ENG SUB【斗罗大陆 Soul Land】EP56 | 唐三偶遇剑斗罗和宁风致

♪The past is buried with farewell tears♪ ♪Tang’s belief is regained in the Soul Land♪ ♪Ghostly Trace, from place to place you run♪ ♪Xuan Tian power burns♪ ♪Never look down at the shabby wooden house♪ ♪Create our glorious miracles in the Soul Land♪ ♪When seven creatures combine, hope is what we get♪ ♪Never give up as it’ll be unforgettable♪ ♪For a hundred thousand years I’ll search and grow with you♪ ♪I’ll turn into a sky of bright stars when I think of you♪ ♪Life is full of wars, battles, adventures♪ ♪and I’ll still protect you♪ ♪I’m still the King no matter the Black and Blue are awakened or not♪ ♪The darkness is all released by clouds and mists♪ ♪I’ll never forget my promise♪ ♪even if the sky and earth changes or the sea roars♪ ♪I’ll stand up high even the Gods have to look up♪ ♪My invincible legend right on this Soul Land♪ [This animation is based on the novel Soul Land] [written by Tangjia Sanshao] [Previous Episode] Brat, are you new? Are you convinced now? No! I’ll beat you till you concede There’s some soul power left here What kind of treasure is it that those won’t hesitate to kill the guards of the auction house Could it be a soul bone? Stop there Bidding qualification certificate? We’ll sell this then I named it Malicious Attack Could you please show me? [Soul Land] [Episode 56] I’m afraid this steel plate is unbearable You may not believe this steel plate has been tested over a hundred times It’s sturdy and has never been damaged Don’t worry Please What a powerful weapon It might be weaker than Godly Zhu Ge Crossbow, but such piercing force isn’t resistible by ordinary soul masters Malicious Attack can shoot 3 times when it’s fully loaded with steel needles Every shooting associates with poisonous mist A needle itself contains a paralytic toxin Even those above Level 30 would be tackled if they can’t resist poison Honored guest, I’ve ever seen such a refined weapon I’ll put this lot starting at 1,000 gold soul coins What do you think? 1,000 gold soul coins? No problem Are we qualified to join the auction now? Certainly Thank you for coming There may be some peculiar treasures in this auction I think so Wear a mask before entering the auction For your safety purpose

35,000. 35,000 gold soul coins in the white area 36,000 gold soul coins in the yellow area Any higher bid? 36,000 first, 36,000 twice, 36,000 37,000 gold soul coins in the red area This way, please What arrogance Let’s go The attendants all behave in the same manner, she’s not against you In the same manner? What do you mean? They were bought by the auction house for training since they were young They’re not only the attendants here, but as a lot for auction too They have no expression, because they’ve lost their thoughts and soul Is that slavery? But the slave trade has been banned in two empires Nothing can’t be sold here How much do they cost? You want to buy them and release them? That’s another tragedy though Why? They’re like caged birds who have no choice but staying here They have no survival skills, neither thought nor soul How could they survive after leaving here? They’ll end up in disillusion and perish Soul guiding tool at 43,000 gold soul coins. Sold! You came to the auction house at this young age, do you have anything to buy? We’re not buying, but selling The next lot up for auction is a rare item Please draw your attention here, especially male guests It’s a nonpareil among all Can anyone give a guess? It may be a rare treasure Well I’ll first reveal the starting price of this lot 100,000 gold soul coins Every increase of the bid is not less than 10,000 gold soul coins My honored guests, please pay attention Perhaps you may be curious about why this girl has the same price as our beauty fostered by the auction house She’s extraordinary if you look carefully You’re right, this is a precious cat lady Her body mutated when her martial soul awakened Hence, she possesses a cat’s figure It’ll be extremely great having a gorgeous cat lady as a pet My guests, you can bid now Bastards, how can they sell her as a pet? Even if you’re able to save this cat lady now, there will be a panther lady or a tigress lady Are you going to save them all? It’s meaningless to save those who’ve lost their soul How could I not save one with soul? 110,000 gold soul coins 120,000 gold soul coins

110,000 gold soul coins from this side 170,000. A gentleman bids for 170,000 gold soul coins from red area Any more for it? I fathom your thoughts Ah! 180,000 gold soul coins from the white area Let’s me see who dares to fight with me [Soul Land] Aren’t they the Qibao Amber tribe? Auction house has its own rules Can we continue? Sure, of course 180,000 gold soul coins, twice Last call Sold! Thank you, uncle It’s a worthwhile trip. Let’s see the last lot Dad, please return. It’s our matter You’re making me even more embarrassed How could I tolerate that my son got beaten? I don’t deserve to be called the Supreme God, Tai Nuo I come to see who dares to beat my son Dad, you’re making me difficult How am I supposed to staying in this school later? Your school didn’t even care that you’re beaten When I catch that brat, I’ll have your teacher to judge Well, dad. It’s me starting the fight Nothing to do with Tang San So embarrassing! Picking up the duel and yet got beaten by him? You’ve disgraced me! Tang San! Brother, isn’t that our Malicious Attack? Malicious Attack? Good name This lot is an intricate weapon Small size, yet it’s potent Instantly launch of 36 steel needles and conceal with mist Within 15 meters, it can pierce through a 1cm thick steel plate It’s also quenched with a paralytic toxin We’ll start at 1,000 gold soul coins It’s in my interest 10,000 gold soul coins appears now Uncle, did you make a mistake? I can’t let you make a loss Perhaps no one will come to bid after I increased the price 10,000 gold soul coins, once 10,000 gold soul coins, twice Last call. Sold! You spent 10,000 gold soul coins on my Malicious Attack I won’t let you have a loss too This Soundless Arrow is also for you Tang’s clan? I’ve never heard of it before My brother is the only one of Tang’s clan That’s why you’ve not heard of it You created these two weapons? If possible, I’d like to purchase them in large quantity

Purchase in large quantity? Do you think I’m making fun of it? I’ll bring you to visit my tribe if you’re interested Thanks for your goodwill But we have some matters today We’ll meet again Well. Certainly Wu, let’s go Tribe chief, it’s time to return All right. Let’s go, Uncle Sword Tai Long, are you still not convinced? Why are you rolling your eyes? The two of you, who’s Tang San? I am It’s you little brat! You’re Tai Long’s father? Yes, I’m the Supreme God, Tai Nuo Give me an explanation, since you beat my son Tai Long, if we also beat your father up, is your grandfather coming too? Wu, please don’t take it wrong Dad came because he saw my injuries But if my grandpa comes, it’d be worse You troublesome woman I’ll sort you out after settling this brat How dare you insult Wu? He’s powerful He didn’t even use his soul power Let me see how many bouts you can take? Muscle Twisting Bone Grinding It’s rare he can resist my attack head-on The scary thing is his powerful strength Supreme Orangutan Brat, are you scared? I’ll dislocate your legs first before getting your teacher to judge I’ll make you never dare to beat my son again Raise your fist to me Father fights for his injured son Fine First soul skill, Boost [Next Episode] Rong Rong, please don’t lie to daddy

Daddy, you didn’t trust me Qibao Amber Pagoda is the strongest martial soul of Support Branch, but it has a major flaw I really want to know what kind of a genius your Brother San is If he’s really outstanding, he may be our grandson-in-law So strong Forth soul skill, Power Slam