Minecraft clash of clans (EP#9) town hall level 8

hello people of the internet I am back from a long time sorry school just started again and I’ve had stuff to do like homework and stuff so let’s get back and do what we’re doing now so in the last episode we finally finished tunnel seven looks pretty cool and now in this episode you’re building townhall 8 so let’s start this is what you’ll need Bruce wood logs polished Endocyte stone brick stairs stone sobs oak wood planks oak leaves and quote-unquote counting stick and heater turned on not what I want it’s raining to us that sucks oh so it’s kind of put like four right there and then these two and then those two then put stairs right here whoops wrong I’ll block fill in those let’s turn the volume up oops go for up yep 1 2 3 4 and connect it oh I forgot I’ll get back to that later maybe we don’t need the leaves yet near the end and unique stairs see have this I haven’t done this in a while let’s see if I can remember for up turns the corner 4 1 2 3 4 oh wait a minute I’m supposed to be doing this 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 2 3 4 4 up to 2 – 1 2 3 4 2 2 1 2 3 4 – boom actually this one goes up 5 1 2 3 4 5 yep 2 2 1 2 3 4 2 2 no 2 – 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 already or just getting repetitive 1 2 3 1 2 right there and those in there pull the corners polish andesite and we are like 1/8 the way done I guess I don’t know so you can already see it coming along pretty well so let’s start filling the inside nope nope nope nope nope 4 4 4 1 1 4 4 1 1 you know it’s pretty pretty self-explanatory and if you’ve washed it from the beginning or at least since the last step so you probably know like exactly how to do this from memory cuz I do whoops apparently not one once you do four one two three four one two three four I’m almost done oops nope nope nope nope there we go things in water something to drink okay so we have that let’s do not that obviously really said not to do that boom boom boom boom no boom put two up

there – right here – right there there we go make the windows and this is also my current townhall so yeah I can actually start building my base now that I have the townhall done almost once we finish this I will have it done by the way at some point in this episode in that’s not episode in this series I’m gonna have to probably put it on a hold maybe wait for an update for the Pocket Edition because uh I don’t have stained glass and most of them like the elixir collectors a laboratory which we’re doing next stuff like that use a stained glass and I don’t have that they don’t have in the Pocket Edition yet either that or I’m gonna find some kind of substitute probably will but I’ll try try my best there so now I have that done next step is go on each pillar Oh – oh my god die – you should every single one of them here’s the problem here’s another problem – this uh the person I’m getting these from which is Nick and one 1ck go look him up he does a lot of things in Minecraft but um he made the this stuff when it was was operating when it was um a long time ago so I’m gonna have to try my best downtown whole lovin because he doesn’t have that he only has up to ten but yeah so really easy cuz you don’t really need these anymore tunnel nine is gonna be so different it’s like we’re just keeping this theme and then townhall 9 is just completely different fun fact the first when the game first came out Town Hall a actually used to be the highest which is why town hall 9 looks so different so basically if it was still like that I would have beaten the game by now once I max everything out cuz I still got always to go especially on walls oh um I forgot to set it to always day I’ll bring it back okay we’re back I said it to always day and now it’ll never be night time I was wondering why that was happening some like this isn’t normal so I’m gonna go ahead off-camera and just copy these bushes exactly you don’t want to see me do this on camera so I’ll just do like quick run around see you guys can kind of see how I did it it’s the back in the other side in the front so yeah you can guys just go ahead copy that I’m gonna do it off camera so you don’t have to watch me just go through all this just about done so there we go I’ve got all the bushes around the entire thing copy exactly so it doesn’t have to be as loud mmm seeing what I want to do this okay might as well just get the stuff that we need that um keep those two in a minute I’m missing it I’m just blind or yep

heardest and clay yeah alright so I’m trying to figure out how I wanted do this so the roof comes to here that’s not where it is I’m just think it let me think I’ll be right back okay so I kind of got an idea woops should you check the time but I don’t really care um so kind of have an idea of what I’m gonna be doing it’s changed doesn’t have those things around anymore it’s completely different um that’s not right that correct I haven’t done this in a while that’s it yeah goes one out so sorry my brother trying to look for the dog let’s just go to down actually I guess you can just leave that there no one under no one under not right there in fact okay so we have that your school hold on one said about that ahead of your brush turn the sound up it’s almost time for bed so I got a hurry on backwards that oh please okay try and wrap it up soon basically what you want to do okay now all right connect those two yellow ones connect the ones on the outside now we’ll do that off camera so I’ll be right back just like that so you have that right there um goes here here’s where the thing is so want to put the roof all the way up end here all the way up to here same on this side up to there so I will also be right back and do that off camera I just realized I am a complete failure I was looking at this and thinking that’s too small to be the roof get rid of one of these because my calculations is for the lair up so it only goes into three just say that right now so only break the this layer right here okay so yeah so I kind of have the whole thing down oh I forgot to check how high it goes let me check for a sec okay I figured stuff out it is is it two blocks I think it might be two blocks yeah because it’s half a block above the slab yep so in this open area just surround it with two block high thing of clay I’m almost done whoops that’s not right okay

this seems what I’m failing did I do that on there too oh my god don’t pay attention to me I’m so used to doing that then it’s not correct okay go out on the outside of the yellow it’s like you’ve got to keep doing so do that now it looks better okay that looks so much better and on the top one actually I guess you could just I guess you don’t really need this here do you this part right here just do like a ring of clay yeah I broke that oh I have stairs well I guess they didn’t really need the stairs because they’re not doing that one thing that we usually do what things are doing incorrectly okay so we have that okay so now what you want to do on each corner let’s go up a full slab block wait no no I forgot we changed it didn’t we do polish in sight or if you can get double slab blocks on because you can only get that on the PC and I’m also gonna be using stone bricks slabs which on the PC again you could substitute for that obviously cuz that’s what it normally is so how much is this one two three four five six seven eight so this is the even one there’s four holes on each of them so go one two three four and go over it there it’s now go one two three four and again just go back over it one two three four it’s getting late I better hurry one two three four okay then there’s a part that extends out that I’ll have to observe again but it’s looking pretty good so far so I’ll write back one more time Oh tripods being very weird right back alright so we’re back figured it out it goes to up so basically just all the way around on the Block on the outside of it go to up and I’ll do that off-camera really quickly really I want to say after you do that fill in this top layer with spruce wood planks yeah okay now to finally put on the finishing touches you’re gonna need polish andesite and stone bricks slabs and that’s it so from the front so here’s the front this corner this corner right here

want to go to skip one two okay skip to put a slab and then skip two more input two sorry I kind of wrote it down and now I’m trying to figure this out you want to yeah yeah skip one slab skip one to skip one slab skip on what wait no that’s the back oh wait to skip 1/3 okay that’s where I went wrong someone puts three that was the back right to skip one slab skip one to skip one slab skip one two yeah that was the back no so to skip one slab one three skip one to skip one one two three skip one in the two and there we go we have our finished product townhall 8 ooh wait a minute I got finish this right back wait come on no okay last block placed in three two one boom so now now we have our official my god I keep forgetting you want to get out some red wool all right here do this there now you have the flag maybe I’m gonna put it one in I’m actually gonna check what he did over it back again one more I’m sorry okay his flag looked a lot better than mine so I’m just gonna use his let’s do that put a piece of wall right there slab and then another piece of wool and there’s a flag so now I ever finished product with Town Hall a official officially officially officially and yeah um let’s go do the thing thing I mean they have three more levels guys we’re almost done okay it’s not there yet hope you guys like enjoyed like comment subscribe dude you guys doing like YouTube and I will see you guys in the next video stay tuned