City of Lone Tree Town Hall

Good eating laundry and thank you for joining our virtual town Hall. I may or Jackie Malay and joined with me this evening is our City Manager Seth Hoffman and our police chief Kirk Wilson over the course of the next hour we will discuss the city’s response to the coronavirus and respond. To questions. You might have about what the new but temporary normal will look like in our city I’m sorry Give me a second Oh well I’m sorry o ahead apologies, I’d like to note for the record. This is our first virtual town Hall and we are learning to use this technology as best we can I apologize if we’re if my comments were interrupted do we think that they did hear what I was saying OK wonderful. So I’m going to continue on from there but I’d like to remind everyone that this is a dynamic situation with new information and resources becoming available Hourly For the most thorough and up to date data I would direct you to the city website and the coronavirus page, which is regularly updated. But as of 7 P.M. this evening. This is what I can share there are currently 50 cases of kovid 19 in Douglas County with 9 identified with in lone Tree the virus has been identified in 29 of the 64 Colorado counties. We’re starting to see a weekly doubling of cases with with 591 cases identified in the state Which is significant we do have a message from Sky Ridge Hospital. We know, you are all very interested in concerned about what is being done within our local healthcare community and I would like to let, that the hospital is ospital is prepared they have the bed and capacity running 20 erecting. A tent in case it is needed patient care continues elective surgeries have been delayed not life critical

surgeries and visitors are currently not Allowed we all know that our health care system is being stressed by this virus, which is why we really are trying to do everything within our power to stop the spread of COVID-19 I along with senior staff have been in close contact with our state and federal legislators and with our local government partners we are in close communication with local state and federal health public officials and public safety as always is at. The center of our decision making and remains lone tree’s top priority The board of Tri County health is meeting tomorrow morning to evaluate the current public health guidance they’re giving us Doctor John Douglas executive director of Tri County health indicated on a call this afternoon that a mandatory stay at home. Order is being contemplated you may have heard on the news media that Denver has issued such an order and the neighboring County is also expected to follow the suit shortly if they have not already identified that Doctor Douglas signaled a desire to have the Metro region if not the entire state on the same page thus in Full disclosure and transparency with you. I want to let you know, I would not be shocked it and I think it is just a matter of time before a regional order is issued for now the city of Lone Tree is under a voluntary stay at home We want you we feel you are safer at home. We fill our community is safer and our first responders and health care workers are safer with us remaining at home That does do not go out and do central errands ds do not take care of loved ones do not get your prescriptions please feel free to start to eat and each curbside and pick up your food through low tree eats. But other than those essential errands or caring for loved ones we do think you are best staying at home and less you were exercising outdoors but maintaining the 6 foot distance social distancing requirement. What has the city been up to? In some ways everything has changed. And in other ways that want to reassure you that nothing has changed within the city we are as I mentioned earlier continuing to prioritize public safety our streets are being plowed were collecting garbage recycling or even processing development applications. And we’re conducting building inspections we are deploying other city resources differently RPD has enhanced our community policing presence or economic development efforts have focused on state and federal economic assistance And recovery for our small businesses an residents and our communication Department has been focused on pushing out our public health information changes in operations at the city and reinforcing the messaging about staying safe in home, I’d like our city. Manager set hop into actually give you some more specifics about what is happening within the city and I’m going to turn it to South right now thanks So thank you mirror. So I appreciate everybody joining us tonight We are working hard to make sure that we get as much communication out as possible. So I hope you’re taking advantage of all those channels will talk about those a little bit more later. I just wanted to let you all know that we’ve taken this seriously from very early on we gave our employees notice about the disease what to lookout for and how to protect themselves more than 7 weeks ago since that time. We’ve taken dozens of actions some large and some smaller to keep our community safe Lone Tree takes Emergency Management really seriously In fact last year we moved Emergency Management responsibilities to a Department head level at the same level as the chief of police and public works director. So during the past year. We’ve worked across the organization to ensure that we’ve had the most robust emergency operations and continuity of operations plan across all departments and with the city Council. Why would definitely did not predict this pandemic are careful planning is put us on solid footing with the support of the mayor and the council each of us in the city knows all of our city employees know what their roles. Are As a result of that preparation coordination city business is still moving forward Despite the temporary closure of our public to the public of our facilities or city staff continues to work safely investments in collaboration platforms are paying huge dividends. Now that many employees are unable to come to the office yet there still being able to continue the vital work of the city soon Chief Wilson’s going to tell you a little bit about what that means for the police Department but I think I’ll leave it there and pass it back to the man. Thank you said, I want to assure you all and let that we are, well prepared For this crisis we have an outstanding counsel and innovative entrepreneurial staff

that is dedicated to lessening the impacts of this virus on our business and residential community and now I really want to turn it over to you the folks with. Us this evening to hear your questions. I think you may have heard we did receive a number of questions already via email and you do not need to resend those questions. So SF is going to act as moderator For us this evening OK we’ve got some questions actually this is a good one, right off the bat will the Bluffs another hiking trails remain open during this time is time yes the loves and hiking trails are cted to remain open really we do need you to again adhere to the social distancing of 6 feet if you are if you come across someone that you are not living with up on any. Of our trails but we have every intention Keeping our park space open for people to get outside when they can exercise is an important part of all of our health and we want to encourage you to get outside as often as possible. But still practice the social distancing Um This question says I understand the stay at home request is there anything that the citizens of Lone Tree can do to help others within our city. I think one of the best things you can do is look at Lone Tree eats an d identify a local restaurant or that you can support I think it really will make a difference my family has had the opportunity to go. Out and get some take out from some of the restaurants in the area and they need us to continue to give them business. I think it’s the best thing you can do I also would Encourage you to take a look at the city website where need help give help opportunities exist and you can sign up with whatever particular talent, you may have to offer I would also encourage you to take this opportunity to reach out to someone who may live at home that lives within in your neighborhood or friend and they don’t even have to be in Lone Tree, I would say this is an important time for some folks who maybe isolated at this point Living by themselves for us to really reach out where we can and try and connect with them OK, thank you question is how will this affect the city’s tax revenues That is a great question. I think hopefully all of you are aware that the city has the lowest sales tax rate in the Front Range. We also do not tax groceries as many of our municipal partners do So this has significantly impacted revenue into our community. We know we are heavily dependent on sales tax revenues. So the city has always budgeted very conservatively council hasn’t been up Adopted policy for a emergency reserve funding for operating and capital costs and we are continuing to o evaluate our budget as we speak and d we will always be looking for ways where we can reduce expenses within the city, but again, I’m going to go back to the Lone Tree eats the more you can send you today carryout it within the city that. Does provide not only revenue for the businesses in our community, but it does provide sales tax revenue To the city. I think it’s important to know that sales tax revenue is really passed through revenue with the city is not taxing our business is it is taxes that we pay we the citizens or folks who shop and dying within. The city pay it is not a tax on our businesses and the city does not have property tax which again, limits our revenues Thank you, this is a question. We got earlier that says nationwide were being requested to refrain from congregating with groups of 10 or more yesterday. I walked past our Lone Tree rec center and there were at least 20 young adults playing basketball together If only few of them contracted the coronavirus they would affect the entire city look in the city do to prevent this from happening, and we have Chief Wilson on the line as well. If needed, well, obviously want to hear from chief awesome. But first I would like to make a plea to us to manage our households This is a very, very serious pandemic. We cannot be in close proximity to anyone that does not live within our household, I would encourage all of us to be good stewards of each other in each other’s health and recognize that you simply cannot participate in activities. Like pickup basketball volleyball in the parks any of those things that bring you in close proximity to another person that you are not sharing a residence with Are dangerous to you and they are dangerous to

this community and we would ask you to refrain from doing that Chief Wilson. Do you want to add to that? Hi, good evening everybody absolutely. I think again, I would agree with the mayor make sure that warum explaining the situation to our kids and our teenage folks and make sure they understand that it also effects them and then I think if you see it report. It and call the police Department and we will have officers go over and contact those folks make sure they are aware of the public health orders and we’re really just trying to see compliance and educate Ng The public, I think really we need to be patient with each other. But at the same time vigilant and what we’re seeing out there and making sure that we’re all staying safe Great, thank you chief Gotta question about will Park Meadows mall stay open? As of today Park Meadows Mall is remaining open, I think we all recognize there are a number of businesses that have made the decision to close their doors for the time being the food court in Park Meadows is participating in. The take out carry out food dining options and but again, even within the mall we are requesting that you adhere to the social distancing guidelines And really limit your exposure in contact to others in the community OK got Lots of a couple more questions for those of us with the option, what are the most impactful ways? We can volunteer our time First and foremost, I would think it really to try and identify folks in the community who maybe isolated reach out to them let them know that you were there and can support them if you know anyone who is ill or. Not feeling, well who is homebound see if you can help deliver groceries medicines a card on their oorstep something that’s going to make them smile there will be a blood drive that we are coordinating if you are able to donate blood od that is an extremely valuable thing right now they’re concerned about running Low on blood I also think it’s s important again to go support your local businesses when you can I think being kind patient friendly out willing to share a friendly wave and smile to any of our first responders, I think we would love. To see that happen. I think you will see other opportunities to volunteer in the community that are being identified as we speak And again return to the city of laundries coronavirus Website to Take a look at what those voluntary volunteer opportunities are going to be we continue to add things to those daily as more information comes in to us we are working with our living, well at aging group to identify any folks. In the community who may need a little bit assistance of assistance and we certainly will be able to share that information again through the city website Great Chief always, so tomorrow we’re going to be sending out come from the city and from the police Department I request for citizens of Lone Tree to identify a residence that might be a need or either be there either aging. Population. They have special needs and to send us those names and contact information. So we can reach out to make sure they’re doing OK we’re also going to be asking for folks who might be interested in forming neighborhood watch groups or business watch groups. So we can better just help coordinate with each other and making sure that we’re Looking out for each other over this next few months. So please be looking for that it’s either, it’s going to come out on next door it’ll be on our website, it’ll be on, I believe Facebook. So just be looking for that it should come out tomorrow And Lastly, I would add on our city website will give this link out at the end we have a page dedicated to give help or get help where people can look for ideas of how to get give help or also. Too Or if help is needed we can help coordinate those resources as well. So lots of different avenues as you’ve heard too To give or to get help if you need it. This is probably more of a public health question. But I wanna make sure everyone feels heard I know several people have already been sick in the past month and may have already recovered from the virus will there be a way to test for communities. So that these people go out to help. So I never want to speak for Doctor Douglas at Tri County health but he did share with us today on the most recent call that we really still have our very limited access to testing So at this point, I think it

is unlikely that we’ll be able to go back and test to see if you did have the virus although, I know most of us would love to have to know the answer to. That question I think right now they really are restricting testing even to people who are symptomatic to first responders and two To a health workers and I think even they are struggling to get tested right now it really is extremely unfortunate, but we are not prepared to test everyone that we would likely want to test A similar question, probably a health question as well from Someone that says I’m if I’m directed by my PCP assume primary care provider to get the virus test where do I need to go and I’m happy to take this one absolutely step. So if you are directed by your physician they will give you direction on where to go to get tested. So that’s not something that you need to worry about in advance All right, what about playing tennis at Lone Tree golf and tennis? Again, that to me, you can These social distancing from a tennis partner player. I am not a health expert by any stretch of the imagination, but it was identified as one of the things that would probably likely be able to still occur again. I would be bringing hand sanitizer to that tennis court, I would be maintaining the social distancing with anybody that you come into contact on that tennis court, I would be using wipes if you touch the handle to access the chords. and I think you need to exercise good judgment And anything that you choose to do but tennis was identified as something that you can maintain that social distancing again, I am not a health expert and I think you need to follow your own advice and kids you need. To listen to your parents on this one too Right Hum This is a question that says Kaiser constructed iakovidou ID 19 test 10th on the East side of heritage Hills and just behind the wall I’m concerned there’s not enough sufficient amount of standoff distance from homes should an accident happen when. I was in the military according of 500 feet was normally required does the city have any concerned about this are you keeping an eye on what they’re dealing The city has been in close contact with Kaiser and Try County Health and Douglas County emergency to make sure that we are adhering to any and all guidelines regulations safety associated with the construction of that tent. I have been assured that there is no health risk to neighbors increased health risk to neighbors associated with the tent Great Um What decisions we talked about this a little bit at the beginning what decisions has the city taken to prepare for this pandemic are there other decisions pending Well, I again want to assure you that this city actually has done an excellent job with our Emergency Management planning we could not have envisioned the this pandemic but we do have a continuity of operations plan that was adopted and. Put into place this fall we have got resources in house and extremely talented group of individuals But really prepared the city staff to work remotely very cohesively There are meetings that occur every morning with the executive team but work daily work of the city is happening it may not be happening within City Hall as it used to but it is happening and I’m going to actually. Ask our city manager setup and to contribute more to the answer of this question set. So we have been working really hard, and we’re actually changing As part of our plan we’re changing some of the roles of some of our city staff. And so we’ve got really talented staff at the Art Center. We’ve got really talented staff all across s the city an won’t be as part of our plan we have asked all of them too To change roles a little bit we’re working harder on communication harder on restaurant outreach than we have in the past and d so we’ve identified some folks to help us with that In addition, I’m going to let Kirk Chief Wilson here talk a little bit about the work that he’s done to prepare and how they’re making sure. That their officers are out in the community Thanks have So I think the one thing I’d like to share

is that well before, this became me a pandemic in the U, S, you know we were already preparing not only with the city, but the Police Department preparing. Plans for the different scenarios that could possibly play out we were investigating what Types of personal protective equipment, we were going to need for officers and what different kind of procedures we would need to put into place to make sure our officers stay healthy. So that we can provide emergency services throughout this entire event and then, of course, you know, the event then developed in the U S and Fortunately we already had some lans prepared and were able to implement we already we already had. Supplies of Personal protective gear and why that’s really important is so that we don’t lose a majority of our Police Department as they get exposed to the virus So we’ve done it really A good job of mitigating those exposures. And we’ve been able to deploy with really good staffing during this entire event or coordinating with other police agencies and fire departments in our response to medical calls in our response to different types of events that we’re anticipating. Within the community we’re also working on developing a network of business partners that are are essential services located in Lone Tree. So We’re talking about our medical facilities are supermarkets hardware stores and other locations that are still going to remain open and d so we were making sure really liaison in with them and they’re getting all the police support that they could possibly need and then again, as I said earlier we are going to try to continue to work on neighborhood. Watch groups and really try to have a strong presence in our neighborhoods Thanks chief This is a good question. Azarmehr how would you rate the city’s response so far how would you rate, lonetree citizens response, so far. So I think Seth likes this question ’cause he knows I think that Lone Tree staff is doing an unbelievable job, we are. So fortunate to have the team that we have assembled here we are also blessed to have a council that is dedicated into with the community and given the uncertainty that we are all facing, I could not Ask for a better group of individuals to be partnering with to address this crisis, I think the city of Lone Tree has always strives to be the best, I think we always look to achieve beyond what would be expected from. From the average. And so in that case, I think we are striving to do our very best to be as responsive as we can be to the residence sidence the businesses and the people that visit our community Other piece of that is we always want to do more we always want to do better. We always want to work harder. and I think we will continue to look for opportunities to again lessen the impact of this in our community and what I would ask laundry residents to do is is again first and foremost practice good social distancing you will. Continually hear that for me because it gives the best thing that we as individuals can do to make a difference. We must flatten the curve the rate Of people being infected is growing it is growing more steeply as I indicated earlier the rates have now doubled within the state on a weekly basis that is not the direction that we want to be going and what we can. Do better is adhere to the social distancing I hate to sound like a broken record but that is what you can do to protect yourselves and protect your community to protect our healthcare workers so So in general, I think people are trying to do the right thing, I think with more information about the spread in the asymptomatic spread of the disease We now understand we have to maintain that social distance from each other. And if that’s the one area we can improve on I I think everyone dedicated to that can make a difference I think somewhat related question, and est answered by Tri County but where are we in the Cove at 19 pandemic cycle in lone Tree. I think Lone Tree is too small a segment of the population to really answer that what I will tell you is that Doctor Douglas again shared with us that we are not adequately testing within the state of Colorado. So it is very, very difficult to determine that we are also two weeks behind n data because of the asymptomatic transmission So people who are infected are walking around 4 5 2 7 up to 10

days before they recognize their sick and before they take action. So regardless of any of that what we know for sure is that if we maintain social distance and good hygiene we can make difference. And that’s really what I’m going to encourage us all to do Thank you This is a good bit challenging question. Can you explain the differences in the roles of the city of lone Tree Tri County Health Department an state health Department have in responding to the coronavirus pandemic, well, I want to first let, you know that Tri County health hope holding their own townhall virtual Town Hall and I believe l and I believe it’s March twenty fourth and we will make sure that information on the date and time of that it th is being pushed out on all of our social media platforms And the city website what I can share with you is that the city of Lone Tree does take direction from the public Health Organization Tri County health CD PHP the code Colorado public Health Centers for Disease control Tri county health Or all Cording with each other on messaging information sharing an resources. So what e city does not have a Health and Human services s Department we rely on the County for Health and Human service activities e do coordinate an emergency Management services and we take advice and input and direction from the public Health advisors OK as a senior citizen and staying inside as much as possible would be nice to read while being homebound are there any plans to perhaps opening up the libraries for picking up or returning books at this point. I cannot speak to Douglas County libraries what I can Let is that part of the volunteer lunteer opportunities within within the city we’re looking at ways to be have people donate books bring books to a location and then we would need to disinfect the books or wipe or wipe. Books down and then A way to distribute those books. And that might be one of the volunteer opportunities that you do see on the city website we will also be discussing with Douglas County if they’re looking Douglas County libraries if they’re looking at something like that. Not everyone’s favorite but I would encourage you to potentially look at the books as a way to get new reading information if you do not have an iPad or access to a computer I recognize that is challenging though We could maybe have Chief Wilson son answer this question I’ve seen Morningstar esidents individually walking to sprouts and target can an officer monitor both stores during the day Hi Well, we’re not probably not gonna be able to station someone there at those stores each day. But as I said, before what we are going to do and what we have done is we’ve been coordinating with the managers in each of those stores Ann monitoring what types of activities are having their and if they need. Us because they have a increased level of Patrons a more they have some kind of issue with how the pages are behaving, then we are deploying officers to each of those locations, but So we’re certainly doing a lot of business checks. And we have been doing those each morning. And so while I can’t say we’re going to have someone to each of those locations just because we don’t have enough officers to do that we are being pretty responsive If the managers or the folks there at those locations feel like they need a police presence And I would like to give a shout out to cheap Wilson because they’ve been very proactive and I was on one of the leadership calls and she pulls and indicated that he was going to have his community policing at. Lead or one of his commanders reach out to every single one of the grocery stores or in the city to make sure that they knew who to call how to get in touch with the police and I have seen as. I have just been out in about doing my take out carry out because I am maintaining the social distance Are police cars in front of the businesses that are currently or temporarily closed right now? So our police force is doing a really excellent job of coverage within the community and again, I just really want to all of us to let them know how much you appreciate the great work, they’re doing not just the. PD but all the city staff, but if you have an opportunity to send a nice, tweet out to the Lone Tree Police Department, I would encourage you to do that they’re working in challenging times Balancing their own personal lives an conditions that maybe happening within their homes and still coming out to serve us every single day 24 7. Thank you here How will we know if person who ho has tested positive is quarantined in our

neighborhood there is no way for you to know unless that hat person chooses to share that information with u the medical testing results are confidential they’re? Not shared with anyone with th the exception of who the individual shares hem with but the only caveat to that is that our Police Department dispatch is made aware Of folks in our community that have tested positive. So our police Department when they go in to respond to a call at that location can be prepared with the proper protective equipment. But other than that that information is not shared with anyone unless the person who tested positive chooses to share that information OK another question that came just as we’ve been online here if the city ends up putting out a stay at home order you clarified that the city wouldn’t do that the tri-county would do that Willem City employees still be. Paid the city employees one of the important things that was put into place with our continuity of operation plan is the capability for a significant number of t number of the city of laundry staff to be able to work. Remotely Because of the essential services that are provided by the city some city staff obviously are police officers will still physically be coming into the office there is a limited number of other individuals who maybe called upon to come into. Office and I am happy to let that every single every single one of our employees is still contributing and hard weather there in this building or at home it is the work of the city continues I’m very proud of the fact that most of it can be done remotely and that’s where we are going Thank you This is a good question, I’m happy to answer this will the Lone Tree golf course another parks be maintained the Lone Tree golf course in other parks for the most part are maintained by our partners at South Suburban Parks and REC we are in. Communication with them and I do believe it is their intent to continue to maintain the parks keep keep everything mode and maintained we want to be able to Reopen those as soon s soon as as soon as we’re able so they’re g to maintain their assets and that may there. Maybe some changes as far as you know what how accessible playgrounds that sort of thing. But as far as open thing but as far as open spaces are concerned we think those will be ned All right Will the city give each resident if you face masks? So it will be safer when the residents go grocery shopping the city of lone Tree. Unfortunately does not have access to face masks are Police Department has some limited access to personal protective equipment. and I think we would all agree that given the fact that they were put into those uncertain situations that we do need to preserve those for the city public safety employees But we do not have a cash or a resource or a stash of face masks and frankly given the lack or the limited supply. I think everyone is being encouraged to reserve those for the health care workers and public safety individuals are firefighters are Police Department and our first responders That we have a related question to that that I’ll ask Kirk to Answer Chief Wilson Dancer are your officers needing any PPY I think so no at the moment, we’re fairly stocked up and we’re working on getting supplies Over the next few months, but we’ve actually had a few businesses donate some things over the last week but we had already stocked up on some things prior to this, you know, really getting to this type of level. So right now we’re doing good. And we are anticipating that a lot of those supplies over the next month will be replenished and be a little more easily accessible One idea that I heard today that I thought was good that some high school chemistry teachers had a stock in their labs and went in and re purpose though. So there in some interesting places. So I would encourage everybody to kind of be thinking about, you know where they might be an offices that are currently not being used and get those to the people that need a most

I think so that’s a great idea and Anne going back to one of the earlier questions about how you could possibly help or how could alone free resident help if you do have access to any such personal protective equipment. Please be in touch with the city and we will make sure it gets distributed to the people on the front lines of combatting this illness I’m chief another related question our officers being exposed to the cold virus and has anyone in the Department tested positive Well, yeah nt to go back to the question just before one. Thank you or asking about whether we need anything So far the answer is no We don’t need this tested positive we are now we are dealing with a few illnesses whether that’s related to that or not. I’m not sure we have Not had any exposures that we know of in the public? However, we are advised by Tri County health of locations where people are testing positive. So our officers typically know prior to go into a call. So they can properly put Pee Pee on before they go to the call. So they can be protected and then we’ve implemented some procedures where If you call the Police Department or the dispatch center they’re going to ask you some medical questions up front to screen. So we have a better idea of what possible exposures. We could have and then we’ve trained our officers to when they make contact with people part of those questions might be related to medical questions. Just so they can better protect themselves you because they do come into contact with a lot of folks and we don’t want to inadvertently expose someone else. So we’re trying to do Trying to implement is as best practices, we can to limit those exposures Thank you chief We had several questions like this one. So I’m going to group them into one. I’m not been successful in getting much in eded groceries at our Lone Tree stores such as milk eggs etc what can be done to assure these items aren’t being ems aren’t being hoarded and everyone Come get some I’m going back to again, the earlier question is what can we individually do within this community is only take what you need do not d do not hoard know that you will these stores are being replenished we have had. Conversations with the groceries and the retailers within the community they do have supplies they will be coming in there is no need to buy more than you need at the time I can attest my son actually found toilet paper today. At Costco, please do not make a run on Costco They do replenish it is there we will have it that would encourage you all again to show a little compassion kindness empathy for one e another and really only purchased what you need and recognizing that within a week or 10. Days, you will be able to read supply Thank you This question says what services is the city going to cut to handle the new budgetary constraints. So the city is evaluating and City Council is evaluating Watt programs projects can be deferred or postponed and we have identified some of things that really don’t have to happen this year we are very aggressive and proactive in our capital Maintenance within the city. I think we know when we drive on Lone Tree streets they are maintained at a higher caliber than some of our Bring communities. I think that is one area. We’ve identified that we probably don’t have to meet that level of excellence in light of the conditions, right now we’re looking at some of the discretionary programming during the summer some of our summer events may I’m going. To say may not be happening, right now, I think we’re looking at purchasing equipment that we maybe able to delay for a year or so o at all everything is on the table I think the city is very conservative in its budgeting. I think we benefit from that again, we do maintain operating reserves because we are so dependent on sales tax revenues but I will be very honest with you we are going to have to make some deep cuts there is depending. On how long g this crisis continues as I have said we do not tax groceries in the city of Lone Tree as you some of our municipal partners that is a considerable source of revenue For other local governments that we do not have. So again, please shop load treats please please where you when you can and I recognize all in different financial situations shop locally at our grocery stores. We do tax cleaning items that

we do tax toilet paper, but we don’t tax food. So when you can shop at laundry please do please know that council is taking this situation the economic situation extremely seriously. This is not just a public health crisis It is also an economic crisis, and we’re e trying to do everything within our power to minimize the impacts to our residents and the cuts that we have to make to with the budget, but there will be cuts and we. ‘re going to start with some of our more discretionary capital projects. I want to make note though there e are some projects that work on ridgegate Parkway you’re going to see that work continue and go on that has funding g that can only be used on that roadway, there’s private funding And there were some federal funding that we got through some federal transportation grants that that money cannot be diverted to anything else. You will see work continue on ridgegate Parkway you will see traffic light being installed at crooked stick it is the traffic signal there is a public safety project it meets warrants for a signal we need to get a signal in. There to be good stewards of public safety some of the other overlay pavement Concrete projects will be postponed or delayed this year Thank you How will Planning Commission and City Council hearings be conducted during this time that is a great question. That we are evaluating as we speak. We have been advised by our city attorney that holding quasi judicial hearings the Planning Commission or site improvement plans for the city or Liquor licenses for the city things of the quasi judicial nature cannot be conducted virtually For now we are moving forward and continuing those items to our next council meeting we want to make sure the public has an opportunity to participate in those processes. We will be conducting our council meetings. We have not made a decision if our next meeting will be a virtual meeting again, we may convene or may not that the public likely will not be at the next City Council meeting. So I hate to kick the can down the road for you but it’s a really A to be determined because are Planning Commission primarily meats in the quasi judicial setting it is unlikely that we will do that in in. Near future. However are planning commissioner Planning Commission does meet for education and information purposes and those meetings can move forward Um Is the mayor in ongoing communication with the major employers in the area an? What is business doing to contribute to their part in combating the spread? So I have been in close communication with the executive director of the Park Meadows Mall with Charles Schwab with kiewit under construction there with Sky Ridge hospital we reached out to what I’m most proud of is those folks A.. Lot of times are reaching out to the city to me to our city manager to say what is it that we can do and how can we help first and foremost they have Instituted teller work remote work when at where they can there are some essential businesses that do require some minimal face to face but they have put into practice those social distancing the cleaning the remind meant about personal hygiene for. People that work there We have had number of individuals from our financial institutions volunteer to potentially help some of our smaller businesses navigate the economic recovery packages that we expect to be coming from the state and federal government we are looking for ways to. Proactively engage all of our local businesses to support one another through this crisis and I’ve been very happy with the response that we’ve gotten for that Kirk, I think you’re ready to answer this question Is there a chance of city of lone Tree? I’m going to paraphrase where the police would not respond to certain classes of crimes in order to remain focused Well, I think there’s a possibility, but what I would say is that we don’t have any plans to do. So right now I think Our intentions right now and based on the calls for service for heaven And quite frankly by the great response our citizens have had our cultures are calls for service are actually down were able to really do a lot more community policing because of

that now that could change the longer this goes on. And if things drastically change as far as the response from the community but so far our Lone Tree residents have been fantastic the number of people visiting our city is much down compared to what it was a couple. Weeks ago So our intentions are to continue to respond to calls At the same speed, and the same and respond to all calls that come in now we have changed our protocols. So to reduce contact with citizens unnecessarily certain types of calls like property crimes with, no suspects identity theft type crimes where we can handle most of that information over the phone were typically going to make a phone call to. Citizen too, and basically handle the entire thing over the phone and even to businesses depending on what the issue is is handled most of that over the phone If we need to respond to collect evidence we. Of course, we will but really we’re just trying to reduce the types of Contacts. We haven’t really to protect our first responders and protect the citizens that we serve, so that they are not unnecessarily exposed as well So while there could be in the future some changes to that depending on how long this goes on and other things that happen our intentions right now or to really respond to everything as we are today Thank you chief How alone tree residents learn of a Tri County stay at home order We will be pushing all of that information out through all of our social media platforms. And again, I want to direct folks to the city website and the coronavirus page on the city website. I would expect you’ll also hear about it from 9 news CBS four and the Denver channel 7 so I think should that happen. We will all be getting alerts on our devices. I would suspect but the city will also be pushing it out through all of our listservs and All of our media platforms Thank you. How do we know that the food we purchased through takeout is safe what if one of the cooks has contracted cover 19 but doesn’t know because they’re asymptomatic again. It’s challenging we don’t know what we don’t know, I think the restaurants are all practicing the utmost extremes of hygiene personal hygiene and doing everything within their power. I think they recognize how important this is to them and their businesses they’re not going to be having people In handling food that are symptomatic I recognize that folks can be asymptomatic as they’re moving forward and I would look to our Tri County health officials, I think that might be a great question for them as far as does. Cooking the food, then kill the virus and I cannot answer that question for you try County does have some very specific For ***** about that, and right now they don’t consider that a health threat. So far they feel that is a relatively safe thing to do. So we would encourage you to again help support our laundry restaurants laundry eats hundreds Let’s see what’s happening with fictions at this time So the city doesn’t have any direct authority over addictions. I have heard from my conversations with my state partners and we also heard the Mayor of Denver speak to the redeployment of resources within the city away from any evictions, and I think chief you may want to weigh in I do believe this is under the purview of the County. Do you have any additional information on that chief? Kirk, we can’t hear you Sorry, can you repeat the question? Young said go ahead, do you have any information about how evictions are being handled by Douglas County right now? I’m sorry. I don’t have any information about that at all OK. I’m pretty sure that it. Yeah m aware of is that that most places that halted that but that was a question will research more and will post in a FAQ part of our website OK, this is a tough but important question. This is a particularly vulnerable time for adults and children living in an abusive ome is there anything in particular that can be done to support rt these individuals I think if you are living in an abusive home at the time the city does have victims ms advocate program. and I think I would ask that you be in

touch with our Police Department and they can put you in contact with our victims advocate and identify resources to help you in this actually very trying time if you are someone who has the community has as additional information and resources that you might be able to contribute to anybody who is suffering this abuse if you could also Contact the non emergency line for the Police Department and be in touch with our victims advocate program to really be able to identify resources and needs we would very much appreciate that We have about five minutes left we have just a handful of questions. We’ve got to keep coming in and we really appreciate it if you have an Urgent one that you want to ask please submit it now I’ll answer this one quickly does the number of 9 people affect infected in. Lone Tree include those at Sky Ridge if any or are they laundry residents, the answer is a combination, I think we initely have some laundry residents in their homes that are Recovering from A and have been have tested positive I’m so quite a few people have asked a question that I think we address right off the very beginning, but it probably worth answering again Did you say something already about your thoughts of Douglas County going into a stay at home situation like Denver so I mentioned earlier in the evening that Tri County Health has indicated that the public health board will be meeting? Tomorrow morning and one of the things they are contemplating is a recommendation for a stay at home order. I think most of us maybe aware of the fact that Denver has instituted such an order there is a neighboring County to Denver that has is If they haven’t already you guys may have already seen it on some of your news alerts. I have mine turned off at the moment another County might be instituting a similar order Doctor Douglas did indicate he believes that Metro region should be In Sync on this issue, but they recognize it is very very complicated. I did share my personal belief that I would not be shocked at some point that if stay at home order is not issued from arch by County Health Department OK, I think I’m not seeing any new questions Chief Wilson. What other questions that you’ve received that you would want to share I think we’ve addressed both most of them said, I think primarily I just want to convey a couple basic thoughts, and that is one that I think the Police Department is pretty prepared as far as to protect Our officers, so that one we can continue to deliver the best services possible that were very connected with other agencies in the area and coordinating g our efforts The second thing, I think I really want to convey and really just echo what the mayor said and that is let’s try to be nice to each other be kind and be patient and then make sure you inform. The Police Department if you see people in need reach out to the police Department again, we’re going to put something on a website on Facebook on next door tomorrow where we will have a place where you can email or. Call to advise us of folks that might be a need and we are going to set up a plan for Reaching out to them and getting them connected to either County resources or just following up with them ourselves So I think if we as a community if we just stick together, and we have a little faith And understand that there’s a lot of things in place that are going to make sure the resources are available. We’re all going to get through this and within a few months over this just be a bad memory From your lips to God’s ears chief can we put up the graphic that shows the States Initiative on? On what pairs, well, we always want to plug hashtag Lone Tree eats the restaurants are open for takeout and delivery and they actually really do appreciate it appreciate everything that we can do for them, I would like to also. Note that Denver initially came out there’s some great pictures of Lone Tree community enjoying some curbside delivery the Denver order initially said that liquor stores were not going to be remaining Open as part of the IT was as an essential business. It’s my understanding that has been revised So and just because Denver does something does not mean our orders would be exactly the same. So please don’t look at the Denver or restrictions and think that’s exactly, what’s going to happen in loans, you

because it is not we take our guidance from Tri County health, but we very much respect to the good. Work that happens in Denver. So In addition to Lone Tree eats Cala Rado do your part doing my part Colorado stay home and flatten the curve, there’s some Great An interesting things that you can evaluate and see that some of our partners throughout the state are doing and I would encourage you to take a look at those In addition to that it looked at throw up the city website. Again. So if you don’t know where the cities on line resources are it’s city of Laundry dot com and coronavirus first specifics and if you have questions about City Services City of Lone Tree on line services, I would encourage you You have not had the opportunity to ask your question or you didn’t feel like you got the answer, you want you your question wasn’t answered this evening you may not have gotten the answer, you wanted please reach out and let. Us know and we will include it on ur frequently asked questions please continue to be in touch uch with me with our city manager with the city offices we do want to hear from you we do want to address your questions We will probably periodically be hosting these To keep you informed as things change but updates will regularly occur on the city website. So I have a closing comma, but I wanted to let set is there anything else that you feel you want to add this evening Thank you. I will just add that, you know our staff knows that it’s hard not to feel anxious during these times but I know when to let, you know, that our team really was purpose built to rise to significant challenges We didn’t know what challenge we would be rising too, but I’m going to guarantee that our staff is going to keep working hard every single day With the game same spirit of optimism and determination that they have brought to their job every day. We know we’re all in this together. And we are here for you laundry thanks Seth. and I just want to reiterate we are, well prepared for this crisis we are also very sustainable in this city so we’re not moving around in this bill in in this room and after the lights keep turning up on us we apologize but we are trying to conserve where we can So we are prepared for this crisis it will have impacts on the community But we have a team in place to lessen those impacts. So while we adjust again to this new but temporary normal Please again. Now we’re in this together and together we can make a difference the more we demonstrate compassion kindness and patience the easier it will for all of us to navigate these troubled led times especially those in the frontline of combatting. This pandemic I would like to ask you to please take good care of yourselves and each other And please reach out and let us know what we can do for you. Thank you Lone Tree