Camouflage im Test – aus der Sicht des Wildes – Teil 1

How’s the winter suit? Toasty Welcome to another video I have to admit, that this video took a lot of time to be done and cost me a lot of sweat and nerves because some aspects were a lot more complicated than expected Originally I’m a photo guy and in photography color correction works a littlebit different than in video that’s why I expected it to be a littblit easier but when I start I wanna finish it And there have been lot’s of supporters and I don’t want to disappoint those people but I also want to say sorry for the long wait But until the last days there was this one thing I wasn’t ok with and if I’m not convinced about it I can’t publish it It has to be 100% By the way, many thanks to Max who gave the crucial hint at 2 am What’s it all about? It’s about camouflage clothing for hunting Most of us have camo clothing at home most probably more than really needed at least if you’re a gearhead like me and my crew And one day we asked ourselves does the whole stuff work? and if how does it perform? Whats the best pattern? So we met and brought everything we owned And we brought together 12 different and most common patterns One thing was supported by Manuel from have a look at the shop, link in descrition like all the other info for the video that was a very nice move and I wanna say thank you again! Hunting camouflage – why testing it at all? deer vision is different from human vision it’s a biological fact The eyes of deer are structured in a different way than human eyes there are many examples in wildlife for different perceptions there are birds able to see UV light useful for birds of prey to find small mammals by tracking their urine and if it comes to hoofed game let’s make it easy for the moment let’s say they have a red-green deficiency it comes from the receptors for the different wavelenghts of light to be found in hoofed game’s eyes but the video is not ment to be a scientific paper but I’ll try to put links for additional info in the description Nuff said for the moment Now me and my crew tried to to film all the diferent patterns and color correct them in the post to at least give an impression of how it could be I say could be, bacause I put in everything I was able to in terms of research in terms of technology, knowledge and enthusiasm

but I’m not claiming the absolute truth on that! One thing, that was most irritating was almost every big print magazin for hunting covered that subject sometimes with very diferent presentations what led me to work very intensively on the color correction because I wasn’t that satisfied with their results I don’t want to blame somebody at all! In the broadcast industry there is a saying: “effect before logic” and their results didn’t looked that logic to me always but often very effectful whatever that means I don’t wanna blame anybody I wasn’t always able to understand the results Now what you’ll see is my personal opinion, my interpretation if anybody has indications for me being completely wrong please leave a comment! I for sure won’t tell you how I did it because there’s months of work in it But I’m ready to discuss if it’s nice and polite 😉 Enough palaver what did we do? we took our 12 patterns and filmed them on a meadow and in the woods Reflecting different lighting, different backgrounds, different greens and different situations we wanted to show and test When you look at the scenes – as it’s quite long – pause the video at different positions and have a closer look I didn’t want to do this in post, ’cause everybody is different Before we start with the testing and deervision, I want to introduce our tested patterns but after that we go straight to the woods and I’ll comment the scenes how effective the patterns in our opinion are So, which patterns do we have? A classic hunting green, everybody is probably wearing A safety orange blaze TrueTimber HTC Green Kryptek Mandrake Realtree APG – a winter suit Realtree Xtra Green Realtree Max4 – mostly for waterfowling Realtree Xtra – no green The Leafy 3D suit from Seeland A camo suit from deerhunter from Gore: Optifade Ground Forest (GF) and another winter jacket: Kryptek Highlander and the coolest combo is: all together And let’s start: the upper part is the normal human view on the bottom deervision and you see some colors missing, some greyish this is the classic hunting green with bagpack, rifle and a hat the first walk along the hegde

then a first stop – perhaps you’ll pause here and you already see, it tends to a grey but now moving on with the background and different greens it’s not sticking out that badly next position under a tree with less light and a good shadow and honestly, you disappear quite good, but have a look at hands and face: three bright spots! Next: safety orange blaze Light was a littlebit cloudy that day so there are changes in the light situation but I didn’t want to color correct that completely not to distort the results In fact it’s quite bright in human vision, and also bright in deer vision drifting to green here and there but overall it’s quite bright But we’ll see it later in the woods too now in shadow the moment the direct sunlight is gone it stays bright but doensn’t stick out any more that bad third True Timber HTC Green mostly sold at BassPro in the US, souvenir from one of my buddies overall a pattern more on the lighter side perhaps jump back to the presentation of the patterns to check At first position you can also see overall with almost no movement quite usable the right arm is quite bright, but same in HV (human vision) beige stays beige, the missing colors don’t change it that much overall a brighter pattern, quite uniform with lot’s of micro struture silhouette im my opinion still visible next: kryptek mandrake a quite modern pattern imho too much micro pattern less bigger spots and overall also quite light works here and there but kneeing here it looks brighter to me than others but perhaps not esp. ment to be used in our vegatation but more for desert-like coyote holes and here in the shadows you see the person In my opinion for our conditions not ideal next: Realtree APG – a set (padded and quite hot in the sun) I’ve worn a lot the first years from Deerhunter, very thought out, built in seat cushion etc sunlight is here also a point, but kneeing here it’s very usable you have to keep in mind, you know where I am in the picture the animal doesn’t know that at best in the shadow you can see lighter and darker areas in the pattern and the silhouette is broken quite good, bat again the hands I’m satisfied with that and would use it furthermore next: a set in Realtree Xtra Green with bigger green areas in it also here the right arm reflects very strong in the sun but here at position one it’s not 100% human silhouette any more Christoph is rushing here a littlebit

and at the darker position not that much improvement with less light also midrange now the sun came out and my friend Gabriel is wearing his beloved Realtree Max4 We’ll see if he loves it still after the test ’cause it’s very light but you have to see, it’s a reed pattern and reed has almost no green in it so it most probably would work better with reed around But here in a very green enviroment it doesn’t work that well But only because you own it, I wouldn’t wear it in such an enviroment Here again, there is a person visible. Period next Realtree Xtra, the second last but without green and it also looks quite bright to me here and there some spot fade to green but definately on the brighter side there’s minimal difference between head, hands, face and cap bute could probably work very good in autumn when there’s less green around with the darker background silhouette still visible then the Seeland Leafy 3D suit I really liked it so far, because it’s quite airy but it’s very dark and is already very visible in HV in DV on the bottom as well I don’t know how effective the fringes are. Perhaps it feels just good But I think its too dark and to uniform in the pattern if there would be some lighter areas it would perform a lot better I’m convinced here in the darker spot Darker pattern, darker spot, works not that bad. Could also be a thick tree It’s me, I’m allowed to say that 🙂 now with more sun: the deerhunter camo suit I don’t like that pattern most of the time. But it’s not about me the worm has to be tasty for the fish, not the angler and here you can see, even with more sun out if you forget about the hands in that kneeing position, it could also be a bush and in the darker area And, aha! that’s a very good result even if I didn’t liked the pattern so far I’d say it’s very effective there’s a lot of yellow aiding in the Pattern, too Here we see a suit in Optifade Ground Forest kindly borrowed by Manuel (Pirschershop) Gore has been one of the first to try modern digital camo working with micro and macro layers in the pattern but in this case I’m still thinking it’s only ok in the bright sun I’m not that enthousiastic now in the shadows it’s working better covered by a ground stand or in an open highseat not that bad but I think there’s room for improvement, yet it’s usable Now the last pattern – Ali my dear friend was quite sweating in the padded suit – Kryptek Highlander I’m still thinking, Kryptek is not made to be used in our vegetation this pattern is a littlebit more on the browner side

and I guess it could work very well in certain enviroments as you can see some good structure in the pattern even at the distance but colorwise its very light by the way, the snoring in the background – should you hear that – is my dachshund puppy but so I know at least, where she is and here under the tree, my friend Ali as a person very clear to see and he’ll be very lucky in 3 seconds to take off the warm gear now in the woods we start with classic hunting green again just changed the view to a left and right display in front of the tree good to see differences in the greens of the set no problems here the scene here is uneven flooded by light now a second position against the higher trees an here as well the chest is quite dark, but esp. at the legs it not that bad and that surprised me to be honest now with bright sunlight It’s quite unlikely to stay in the middle of the ladder but the silhouette would vanish quite good now entering the seat, a classy hunting situation looks ok to me, but the thights are very bright they really stick out but the human silhouette from my point of view vanishes very good and now you can see the difference to the direct sunlight on the meadow with the safety orange blaze if it’s not that bright and reflects that much it’s adapted quite good by the diferent range of colors in this enviroment meaning if you can decide on a driven hunt between a stand in the sun and one in the shadows from now on I’d most likely go for the shadow and here against the “horizon” of trees absolutely ok, but the two dark legs are very visible and now again, like previously on the meadow, direct sunlight and it glows that’s the point that made me thinking about the color correction over and over again but I can’t see any errors left in my thinking In direct sunlight the blaze orange colors seem “dangerously” visible, diplomatically Next: True Timber HTC Green here in front of the tree, works just fine has a good structure but on the meadow it was one of the brighter ones passing here works still very good and in the bright sun here you can see again the high percentage of beige and it reflects and reflection remains reflection same on the ladder up here compared to the bare hands it’s very bright then Kryptek Madrake, way to bright on the meadow in the woods it’s better, but in front of the tree still room for improvement and here again, it changes here and there, but overall it works on certain spots, but not really in wide range of lighting on the ladder, as expected, almost glowing

and on top with a littlebit more shadows complicated to enter even here its very bright and moving your arms, what we do sometimes while hunting the movement, deer can see that quite good anyway, I don’t know, I guess Kryptek is tricky in our conditions at least the two kryptek patterns we had then the Realtree APG Set it’s quite a classic pattern with lots of brighter and darker, but bigger spots and structure and I really like the effect – not because it’s my clothing for me it’s good to work with here as well against that background if you reduce your movement I like it now to the tower trough the sunlight in direct sunlight it burns as well and here again the high percentage of beige but as nice as it might be sometimes to sit in direct sun after this test, it’s to me almost the same like sitting with the wind and here’s Christoph with Realtree Xtra Green Not bad as well in front of the tree it works now here on the more open area more contrast and against the horizon I think it at least usable Christoph is climbing like a gazelle Ok, he’s not as already said a thousand times stand in the bright sunlight, think about it it’s not that bad like other patterns, but not ideal Now Gabriel with his Realtree Max4 pattern I’d lie if I’d say, it’s not working in front of the tree with the right background, more brownish less green, more brown it can work, but it’s not made for this conditions, to say that again even here… well something’s crawling over the lens it’s better at a reed belt or perhaps in autumn you could work with now in the summer or spring, there’s green missing let’s see how it’s up there it feels almost a littlebit better than others but overall without direct sunlight you could perhaps work with here Next pattern Realtree Xtra without green And hereyou can see very goo, there are bigger darker areas missing that would be the green (in Xtra Green) so it’s again quite light perhaps better for seasons with less green around right now probably not the best

too much silhouette for me my friend Ali here is 2m something tall nevertheless it should also work for taller people up again very carefully seated leaning back into bright sun and even if he’s just covering himself with his arms hands down hands down! white chest lot’s of beige now here comes my Leafy suit very dark US snipers call that “tree cancer (?)” some dark blob growing unnaturally out of a tree looking like it doesn’t belong there and here again it’s just too dark, there are lighter areas missing good example for the importance of an uneven pattern a suit completely dark makes no sense and one completely light is also not good I’d almost dare to state, that the macro pattern, the big spots are way more important then the micro pattern If you know the pattern KUIU uses perhaps I can inspire them for another test because it’s mostly macro therefore I’d really love to test that as well actually I doubt a littlebit the importance of the micro pattern would be interesting to find out now the deerhunter camo suit, brighter than the other one and that one works better again, brighter overall and therefore it has more structure in the twilight not that perfect in the shadow of that tree but remeber, on the meadown under the tree in the shadow it was really good I almost gave it away but now I’ll keep it perhaps I’ll give away the other one but again up here, yes it’s dark but remember, you know that there is somebody sitting not moving a lot and with hands and face covered for me it’s a positive surprise Now Optifade Ground Forest Has been the hot shit two years ago and it’s not that bad again you can see the macro pattern bigger bright and dark areas in the pattern not that bad and here if you’d be closer to the tree it’s dark, but with more structure in it up the ladder and here you can see he’s vanishing quite good not that bad if there’d be any kind of camouflage on the stand just a slight camouflage but that wouldn’t be possible here, because it to enter from the bottom but the pattern is not bad could be a little lighter and the last one: Kryptek Highlander in the winter version

nice and warm for summertimes there#s more brown in it, than in mandrake surprisingly not that bad and it’s – not the pattern but the clothing – the winter version when you won’t have that much green but in a nice, dirty winter it can really work and here I’m surprised because it didn’t worked at all on the meadow it was super bright, but here it’s better there’s another pattern from kryptek, called altitude a mixture between grey, brown and green unfortunately we don’t own that and it has to be ordered from the US perhaps I can get hands on that would really like to test that as well but again on top of the stand it’s not that bad and if you remember the difference to the result from the meadow outside bad, in the woods even better almost one of the best ones and that’s it from the woods That was the test of our 12 patterns in the two different enviroments now the big question: what’s the best pattern? what’s good, what’s bad? my personal opinions and interpretations you heared already several aspects came up again and again shadows sunlight backgrounds etc and that’s the problem – there’s not that one perfect camouflage the one thing you buy and you’re set for the rest of your life for me as a confessing gearhead I think that’s great, so I can buy more stuff Just kidding You have to adapt your clothing to the enviroment and the circumstances like seasons certain situations open ladder or closed tower perhaps in a blind at groundlevel or are you stalking all those have different requirements and that’s why one can’t say, this one works catgerorically better than the other one there are some points you can keep in mind I already mentioned that before One real big point, and I hope you have seen that in the scenes hands and face no matter what you’re wearing at all hands and face are three bright spots if you take your binos up for spotting and you move the bare hands, it’s two white moving spots and that movement ist deadly from my experience that’s why I mostly wear light gloves, thin ones in any camo light, dark, doesn’t matter as long as the skin doesn’t reflect any more if you want to go one further, use a facemask I really like those tube scarfs half pulled up the face together with a cap thats a point I really pay attention to what else what surprised me? biggest surprise was that the classic hunting green with slight differences in the greens and browns works really good at least in the classy situation, in the woods, shadows, hunting tower then, it’s really good nothing against classic greens and browns but I wouldn’t buy one set together head to toe all the same color but allow some color variations for jacket, trousers etc

so, classic green surprisingly good the orange blaze also kept my attention for a long time you’ve seen in the scenes, how completely different the orange performs just in case I haven’t metioned it so far the complete metarial was corrected the exact same style all patterns same correction always the same changes my personal result from the orange blaze is I most probably won’t wear the completely orange jacket you have seen any more but I’ll try to work with a vest or with a jacket where the orange is interupted by other bigger color areas to have the orange more selective especially if you’re put on a stand with brighter sun and that could be very nice in december I’ll try to reduce the orange areas to be so bright at worst of course always with the safety aspect in mind and I guess that’s it so far from me I’m very interested in your opinions on the patterns or after seeing this video there’s a new favorite please comment on that down below also if you’d like to see a certain pattern tested in the future I’ll then try to get hands on that pattern and do that in one of the next videos the filming for part 2 is already done – I’ll work on that right now but for this year, probably in summertime I want to do part 3, with some patterns already in mind and will therefor try to get some companies to support the project because I really can’t buy all the stuff It’s absolutely not about “free stuff” but so far some companies are already interested in the results themselves there’s nothing bad about it Forgot something? check my notes Part 2 will be out very soon not to miss that just ring the bell and subscribe we also could reach the 1k subscribers soon and even if it’s not that important, it would be very nice I’ll be at IWA again this year, looking for interesting stuff Instagram is also available and way more active, because of the lower effort needed Nevertheless thanks a lot for watching for the endurance, it’s quite a long video part 2 will be a lot shorter! so long, stay safe, have fun, feedback very welcome, thumbs up or down Waidmanns Heil and Servus 🙂 and under the table my dog’s sleeping on my feet I’ll just film that