What's on the Menu – New China Pearl Dim Sum & Restaurant

welcome my friends we’re very excited today to be over at the new China pool which is on Mission Road right next to the wool the mall if you’ve driven by it a thousand times we got to come in and see what this place will clucking the inside it’s beautiful in here we’re very lucky to be with mr. Mike one owner and manager said so now how long you’ve been here I’ve been here I’ve been here ten years but I take over this phase ladies originally trying to approach and I never make a new channel feel how long you’ve been in this place I’ve been in this field I am in a bit of a long time like yeah 20 year 25 year start again very bottom start from the kitchen yeah this was up to the appetizer to code you know and then I weighed Fantas spot ending so you know everything how tell us a little bit about your interest in the menu now the menu in Chinese word for I don’t know a family I couldn’t read it you know so how do you help people out when they come in Chinese and English yeah some of the but you know somehow someday if you comes in first time whatever you know you don’t understand what it is you know we can explain to you we can tell you what it is you know as as far as we go you know what’s your favorite thing and my favorite thing is of course our Phoenix things a more authentic style you know which is good healthy and good for yourself good healthy healthy food so Kingdom is the best healthy food you know a Moses team you know still carry some fried stuff the answers everything right now there’s a lot of work that you’ve been in this business there’s been a lot of changes like in the food because now you have to worry about people with allergies and things like that right yeah but we in the kitchen we’re using all like a vegetable oil we don’t use no peanut oil on those kind of oil we’re using even cooking even a fryer fire later you know we’re using visible will obviously so you come in here you know don’t worry about this stuff you know we’re using you know not good for you so what’s the big shower what do people eat when they come right you wanna make sure you know everything and I get mostly giving some stuff you know everything you can see in here like we do like a authentic style like a fish lobsters noodles you know all kinda different stuff that’s great I look at look at this food is unbelievable is what is tonight yeah that’s a people love you know they come in every day every day he does every day for the exam we open like seven days a week we day from 11 to 10 in the weekend and holiday we open 10:00 to midnight you don’t get a big idea can you pay all you be retired ha you build you’ll be retired yeah I mean I get oh I get me time yeah my kid get out of college oh yeah all right all right Mike what are the hours of the new China part for people can come over here we want to make sure they know when to come and when the door is open and close I got a new hour we have Monday Tuesday Wednesday we open from 11 o’clock to ten o’clock at night then Thursday Friday we open from 11 until midnight and in Saturday we open from 10:00 to midnight Sunday from 10:00 to 10:00 so long with long wait the long hours now we have sure we have a website right we do have a website WWE product on new China pull up calm very good so now the menu must be undergone in the website we get we do we have the menu regular menu on the website we had a wedding party menu on the website we do all kind of like yeah the parties birthday party universe universe a party wedding party with aria alright so that’s pretty

interesting so now how about all this beautiful food here could be putting a box take it home of course you just call early did come on early we we preparing we pack it up everything for you and make it nicer you come in and pay for any beginner you know what time is play what are you bored is just okay this is a this is like Oh tiny is a style like that we call it the holiday okay a mooncake what I would sell for making here okay very special and then we call it August moon every August moon every year August moon China people buy us a Munich a and go home in Cali neither you know like it has a holiday or celebration for celebrations very nice what about some of this this is like a tofu with a shrimp paste tofu tofu in some shrimp paste you just like a tip file of there’s a tropical crop off okay it’s a crop problems in there some people call crop like some people call Cabo probably the variety here’s I’m blue when this is our last night – crying that’s a all like we call it a brunch dim sum brunch in authentic style like a Hong Kong style we brought out from Hong Kong and then we do over in the market this is a shrimp dumpling shrimp dumb name look at that this is a shrimp with the rice paste I know wrap up unbelievable mi nah nah nah you’ll be a bigot help it’s like you’re not just like me doesn’t a custom on it cuts the bun was a bread you know in there like a custard oh he can’t stop a small world yeah in this is a papa Q Akbar who is BBQ in a pork in a mixer with him that is a sticky rice with the lotus leaves wrapped so when you when you work too hard when you stand in the bottom at the bottom of the restaurant business we started washing dishes you go through the whole process what about the recipes the cooks they’re gonna know the recipes from the old country where it’s authentic it’s not something oh yeah all the clothes you know they know they know our like their home like preparing their own like a special sauce everything you prepare everything in the kitchen I mean if you’re a school you can go it’s not by experience while they look back Spencer also they learn from the you know the heads up you know the head self you know keep everyone by one in a coming down and they teacher like that they are certain levels the heads up second self enter self in appetizer in doing through the people to like the kids everybody he moves them up but they’re getting everybody walked certain time long enough you know heating is good and it just take him up what said never yeah not not all holding what she depends on how much experience they uh how good they are you know and then whatever the surface a hey you okay you know I take the fact I hate shots a big guy these various as a repo very important they get at me because you can go around to shoot ask everybody how their dinner is and they enjoyed it do you a new restaurant you can walk around talk to the people about how satisfied they are and he didn’t hit the big chef fries in the back gotta prepare at all a very important man he did something yeah we do it sometimes I did actually you’re a busy guy you know sometime you know I have to cook in the kitchen do you know I drilled I said to you have to stay experience well you know you might forget you go home your wife make you cook see michelada I did a cooking I did a bad ending I still do it about anything so you could do any job I didn’t do any job where I want we have a beautiful facility I think I’m very very impressed now what do you think that we might go out back and see the chef cooked I slept something we can go we can come in to see this epical anytime anyone right now right now yeah okay now let’s go right now okay all right Mike what do you think this guy’s gonna cook up Lars there’s several gotta cook some like a preparing a separate special for us Shane is a special lab says gingers

laughter ginger scallion and house young chef I rise and chapatti life wake up okay so right now right now he’s heating up to what I’m the heat up the oil to fry it the lobster first no that’s what we call something right several prepares everything with again they do all dispersed out again they ask us herself I’m the minister cooking for people coming in the restaurant the restaurant open now oh that’s Albin oh yeah you gotta cook all the food right now yes yes looks delicious oh yeah well be deceiving it finish the cocaine you know hope you come out very good nice you’re gonna eat it right now right now you know you have to you know you want to be long life but eat good food you know to all the stuff well write papers today they talk about food more and more you know they want everybody to eat healthy oh yeah they eat a lot of fruit a lot of vegetables eat some fish everyone yeah okay before you know you come a new China pro you know you would be good out there yeah all right foot foot we’ve got good service good foot you know so now the lobsters go back in with the scallions ah yeah okay it’ll make you take off from in Gears of experience yes how much of a little ladle out of there yeah all the ingredients and everything is she a railways where you don’t have to move to get everything ready from the morning every day get ready and then cook all the way all day long that’s one thing I learned one thing I left from watching all these kisses the presentation is the very important part of the job right but what doe team could put the line in just right so he wanted to make it look good oh yeah you eat with your eyes you know there you go I want to take one one more than rice he’s gonna clean that up now and then there’s ready for the next we’re ready for the next one darling and you have to be very clean up the walk everything you know before you can do it another way I really get cooked in a walk everything’s gonna work they’re specially that shot that’s what makes authentic yeah we how long it take you to learn how to do that like doing in China 20 years 20 years and a young Mouse so when you’re fresh all right we’re back with Mach 1 which just came from the kitchen so this guy’s is very hot down there huh there were a lot of talent to sit down and prepare this wonderful food give us an idea what we have right here which this

is a young child rice young cow run yung-chun highway young self real authentic style Chinese out like a white white white sauce on it and the peppers what you read the rent is a pork barbecue pork shrimp in ham lettuce colors very important is in tune yeah now what do we have over here that’s a triple delight this before I put the line okay all right I said come with beef scallop and shrimp baby corn I’m gonna get to it but with a baby corn straw mushroom in oh look Bradley Bradley very colorful a wonderful noise engine tree you can see the heat coming off with carrots so I got stuck with really nice and then this is a twin elapses which is with ginger scallion turn laughter with ginger scallion who loves actually it’s like very colorful too you know the sky and queen in red you know well I can’t wait to dive into that hunt as espresso fish anybody guys did we get a fork y’all right over there you gonna follow yeah so this is the most important part of the program I never will be eating you know nothing because okay how’s the rising does it take up that’s a healthy okay you did this every day you’ll be very healthy you can work for hundred years no problem no problem yeah keep you a little strong Lena hasty right is very good player yeah few piece a couple of pieces of chicken very good chick in the stream in m4 all right put this one over here now now we need a using the map set whatever yeah that’s a key your lobster now what a hallelujah yeah leave it over there okay the lobster boy yeah okay you shut down place your trap stopping it blocks the fridge you know don’t nobody else better already has the vanity what right all right now how do I get this out here how do you get out of here you’re using a fork you know take a meet up pick the me down yeah no first of all you don’t eat this one yeah you get that all right let’s get a drink peace meet again well I owe you to go you know you can take it that easy all right hey you needed using chopsticks you know yeah I want to try the chopsticks by that big that piece is too big for meeting your truck I drop it on the floor I’ll teach you you know that no color this so I mean up there you go I hope there’s enough of them so I can keep you give you a good nothing like fresh yeah many watch just fresh everything is delicious yeah I was gonna try all right yeah that’s up thick I just don’t know how to do this how you doing ah good how’s it laughs a taste x1 and sit up very good it’s hot right isn’t it very tasty on that good you’re not having any life too many if I get the love time you didn’t come down here you know lobster’s Chinese style authentic it’s a little different from a regular boil water has a lot of flavor to it oh this is like a favor you know boil lapses yeah you know whatever natural yeah right whatever Nasir it is you know it’s different from having like a beige stuff lobster bake stuff love this now not ask you it not easy no that’s the best you can get you know I forget what lime what am i doing right here Ginger’s ginger sky under the sky you understand this guy’s gonna stay there I didn’t have flow okay there you go this guy is good for you Ginger’s a good girl huh yeah you just cook well no keep your happy little spicy taste in right mmm we have another laughter you another piece laughter yeah another piece of love to know now it’s just a shame to give it a push on the show and lift up with the what’s on this area I’m in here I don’t

either buy the whole thing by there yeah why not hey you know it looks like I met for this wizard Hey perhaps a good very good unbelievable melt-in-your-mouth we try to get everybody coming enjoy I was special you know specialty food right yeah this is good to the life is very good now you try to trip up the line yep alright some mixed vegetables like a broccoli or if we got peppy-cola we have it Eric straw mushroom but that’s a scholar that’s your spouse tanah rata I love ya God and the scallop be in strength how was that how was it that’s unbelievable a tasty night doctor off to get a different car and a fright I mean I got fried cockpit just delicious Wow this is different right yeah my name cutting everybody love it is you come and try you’re gonna go we got ya you’re gonna come and try you’re gonna love it yeah you need to come in more nah yep yeah you will mushrooms mushrooms geometry yeah mushrooms to imagine a pea pod try the Schwab shrimp swimming also tasty when he’s cooking he just starts with one thing in the wok then he cooks that they keeps adding and adding and adding everything I think everything to absolve them to Dell Venue what years of experience tell them which one would want to put in first and go 20 and finish with something like a mushroom they would take one minute no they they do the they do the meat in they do the meat first they need to fry the foot the liver and then fry the meat a little bit yeah in a minute done you know and then they decoding the guts stir fry them meat and all the vegetable together and then so earlier you said that we use time we don’t use any peanut oil we don’t use it mean that people have you know we’re using all vegetable oil and then even the file I don’t know the people with people with allergies or anything don’t give these days well if the people without at you think that he can be can he the unit like peanut oil whatever oil we don’t use it as a way of these is it straight and it’s my way well brocco you talk what I’m seeing that everything Daisy so yeah you know now you know you know you taste the food you know you tell everybody you know comes it’s healthy food go tell everybody right now and then a triple the light supper tonight it’s delightful yeah so we’re here and this is a section with figure so move move and then let’s so if I was gonna come here so moving our combat mission road to 84 to 88 so you’d be right next to the room 1 to 80 mi familia and I think for people getting off the highway the highways were here we also delivered the other delivery to deliver delivery to you ha ha the delivery hour we do all woman’s Pat Lexington kind of Winchester peritoneum ready and women to vote your big circle of all coming scroll all the sugars the whole open we do those are gonna deliver our from 11:00 to 9:00 p.m. at night every day put the phone number phone number has a seven eight one night three two zero zero three one our fax number is seven eight one night we through all three four six I’m a very happy man you’re happy man it’s good very good very good that’s where you live whatever yeah happy you know why I’m trying to hurt yourself with him I’m trying that lives forever guys scallops peso good eye

these look delicious very enjoyable they come in four then they further you guys come in for the next foot you know you really enjoy yeah they were all good for you you know everything’s good for you all right no other location is and no you have a beautiful place here we know the food is wonderful name what do you want to add to that is very convenient of the highway you know easy go home is to get an na not difficult to find in advance you next to warm or to eat it is from wrong you could bring your girlfriend over and have a cocktail and have dinner you can bring your girlfriend you can’t bring your honeymoon bring anybody you might even bring your wife bring your wife your I being your friends we also have plenty of room here for printing room for any versa party birthday party and wedding party all kind of party we do we also do that a catering catering yeah if you wanna catering with no catering to those are catering very good games I’m catering you know everything’s idioms and we can supply you know if you wanna team some other way we can supply the dim sum for you as much as you can Mach 1 on a manager of the new Chinese China from Mission Road man thanks for inviting us you want you guys are good next time