Anti 2 Sterne Dorf, Global #1 | Die ersten Gems

Welcome guys to the next video This time with a few basebuilding tips as well as some adjustments to the previous base from the last video Which is actually the base on my screen right now But lets have a quick look at the global leaderboard. I finaly have managed to push to the very top Let’s see for how long I can stay up here. In Germany obviously no. 1 as well I’m exited to see how this goes going forward. I definately enjoyed to push and moving up the leddar this far For all those of you who want to join the stream tomorrow we’ll deep pushing but also try one or two new things Now back tho our base on the screen There a few things I’d change. It defends incredbly well. Also my clan mates told me thats the base they are facing like every 2nd time as a BH3 I’ve already build the cannon. Let me drag it down here That’s the original base so now how are we going to adjust and include the canon w/o loosing the concept and lyout in general I’ll Keep very simple and move it in front of the gap and rearange like this Nice side effect is the buffer. There are multiple ways how you can arrange the buildings. Guarding the BH a bit more for example If you want to deff towards two stars you have multiple choices how to achieve this but always put the elexier storage in front of the cannon So far so good lets jump into the matchmaking and hope for an equal battle against a BH3 player and see how the base defends There we go a BH3 opponent What can we do here, its got the archer tower already. What troops do I have here. I see the giants can target the archer tower very easily There are no possible spots for traps due to the trees just in front of the archer tower Also very nice the cannon which is under consturction, makes life much easier Quickly check the corners if there are any buildings Let’s start with two giants first. They do a great job punching the defences and demolish it quickly Watch out for the tesla if I can spot it. Starting now with the other troops and lets just overwhelm the base with archers as one cannon is out of order anyways Tesla is down now as well and there is the three star in the bag But even more interesting is the the attack on our base. Did it held or got two starred with high percentag or even trippled I didn’t even see if he had the 3rd army camp already. I hope for a real test and a propper attack Let’s watch the end result and see how many percentages he’s got 36% one star is a great result Lets watch the replay see what happend Giants coming from the top and they target the air defence in the core, interesting Lets watch how this cotinues. Giants walking around the base where they should meet the push trap and there we go. One low health giant gets thrown into the core Giants taking down the cannon, archers barly take the BH down. Meanwhile the giants get crushed by the crusher The attack totally failed now. I’d say first test passed So lets check if it can stand another test Something I got asked multiple times in the commentsection,

was regarding another base with low def, which basically means without the crusher Therefore I can advise you this Base It works quite well, but of course, if you have to defend against players with 3 camps even this layout gets to its boundaries Because it just doesn’t have the crusher and therefore is quite susceptible against giants Other than that it’s a quite reliable layout Spring traps of course aren’t in this base jet, but the gap between the air defence and the cannon is a great place for them This is definitely a base that you should remember, in case you just recently reached Builderhall level 3 I do hope this base will help you a lot in those cases but you definitely need to accept to get overrun by someone that has the 3rd camp or high level giants, as they are really strong And here we go, our army has been trained, so we are ready to go in to our next fight And look at this, he has the same village, so lets test something that others have called the counter to this base I myself haven’t tried this counter jet, so it might be going horribly wrong, but lets do it first off the 2 finger drop with the archers springtraps everywhere, and smaller bombs that get triggered Ou, the upper one hurt a bit, but shoudn’t be much of a problem still doesn’t look to good to be honest, the base still has a little too much firepower left, with those cannons right there Quite a struggle this attack, so maybe it should be considered taking giants upfront to be safer 45% and zero stars, I expect him to grab at least the onestar at our base as my attack wasn’t that great overal Lets just hope we’ll find the base again, so we can try it differently Ouuh, so he got 71% lets jump into the replay and check what he did. Maybe we can learn something from him, and improve our base He starts off with the classic archers from the outside So it looks like he totally went for the high percentage 2 star Also I heard from a lot of guys, that they were complaining, that through the cannons the 3 star got much more difficult But within this game mode 3 stars are supposed to be pretty rare, because otherwise both attackers would easily get the triple and the match would end in a draw which would actually be just wasted play time, especially when you go for the loot bonus Soo, Deadtoxic seems to get away with the 71% twostar and therefore gets the victory So it might be an idea to actually move the Builder Hall more to the inside of the base similar to the base we just hit but lets hop into another battle first! Seems like we are going against a symbol guy from Sparks and again it’s a similar base! Seems like it has become quite popular now Lets mix the troop composition up a little and bring in some giants to tank for the archers so lets start with a couple of archers, split evently over the sides and then start with the giants, so they start tankinng right before the defence would go after the archers The giants will then start to go after the walls as the base is completely closed off by walls Lets see how it turnes out, but it doesn’t look that good either So, this shows that the Layout with the double layer wall is quite common and strong at the builderhall level 3 And I think that with the new defences it should be way better and more important to defend the 2 star And we still got the win, 1 star and 48% means that his attack was even worse than ours But lets still do some adjustments to our village, move the Builderhall more into the center and the archertower towards the outside What else can we adjust to improve the Layout even more? Seems like the base of the layout is done, lets see how we can rearrange the Buildings I put to the outside

Lets move the archertower to the bottom right at lomge range That means Air defence in the back behind the Builderhall aswell as the tesla Also we are going to put the bomb to ground targeting as a defence against the archers, and place it somewhere where maybe archers will be able to trigger it And of course we need to test ad play around with the exact placement a bit But wwe have one more attck left to get our last loot bonus, so lets hop into another battle But I just noticed that we need to get rid of some gold first, so lets check what we can spend it on Lets just simply do a couple of walls so we do get 90k as bonus and can store 170k max Which means we should drop to at least 80k as we cant build much lets just do some walls And another one And we still need to do some more Now it should be enough space, as there is also enough elixir space we can just simply continue to jump into the next fight vs. aHmedking from park Fighters And he also runs a teaser style base, also probably has the tesla right in front of the Builderhall, lets see how we can work around that and go in with mass archers Lets start with sprinkling a few archers around the base first, catch a few traps and then go in with the rest of those archers afterwards Lets see how much they are able to get out of this base And now even the tesla pops up and gets a couple of archers. Also the builderhall i pretty hard to grad with this base which makes it important to see how our village has defended So, 65% for us, lets see if he gets the second star or if we will be able to let it come down to percentage But while we wait thosefew minutes I’ll start with giving away the first gems, as so many of you have requested! And therefore I’ll just quickly switch over to the channel and those comments And up top there is a Comment from VideogamerLP with about 45 likes. He has written an entire text thet I’ll just simply read out now But before that lets just quickly check the result from our last fight… and it’s a draw, 65% to 65%! So we do have another fight coming up, but as I just started with the comment, lets finish this beforehand VideogamerLP writes: My suggestions are, that for the Lootcap you only get 15% of the current loot, but therefore get this all the time New Buildings, a slight change in traps and maybe add some spells to the mode. Also the walls should be seperated and not be within a 5 pack I’ll just quickly give a comment from myself, where as I like it a little different from the normal mode, because it is something completely new, similar to the new abilities of the troops Videogamer also adds that the lvl 5 clock tower should also affect the normal game mode aswell, which indeed is a great idea Also he recons that the normal cannon should get 4 barrels aswell but shoot way slower I personally like the cannon especially with its long range, as it really synergises well with the other cannon Then he adds the concept of a slow down trap, that effects both air and ground, with a damage of 20 and a troop capaticity of 15 that slow down the troop by half their speed for a short time

All of those ideas are actually quite nice! Then he lists the idea of a beacon spell, that basically leads all your own troops to walk to the spot the spell got used at It’s supposed to last for 10 seconds and gets added at a higher Builderhall level, which means he’s already planning for the higher levels He then adds another spell, the Daylight spell! It lasts for 5 seconds and crops the defensive damage output to 50% during its duration, which is an awesome idea that could work as a night spell where the defence can’t see much At Builderhall level 6 he reckons it would be cool to unlock an ice wizard tower, which does little damage, but slows down the attacking forces On top he adds another Trap idea that when activated blocks all incoming damage to the Builders hall, similar to a shield Other than that he brings some ideas about some nightmode turnaments, similar to the clanwars within the regular village The tournament concept is based on the idea of both clans facing off against each other for one day. During this time both teams do battles and get points for winning those. Whoever wins more in the end advances until only two teams are left Tournaments are definitely something I’d love to see getting added to this game mode, as soon as we have the option to organise such tournaments. I can think of something similar to the friendly challenge mode getting added to this mode So either created through the community or through a way the game offers to its players Then Videogamer adds the idea of a league system where as playeers are ranked in a league system Also he adds the idea of modifying wappons similar to the defences. Which in my opinion is then to far away from clash and will probably not fit into the game On top he adds the idea of an exploration mission, which offers treasures that get discovered by your troops. Basically a simmilar idea to the goblin map Then he also adds the idea of implying friendly challenges to the game mode as well I can only agree to that feature being needed in this new mode, just to enable the ability to organise tournaments, which I’ll definitely organise if it becomes part of the game With this comment VideoGamerLP winns the first 1000 Gems, due to a great collection of ideas! This means the first 1000 of 100.000 Gems have been passed on! That means we have a lot of giveaways in the future, we will have tournaments where the prices will be higher as well as smaller comment contests where you can win all those gems Soo, to finish things off, we will jump into one last fight for our final loot bonus And a similar base like I had a while back with my account I don’t actually expect many springtraps entreing from the top right side. as it’s build on the outside, also there won’t be any springtraps next to the defences here too

Also he has the crusher outside, so lets snipe that with a couple of archers and then try to get the giants into the base followed up by all the archers And the first archer walks into the range of the first cannon, so lets try to get it done with a second one lets just quickly check the corners aswell, as those percentages can be nasty And now we just have to wait untill the crusher goes down And now we ccan start with the giants, get them into tanking and place the archers whisely behind them And then add the last archer to the center aswell, so we have more firepower in the center Looks pretty good, the 2 star should be secured already, maybe we might even be able to pull off the 3 star And now the archers even go for the airdefence instead of the cannons, and there go the last archers so we end up with a 62% 2 star. So now it’s up to our opponent to get at least a 2 star Let’s see, if he got a 2 star, he must have definetly gone over 62%, but it looks like we won that one and got our last loot bonus of the day! Seems like he even just got 0 stars, so lets check that and see how well we defended So he sends the giants from the left triggering all the bombs, seems like we have to place the small bombs a little different for the archers for sure On giant after the other gets flung off the map, so thats basically the dead of his attack right here So we definetly can move the Builderhall towards the inside again, just experiment a little with it and maybe even develop something completely new, as it’s always better to have something different than most people That’s it guys, make sure you tune in tomorrow when I’ll be on stream for a little and push and stay tuned for the next givaways and videos. Till the next video, see you!