PUSHKAR – Hindistan'da bir İSRAİL kasabası! / Hippi Cenneti

I’m now at Moustache Hostel in Pushkar This is the terrace of the hostel There’s one more floor on top but, people usually hang around here And it is a very pleasant rooftop indeed It is also known as ‘unearth cafe’ so it is also open as a cafe I could say that it is a hostel-cafe Food & drinks are quite good Now I’m going down This is the 6-bed dorm room. Cagatay is here by the way He doesn’t feel good today so I’ll go out alone and walk around and This bed is mine I came down to the reception now He’s taking care of us as we are staying here There’s a temple as well So interesting that there’s a temple in the hostel You can listen to the mantras in the morning And I’ll show you a very awkward warning right now! It says ‘beware of monkeys’ It’s not a joke guys. The monkeys are climbing to the windows you see As you know, these monkeys may get agressive and mischevious sometimes In that case, you really need to be careful because if a monkey bites you, you need to get rabies vaccination immediately after They say you should keep your windows close because monkeys can steal your items The most notorious creatures in India are monkeys, not the people. 🙂 Let’s go out now and see the streets of Pushkar It was not EASY to get to Pushkar 🙂 Hello everyone! Now we are heading towards Ajmer. In fact not towards Ajmer, Ajmer is just the middle point so we will just stop there and move towards Pushkar We couldn’t find a direct bus or train from Jaipur to Pushkar We left our hostel (in Jaipur) very late I don’t know why we did such a move this late We’ll see! We are ready to get miserable on the road anyway 😀 We’ll buy the tickets here It’s 155 Rupees (2 usd) to Ajmer We are buying the tickets right now and from Ajmer, we’ll most likely take a tuktuk Here, I’ll use my beloved work ‘distressing’ in this bus We are now going to Ajmer by bus. It is really distressing It really is 🙂 I like reflecting as it is rather than always showing some marvelous background and landscapes We are two people and we make fun and jokes if anyone says or does something weird so we don’t have any problem As you know I’m traveling with Cagatay these days Cagatay was walking ahead of me and some weirdo tried to hold his hand So as I said, I’m just explaining as it is without adding anything good or bad These kind of journeys may sometimes get quite unpleasant for a single woman or even a single man We arrived in Puskar, Moustache Hostel right now Today we’ll apply austerity policy for our budget so we’ll stay in a tent like this Hello everyone again!!! I’m now walking around the main bazaar area in Pushkar. It seems so touristic I haven’t done much reasearch yet

This has been my first impression so far It’s only been 10 min. by the way 😀 Cagatay explored something for us already We explore some place like this in every city we visit By the way the coconuts are 25 years old I guess Cagatay: This coconut is older than me. Look at that! Cagatay: But we figured out the bug of this place Cagatay: We should do a fruit and vegetable mix! We always find a place like this, which we think clean enough And we get a fruit mix every morning In order to keep ourselves healthy You see the cows eating stuff on the ground The stuff was the products of the guys standing right there The cows came and took half of his products and started eating as the guy can’t / don’t say anything Nobody can say/do anything. They just laugh and let them eat whatever they choose 🙂 I can safely say that Pushkar is a ‘hippie’ town In a few minutes, you’ll see what I mean once you observe people’s way of dressing, acting and all We are now in one of the most vivid avenues of Pushkar It is extremely touristic That’s why there are many small shops as you can see And they sell some stuff appealing to the ‘hippies’ I asked for the prices of some I’ll show you some examples These pants are around 300-250 rupees You can lower the prices by bargaining in all around India So we can say that these are like 150-200 rupees and it’s 2-2.5 usd A cloth like this is 250 rupees here They got different colours and it looks smooth But we had found the same from 100-150 rupees in Delhi It is still very cheap (3-4 usd) There are plenty of shops as such This is why the vendors are aware of this situation so that you can bargain at every point Quite a colourful street Something strikes my attention here. The local women love wearing their traditional clothes They also love staring at the camera 🙂 These are the local old women who are in a constant state of searching for accessories They love this life There are some gorgeous ponchos Each costs 300 rupees Like 4 usd It could be very useful when it’s cold here The prices are low and the quality is high I’ll probably buy one of them here. (you can see which one it is on my Instagram) Let’s see inside as well Here the prices of each poncho is 300 rupees like the previous one But there is plenty of choice in this one This one, for example, appeals to me! I can try this one These kind of stuff like sleeveless He said 220 rupees before bargaining After bargaining, it may come down to 150 rupees I guess This guy perfectly fits this place

The baggy trousers, flip-flops, and rhasta style hair, Many of those kind of people are around here There’s another thing that strikes my attention The people are happy I think the reason is that it is a small village-like place Generally, it is the case everywhere else in the world as well If you go to a big city like Delhi, people turn out to be more agressive But here, the happiness is all around I can safely say We are walking towards the lakeside because the road was so exhausting Right this spot reminded me of Varanasi But just right this location However, other than that, it has almost no connection with Varanasi in a sense of level of chaos And the number of tourists are incredibly high There are more than 50 Ghats in Pushkar I already mentioned Ghats in my Varanasi video But let me explain what Ghat is Ghat means the steps leading down to a water, which is considered holy in Hinduism (mainly) Its meaning may change depending on the context and the literature However in India and Hinduism, ghat means the steps leading down to a holy water When you step down those stairs, you get to the river or waterside And down there, mainly Hindus (not only) burn the dead body of their beloved ones After such a funeral pyre, they believe that their beloved one reaches to the Moksha Not everyone can burn the body because they need a huge amount of woods I assume you need over 300 kg woods so not everyone can afford that That’s why there’s also a possibility that you are not able to burn the body I decided to have a pair of socks only for getting into the temples and ghats because the birds, cows, dogs, pigs and all the floor is not really suitable for bare feet sometimes The authentic vibe in Varanasi does not exist here to be honest I mean the mystic atmosphere is not around here Because here the Ghats are usually surrounded by tourists I got a feeling that these Ghats are all for the tourists these days I’m at another Ghat right now. They put those food on the ground So that they believe dead souls are satisfied if not physically That’s why those kind of food are put by their beloved one These hippies are almost all foreigners

They play music and sing songs sometimes Most of them live here It’s a ‘vegetarian village’ so almost impossible to find meat You can’t easily find meat and its products That’s why some call it a ‘vegetarian village’ But there are so many tasty vegetarian choices that you don’t even try to find otherwise and can make you feel like you better off becoming a vegetarian Especially those two cafes One of them is this The other one is this Those two places are competing with each other If you go towards one, the other one is trying to lure you by calling ‘hello! hello!’ We got really hungry now so we’ll try some stuff They make falafel here and assume that we are Israelis. I don’t know why In fact my face is quite like an Israeli face It’s so delicious and recommended by many He put hummus inside The ingredients are here It looks like a clean place. There’s no problem since it’s cooked in front of us The number 3 is our favorite It costs 160 Rupees , which is around 2 usd So it’s 13-14 Turkish Lira I can’t say so cheap but it is really tasty There’s literally ‘everything’ inside! Cagatay: There’s pineapple, nutella He’s just making up 🙂 What else Cagatay? Cagatay: Prawns, fish oil, jam… It’s excellent! Yes there’s even pineapple tail Here it is! Milk chai (Milk tea) as in any other corner in India He says 10 rupees 10 rupee, which is like 15 cent and it smells nice I might as well get one Samosa = 20 rupees Cagatay’s stomach is in a bad condition. Should I take one of these to him? 😀 He’ll get well immediately after I think Sweet chapati = 20 rupees I’ll give you an interesting information Tourist population in Pushkar is just extremely high There’s an immense influx of foreigners in this village There’s a huge Israeli community The first reason is Pushkar being very famous and trendy amongst Israeli people It is coming from generation after generation As you may know, there’s conscription in Israel For men it’s three years while it’s two years for women. (numbers may change) Right after their military service, these youth wants to get relaxed Their immediate address would be India Because India is both culturally and traditionally very intriguing and laid-back It’s so cheap at the same time If you explore some places like Pushkar, which is cheap, you actually see that the country as a whole can get very cheap They come and spend around 6 months leaving only 15-20 usd per day

At the end of this 6 months, they return to their homeland with a refreshed mind and body This whole situation is also supported by their families Especially Pushkar, Himachal and Goa Those three places are the most common among Israelis Another importance of Pushkar for Israelis is Chabad What’s Chabad? They can also pray there You can basically think of sinagogue (but not the same). Israelis can find their praying place easily in this way You can see only three languages on the boards and signs in the streets here: Hindi, English and Hebrew We are in front of a very ordinary shop but as you can see, they wrote also in Hebrew Another one And another Hebrew sign The vendors and shopkeepers are all speak Hinglish (the mixture of Hindi and English) but They sometimes speak Hebrew too Not fluently but the most basic stuff like Shalom, thank you, welcome etc They ease their work in this way Because I think around 80% of the foreigners here are Israelis They even go so far that in some hotels, Shekel (Israeli currency) is accepted Because these people come here directly with their Israeli currency (Shekel) A dream catcher shop They are beautiful! I love them I can’t say that I wish I had a settled life but If I had, my house would be full of these stuff If I put myself in a settled life one day, I can come here just for buying these things This is the second place I would stop by if I have a settled life one day So many beautiful things and they are so cheap You can get your house full of these stuff But I’m on my way, anyway… I hope YOU have these if you are settled 🙂 So I just decided that this shop would be the third stop if I had a settled life These kind of sword shops are also very common here They are literally everywhere There are some street barbers like in Varanasi He made his own roof and all I don’t know how much it is. I’ll ask It costs 200 rupees for haircut 200 rupee… I couldn’t calculate 😀 I think 3 usd 3 usd equals to 20 Turkish Lira To be honest, it is not really cheap compare to the prices in Turkey Slightly cheaper than the average I can’t pass without saying this: While I was traveling in India, I used the words ‘distressing’ and ‘chaotic’ too often However in this city, I haven’t even mention them and I think I won’t Because there’s tranquility in this city There’s also peace Relaxation too This is why I haven’t seen any chaotic atmosphere in this place at all

Now I’m heading back to the hostel We’ll pack our backpacks, eat something and hit the road again Our next stop will be Jodhpur I don’t know the reason but I always confuse it with Jaipur and Udaipur 🙂 Now we’ll be heading for Jodhpur We’ll pack We’ll have to go by bus but there’s no direct but except for the one departing at 6am We decided not to hassle with the one at 6am Therefore we’ll probably leave in the evening as usual Let’s see how difficult it will be Now we left Pushkar and are going towards Ajmer by a local bus The bus is beyond ‘full’ We are heading towards Jodhpur We left Pushkar already We are still trying to reach Ajmer And when we reach Ajmer, we’ll take another bus to Jodhpur See you guys in Jodhpur… (Let’s not forget to subscribe) 🙂