Skottland – En reise gjennom "Highlands" (English Subtitles available)

It’s time to leave Edinburgh! I bought some supplies that are essential for hiking in Scotland It feels good to have started I can even see a bit of snow up there! I had to move my tent. I found a scenic place. But it was to windy. I guess I will survive here too Down there is my camp, and now I am heading up to Cairn Lochan for an afternoon walk Being in Scotland I had to buy whiskey. I am mostly a cognac guy. But that can change now I am a stupid idiot. I got the wrong gas for my stove I had planned enjoying sausages to go with my whisky but now I have eat rations of cookies I also got eggs and bacon for breakfast. That’s not gonna happen now Now the menu says: water and cookies what the… Not as thrilling as “Fløybanen” in Bergen. But good enough to bring lazy people up the mountain cheating! Puh! 24 hours with only cookies. This banana feels like heaven now It’s time for a break from the cold mountain. Loch Ness is up next This is just like driving in Norway. Same weather, same vegetation. Even the music is the same

I have finally got a box of gas that works with my stove I’m gonna eat like a horse. I am fed up with those dry cookies Seriously I have been in Scotland for two days, and this is the first time I eat any else than bananas and cookies What is that? Is it the sea monster Nessie? No:( Just some drunken scots rowing and fishing Dissapointing. Very dissapointing I am trying to get over without getting wet a bit of joy These British sausages looks disgusting. I have to cook them a long time I have had them lying in the car for a long time too My firsts cup of coffee it’s 9:40 AM I first got up at seven after another cold night. But of course, it was raining. So I had to hang out in my small tent a while longer The sun shining for the first time. Life is suddenly OK I hope it will last

I gave the sausages I made to the ravens. But they didn’t like them either. Now I am over to eating Norwegian dry freezed food coffee, music and sun. I am enjoying my self now I cut my self opening a beer. Luckely I found nature’s own bandage The first aid kit was in the car (typical), and the car is far away So much cotton! The bleeding stopped instantly. Great product Time to leave this nice place. I hope car isn’t robbed The car is up there somewhere..I hope. Can’t see it I am now heading up to the famous isle of skye Scottish droppings I would love to check in to a B&B and getting my self a much needed shower But it will be the tent again to night too Everything is to great to sleep inside Straight from the car Some people go down. One Norwegian Idiot goes up I think this is a nice spot to set up camp Not much place for my feet here

I can live with the camp site down there It’s a wonderful place I am at the Old Man now. It’s windy as h What a great morning (babbling) To the summit of Ben Nevis – UK’s roof I am back in Glen Shiel I made a mistake driving. I am back at Loch Ness. But I have plenty of time. So it’s just a pleasant reunion I am driving down to Nevis Range. Scotland’s most rainy place This is the home of UKs highest mountain. Ironically I can’t see any mountains This weather is breaking down my motivation now. I don’t look forward to finding a camp place and putting up the tent This fat cow is not willing to move! This is madness Cows everywhere

Is this one going to move? Thank you lord It has been an awful night. It rained so much Now I am thinking to cimb Ben Nevis or not. The motivation is low considering the weather Right now it’s not raining. But it just a matter of time before it starts again Well at last I have startet the hike up Ben Nevis I expected to see lots of people of here, but so far it’s only me Fog and rain today. It’s not the best conditions. But I heard that it seldom is out here Seven hours they told med at the information office. But I will try to push it below six I am finally at the plateau The summit can’t be far away. Or maybe it is (…it was) What an awful weather snow Well this is the summit. With remains of a few old buildings around This looks like Hardangervidda in Norway This is a nice place. Wish I came here earlier on the trip I am trying to get my self a room. I am tired of sleeping out, and I would love a shower. But it’s hard to get a room I am fed up with the rain

and I had a long walk to day. I cross my fingers Well look at this. A hotell rom. And pretty nice one On the countryside. Bridge of Orchy. Pricy too whisky, tv and a bed. What more can a man want right now? This was nice This trip is near the end. I am heading back to Edinburgh next I am only an hour and something away from my hotel This is also a national park. I guess it’s mostly suitable for picknicks and cosy getaways from the citylife like me It’s good to be finish with this adventure. But I feel a bit sad too. It has been a great trip, even with the rain Maybe I will never see these places again in my life. Who knows? At least not like this time. Life is to short to go same place twice. A wise man said But how smart was he?