Learn Japanese with…FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE | Part 1 – Let the Journey Begin!

“Hello everyone and welcome to SGG TV, the YouTube channel of the Japanese language school “Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin” My name is Fabrizio, AKA “Fabi”, and i’m here with one of the teachers of our school SENSEI, please introduce yourself!” “Hello everyone, I am NAKAJIMA Nice to meet you.” “Nice to meet you too!” “It’s my first time playing video games!” “That’s right!” “First time playing games with my teacher.” “She was my previous teacher when I studied here, and now we are playing games together!” “Beautiful!” “So, I said we are going to play some games, but what is this exactly?” “So, we thought that playing games in Japanese, is a very good way to learn the language.” “So, right now we just want to have some fun, relax, in this difficult times.” And, pick up some Japanese along the way!” “What do you think? How is it SENSEI?” “I think that’s great” “Thank you very much!” “So Today’s game is…” N: “I’m nervous.” Final Fantasy VII Remake!” “SENSEI, you’ve never played video-games before, right?” “Never It’s the first time.” “First time…ever?” “Yes.” “And the first game will be Final Fantasy.” “Well, I played (Space) Invaders.” “(Space) Invaders?” “Awesome! But maybe you can’t learn much Japanese from that…! “Ok.” “Let’s begin, everyone!” “I’m nervous!” “New game.” “This…is fine.” “Oh, how about this, SENSEI? ĪJĪ?” “EASY pl…” ” ĪJĪ?” “EASY please!” “Let’s go with ĪJĪ! So we can progress story comfortably.” “Let’s go with ĪJĪ! “Ah, this is great.” “First…” “Is this 3D?” “3D?” “Isn’t this called 3D?” “This is really amazing.” “In Final Fantasy games, first, there is always a beautiful cut-scene that explains the story’s settings.” “MINA-SAN, how many of you have already played Final Fantasy VII Remake?” “What do you think of the game?” “It really looks like a movie!” “Yes, it does!” “So, at first a movie is shown and the story of Final Fantasy begins.” “By the way, I think you noticed reading the names, but this is a game made in Japan.” “Final Fantasy is a Japanese game.” “In Japan it’s really…It’s a very famous game in Japan.” “But the setting is not in Japan, right?” “It’s not Japan. It’s a fantasy world.” “A fantasy world…” “Exactly.” “MINA SAN, KAKŪ NO CHIIKI means “fantasy…” F: “How do you say that in English?” N: “How do you say that in English? Fantasy!” F: “Fantasy…” N: “Country!” F: “Country!” “Fantasy world.” “Another great uuh..” “The music…” “The music is stunning.” “You’ll understand when you hear it.” “This is a bit different from the game I thought.” “Yeah, it is a bit different from (Space) Invaders…” “She has beautiful eyes.” “Is this what they call an “avatar”?” “Is this an avatar?” “Yes…” “Isn’t it? The character? “It’s the game character.” “Correct.” “Many of you probably already know this is Aerith.” “In English she’s called Aerith, and we will found out how she’s called in Japanese.” “Rude!” “Pay some attention to the people nearby.” “Hey, hey!” “This is like “The Girl Selling Matches”.” “Do you know it? Andersen’s…” “Yes I do” “It’s like the beginning of “The Girl Selling Matches”

“I wonder how it’s called in English…” “The little girl who’s selling matches in one of the Andersen’s fables.” “I don’t know how it’s called in English, honestly.” “A very large city” “Ah, there’s a KANJI!” “SENSEI, what does that KANJI mean?” “It means ICHI (one).” “ICHI?” “It’s the same as ICHI” “It’s the difficult way of writing ICHI, one.” “If you write ICHI like this (一) and you add another line on top (二) you can change it to NI (two).” “This music affects me.” “SENSEI, you know “Remake”, right?” “The meaning of “Remake”.” “Yes, I know the meaning.” “This is a remake of Final Fantasy, so it’s the remake of the 23 years-old game.” “When this game first came out I was about five.” “Where you able to play it?” “Yes, on the PlayStation one.” “It was a game for the PlayStation one.” “And this is the remake for the PlayStation 4.” “After more than twenty years.” “So MINA-SAN did you play Final Fantasy VII, the original one?” “What do you think about it? Is it your favorite Final Fantasy?” “SENSEI, there are Final Fantasy from one to fifteen as of now “It’s like movies.” “And everyone is quarreling about which is the best one.” F: “Nobody can agree…” N: “What about you?” F: “…on which is the best one.” “Which one do you think is the best?” “Mmh…my favorite Final Fantasy is Final Fantasy VIII.” “Is it your favorite Final Fantasy too?” “Let me know in the comments why am I wrong. Why do you think Final Fantasy VIII is not he best one.” “SENSEI!” “It started!.” “KANJI?” “Did it start?” “You’ve never played games before. Would you try? “It’s the first time you hold a controller, right?” “Yes.” “OK! With this, you move the character.” “For now, that is enough. Move the character, please.” “Yes.” “Forward.” “Good.” “Ah! Watch out!” “Enemies all of a sudden!” “Am I that guy?” “It’s your turn SENSEI.” “Here’s the explanation.” “Please, read it!” “Cloud’s…Ah!” “Fight!” “With this, you will execute a sword attack If you hold the button, you will execute an AOE attack towards nearby enemies.” “Ok, and with this, “Options”, you go back.” “Wait a second…” “SENSEI, please defeat the enemies.” “Sword, attack… If you hold the button like this?…” “Ok, please defeat the enemies!” ”AH! I MADE IT! “Amazing!” “Wow…” “Ah, there’s another one!” “AAAAHH!” “Watch out, watch out, watch out! “Face the enemy…” “Ok!” “Attack!” “Good! Now it’s targeted…” “Wonderful! Level up” “Amazing!” “Ah, SENSEI, a Trophy out of the blue! “Ah, when you win you get a trophy!” “Finally, the student became the teacher of games, not Japanese…” “SENSEI, please…” “Haha, he came this way! He came this way!” “With this, you can move the camera.” “The camera?” “Yes, please try to move it…” “You turn the camera…?” (I gave up) “So, should i move to the next battle?” “Yes, please.” “Ok, here we are!” “Who’s there?” “What’s that?” “SENSEI, what does that mean?” “Please, don’t talk to me now…” “The teacher is too busy.” “Something came out.” “Yes.” “Ok, let’s go!” “Square.” “Oh!, SENSEI, amazing!

“…This one.” “Ah…!” “Use “Command”…” “Use “Command”…” “Ok, Ability” “Yeah…Ability?” “You can select with this.” “You confirm with Circle, and you cancel with X.” “Magic, Item, Ability!” “Choose one, please.” “BUREI…BUREI…”BUREIBĀ” (Braver) “You are a Japanese teacher!” “Sorry!” “BĀ…BĀSUTO…” “SURASSHU!” <...NI SHIMASU> “I choose BĀSUTO SURASSHU! (Burst Slash)” “Ok.” “Some of you guys may now: in Japanese when an English or foreign word is transliterated KATAKANA is used.” “Security Officer?” “Security Officer, please!” “Ah, he’s the Security Officer.” “Ah, I did it!” “Good! You defeated him!” “Eh?!” “I think there’s another one.” “But I didn’t do anything…” “Ah, the camera, the camera!” “AAH!” “Good!” “You can use Command again.!” “Amazing! Ah, another trophy!” “Amazing! I don’t really understand, though…” “That’s exciting!” “Ok, let’s set up the Menu” “Main Menu.” “It’s hot!” “So there are different things!” “Main Menu.” “So, this is strange! Even if it is in Japanese, this is all in English!” “That’s right! Why is that?” “I wonder why even if it is the Japanese version of the game, all this Menu stuff is in English.” “So they suppose that Japanese people can read English.” “SENSEI, do you understand all of this?” “Yes!” “Oh, you are really good at English!” “Japanese people can use KATAKANA, RŌMA-JI and KANJI. They’re all ok!” “Great!” “So, please teach us in what case you use KATAKANA, HIRAGANA and RŌMA-JI.” “KATAKANA is used for English words from America or Europe When Japanese people couldn’t write the alphabet, they listened to the pronunciation and wrote in KATAKANA.” “HIRAGANA can be used for words that don’t have KANJI.” “Yes.” “Also, you can use it together with KANJI” “What about RŌMA-JI?” “RŌMA-JI is used when you don’t know how to write in KATAKANA.” “I see.” “I understand. Thank you for the explanation.” “For example: the “-zio” in Fabrizio is really difficult.” “It is, right?” “I apologize.” “So, when my name has to be written in KATAKANA is really, really difficult.” “I had some bad experience when I had to call for the gas, the water…and make a contract with the company and they asked me “What is your name?” and every time I have to explain my name in KATAKANA and most of the time they do not understand.” “It’s really, really difficult!” “So sometimes, it’s just best, to say it in RŌMA-JI.” “It’s tough when you have to write it in the e-mails on your PC.” “Yes, it is.” “Let’s do our best!” “The game is proceeding well.” “Ah, this…you, SENSEI, have fun defeating people right? “Ok, so I’ll leave you the next one” “Ah, this is just walking.” “Exactly.” “This is a treasure chest.” “A treasure chest!” “And we can open it with triangle.” “This here, now…” “A potion!” “We got one.” “Potion! Is that a weapon?” “With potion, you can recover.” “Right now, you are controlling the character and moving forward, right?” “Correct.” “He doesn’t go anywhere by himself?” “Yes.” “Should we wait and see? If he goes anywhere…” “Oh, that’s right.” “It takes too much time.” “SHIN-RA box” “SHIN-RA is the name of a giant company. How should I explain…” like a ZAIBATSU (financial group) “This company is the main enemy of this game.” “Ah, it’s a company in the world of Final Fantasy?” “Yes.” “SHIN-RA” “SHIN-RA…has some difficult KANJI, hasn’t it? Do you know their meaning?” “The meaning? It’s “god”.”

“The first KANJI is KAMI” “Yes, god.” “And RA?” “RA…” “Does this KANJI have any meaning?” “Wait, let’s search it as homework. I’ll llok it up.” “Ok!” “I didn’t like that question.” (I did the homework) “That’s difficult! That KANJI is used in names like RASHŌMON…” “That’s right!” “How can I say…” “It’s a KANJI often used for religions, for temples, for name of gods and so on…” “Especially from…” “Buddhism?” “I think that’s correct.” “Let’s move forward!” “He’s cold!” “What is “Cloud”?” “Cloud is…” “A name?” “A name!” “It’s the name of the main character.” “It’s Cloud-san that we are controlling now.” “So, this is…” “MINA-SAN! For all of you who are already studying Japanese playing games in Japanese, or even with English subtitles is a very good exercise for listening.” “Exercise.” “And for all of you who are not yet studying Japanese reading HIRAGANA and KATAKANA could be a very good help to start learning Japanese.” “Ok!” “From here, please fight.” “I am Cloud, right?” “You are Cloud.” “And the more you progress, the more characters you can use.” “From here I fight?” “Yes!” “This…” “Is this ok?” “Yes, right now it’s ok.” “I don’t do anything now?” “Exactly. It’s from here. ICHI!” “The difficult way of writing “one”.” “Ok, please!” “Oh, good!” “On the right, it’s “lock on”!” “Correct!” “Ok” “Let’s try!” “AH! I’ve been shot! Lock on!” “Good!” “Once is enough! Ok!” “Eh? It’s…” “It’s better to do it in succession.” “Defeated!” “The dog! The dog is coming!” “AAAH! The dog is here! Back!” “Good!” “Oh, good!” N: “Good!” F: “Ah, you can use Command!” N: “The dog, the dog! Use Command?” “Ok” N: “I used Command!” F: “Choose Magic or Ability!” “What? Ok!” “Good!” “SENSEI, you’re so cool!” “Amazing!” “Cool!” “Here…here…it’s vibrating!” “Did you feel it?” “Ooh! Nice! He turned this way!” “This guy is so cool!” “Wait! Can we have him come closer?” “Is this your type?” “Kyaah! He’s too cool!” “He’s getting closer and closer.” “He’s getting close.” “A little bit more.” “Kyaah!” “Here he is!” “He’s sooo cool! Ok!” “Ok! Let me try moving the camera. Like this.” “You can do that at same time: camera and movement. Once you get accustomed…” “Yes!” “Ok!” “To the lift! ” “So, for example right now we have RIFUTO, which is “lift” in English…” “The camera is not moving!” “SENSEI, you still need to get used to it!” “Yeah, sorry!” “I’ll leave the battles to you!” “Eh? The camera went upwards! Why? “With this: up. down.” “Ah! Up, down? Also right…” “You can do this at the same time.” “At the same time…” “Ok! RIFUTO!” “Ah! Lift!”

“I’ll go up!” “Good!” “This is…” “The controller vibrations?” “It’s a good training for the mind!” “That’s right!” “A good exercise for your mind, using the fingers!” “Against Alzheimer’s…” “SENSEI, did you understand what we are trying to do? “Where we are heading…” “Up, up!” “Up.” “I don’t know what they are trying to do…” “We are infiltrating…” “Infiltrating?” “…into SHIN-RA company.” “They are coming! What should I do?” “You just need to fight!” “Let’s fight!” “Let’s FAITO!” “In succession! In succession! This is called a combo!” “Eh? Why why why?” “Should we try using Magic?” “Yes.” “Then, Command!” “Command?” “With Circle.” “Circle? Ah, Circle.” “Then, please select Magic.” “Oh my God!” “Here?” “Down, yes! Item, Magic.” “Magic…” “FAIA (Fire)!” “Fire!” “Huh?” “Ok, Circle!” “Circle.” “Let’s defeat the Guard Hound! With Fire! “What’s Guard Hound?” “Hound means dog, guard dog.” “You cast the Magic.” “MAHŌ means magic.” “Good!” “Wonderful!” “Amazing!” “Fantastic!” “Let’s move forward!” “Ah…” “It disappeared somewhere…Ah! Should I still go up?” “Right there.” “Move forward.” “I can’t…! I can’t get in! Go!” “Do your best!” “Wait! It’s here, right? I should move forward from here…” “Yes.” “Then, why is he going that way?” “I wonder why…” “Let’s try one more time like this” “Ok!” “AH~ Nice!” “Good!” “Congratulations!” “Up?” “Congratulations!” “The camera as well…” “The camera…” “That’s right!” “I see” “Good! “I think i got it…and then?” “I should go left, so…” “I should go left, so the camera…” “Ah! Oh yes!” “Yes!” “Ok.” “More enemies!” “Nice!” “TEKI means enemy” “Ah! Why he doesn’t die even if he’s hit?” “Right there…lower right there is HP.” “If HP becomes 0, you die…” “Aah! They’re hitting me hard! Oh, is that so?” “So, right now they got me good…” “Turn the camera…” “It’s about half.” “Ah, it hurts!” “Are you running away?” “I won’t run away!” “He’s there! Ouch!” “Aah! Ah! Ouch!” “It’s too close…” “That’s ok, that’s ok!” “What do I…” “You select with Circle.” “Circle…Circle…” “Defeated!” “Nice!” “Ah! So cool, so cool!” “Ok, let’s go! Go!” “SENSEI, is there any students now who looks like that?” “Nngh…Unfortunately…” “So, none of our students looks like Cloud, unfortunately for Nakajima SENSEI.” “Where should I go?” “This, you should hold Triangle” “So, where should I…” “Ok, pardon me…” “Sorry.” “I’m sweaty” “Well, for being the first time playing a video game, you are doing good, SENSEI!” “KOCCHI! What does KOCCHI mean?” “It means “Please come here”, “KOCCHI, KOCCHI”!” “Come here!” “MINA-SAN, when you have to ask something what does something mean in Japanese, you ask: DŌ IU IMI DESU KA?” “Ok?” N: “It’s really useful.” F: “So, if you want to ask anything to Nakajima SENSEI in the comments, please write: “SENSEI, DŌ IU IMI DESU KA?” “Yes. It’s a very useful expression.” “This is not the Japanese that you learn at school, right?”

“It’s…a manly Japanese.” “Eh? Japanese changes if you are a man or a woman?” “Yes, it changes.” “In which way?” “Are there any other types of Japanese?” “Right now this character said: ‘something something JA NĒ ZŌ!’ or ‘DARŌ!'” “That’s manly…” “Yes, it’s manly…” “So, that is a manly way to speak.” “But it’s not so polite, right?” “It’s not polite…” “So, don’t talk like that to your teachers, ok?” “It’s ok among male friends.” “Next one!” “Please! Defeat them!” “Run away!” “KOCCHI NO SERIFU DA!” “Eh? I can’t move yet!” “So, as we said before KOCCHI is ‘this way’ but it can also means ‘me’ , ‘mine’.! “‘KOCCHI NO SERIFU’ means, ‘That’s my line’.” “I’ll use Mode Change!” “Then, Mode Change: you change with Triangle and fight!” “Fight…” “Yes, please!” “Is here, right?” “Yes!” “You change…” “I change…” “Now you changed…” “Yes” “And then “Wow! There are so many tutorials.” “And then, you attack!” “To attack, is it Square?” “Yes!” “Square! Square! This?” “Yes that’s it.” “What’s this?” “The style of combat changed from before!” “This is amazing!” “Count down!” “Wonderful, SENSEI!” “Ah, he disappeared!” “Jessie-SAN! “This character, Cloud, is the protagonist, the character you are controlling Then we have this big guy, Barret.” ” Can I knock him down as well?” “Please, go on.” “EH?!” “Speak to him…” “Really? I have to defeat him?” “Isn’t he an ally?” “Please try pushing Triangle.” “This is the manly Japanese…” “SENSEI, what does ‘OTONASHIKU MATTOKE’ mean?” “It means: ‘Please wait quietly’.” “So, ‘Wait quietly’.” “How many times have you been told now?” “Ok, next…” “Why is he saying it so many times?” “Because you’re asking…” “SENSEI, let’s go to another character.” “This…is there anybody else? Ah! Jessie-SAN!” “Let’s talk to Jessie-SAN!” “Jessie-SAN…” “KOCCHI, again!” “KOCCHI KA?” “It means ‘me’, ‘mine’, right?” “Yes, this time it doesn’t mean a place, but ‘me’.” “It’s a bit confusing, but you’ll get the hang of it.” “I should go this way, right?” “Ah! There is a treasure chest!” “A treasure chest?” “Let’s try to open it. It’s on the left.” “It’s shining.” “You go near and Triangle.” “I see…” “What’s that?” “Wow!” “How do you read that?” “Phoenix…Ah! It disappeared!” “Phoenix’s tail?” “Was it SHIPPO (tail)?” “Yes.” “Tail’s…” “O” “Phoenix’s O (tail as well)” “It is ‘O’.” “Phoenix’s tail!” “For example, this is a case where both KATAKANA, for a foreign word: Phoenix and KANJI, the Japanese word for ‘tail’ are used. So, Phoenix’s Tail “FENIKKUSU NO O.” “Jessie-SAN!” “Jessie-SAN…” “Please, go a bit closer…” “SENSEI, you have called the elevator numerous times” “You should know, right?” “Yes. Do I press the elevator button?” “Yes, please press it.” “Ahh, you do like this!” “I see!” “Oh-oh!” “Is Jessie-SAN interested in Cloud-SAN?” “I’ m not controlling this, right?” “Right.” “I’m using so much strength!”

“Don’t break it, please!” “Tifa-CHAN.” “This is memory.” “The vibration…” “Is it vibrating?” “Yes.” “How rude, Barret!” “SHIN-RA” “Incredible…” ”That’s really fancy!” “This kind of building looks like it could be in Tokyo as well.” “Is this the company?” “It is the company!” “SHIN-RA Company.” “This…Below there are Japanese subtitles, but “Yeah.” are there English ones too?” “There are.” “So what is MAKO?” “SENSEI, do you know the real nature of MAKO?” “I don’t…” “This…” “This guy doesn’t have a hand?” “Yeah.” “There’s no hand.” “He doesn’t have the right hand.” “Instead, since it’s convenient, he changed it to a cannon!” ”Barret-SAN is very passionate, isn’t he?” “Maybe he’s Italian!” (Italian person) “HAHA!He must be!” “That’s amazing…” “Cloud-SAN rather than an ally of this bunch he’s been hired to do this mission.” “Cloud is an ex-SOLDIER.” F: “A SOLDIER is a…” N: “Soldier?” F: a soldier for SHIN-RA company.” “…He was.” “Soldier, how’s that in Japanese?” “It’s HEISHI!” “HEISHI.” “What does ‘soldier” mean?” “It means HEISHI.” “The people who fight in war, right?” “Correct” “Ok!” “Huh?” “Do we defeat them? Again?” “Can you defeat them?” “You are now able to use Barret-SAN!” “I can use Barret-SAN as well, with the machine-gun!” N: “Eh? Both as the same time…” F: “Yes, you can use them.” N: “…sure enough here’s ‘Blast’!” “Sure enough, let’s ‘Blast’ them!” “SENSEI, what does ‘BUPPANASU’…” “Ok! Blast them, please!” “BLAST! This one!” “That’s cool!” “Ah! But I am not aiming at all…” “That…Barret’s fighting style is a bit different.” “Eh? How do you do it?” “Ok, let’s Pause.” “Yes.” “Pause!” “This right here! You hold down Square.” “Yes. From a distance…” “Aaah, I see…” “NAGA-OSHI.” “What does NAGA-OSHI mean?” “It means holding down a button.” “Ok.” “SENSEI, you know, right?” “It isn’t pressing multiple times…” “Would you try?” “Like this?” “Hold down. With Options, you go back.” “Hold down, please.” “Ah! It’s a bit different…” “No, it’s fine.” “It doesn’t reach there.” “Let’s knock them down one by one.” “Ah, while looking this way I’m being…Ah!” “Go! Ah, they hit me!” “Blast!” “Are they defeated?” “One more…” “One!” “OK!” “Didn’t work?” “It’s ok. Please, go on!” “Ah! I’m hit!” “It’s ok! Barret has a lot of HP so…” “He’s fine.” “…he’s robust!” “If you press A (Triangle)…” “SENSEI you are already Blasting them. You can use it again!” “Blast them, please!” “Oh no…I’ll die like this…” “Triangle!” “Good!” “I defeated everyone!” “Good!”

“Did I defeat everyone, now?” “Yes!” “Ok, ‘Changing the controlled character’!” “This is a bit difficult.” “Please…” “With Right and Left you can select a different character.” “For example…Right now, please Blast them after that, you select Cloud wit this and defeat the remaining enemies!” “Is it ok?” “Yes.” “I Blast them with this…!” “Blast them!” “Then, with this…” “You became Cloud…” “Ok” “…so like before: Square, Square, Square!” “Good!” “Oh…astonishing!” “Neat, right?” “Wonderful, SENSEI!” “Ooh…that’s how it works!” “Wonderful, SENSEI!” “The first time…” “Ah, sorry! It’s sweaty!” “SENSEI, what does ASE mean?” “ASE is ASE…” (*imitates ASE) “Haha…that’s a great explanation!” “Hands…Sweat on your hands…” “Ah! To…” “SENSEI…” “To sweat from your hands “Ok! ‘ASE WO KAKU’! I’m sweating…” from my hands! I’m sweating.” “This is KAKU as well… (*imitates KAKU) but you also say ‘ASE WO KAKU.” “Ah! SENSEI, would you try this?” “Haa~” “You have to pass the lasers.” “If you get hit the game is over?” “Well…” “…you get hurt, but you don’t die right away…” “It’s more…” “It’s a bit dangerous so let’s save!” “‘SĒBU’ too, it is written in KATAKANA it’s the English word ‘Save’.” “How do you say ‘Save’ in Japanese?” ”Eh? TOTTE OKU? (Set aside)” “Oh, I see…” “It’s like KEEP…” Ah! Keep is English!” “Keep is English! N: ”HORYŪ? (Reserve)” F: “What about in case of files?” N: ”HORYŪ…HORYŪ…” F: “HORYŪ?” “HOZON? (Preserve)” “HOZON!” “I’m sorry…I don’t really know what the meaning of ‘Save’ in the game is…” “Ok!” “What happens when you save?” “When you save you preserve all you did up until now.” “So next…if we fail or if we restart the game next time we can start from this point that we saved.” “So in that case is HOZON!” “HOZON!” “Good! Chapter one!” “The laser…” “Ok!” “You do it next!” “Why did the laser disappear? Ah, you have to go when the laser disappear!” “Exactly!” “It’s like ‘Mission Impossible’!” “Great!” “Ah, I understand! Right there it shows where you have to go!” “Yes, it’s a map.” “What the…why didn’t you tell me sooner…” “…still, you need to go left…” “…more on the left?” “Turn the camera as well…” “The camera as well…” “Eh? Am I going back?” “No, you are not.” “Is this a different way?” “Yes.” “Now!” “Aaah!” “Wait a moment.” “SENSEI you’re slow.” “oh! OK!” “As expected from an ex-teacher… *imitates Jessie*…ah but you’re not an ex-teacher, right?” *realizes he failed* “I’m still a teacher.” ”You’re still a teacher.” “This is…” “You can break them by using the square button” “The SHIN-RA boxes” “Eh? Where? Ah! The SHIN-RA boxes!” “Yes.” “…on the right…” “Face right” “Push Square” “You can get lots of potions etc.” “What’s next?” “Next is there.” “Since we are going down check the arrow in the bottom.” “The arrow in the bottom…?” “Please!” ”Frustrating!” “Really!” “Why can you do that so easily?” “I’ve been playing games for about 20 years.” “This is a bit dangerous.” “Wow! It’s becoming like that!” “Ahia! It hurts!” “Do your best! When it disappears 100% you can go. ” “Ok! Now!” “Now! Now!” “Sorry!” “You’re slow, SENSEI……” “SENSEI is slow, slow, OSOI.” “Nice, Cloud ! “Nice, SENSEI!” “Ouch!” ”I tried to go through though…”

“Now! Good!” “Easy win, right?” “Yes, it is.” “Oh , there’s a box. Let’s go “The camera went down. Lets correct that.” “This person is in the way.” “Oh, Do i press triangle ?” “Yes.” “Oh, what happened?” “It’s a potion” “It’s a potion so you can restore your HP with it. Let’s use it” “The command here…” “Item” “This is the HP.” “It’s only half left now. It’s dangerous so we use the potion…” and recover.” “So if we do that, all the damages we took until now we can recover from it.” “Now this…” “Barett also recovered.” “This is…” “Look” “SENSEI do you want to try to scrap?” “It’s difficult.” “Ehhh!” “The hardest until now” “It won’t go as smoothly.” “Is it the square button for everything?” “Let’s go without hesitation!” “Use the square…” the triangle try to use the commands.” “Commands? How?” “It’s the circle button. When the ATB glows it can be used.” “Ok, Go SENSEI!” “Let’s defeat the sweeper” “Good!” “You can use the commands now.” “Ok.” “Let’s use the commands!” “Good!” “It heated!” “What is that, ‘heat’?” “It’s when you get great damages.” “Me?” “No, the enemy.” “So let’s use the command again in the same timing.” “How?” “Use the circle button.” “Not ‘tatakau’ but circle!” “Oh here right.” “Circle!” “Yes!” “Ability!” Let’s try the bottom one.” “I can’t go back?” “You can.” “I can’t.” “Eh?” “Ability.” “Oh you used it already. It’s ok.” “Ok, so…” “Press the X button, go back…” “Circle, circle circle!” “Circle!” “Ability!” “There’s no more ability.” “We used all the abilities!” “Try to use the square button to fight.” “Square…It’s in slow motion now what should i do?” “Press X” “BURST!” “It did Burst!” “Not armed so the damages-” “SENSEI your (english) accent is good!” “BURST! Cool!” “When in BURST mode, if you attack with ability, the ATB gauge becomes bigger.” “Yes! But we do not have abilities anymore.” LOL “So there is no more choice than to fight like that!” “Yes!” “Yeyyy!” “We gathered enough ability, please use it!” “No good!” ”Ability!” “YES!” “Braver!” “How do i go down?” “With this.” “BURST SLASH!” “Sweeper!” “Ok! Sweeper! What’s that?” “It’s the enemy’s name.” “Ah.” “Oh we used it already but we can use Barret’s.” “Let’s use Barret’s.” “Ok.” “So with that, you became Barett.” “Blast!” “Blast!” “Oooh!” “Yeeah!” “Once more!” “It’s not over yet.” “Great! We scrapped it!” “Yey!” “Congrats!” “This is a good stress relieve.” “Yes, it is.” “Is it fun? It’s dangerous! Swinging this huge sword around…” “I want to walk! I want to do it!” “Like this…let’s turn the camera to the back.” “If you press this it will automatically be in the back.” “If you press this.” “Which one?” “This one.” “Wait a moment.” “When you press that it goes in the back?” “When you press it, it goes in the back, yes.” “Why is it like that?” “Because it was programmed to be like that.” “Let’s go to Jessie!” “She’s waiting for us!” “Yes! Oh! He’s following! ” “Let’s go.” “Slow, slow, slow.” “You can run by pressing those.” “Both?”

“Yup.” “It is complicated.” “He’s walking… Oh? What’s that?” “Oh! It’s our destination.” “Yey!” “MAKO’s heart.” “I can’t use the controller right now?” “You can.” “The technology of these days is amazing, right.” “What is a movie scene, what is the actual game, we get confused, right!” “Eh? he’s backing now.” “It’s ok.” “Am i the one controlling him?” “Yes.” “Let’s move forward.” ”I got a bit better at playing.” “Yes, You’re doing good.” “What does it mean?” *ignores him* “OOOH!!! LOL!!” “Oh! But nice, you found a treasure chest.” “I found a treasure chest, yes.” “Phoenix’s tail.” “What is a Phoenix’s tail?” “It’s if your comrades…” “…are defeated they can be revived.” “Now the command is showing.” “The escort ends here.” “Oh my god.” “Triangle.” “What is that? Triangle?” “Are you hitting on her?” “Haha! Triangle!” “What is that triangle? Should i push it?” “Yes. If you press it, she will say it again.” “Eh?” “Oh so she will talk to me again?” “Yes.” “Let’s go down.” “Try to press that while going down to go faster” “Good!” “Enemy!” “Our teacher is improving a lot.” “I don’t even need to say anything. She’s already fighting enemies “Oh?” “It’s still there!” “Barret defeated it. Thank you.” “Thank you Barret.” “Back?” “Yes. You can see the map, right?” “Yes.” “It’s there.” “If you push this often…” “Ahhh!” “Ok!” “What did you do?” “If you push it, you can see from the back. It’s easier to see.” “Oh.” “Ok!” “Let’s go!” “We’re almost there.” “Almost up there, MAKOURO (Mako reactor).” ”Haha he is side-walking!” “Good ! Let’s continue in this mood!” “SENSEI, fight!” “Go!” “Ah! I got hit! What should i do? It hurts!” “Good ! That’s great SENSEI!” “Now you can do everything by yourself until the end.” “Get closer and press Triangle.” “Get closer and press Triangle.” “Triangle.” “Ether.” “There are a lot of items.” “Eh? This too-” “Let’s learn little by little.” “Ok.” “Wait, the command to go front.” “Wait a little bit.” “How do you call that?” “Stairs? ladder!.” “There’s a ladder.” “Ok!” “OK!” “Wooow! Amazing SENSEI!” “You understood this technique too!” “From the top…” “Ok!” “Ladder?” “You’re able to run now! Amazing!” “It’s our destination!” “Good. Check point.” “Nothing to do with SHIN-RA anymore.”

“He’s so passionate…As I though, he is Italian!” “Is he really italian? He’s not?” “You don’t hear the name ‘Barret’ in Italia.” “Ah.” “Wow he looks like a real human.” “I can feel the vibration.” “Ah! Phonix’s tail!” “Oh yeah maybe?” “But aren’t phoenix red?” “Oh, right.” “Those were black…what meaning can it have?” “Of course all of you who played this game 23 years ago know what it means.” “Which one is good SENSEI ?” “Eh?” The bomb’s timer. 20 minutes? 30 minutes?” “Of course 30 minutes…eh? Wait.” “If it explodes, it is a good thing, right?” “Exact.” “The company will brea-” “But we have to escape.” “We need to escape before that” “Waw…so…” “30 minutes.” “30 minutes? You’re slow, SENSEI !” “No good?” ”Please go on.” “20 minutes!” “We chose 20 minutes!” “Yes, circle!” “Circle!” “You have confidence, SENSEI ! ” *imitates Barret* “Oh?” “SENSEI, It’s the first boss.” “It doesn’t matter right now.” “He’s strong!” “Be careful.” “Ah !Eh ? But the command….” “You can’t use command now.” “We can’t run away at all.” “You can use X to to evade.” “Eh? I don’t know how to.” “Now you are.” “If you defeat that, you’re a gamer!” “Ouch !!!” “Dangerous!” “Depending on the enemy, you cannot guard.” “Let’s use Barret in this case.” “Change to Barret like this.” “Why can you do that now?” “You can do that anytime?” “Yes.” “Change to Barret?” “Yes.” “Go back and let’s blast with Barret.” “We change to Barret now?” “So we go back.” “Go back…..Barret!” “Let’s blast.” “Press triangle to blast!” “Good! It ??? ! Triangle! “Triangle” “Good! You can use the commands.” “Wait a moment. Barret is thunder he can use electricity. The enemy is a robot so let’s try it.” “Go back once magic!” “You have to chose it by yourself.” “Thunder. What is thunder?” “It’s thunder.” “Select it and press circle.” “Scorpion guard.” “These are difficult katakanas.” “Ok!” “A trophy, it’s great.” “They come out one after another.” “Ok!” “Let’s get closer.” “Ah? We get closer?” “You can use either character.” “Which?” “Whichever is fine.” “What?” “Which one is easier to use?” “This one?” “Wichever.” “I have no idea what I’m doing right now!” “Ok! Next!” “I’m Cloud now?” “Yes.” “I’m Cloud now!” “Let’s aim at the weak point.” “His weak point is his buttocks?” “Is this…are you moving the characters now?” “Yes.” “Barrier core. Barret too.” “Ok, Burst slash!” “Ouch!” “Blast!” “You’re using a lot of your fingers.” “Your fingers, a lot.” “Burst slash!” “It bursted.”

“What are those numbers? Numbers. 78?” “Damages.” “16…wow.” “So…” “We should aim for the places were the damages are big?” “Yes.” “Sometimes even if you aim with the same You can run away??? “Oh it broke.” “A little bit more.” “‘Tail laser’. This seems dangerous.” “Should we run away in that case?” “Hide.” “Wow this looks complicated.” “Are you controlling both characters at the same time?” “One.” “One then the other.” “You go down and up at that time?” “Yes.” “Limit break. This feels good.” “SENSEI, try it.” “But…It is….Eh?” “Ok?” “Triangle?” “You can use the commands.” “This is the limit break, let’s use it next.” “Command?” “Wait a little please.” “This is…oh???” “Let’s get closer quickly.” “Closer?” “Yes!” “Then command!” “Getting closer! Command!” “Yes!” “Limit! Wait! Limit!” “Limit ? limit ?….ok !” “Circle, ok!” “How do you say that?” *the limit’s name* “KYOGIRI?” “KYOGIRI?” “Yes.” “Guard scorpion.” “This person? Guard scorpion?” “Yes.” “Right foot?” “This is a ??? technique.” “Eh? But i don’t know? Oh? Great! Great! Great!” “Congrats!” “You used your limit ‘scorpion guard’ and defeated him!” “I didn’t use that square button now though.” “Yes. That’s limits. These are ??? techniques so it’s really powerful.” “I didn’t do anything though. I only pressed circle.” “Good.” “But it’s great!” “A little more to do, if you manage to run away…” “You don’t play?” “Not yet.” “If you suck at playing it, do you die here?” “Yes.” “Both of them?” “They die?” “If so you have to replay.” “You only have 20 minutes! Run!” “Ok!” “You run with this?” “Run SENSEI, Run!” “Ladder!” “Ok” “Eh?I can go this way?” “It’s kinda slow.” “It’s ok. It’s hard to do that, sensei!” “Left!” “Where? Which?” “Left!” “Camera is great, right.” “Ok!” “Eh? Now is that ok? Do i defeat it?” “Yes!” “Ah” I got hit! It’s far!” “The enemy’s far! It’s hard ToT “You’re in the way!” “You can feel the pressure now.” “You can just leave them.” “I can leave them?” “Yes.” “I want to.” “Let’s do that.” “Ouch!” “He’s guarding well!” “Why is that so?” “You are in a battle now.” “Oh because we’re in a battle.” “What?” “Maybe we can’t leave the enemies.” “Too bad! let’s defeat them!” “A little more “A little more!” “Yes.” “The yellow thing is the enemy’s life, the HP.” “Ok.” “Go Go Go!” “Why did i chose 20 minutes!” “Because SENSEI, you are confident!” *imitates Barret* “Ah! I did it? What?” “ABUNAI!” “Jessie-SAN! Left, left!” “Left?” “How am i managing to do that?” “Do your best, SENSEI!”

“Jessie-SAN!!!!” “We have to save her! Triangle?” “Good!” “Thank you, SENSEI.” “KOCCHI KOCCHI came out again!” “This expression is used a lot.” “In this instance, it doesn’t mean me, me.” “It means here, here.” “It’s no good to climb again!” “Oh yes, it’s there.” “Yes.” “Got it.” “Here.” “Yes.” “Here?” “Go SENSEI! Go!” “Here? Here?” “Yes.” “Go!” “OK, ok, ok!” “No good!” “It will take 20 minues…” “It takes time.” “Should we make a compilation of all the time SENSEI scratched herself here?” “There.” “There.” “Nice, Nice, Wow!” “Jessie-SAN!” “Do we open the treasure box?” “Hurry, hurry! Where? Why?” “Yes.” “Good job SENSEI.” “Ok! Good!” “Jessie-SAN is fast.” “Hurry, hurry.” “Shut up and climb!” *laughing at Cloud’s answer to Jessie`s hurry up.* “It’s long.” “Long.” “You will get tired arms.” “Where? Where are we?” “We have to defeat enemies again.” “No problem for me!” “No problem for me, for us.” “Something came.” “Right!” “You became stronger, SENSEI. Great! Amazing!” “Beautiful!” “Where do we go?” “Where are we going?” “Left.” “Left?” “Jessie’s direction.” “Yes, there.” “The door.” *concentrating on the game* “A little more!” “That guy came again!” “Scrap it again!” “HP and recovery. Oh? HP are low? “Oh that’s true. Let’s use the recovery command next.” “We recover with the command.” “Yes. Go back.” ”Command! Magic!” “Magic is this? Do we go back?” “Magic.” “Ah. We don’t have it.” “No!” “Too bad.” “We’ll die?” “Let’s use items.” “Ok! Item! Let’s use a potion.” “Potion is good?” “Yes, it recovers the HP of 350” “Please…” “Cloud.” “Barret…” “Barret’s HP are full.” “Barret will die? Ah, no it’s good?” “Let’s fight!” “Great! Great!” “Heat!” “We can use the command.” “What do we use?” “Ability, magic, such as Barret’s magic.” “MAGIC.” “We only have fire.” “Do you want to use thunder?” “Yes.” “Then it’s Barret.” “Like this. Can you see on the top?” R2, L2, this “Then magic. You became Barret now.” “So you change to Barret like that?” “Yes.” “Oh, really.” “Chose ‘thunder’ from magic.” “A litte more.” “Get closer a little bit.” “No you don’t need to.” “Is it ok?” “Yes you don’t have to when you use magic.” ” X? Do i press x?” “Circle!” “Circle!” “Ok!” “Go!” “Burst!” “Burst!” “Great!”

“Last one.” “You can use Cloud’s commands such as ‘braver’ too.” “Burst.” “Who am i controlling now?” “Cloud” “Oh, Cloud.” “Last effort!” “We defeated him!” “SENSEI you’re great.” “I’m not moving that person at all, is that ok?” “It’s ok.” “Let’s go!” “Let’s go!” “No more time!” “We only have 15 minutes.” “Go right.” “The stairs on the right.” “The stairs?” “Yes.” “Here, right?” “Exact.” “Another enemy came again.” “There are too much enemies.” “We set up a bomb so it’s no surprise.” “It is because we set it up. Where is the enemy, where is it? It’s gone.” “Right!Right!” “Right!” “The camera, you should use it.” “Camera?” “Yes.” “Ah! I got hit!” “Search with the camera…” ??? “You went too far.” “Barret-san defeated it for us.” “Where am I now?” “Do we go up that?” “It’s here, here.” “It’s totally different.” “Why do you know?” “Next.” “Can you go?” ??? Where should we go? “If you get a bit more used to it…” “There is the arrow.” “Where it it, the arrow?” “When you fight when the enemies do not appear on the screen, the arrow appears.” “Oh it’s there!” “Got blocked by a wolf.” “Up!” “What?Enemies again?” “Ouch!” “You’ll get hit!” “Ohlalalala” “SENSEI, brave mode!” “Use triangle for brave mode.” Yosh! Let’s fight! Attack!” “Do your best.” “This was Barret.” “Barret is-” “Why did he save me?” F *mental breakdown* “Try using Barret.” “Here.” “Blast!” “Triangle to use Blast!” “A little more! A little more! Great!” “Let’s move forward.” “Yes.” “Where?” “There!” “It’s fine, go there.” “Where are we going?” “There.” “Stairs.” “A little more.” “It’s the elevator.” “Elevator!” “It’s the elevator!” “Ah? Triangle!” “Get a bit closer please.” “A little more.” “Ah this is…Ah! We only have 4 minutes! Ah! No good!” “Is it fine this way?” “Yes.” “It’s ok because we could take the elevator now? No?” “How about that.” “They are observing them.” “They do it by themselves.” “They do it by themselves.” “They break it by themselves?” “This? It’s exploding?” “Ahhh! Wasn’t it no good?” “SENSEI, what does “isoge” means?” “It is the order form of “isoide kudasai”.” “Hurry! Hurry!” “Be careful when you use this expression.”

“Ah, but when it is an emergency, it is fine to use it.” “Isoge!” “Hurry up please!” “Exact.” “It is a not very polite way of saying please hurry up.” “But it can be used in times of emergency.” “Hurry! Where? Hurry!” “SENSEI, this is a handrail.” “Left?” “On the left.” “Left?” “Left, Yes” “Escape! Escape!” “Here!” “Jessie always falls.” “Don’t fall!” “Why…so…dirty…” “She said she did it on purpose.” “She did it on purpose.” “I’m not controlling anyone anymore right?” “Exact.” “Cool.” “He was embarassed.” “He was embarassed.” “It was cool right.” “Cool right! As expected of Cloud!” “Isn’t it suddenly becoming Japan?” “How about that.” “Wow, great explosion.” “Previously-” “‘MAKOURO’. The magic that is also the planet’s blood.” “My hands hurt” “Are you alright sensei?” “You’re not used to it.” ” Maybe it’s sore muscles.” “Sore muscles…” “Kanjis are hard right.” “They are.” “Ok, MINA-SAN! “Yes!” “So here we are…” “Last words for our first episode of this series.” “We hope you had fun. If you are interested in Japanese courses, you can have a look at our website.” “Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin.” “If you want to leave us a comment, let us know what kind of course, maybe, you would like to do with our school “If you want to see us play any games, if you already are part of our school and want to see…” “…some of our teachers play here with us, let us know in the comments below.” “Please subscribe.” “Yes.” “Leave a like.” “And we’ll see you next time with the 2nd part of FF7 with Nakajima sensei ???Thank you! “Likewise, thank you!” “Thank you for watching!” “Bye!”