Strange Town: "The Lovelorn Lady" – The Hotel Galvez & Spa – REAL STORIES – REAL EVIDENCE

We travel one-hour South East of Houston Texas and arrive here at Galveston Island where the apparition of an unwed bride is seen roaming throughout this grand and historical hotel Is this ghost bride waiting for her lover to return? In this classic Romeo and Juliet tale? On this episode of Strange Town we investigate the Hotel Galvez We hail from Austin Texas, the Live Music Capital of the world We are not scientist or scholars but two musicians with a passion for tracking down the paranormal My name is Mark Morrow, I am here to find answers to what I cannot explain My name is Billy Driver and I’ve experienced hauntings my entire life Welcome to Strange Town Long ago ships were easily destroyed in this area do to the islands rocky shoreline Because of this Galveston was once refered to as the “Island of Doom” But shipwrecks alone may not be the only reason this island developed such a nick name Long before the Europeans arrived the Karankawa Indians occuupied the Gulf region of Texas This includes where present day Galveston Island currently sits The Karankawa were a group of heavily tattooed and pierced cannablistic natives who terrorized the area They were known to eat the flesh of their captives to gain there power and strength In 1819 Jean Lafitte Galvestons notorious resident French pirate and privateer went to war with the natives after Lafittes men kidnapped a Karankawa woman at his compund, the Maison Rouge Aiming their canons at the Karankawa they killed most of the men in the tribe And forced them to leave the island for good During a Yellow Fever epidemic in 1853 approximately 60% of the 5,000 residents became sick and 523 people died This epidemic terrified the town where its victims experienced a fever with pains in the extremities and loins This progressed to vomiting blood clots, jaundice, and then ultimately death When a category 5 hurricane, labeled the 1900 Storm, swept through the island it killed an estimated 6,000 people in as little as 12 hours It is considered the deadliest storm in American history The amount of dead bodies was so great that the corpses had to be piled onto horse-drawn carts and disposed of at sea Inside the Galvez ghostly children are seen and heard playing and many believe they belong to the St.Mary’s Orphanage that once sat at the Hotel’s present location 90 orphans and 10 sisters parished that night Winds outside raged at 150mph and the water levels began to rise Sister Katherine tied a rope to 9 of the orphans and attempted to guide the children to higher ground The bodies of the orphans as well as Sister Katherine were later discovered still tied together and some speculate that the bodies were found where the Spa sits today This statue was erected as a memorial to every life that was lost Despite its morbid past, today Galveston island is the perfect getaway for some fun in the sun On top of that, it is one of the top tourist destinations in all of Texas Many people don’t realize however that Galveston Island is one of the most haunted locations in America

On June 10th of 1911 the Hotel Galvez was built as a symbol of resilience following the Great Storm A group of business men pooled there resources together and raised one-million dollars and named the hotel after Bernardo de Galvez, the famed Spanish Colonial Governor It is said that Bernardo de Galvez haunts the Hotel Galvez himself in the form of this painting We meet the Guest Ambassador to the Galvez Bobby Lee Hilton an employee of over 30 years who tells us about a recent encounter that a spa worker had with this particular painting she saw the skeleton in his face, one of our girls in the spa she said she looked at it and then she backed off and kept looking at it and backing off I said ‘Whats goin’ on?’ she called someone to see it and when she looked back it had disappeared Since the hotel’s initial opening, the Galvez has attracted an extensive list of celebrities and former Presidents naming their favorite rooms with plaques after them During the second World War the US Coast Guard occupied the hotel to protect our shores from enemy attack Shortly after the war ended the hotel was re-opened to the public And this, is where in history our love story begins In the mid-1950’s a woman named Audra was engaged to a Mariner whose ship would in and out of the port of Galveston Johnny Moreno is the head Concierge, he can tell us more about this story of true love His sailing boat went down and the Coast Guard actually came to Audra’s room and said Audra your husband’s ship it went down we assume all hands were lost on deck No no no she said, he is strong, he’s coming, he’s coming back we’re engaged he can’t just leave me like that it’s not gonna happen. So she waited and waited and that ship never did show she got so upset she hung herself up in there Inside the turret It was just a wedding never to happen We were granted special permission to enter the area where Audra took her own life An area that has been off-limits to the public for decades After crawling through the narrow hatchway we squeezed ourselves into the turret for an exclusive look And this is where she hung herself, right above my head That’s where she ended her life And as legend has it, her soul is just unrest because not too long after she took her life her husband came right back and found her In room 501 she is known as the Lovelorn Lady and she is known to appear standing here at the foot of this bed wearing a white gown Could this be Audra wearing her wedding dress and anxiously waiting for her wedding that will never occur Visitors to the hotel have even captured unknown orbs floating in the room Footsteps can be heard out in the hallway, even when no one is around Orbs are seen throughout the entire hotel Even uninvited apparitions have appeared sitting in vacant seats Dawn Cox the hotel telephone operator for over 25 years had one bizarre story that involves room number 409 As I was sitting there and talking to the night Auditor my phone wrong and I answered it, did my welcome, and there was no answer at all and then after that, I said if that’s okay I’m going to hang-up I didn’t know who it was so I hung up Well it happened three more times and I thought this is very strange and the security guard came in that was on duty that night and he asked what happened and I explained and he went and he came back in about 15 minutes and he said, this is very strange I said, what and he said I took my camera just in case he says I’ve got a picture and he showed it to me It was a renovated room, no furniture, no phone, the cords just coming out of the wall and there was nobody there and I turned to look at the time it was 6:35 and I hadn’t clocked in yet

but the funny thing was my phone wasn’t even turned on Bobby then brings us to the Music Hall and banquet kitchen area where he once saw a glass fly off of a table The only one to be honest with you that really shook me up was the glass flying off the table and nobodies around Plus a strange tale from a guest they saw and old ladies in Victorian dresses, sitting in a row in here with there fans like they are waiting for something an event or something to start but nothing was scheduled, nothing was to start it was dark oh and they come and tell you about that, but by the time you get here there is nothing here The women’s restroom does get claimed quite often it’s usually whenever there is big social events, weddings, gala’s, things like that and we get a lot of woman that go to the restroom and come back to the desk and ask us, there’s a lady crying in there so we let them know, we apologize, lets go check it out so of course there is never a person in there and then the guest is usually always still waiting there because they want to know an answer always and we go back and I apologize, there’s nobody there Guests feel uncomfortable where they just feel the pressure kinda drops, harder to breathe, things like that Before our investigation at the Galvez we decided to come over to the Maison Rouge where Jean Lafitte had the war against the Karankawa Indians back in the 1800’s We just wanted to come, see what it’s all about, and do a little investigation to see what we can pick up Our hopes of collecting evidence while on the notable battle ground were high Unfortunately seagulls were the only thing present at this compund We decided to head back to the Galvez Earlier in the night we placed two static night vision cameras in room 501 Billy place a ball on the corner of the bed and then upon vacating the room he shutoff the air conditioner This is to prevent any dust from circulating in the air or creating any drafts that could potentially move the ball Just moments after our initial setup we notice a strange light anomaly suddenly appear from the curtains and then quickly travel up to the static camera As we check camera 2 we notice no anomaly in the frame meaning that the orbs movement was behind the ball and more towards the head of the bed before then quickly moving up towards camera number 1 We find this not to be a dust particle or a bug Since dust commonly follows a pattern and a bug is easily identifiable on camera This leads us to believe that what we are seeing may be of paranormal origin We are currently in room 501 This is where Audra and her Fiance stayed when she was alive and they were living in Galveston, this is the room she stayed in And there’s reports of a woman appearing in front of the bed Dressed in a white gown A lot of the guest don’t really know that it’s her or who she is or if she’s still here waiting for her husband to return EMF Detectors measure electromagnetic energy which ghost are thought to emit Our initial EMF sweep comes up clean This is our usual flashlight method of communication you get just a regular flashlight, one that will twist on and off easily and the way you set it up is you twist the light to where it just barely wants to turn on when you touch it once you have it set you place the flashlight down on your surface We’d like for you if you can, to turn it on for us Once we know that you know how to use it we can use it to ask you ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions to find out more about you The flashlight I don’t know if you are used to it

whatever time you are from but it is not harmful During the flashlight experiment we capture this orb flying over my head Orbs are hovering translucent spheres of light thought to be one of the many forms a spirit can take Gonna try the Spirit Box here to see if we can communicate with anything in this room What this device does it scans the FM radio waves and in between the radiowaves it emits a white noise and supposedly a spirit can communicate through the white noise A Spirit Box sweeps across 320 FM frequencies at 10 radio stations per second You can see an orb fall into the Spirit Box right before the session begins Could this be the same anomaly that we caught earlier Were you an orphaned kid EVP’s or Electronic Voice Phenomenon are the sounds of disembodied voices captured by recording equipment How did you die Are you a male We caught both a male and a female voice coming from the Spirit Box Was this male an orphan who died from a sail boat as a result of the hurricane Is this female voice the orb that has appeared from the curtains Is she confirming her whereabouts? We are right now in the banquet kitchen we’re gonna walk throughout the investigation in this kitchen and in the Music Hall where Bobby told us that there have been reports of glasses flying off what shook me up was the glass flying off the table and nobodies around That was one experience that he said startled him the most and he’s been here for over 30 years Also people have been seeing ladies in dresses through the windows so we’re gonna go do our investigation and hopefully make a glass fly off the table There’s a lot of EMF spikes in this general area This whole area is full of energy and as anyone that does ghost investigating knows that these entities these spirits they feed off of energy anytime there’s room full of energy it gives them energy to manifest, to move objects to become a full bodied apparition so areas like this are a gold mine for ghost hunters We are here to speak with you we are not here to cause you any harm we are just here to communicate So if there’s anyone in this ballroom can you please make any sort of sound or noise We’ve heard that you like to throw glasses off the tables we have lots of glasses throughout this room that you can easily knock off if you like There is also jars of candy, paper, pens There are tons of thing for you to toss around this room As Billy continues asking questions in the Music Hall Is there anyone hiding back here I venture alone into the back kitchen but I may not have been as alone as I thought Anybody back here What was that I think I just heard a voice Extended exposure to high EMF levels can lead to serious health issues including headaches, hallucinations, tingling sensations, and numbness

Could these issues be a factor to the paranormal sitings in this section of the building I regroup with Billy in the Music Hall He sets up a REM Pod a device that emits its own EMF field around an antenna if the field is interrupted an alarm will sounf which is an indication that a paranormal entity may be in our pressence What did it sound like? Which doors? Is there a Sister Katherine down here Her body found all the kids tethered to her body The little girl with the red ball she has been spotted all over the hotel Is this the little girl, with the red ball confirming that Sister Katherine’s spirit is still here I’m currently in the Women’s bathroom where Audra has been seen appearing in the third stall people have reported seeing a woman weeping inside of here I’m going to setup a voice recorder and a flashlight inside the stall and I’m going to have a REM pod on the floor leading into the stall REM pod’s will only alarm when there is an energy within close enough proximity And it’s going off right now Was there a presence standing right beside me in stall #3 It was just going off by itself Before shutting off the lights I setup an additional camera to capture stall #1 & stall #2 While the original camera remained recording in stall #3 where the woman has been heard crying Could you please tell us something Can you let me know someway that you’re here At that exact moment this orb flies from the top left of the screen stops in mid-air and then returns to the stall Is this the entity responsible for what just happened I’m back That was impressive Sorry I ran out like that you scared me I know I asked you to do it but it still caught me off guard I apologize I asked if there was anyone in this room that could do something and I felt a very powerful cold pinch right at the base of my neck It was definitely not a bug or anything it was unlike anything I have ever felt before it was this tingly cold feeling What energies have been left lingering in this historic building Who still remains on the fifth floor and his heard walking throughout the hotel And who or what is seen sitting in the lobby Are these high EMF readings giving the spirits the energy they crave or are they causing people to become delusional Is there an orphaned child we perished during the Great Storm that is responsible for activity in the Music Hall and is heard crying in the ladies room Is it Sister Katherine weeping from the devastation that once occurred Does Audra still peer out the window and hopes of her husbands return Is this “The Lovelorn Lady” everybody is referring to

Whatever the case may be these spirits live and roam within these walls and they are not a threat to the living They remind us of the islands history and of their personal journeys through the tribulations of life We feel that this hotel holds a great amount of residual energy with a few intelligent spirits willing to make themselves known But what we do know as a fact is that the staff and guests treat the spirits with as much respect as if they were still with us today Until Next Time….. Happy Haunting