Kambodscha Motorrad Abenteuer Reise – Cardamom Mountains

The Cardamom Mountains by far the greatest adventure of our tour is waiting we are still relaxed and start the day comfortably We know that a long drive is waiting for us today while having breakfast coffee, we learn from locals where you are going even the big 1200GS get stuck in the mud We are not here to relax we are following the call of the unknown And a small Honda is ultimately easier to pull out of the dirt than a fully loaded 300 kilo bike There are no alternative routes anyway so we head towards Cardamom Mountains a national park known for its impassable jungle landscape Only the adventurers among the tourists get lost here A traffic sign gives hope… …to finally leave the miserable straights behind us We don’t get far at first A polite underage mechanic… …is just around the corner and repairs the bare essentials We continue our journey, the sun hits our helmets We are far from larger destinations or cities enjoy the cooling wind on the last kilometers of paved roads In the middle of a huge banana plantation, we stop strengthen, before heading towards the jungle thicket Kind of a nice place here we stopped in the middle of a huge banana plantation to get something to eat Communication is a bit difficult thats why we have a look directly into the kitchen guess they will cook us something Time flies in the cozy bamboo hut

if we want to arrive in Koh Kong today, we have to turn the throttle properly from now, there are only dusty, sandy, washed out dirt roads We soon left the last small settlements behind us I follow the cloud of dust in front of me try to avoid the potholes and washouts as far as possible often it simply means, closing my eyes and getting through again, I saw an obstacle too late in the dust I drive over adventurous bridges, meet water buffalos Good, it is hot, dusty and dry We know if it had rained here, we would have died in the mud Deep grooves testify to vehicles that have fought their way through the landscape I can literally hear the humming engines… and see the black smoke cloud rising from the exhaust pipe to the sky The Honda struggles uphill in the first gear I almost feel sorry for it when I drive through a deep pothole again and again this is how we clatter through the changing vegetation Dry grasslands are followed by lush green forests alternately red, yellow and gray dust gets blown in our faces The completely dirty plants along the way are always striking It probably hasn’t rained here any longer we can count us happy We rarely meet other people or vehicles

but if, they are crazy handcrafted off-road vehicles as if they had sprung from a Mad Max movie We stop briefly at a lake the water supplies are coming to an end that we have only made a small part of the route gives us food for thought None of us want to spend the night here on the roadside A half-naked man in the middle of the jungle hardly confuses us, somehow it fits into the overall picture But it gives us hope to meet a settlement soon, my tank is almost empty We drive to a dusty village, there is even a bar here

We just consider staying here and driving the rest of the route the next day But the motivation is big I tank from bottles and pay with big bills I can’t say why we don’t get the idea to buy water We continue towards the wilderness, towards the dust and adventure The sun is already low We still have a goal on the way, an old mine, there should be a waterfall It is not easy to find We drive deeper into the mine over rough rocks The Hondas rattle, my tire has no tread I hope that I can get it out of the mine again looks like we are at an old mine

and there should be some waterfalls I’ll have a look our bikes are safely parked near the abyys what could possibly go wrong there’s one or another fatigue on man and machine this only looks like a tiny waterfall It goes on, the sun has almost disappeared my jacket is so dusty that it can no longer be closed we are driving at top speed for half an hour I have not seen any of my group I wonder if I have taken the wrong path My fuel needle has long been at zero I find my colleagues again, accept that my open jacket flutters in the cool wind I stare more at my fuel needle than at the path in front of me although it always shows the same thing: TANK EMPTY ! we pass a chinese dam the security guard does not seem to be interested in us soon i just drive straight in a curve and end up in the ditch nothing has happened I’m fine, but the fright wakes me up again my tank is now finally empty Ed pushes me a few more kilometers until we meet a Cambodian family that I can buy some petrol from It is dark when we arrive in Koh Kong