Part 5: Walk along the canals of The Hague Down Town / City Centre

Hello, from now on you will see my walking along the canal’s of The Hague. From down town till city centre. It’s an long walk, but i have the energy and excellent condition for extreme long walk and cycling. This is Day 2 This is the view of The Hague Sky Line, city centre from the Trekvliet Bridge and near Binckhorstlaan. You have seen this bridge on my other movies, cycling from Delft to Leidschendam So lets start walk From now on you will see very nice and beautiful Flora and Fauna, 10 minutes from The Hague city centre On the leftside of Laakkade, an small bussy leaving street i will find this 3 m high teapot and big timber stair chair. Would you like an cup of (English) High Tea? Laakweg

From here is The Hague city centre only 10 min. walk Middle in the city centre /down town you have those kind of nature, parks, walk and cycling lanes, children play gardens and also nice graffiti apint on the walls of the livings Those kind of waterway’s / small rivers ar made by humans, but still it’s very nice to see and nice to walk along

(Be) careful for lots of Dog Shits, because this also playground for dogs Between the high and wild plants and flowers you can see lots of frogs, water birds, Swaens and other Laakweg Laakweg

The Yellow flat that you see, is my house. and front is the (old) New (under constructions) Petrochemie Dock / Laakhaven


Station Moerwijk About an couple of Years, there building here 70 m. High flats for livings and Business company’s . Sad!! Station Moerwijk Erasmusweg This nice and quitte walk / nature river is allmost 3 km long You are now in area Moerwijk Erasmusweg Young Swaens I am sorry i don’t have food for you Animals are like humans, The canal/river is zo long and big, they have somany place, and still they must fight for the best place Like those two black waterbirds This is still Erasmusweg and in area Moerwijk / The Hague down town

You may here cruising with yours electric boats or row This is Erasmusplein

Arround this traffic square, you find middle in it very nice of waterway with lots of wild plants, flowers and animals This is Moerweg / area Moerwijk Moerweg

From the start of my walk at the bridge Trevliet to the end of Erasmusweg and Moerweg, it’s about 3 hrs walk. But i have made the video till 45 min. short. i hope you like it and see direct after this video Part 6 Melisstokelaan And the other side again Moerweg, but now you see real Dutch livestile : living on an Waterhous. See Part 6