have any uh documents that ref reference a doe id those two numbers are exactly the same so if you have any documents like previous report cards from the department of education that have a doe id or student id that’s the exact same number that’s a unique number that stays with you throughout all your uh all your time here in the department of education school system uh so now that you have the first portion of your email address you’ll also append at to it and then your initial password will be your student id number so for john samuel here i’ll just log them in so you’ll go to you’ll put in your email and then you’ll put in your password which is your student id on your first login you’ll have to accept some terms of service and the privacy policy and then you’ll have to set a unique password okay so i’ll just do something very simple one two three hopefully that works perfect and then voila you’re in that’s all that that’s all there is to it um here is where you’ll get any correspondence from staff teachers uh even the administration when they need to reach out to you and send out broadcasts to students from here you can also access things like your google drive google classroom google docs sheets slides calendar mostly everything that’s available to you as a regular gmail user except with the advantage that you have unlimited storage space in your google drive and you’re connected to just about everybody so for example if you have to email mr bonilla later on in the year you can just type bonilla and he’ll pop up right there nice and simple so that’s your student email account next up you’ll also want to activate your pupil path account now pupil path you’ll need a little bit more information but for those incoming students who are new we’ll be sending out your account creation codes uh it’s very simple just go to you’ll click student register if you’re a first time user for school you’ll put in 03 m492 the details and everything that i’m walking through will be provided at the end of the presentation along with a video recording in case you have to come back and actually walk through along with me so you’ll need your student id which similar to your student email it’s exactly the same you also need your date of birth and a registration code which will be sent to your student email account once you have those things you’ll click register and you’re logged in quite simple with peoplepath you’ll be able to see uh your courses that you’re enrolled in for the upcoming school year after programming is complete that will be updated you’ll also be able to see any course assignments that you have and track any uh progress in your classes so when you have to turn in assignments you can come on people path and see what your grade was without having to email your uh teacher directly they’ll update it for you uh next up is your doe student account now your doe student account gives you access to some of the i don’t want to say premium but paid services which the doe gives to students for free so as a student all you have to do is uh come here to this webpage once again i’ll be posting the slides and all the presentation material for this and i’ll be sending it to you guys so that you can come afterwards and set up everything essentially you come here to this website and follow their steps it’s similar to scheduler you’ll need your osis number your student id number your birthday and that’s about it if you also have any trouble accessing your account they also have a video demonstration that’s about a minute long i recommend you watch it first and then go through the steps of activating your account just that you feel like you you know have an accustom

to it you know uh but other than that those are your three primary accounts that you’ll be needing for this upcoming school year and it’s very important that you go and activate those three accounts if you have any trouble with it uh as i send out the materials you can always reply back to me and i’ll be able to help you out with that and now we’ll go back to our presentation and miss musculino will be taking over from here uh i believe she has to unmute herself can you hear me now yes we can yep so there are three models of learning there’s the hybrid model there is remote learning and there’s a hundred percent in person learning to start this school year nobody is doing a hundred percent in person at our school students are either going to be doing hybrid learning or remote learning your parents would have had to opt into remote learning if you’re doing that remote learning means you’re going to be at home 100 percent of the time not in the building learning from home like how the spring was for the school year if you have selected the hybrid model you’re going to have some days at school and some days at home no matter if you’re in school or you’re at home you are going to follow the same schedule unlike the spring how when you learned online it may have been a different schedule whether you’re at home or in school you are going to follow the same schedule so the model we chose for hybrid learning is you’re gonna go to school for three days in a row then you’re gonna have some days off three days in a row three days off three days in a row three days off students will be divided into two groups you will either be assigned group a or group b how will you know which group you are it will be on your program when you get your program you will know if you are a group a student or a group b student group a you will go to school on group a days group b you will go to school on group b days and we will be sending out a calendar for the month of september which days are eight days which days are b days and go forward as the school year goes if we need it for october november december you will get a calendar but you only go to school on your day so 80 students go to school in 80s bd students go to school on b days when you are in school you will have live instruction by your teachers when you’re at home you will have online instruction by teachers and you will follow the same schedule whether you’re in school or whether you’re at home so when school starts and the first day of school is september 10 so ingrain that in your mind right now the first day of school is september 10th and we start at 8 30. whether you’re doing 100 at home or you’re doing the hybrid the first day of school of september 10th at 8 30 a.m okay as of right now your parents have chosen whether you’re hybrid or remote so if you’re not sure just ask your parent um if they opted out of the hybrid otherwise you’re hybrid okay when you are in school there are going to be um certain policies and procedures that we are going to have to follow and i’m going to skip around a little bit in the presentation okay when you are in school for learning wearing a mask is a non-negotiable all students must must must wear a mask at all times staff must wear a mask at all times everybody in the building must wear a mask at all times wearing a mask is a non-negotiable it’s not an argument it’s not a debate you have to wear a mask social distancing keeping your distance from others whether it’s your friends other students faculty staff

social distancing is a non-negotiable hand sanitizing is a non-negotiable getting your temperature checked non-negotiable the world has changed i know i’m saying there’s a lot of non-negotiables but this is to keep everybody safe and healthy we need everybody to follow these rules and these policies so like i said social distancing face coverings um hand washing temperature checks those are non-negotiables this year most of you will not be moving classrooms you will be in the same classroom and the teachers will go from class to class so you may be in room 462 all day and the teachers will come your english teacher will come before 62. your global teacher will come to 462 but you will not be moving classrooms we’re trying to limit movement of people in the building if you do have to go um to another classroom to the bathroom to come in the building if you’re in the hallways at any time there will be signs on the floors hallways are only one way right now so you can only move a certain way in a hallway there will be arrows the stairwells are one-way stairwells certain stairwells are for going up certain stairwells are for going down and this is to help with the social distancing in the building so those are some new things just like when you go to target or the supermarket um or any big stores how they have the arrows telling you which way to go the school building is going to be the same way and that is to keep everybody safe if you have to use the restrooms there will be social distancing they will be monitored so only one or two students depending on the size of the restroom or in the restrooms at a time in the classrooms it is limited also there will only be up to at the most 15 people including a teacher or staff in a classroom at a time so you won’t be like before where we had 15 to 25 students classes will be around 15 depending on the size of the room and what they were approved for in terms of the class schedule classes are still one hour long lunch will be at the end of the day and it will be a grab and go lunch so lunch will be at the end of the day for all students and it will be a grab and go lunch so school this year is different school is going to start at 8 30 a.m however you must be at the building at 8 o’clock to get temperature checks if needed and to come through scanning and to enter the building breakfast will also be offered from eight to eight thirty the class periods are one hour long same as before in our school we’ll run our classes and students are dismissed at between 1 30 to 1 30 you grab your lunch and you leave so the school day is a little bit shorter for students this year this is whether you are at home or whether you are at school this schedule so if you are if it’s a b day and you’re an a student you’re learning at home that day you will follow the schedule on the screen if you have global period 1 and 8 30 when you’re in school you will have global period 1 at 8 30 when you’re at home if you have english period 3 at 10 30 when you’re at school you will have english at 10 30 when you are at home if you are a student that is a hundred percent remote and you don’t come to the building at all you will be you will have a schedule and you will follow the times listed here if something changes to that we will let you know so moving forward um certain students most students are well actually certain students are hybrid and you’ll know who you are and it will stay on your schedule and it will designate with your 8 a or b day no matter what you are going to follow that same schedule 8 30 start time if you’re 100 remote you will follow

that schedule now um in terms of expectations what is expected when you are learning online when you’re in school attendance is taken by the bubble sheets and when you swipe your id card through the cast machine same as always when you’re in school on days when you are at home whether your remote learner or your day to learn at home how is your attendance taken it is taken two ways okay it is taken when you complete the attendance form daily and when you log into your classes and submit assignments so there that is how we take attendance when you’re at home number one you must complete the attendance form number two you must must must log into your classes that’s a non-negotiable when you’re at home and you must complete whatever assignments your teachers assign for that day that is how your attendance will be tracked so when you’re in school it’s when you swipe in through the cast machine and in your classrooms when you’re at home it’s evidence that you are participating so you completed the attendance form and that you are engaged in your classes that is how attendance will be taken now how do you know if our building is going to be shut down or if there is school if there’s not school you must all announcements are going to be posted from our school particular to lacj the high school for law on the school website which edward will um send you the links and through your lacj email accounts so every day you are expected to check your lacj email for important announcements from the administration okay um as of right now we are a hybrid model okay so you’re coming in a days b days or you’re 100 remote if your parents opted for that so now i’m gonna go into some more of the safety okay we are in a campus building with six other schools for those of you that know the building you know how it’s built for those of you who don’t because you’re incoming students our building does not have windows that open our building does not have a correctly working ha hva system hvac system a ventilation system okay right now we are working with the doe to get everything inspected however just to let you know and to put it out there and i think this is a discussion you need to have with your families we do not have windows to open for fresh air and the building has a very very poor ventilation and our air filters are not up to date that’s risky and i can’t make that decision for you but you still have time to opt for remote learning if you do not feel safe coming to the building because of these issues or because you hear things on the news then your parents and you can complete the forum online and opt for all remote learning to learn from home and edward will include that link as well so we just want to be honest and open with you all to say there is a concern about the air quality in the building has the building been inspected yes do we have the results no okay so i just want to make that clear for you all in terms of masks hand sanitizers that that that will hack but in terms of the air quality i can’t guarantee that the air quality is up to par so i just wanted to put that on the table and to be honest with all of you about what’s going on in the school building and all six schools are obviously dealing with the same issues as well so if your parents aren’t on this meetings i know it’s a student meeting please have this discussion with them and if you don’t feel comfortable coming to the building please opt for remote learning i would love to see you in person i miss you all i miss being there in person but health and safety does come first

all right so um now we’re going to get into some other um policies procedures and mr bonilla maybe you can join me with this okay thank you very much i’m so happy that everybody can join and be here in this meeting presentation called one back uh we are going to follow uh the same protocol that we was following when we was in a normal school day uh the student will be entering to a different entry even though we will enter everybody to the same student entry we divided and i believe three different entry uh every every school will have an entry assigned to you so uh you will be using the same protocol that you were using before you have to have your student id with you uh you’re gonna log in you’re gonna plug into the cast system and right there we will tell us if you belong in that day after school if not we are going to be sending you back home because you’re not supposed to be in school on that day so just keep in mind that if you forgot that on that day you are not supposed to be a scooper you come to school anyway um and you swap your id that will be sending a message right away to let us know that you don’t belong in that school day and we are we are going to get your permission to send you back home so just make sure that you follow all the protocol and be able to uh get information uh if there’s some pairing here that are um you know uh they uh we will have to send you back home but we need the permission slip sign and and the system we are going to help the parent together as soon as possible to so we can send the student um on if in case that they don’t belong in the school on that day thank you all right um so like mr bonilla said um we will be sending out information and this is why you need to check your lacj email and the school website we may use different entrances this year the different schools for entry and dismissal we will post all of that on the school web and it will be emailed to you so that’s why it’s so important that you check your lacj email because we want to enforce social distancing so we’re going to have scattered entries scattered dismissals with the other schools in our building like we said lunch will be grab and go if you are caring or someone in your family or anybody wants to visit the school see the guidance counselor or a teacher that must be done by appointment we are not seeing anybody without an appointment and that is so we can enforce social distancing and safety so there will be um links to a website called school bookings and that’s how families make appointments to see people like the guidance counselors or teachers or mr bonilla or myself if you are a hundred percent remote student and you need to see a guidance counselor or a teacher or one of us you also need to make an appointment no walk-ins to the building will be accepted everything will be done on an appointment basis if you come to school on the wrong day if you’re a b student you show up on an a day it happens it’s an accident we get it you will be sent home so just know that if you show up on the wrong day it’s not like oh i’ll just go to class today you will be sent home really everything that we are doing is to keep everybody safe and secure we are so happy to welcome those of you back that are coming back to the building we miss you and you can’t replace learning in person but like i said with the air quality and your own feeling comfortable health and safety comes first at different points during the school year and you can change your decision but it’s better if you do it now to have your consistency okay so if you’re starting at home it’s good to have that consistency if you’re starting with the hybrid to do it that way and like i said wearing a mask in school social distancing following the right

ways in the hall and following all the arrows those are non-negotiables and that’s to keep everybody safe and healthy the school building is being cleaned um and we we can’t wait to welcome you back in september and to have you with us thank you much linda i will also want to mention at the end of the day when you’ve been dismissed from the school uh remember you used to stay around and the teacher helping you and all in the hallways and going to this and going somewhere we this this september thing going to be completely different when you’ve been dismissed i mean that you’re going straight home you cannot stay anywhere in any classroom with any teacher when you’ve been dismayed you have to leave the building immediately you have to use the exit that have been dedicated just to go down and you must leave the promises as soon as possible uh school safety personnel will be enforcing that we will be out there too so you cannot stay in little group talking to my friend and waiting for my friend we encourage you to go straight home and to follow proper uh uh distance social distance while you um you know leaving the campus too so please like masculino mentioned this mix of time is made this mess you have to go straight home and just to add to that so between 132 will be like a rapid dismissal clubs and um extra help you can arrange to be a zoom with the teachers so those things will happen like they did in the spring but they will happen via zoom not in person right now not until we’re back full time right muscaline i also want to add that i also want to let students to know that between 2 o’clock and 2 20 every day teachers will have office hours if a student wants to meet with the student they will have with the teacher they will have to email the teacher in advance and they will be able to um be assigned a time slot to meet with the teacher between 2 and 2 20. the meeting can be either in person or it can be virtually and that’s something else that’s going to take place through school bookings because every teacher every day from two o’clock to 2 20 will have assigned office hours and the purpose for those office hours are to support those students who may be struggling with certain subjects or they’re cert struggling with something social emotionally but that would be the time for students to book those individual appointments with teachers it will only be a one-on-one meeting and will have to be arranged in advance miss conwell you want to speak to the seniors okay so um seniors this year most of our seniors as we have reviewed transcripts and looked at the requirements um i would say about 90 of our seniors on track to graduate um in june with that being said um we are looking at a model where if there are seniors who would like to graduate early and when i say early either we’re probably looking at after trimester two they will have to let their guidance counselor know because at this point where we’re scheduling seniors there is room for students to graduate come the end of trimester two most students have the credits that they need and if that’s the case and you decide to graduate early we can definitely make that happen but of course we also will need the permission of your parent but that’s something that will have to be um spoke about with the guidance counselor so we can look closely at your individual schedule most seniors will most likely need economics and participation in government of the main courses that they need to graduate some may need um gym or a few credits of art which we can absolutely make that happen by the end let’s say mid-march at the end of trimester too so for those students who are interested in graduating early and don’t want to stay through june um they just need to let us know and we can work on modifying their schedule now to make that happen and in front of the guiding counseling thank you mr well uh the student has gonna be able to schedule a meeting to our uh school booking two you’re gonna be meeting them one-on-one with the guy in council when you become you know 12th grader um and you will have those discussions like mr moore mentioned before and the decision if it does you’re going to want to do it you’re going to be leaving early that’s a conversation that you’re going to have on a one-on-one case conference meeting that you’re going to schedule with the guiding counselor coming september right but i can’t say that most seniors will have an earlier schedule than the grades 9 through 11 students most seniors will have one period short um as opposed to going through one through five they most likely will go one through four and any additional classes they will actually be doing online so that’s gonna be something different

um this year prior to what it was when we went into remote learning in march so that’s going to be something different as well any language credits that seniors need all language credits will be done online um all today credits for seniors will be done online um and right now it looks like most electives will be online as well um we’re not sure exactly which electives because we’re still working on the scheduling um but once we find out which we should know by the end of next week we will let seniors know and we will um forward your schedule to you if you are a senior that you receive a next credit uh uh great sorry um those work that you have uh to complete you must do those assignments before the 31st uh january 31st 2020 um so they wanted to get a full credit so remember if you are a senior that you see in your report card that you have a next grade you must complete to get that rate changed to a regular grade so we would like to thank everybody for joining our town hall meeting today and if you have any questions please type them in the chat box in the q a box and we will try our best to answer them i think that i’ve already have a few questions yeah so uh in case of a fire drill or an actual fire how are we going to evacuate properly okay so the the procedures and protocol for fire drills obviously will be quite different this year um we are still working those on those protocols with the doe um so that information we don’t have ready to share with you quite yet um but that is something that we’re very concerned about considering the social distancing rules that are in place um so we are still navigating that water right now trying to see what those drills would look like but i can say that um we will be utilizing all exits throughout the building so that we can disperse students as much as possible we also will be utilizing all staircases so this is something a little different what we’ve done in the past and in terms of how you will line up in along 65th and 66th that’s going to change slightly as well but that’s something that has to be worked out not only with um the building but also with nypd and with the doe so those protocols were still working through and as soon as we have them in place we’ll let you know next question edward next up we have are there preparations for senior pictures and graduation not as of yet that’s something that um for those of you um know mr heron will most likely still be our coordinator of student affairs um we have to work with the for photography company to see how that’s going to be handled last year we were fortunate enough to have the pictures taken prior to the pandemic so we have to work closely with the photography company to see what their um rules and regulations are around photography so that’s not something that we set the policy for the photography company sets the policy for that so once we determine what company we’re going to use and once all those specific bands are lifted by governor cuomo we can have a bigger conversation about what that’s going to look like next question is uh pertaining to sports will there be any sports throughout the year or anytime this year no right now all psal activities have been cancelled by the chancellor we have no uh information now in terms of when sports would begin again i can tell you most likely until there’s some type of vaccination in place they can ensure someone’s everyone’s safety sports will not be added back to the school next question is about the distribution of metro cards and student ids for incoming students uh what day or is their proposed time for students to pick those up uh well right now we are trying to assess how many uh student pictures we already have in place for those students who have uh pictures on file already we will be creating new id cards for the incoming ninth graders we will have to work that out in terms of when they come in day a or day b and most likely we will schedule so many students per day to come down one at a time to take their picture um so we can’t say definitely when it and when it will be completed because we don’t know exactly how many students will be 100 remote and how many students will be coming into the building um right now those numbers are changing every day so once we know exactly how many students will be in the building then we can set a schedule from when we can start taking pictures um in terms of metro cards they will most likely be bought two-year

classrooms so um at some period if we decide it’s period three um which is the attendance period that will probably be the period where we come to each classroom and bring the metro cards to you there’ll be no no one lining up at lunch or in the hallways to get metro cards the metro calls are definitely brought to the classrooms next question next question is will there be an amendment to the cell phone policy for the school we’re still working on the cell phone policy as of now i could not tell you what that’s going to look like we are working with not only with csa which is the uh administrators union but the teachers union as well as the doe and having different forms with parents around conversations about cell phones um once that’s determined we will let everyone know and we also have a question here uh when will uh school schedules of student schedules be posted when will they be notified about the upcoming school year schedule so by next friday which is august 28th you should be notified via email whether you’re on an a or b day schedule we are still waiting for the calendar from the doe to determine the days we have on with the days we have off and that will have a big part to play in what your schedule looks like most likely students will receive their actual schedule the first week in september sometime that first week but by next week you will know whether or not you’re a student or a b day student is that going to be posting skype tools for them to get access to the schedule from there too well what we hope to do is um email it to everyone or email at least a notice to say please go to schedule to check your um specific program um so that will probably happen like i said the first week of september but we will send an email by next friday saying if you’re a student or a b student next question ellis uh it appears that is about oh okay here we go uh what happens if someone tests positive in the school will school be shut down tomorrow you want to take that one with the sure it depends on the circumstance with the test positive it if um if it’s only one person then no if it’s two people in a specific class then that class may up that cohort may do learning from home it depends who the student is and who they’ve had contact with and that’s why the contact chasing they’re talking about is so important so it’s really going to be taken on this case by case basis if someone on the first floor on the sixth floor fourth floor wow um test positive they really have no connection to each other has to be two people that have a connection to each other and that’s why i said it’s so important to check your emails and the school website because that’s how you will know all right so we would like to thank everybody for joining our town hall today if there are changes of information major changes if there is um a lot of new information we have to tell you we will be doing another town hall if not please check the school website and your email your lacj email that’s how we will disseminate information my email and mr bonillas is at the end of the presentation and you will be emailed this presentation if you have any questions at all any concerns please feel free to email me and i will get back to you have a good afternoon everybody stay safe stay healthy and we we look forward to a successful school year thank you everybody so uh we really do appreciate you guys coming and uh as i said in the beginning this uh material from the live event along with the recording and uh any of other pertinent documents will be sent to you guys via email so look out for that should be coming shortly so thank you okay tomorrow can you stay on ambonia and