Strange Town – Episode 1

it’s like we chase your hand all the way down here the ghosts can’t escape now that this salt barrier completely surrounds the place but what about that spot well it’s not like the ghost can squeeze through that one little spot as long as most of the area is surrounded by the salt barrier we should be fine should be good hi let’s go Timmy do not cross that barrier no matter what happens and do not come in this barn it’s too dangerous also don’t damage the salt barrier or widen the gap seriously how do you mess up a cell barrier Patrick just start with me right now don’t take your mask up its filthy in here oh stop being such a wussy cake fine but just asking that you be professional oh you be professional Clive I know you’re in here that make me mad I need in this would that make you mad you out warden you up spirit reveal yourself oh we found out yet spirit show yourself Oh hey stay away from the area oh dude dude are you okay how’s my facebook fun you’re good hey dude this is good what you guys got the ghost he’s as good as dead again what’s in the bag uh well some powerful paranormal entities trying to attach themselves to an area via doe plasm south 75 bucks but you said 35 huh that was before the ghost decided to float over to hear ya so cough it up or this sucker goes right back to your house that’s almost all the money I have oh the world’s smallest violin fine take you shirt see ya bye bye tell your parents about us it pains me to see that the youth today is so gullible you have his brother as I client for Thursday right you know it like Simon Dukey Oh for us and half for mrs. beamis base we’re one step closer living the dream homie money doesn’t simply make ghosts up here we make more money we get our name out there then people start calling us Patrick and Clive supernaturalists so

technically yet it does you’re impossible fresh out of high school and straight into an unsuccessful career of lying smoke and mirrors look man I’ve got a good feeling about this I’m sure something will turn up in the meantime check out this cool thing I got Pat where did you get that at the drugstore for like twenty bucks that’s eighteen dollars above our budget you stop spending our money on pointless crap I did not spend our money on pointless crap right sorry Oh God check this out ready palm readings what what is it why did it why does it say that oh you’re gonna love this story all right so I met this girl right no she was all like can you like read my palm deny her dad went like this and I was like any girl you got some fine-looking palms right what is the moral of the story Patrick we do palm readings now are you joking relax man is just to rake in a few extra bucks until the real stuff starts happening I’m going to bed put some more fliers up tomorrow and don’t add anything else yeah yeah night dude no no are you just gonna stare at the ceiling for the third day in a row maybe all right what’s the problem you’ve been down ever since we moved we left the place where all my friends live that’s ridiculous Ophelia you don’t have any friend fries you don’t have any french fries look I know this move has been really tough on you but you’re just gonna have to trust me on this done week is the perfect time for us right now for you what’s so great about this place it’s rich in history and I can focus on my lectures on my studies maybe even write my next book Ophelia look small towns are great for developing new friendships it’s been proven maybe you could join like a right team or something you know make some friends I don’t know hey maybe you can even get a job I guess never since my hey hey hey you know you’re my favorite sister you’re still my favorite brother wait oh my gosh okay I think I might be late for my lecture so I gotta hurry all right it’s an overnight lecture okay so gonna be home alone be safe there’s money on the fridge okay for pizza or something and please please please please please do not call me during that lecture okay all right love ya bye love you too I’m gonna have a party and burn the house down yeah okay see ya I need friends should you get or should I you go and what if it’s mrs. Zimmerman again tell her we don’t want any of your church candy there’s cold as ice man hi we got a code weird and she’s really persistent about that candy what no no a new client no yeah we didn’t tamper with their house no isn’t some girl that you hit on no no get ready excuse me oh hi I’m oh um I’m looking for Wilson and charnock supernaturalists yeah that’s us I’m Patrick charnock i’m clive wilson and who might you be oh ok I am I am Ophelia castanos hi I like your office this actually isn’t our place of business this is my parents house ahq over there yeah that way now there are a few conditions first and foremost we need to know your source of income as that’s how half the price is ranged

second we need to go buy the place inspect it and come back at night as that’s what most haunts tend to show up third based on a scale from 1 to 10 of their spookiness is how we determined the other half of the price finally we have to know where you live as that’s you know we can’t go in thanks guys I just want a palm reading right yes Ricky so do that Clive get the toe this is your thing ok how are you feeling right now um I guess a little Molly yes I was sensing that definitely before you said I’m also sensing someone died in your lifetime wow you he really nailed it yeah it was um was my parents a few months ago they were in an accident it’s just uh it’s just me my brother Andy now we’ve been just traveling ever since it happened he keeps I’m trying to distract himself with work and research and I really well had talked to him about it but he just keeps acting like nothing happened he’s just shutting all of it out shutting me out that’ll be fifteen dollars oh and I if you ever have any trouble with the paranormal phenomena the ghost hunt is on us Oh seriously yeah great well on thank you guys huh sorry for your loss thank you um oh I’ll see you guys around hi bye guys wait my brother told me that I should try to make friends or join a team or get a job or something and and I was wondering do you guys need help with your ghost hunting stuff you don’t even have to pay me it I just need friends well Ophelia I’m sorry to say that of course you can join us as an unpaid member really My partner fails to realize is that thank you so much we don’t need another member on our team if I’m going to throttle you we don’t even have release forms nonsense i printed some out a few days ago what here I’ll go get him ivory need another jar yeah oh yeah get that notarized Oh is there a post office nearby you’re just walking straight that way and take your first right okay cool all right well uh I’ll grab back yeah don’t do thing without me goodbye hahaha goodbye seriously a new member are you kidding me you her she does have any friends we’re doing something nice yes but we’re complete lawyers I need help Thank how are you been standing there for and what did you hear nothing I care about this issue correct yeah that’s up i’m albert Lou test I have a ghost in my home I need help why don’t you sit down ok now mr. Lu test was it yes first and most importantly what is the source of your income with landlord now we’re there any deaths or murders in this house recently or in the past at some point I don’t think so that’s a yes or no question I don’t think so so what is the nature of your haunt I hear voices whispers that’s it yes sounds like a low level entity should be easy to get rid of what’s your address 33 Valhalla try okay we should be there at nine o’clock to investigate the place tonight yes so do you think Albert loot s is haunt is real but I certainly hope so hey guys Hey Oh fili is here forgot about you wow you

guys didn’t ditch me not that I don’t that’s like I have loads of friends in other places and missed one sweet yeah ha awesome hey we got our client for tonight you ready ten trick hey let me show you around the place this is our official meter for ghosts it measures their spookiness from a scale of one to ten spookiness you weren’t mainly at night so you’re gonna have to wear something how it is I’m not wearing that come on just humor no oh yes and I’m nature read all this guy’s books the man is a genius you guys read my brother’s books why wait Andrew Castellanos is your brother the best supernatural non fiction author ever I call Mandy but yeah it’s working dealing with the paranormal is amazing we here in town yeah he left this morning on lecture so awesome Oh what are we doing now oh yes right yeah I just meet us back here at eight o’clock tonight we’ll get ready and go to Albert Lou Tessa’s home now keep in mind mr. Lucas’s elevator doesn’t exactly go to the top floor what do you mean he’s slightly unhinged not as unhinged as this door used to be what the heck man there’s a new person you do not mention this she’s a she’s a new member to the crew hmm so what’s before the security all right so mr. Lu test a policy of wilson and charnock is that the client must wait outside of the haunted area for her safety say no more okay definitely got a strange vibe from him yeah he’s pretty weird dangerous man I’ve ever met all right so jobs Patrick yes sir chopstick ani Ophelia hmm yard duty what’s that get outside and guard the client what oh oh it sucks but you got to go whatever happens don’t be a hero give you something better next time bye see you later exchanged phone numbers have a nice conversation kind of feel mean doing that do you want her to find this out true so what’s the plan wait it out if it’s real we follow Andrew Castellanos his instructions right to the book and if it’s a bust Plan B so mr. letest is it correct got any hobbies with or without the involvement of knives without know hi what he’s a bust yeah new plan talk to the ghost for maybe 20 minutes make some noise upstairs your authenticity the battle works his way downstairs and we catch the ghost alright cool Patrick why don’t break anything this time yeah yeah whatever any particular music you like pig noises pig noises pig noises reveal yourself spirit what are those voices bag was that jackpot actual ghosts time to gather evidence how do you do that Conda noster oughtta s-series Hestia’s

see zeal what alone all right you’re at the beginning climb if the real goal Wow yo ghost storms yeah Oh Patrick I can’t do it you sniff what is this a foamer it took Bible Oh what I suppose it with this read from the book of Mark Matthew Mark Luke aches he that believes in his baptized shall be saved but he that believeth not shall be condemned they shall take up serpents and if they drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt them they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover yo which you seem kind of salty none of the other ones I shall attain we got your ghost you didn’t want to tell us you were forbidden knowledge enthusiast I was a forbidden knowledge enthusiast what’s forbidden knowledge some weird mojo stuff that this town was affiliated with don’t sue me what we can ASSU you how’s that gonna go down in court this guy has some sort of magical paper that raises witches from the dead give us his money wait you’re a landlord correct give us the cheapest place you got fine and four hundred dollars deal I can’t believe we faced off against an actual witch trust me neither can I gonna think this stuff happens to you guys all time Oh totally oh hey i owe you guys to the most exciting moment of my life you got something in mind you guys want to come to my brother’s private book reading on friday oh my gosh really it’s the most exciting moment of my life you guys are ghost hunters oh but it’s andrew flippin casiano i know right the excitement is reached you guys are dorks director Taylor is there here thank you for watching the first episode of strange town click right here if you want to watch episode 2 or the link in the description so strange town was suppose to be a five-episode web series but unfortunately we only film to the reason why we canceled the project was believe it or not it became too went to work and we have lives now let us know what you think about it criticize it please because we know it’s not as good as it could be just because we were pressed for time a lot and this is a warning absolute to of course is going to end on a big cliffhanger because we did not finish the show there’s your warning