TO THE TOWN OF KHANHIWARA – Jungle Book ep. 46

wake up a new day is dawning this beauty and happiness everywhere jump up Destin is calling you and your friends have so much to share swinging the lock on this great adventure the spirit of nature will see you through there are lessons to learn about life at its mysteries lessons of love that are waiting for you look up this joy all around you nature is wondrous but beware the law of the jungle has a lesson but you can still saw the sky hold your head up high keep your courage inside ensure as the Sun and the stars up above you will discuss ever I must have called you a dozen times you didn’t even turn around sorry kiichi guess I was daydreaming come jump on my shoulder isn’t it wonderful that Lola had her Cubs today she and Sarah must be very happy they brought a new generation into the world of course raising Cubs is never easy but Lara and Sarah can count on each other they’ll share all the joys of family life and all the work oh yes there’s no doubt about that lalla and Sarah will have to work very hard raising their young but Parenthood also has its rewards why just link up gym Mira’s parents I’ll bet she brings them nothing but joy since she went to caddy wah I’ve missed her so of eikichi hey look it’s ginger ginger the rabbit wait we never finished our wrestling match ginger Jamia right your ankle it’s hurt mmm it’s only a little cut Mowgli you saved us it was nothing well come it’s time to go Jumeirah Jumeirah thank you for saving us dear

Mowgli I know that we’ll meet again see you soon Mowgli I’ll be thinking of you be careful no doubt about it the jungle is peaceful again you say that’s true big Europe perhaps balloon but I’m more inclined to think the jungles like a Broad River mm-hmm on the surface it seems perfectly still but under the surface the powerful current is eternally flowing that’s very poetic you really have a way with words Bagheera maybe it’s old age any animal can learn a few turns of phrase when he’s been around as long as you have what’s that Baloo are you insinuating that I’m no longer youthful why I’ll have you know that I haven’t even reached my prime yet hahahahah was joking Baloo Bagheera hmm Mowgli is gone I can’t find him anywhere don’t worry he always turns up kiichi but he and I were supposed to go hunting at dawn smugly never misses on this is serious yes I see what you mean hmm hmm Kenny whare as needed what a big town can you are a is how I ever find you me around her family among all these people so many colors many streams and wonderful things another beggar scat beggar boy before I call a constable get your fresh wing Pelletier sweet and

juicy wearable yeah watch where you’re going boy why they here you’re staying in Kenny whare for a while Rizwan it’s a Wilder town in Bombay huh now where have I seen that boy before long hair and bare feet of course that’s the jungle boy I tried to help build a Oh catch I’m sure about a fight jungle boy what is it Rizwan something wrong oh no on the contrary I just saw an opportunity to make us all a lot of money you remember that boy I told you about the one in the jungle hmm I just saw him walking down this very street if that boy can do half of the incredible things that full Deo said he could then he should fetch quite a handsome price from the circus Oh Mowgli is not back at where can you gone I don’t obey Kira but I’m worried Mowgli was acting a little strange before he disappeared Maki he seemed sad dad but I crew Mowgli had no reason to be sad he had everything he could have wanted hmm not everything mm-hmm huh one thing you still wanted to see Jumeirah how do you know that Gigi big fart normally disappeared he and I went for a little walk in the jungle I said wistfully now that Jumeirah lives in candy war I miss her finish the stage after I said that probably began to look glum he said I miss her too kg so that’s why he was sad you had to go and miss your mirror but Bagheera I was only making conversation and besides someone was bound to mention her sooner or later hmm you are Mowgli’s brother a crew you know him as well as anybody here does what do you think he did when he realized he missed Jumeirah that’s easy knowing mowgli he set out for candy whare to see her again I think you’re right at Crewe yes so do I well I sure hope he finds her he will he won’t rest till he does if you’re right Maki he’ll find Jumeirah and stay with her hmm hmm he will come back he will he must come back we love him you any war is such a big town I can search for days and never find Jumeirah oh well

I know you you are bull de oz friend yeah you recognize me do your jungle boy I mean young fellow Mowgli that is your name is it not hmm let me introduce myself this one the hunter at your service I won’t attack believe me I wouldn’t dare calm let go that knife and make friends with all Islam look at me my mana no need to be nervous Mowgli I want to be your friend I know what you’re thinking I was with full veil when he tried to hunt you down but I had no choice he ordered me to join the hunt and I had to do what he said or risk facing his vengeance but I’d never have shot at you believe me it’s not my style what do you want as I said to be friends with you you are an exceptional boy hmm I’m a stranger to Cannavaro same as you are Mowgli but I’m certainly no stranger to human ways I can help you there must be some reason why you’ve traveled all the way to Kanna whare if you’re looking for something let me help you find it on the other hand if you want to keep your reasons private that’s fine with me you still don’t trust me do you boy well I can’t say I blame you I don’t imagine I trust someone who once came up to me with a rifle but you’ll relent when you see the little package I picked up for you in town here it is this should change your opinion of me I’ll even open it for you hmm look at this food Mowgli why don’t you help yourself looks good take it mmm it’s tasty you’ll like it say better yet I’ll take you to the inn and stay and you can eat there yes a pleasant establishment of the heart of Cannavaro where a fellow can go eat hearty food but only hunters are allowed in and since you are a great and noble hunter Mowgli it’s only fitting you should eat there now come my young friend and let me tell you about the hunting exploits of my youth I’ll begin with the time I caught three alligators in a single afternoon you get out of here look dear I said what are you so upset about I’ll get for so long this time that only tries it out that’s it Mowgli dig in you must be hungry and this food enough here to fill your belly you’ll find food like this in any jungle young fellow you must be thirsty have a drink of water nice fresh water

this assistant little surprised he fell asleep with all the sleeping powder you put in his water is one I’m surprised he didn’t pass out sooner you’ll be sound asleep for hours and won’t Mowgli be shocked when he finally wakes up in a locked room what now is one are you still planning to sell him of course I am he’s no use to me he’s more savage than the wildest beasts of the jungle the only place for him is in a circus and that’s where I’ll sell him will people really pay their money to see this half-naked little waif yes they will when they hear he grew up in the jungle when they see the astonishing feats of strength and agility he can perform they’ll pay all they have to see him it was luck that I noticed him in the street but to capture him to cool nerves and cunning I brought it off without a hitch it’s true Rizwan you were clever to bait your trap with food the four hungry boy never stood a chance when we sell the boy or is when how are we going to divide up the cash I’ll take up you’ll to split the rest that doesn’t sound fair to me you’re right I deserve more for doing all the work we’ll settle for half his one good the boy hasn’t moved I hope you didn’t give him too much the powders potent but when it wears off we better be ready because this wild boy will be even Wilder when he discovers what’s happened to him you a child is learning in nature special way he’s begin to see all the beauty in this world today his eyes are gleaming at every sight and sound with years in no sense hearts but this world can be confusing and learning can be when Nestle’s that you often learn me dance beneath the stars so take a care of nature’s friend and they’ll take good care of you then we can bond together Oh