Study in Poland – Student Visa Process

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you you can you hear me yep okay I believe I’ve lost my voice in the middle for some reason and I hope everybody can hear me now so we have the personal polish universities offer personal touch to international student their mentors are basically what we’re giving classroom very small they host international events for the students so the student is going to pole in the opportunities are quite a lot so student can have a lot of exchange program they can meet other different students from different countries because polish University have our international student mix the accommodation is very cheap and even the food prices is also cheaper as compared to the other part of Europe like Norway Finland or Denmark the pole is cheap being in the center of Europe it’s very easy for students to move into Europe from Poland because they love buses and trains which moves in and out of Europe why I Pollin so being a centric a central hub it’s very easy for students to go to the different cities of Europe at a very low cost the city is not very crowded so student do not feel traffic and delays and they don’t they are not the cities of Poland are not as big cities like Berlin or Frankfurt which are very crowded like London the cities are big enough and the number of people living are less so you actually enjoy the cities and you see that the high 3G broadband polish is again Poland is again one of the countries after large California which is very strong on their Internet polish University offer a very simple step-by-step admission process so to sum it up the USP of Poland is the quality of education is high the international study environment and visa will be Schengen degrees are internationally recognized because it’s a European country and European universities and if you pass your education from any European University it’s by default recognized across the world provides a common University nominally very rapid development you can open students can open their own businesses in Poland and get the visa converted into a work permit the security is never a concern so there is no racism in Poland for the students students don’t face any problems under utilized and many English program at the bachelor master level are delivered in English language then I said the is what so the currency is the lotty language poor they speak is Polish and English neighboring countries are Czech Republic Germany Lithuania and the visa Garba Schengen which means that student can travel to the rest of Europe in countries without any restriction diplomas are not available you only have bachelor degree for three years masters from 1.5 to 2 years and PhD from 3 to 4 years the admission requirement in taking deadlines the bachelor you need to have

50% marks in class 12:12 ease of education is recognized in Poland some universities in the master level some university might ask for higher percentage of marks from from India the admission is nearly guaranteed in all Polish universities you will not have problem with the admission part so if you have student won’t destroy Dean pullin specially from south India I suggest that you should focus on Putin because the business success rate per South India is very high in Poland English requirement I else is not required because the education is English language there to intake September in February but major courses starts in September correspondence and distance learning education is not acceptable in many of the universities in case we have some partner University accepting the program we come back to you the deadline for Poland of most of the universities is 1st of May sometimes in some university 1st of June is the deadline for the every session riddling will be 1st of December late application are always acceptable depending upon University University please let us discuss with the admission office before taking the application after deadline popular programs journalism international relation European studies law biotechnology and all-time favorite is also engineering programs are very well-known in Poland in born universities teach will be fashion master level approximately 2500 euros to 4000 euros per year and living cost will be 300 euros per month including accommodation local travel and medical care as well so the Carmen is very simple student who have got their education who has 12 they can fly for the mass bachelor’s and the three-year students I again repeat three-year bachelor degree is eligible to study in Poland non technical programs if you have a 3 lb caramel be a knots you can study in Poland without any problem you can see be able to mention the application procedure in visas Bankim in the name of the applicant and student have to show 10 to 12 lakhs rupees for the visa they can borrow it from the parents they can borrow from the bank whatever they want this powers visa is allowed to study visa is one year so once you finish the education poor and the foliage government allows you to class to stay back in Poland from one year to find the jobs important and in a European Union let’s call postage obsequies a document required I think we will be sharing this with you it has nothing much but it’s going to be complete national visa form and other things are visiting will take care of the visas but basically it’s all the basic paperwork you required for the application for Schengen visa the admission it from University the payment information it will accept the tuition fee in advance only then they will give the letter for the visa so student has to pay the patient P before the visa which ever program they’re going for so all the comments are written on here the document has to be a post I’ll and Indian office will has the student to a post and documents and the insurance student has to do it for 30000 euros so it’s cost five thousand eight thousand rupees in Indian currency for the insurance we’ll be sending you some links to read more about pulling you can get more information but pouring from these particular links and now I will be taking your question answers we will be discussing more about individual cushions added to admission and visas will be going through all the quotients

first when it comes to age in Poland or any European country we do not recommend student to apply for our bachelor degree more than 24 and the Masters in Porton approximately 35 to 38 because if student is more than 24 years old in any Schengen country please please note it down because this question comes always all the time if the student is more than 24 25 years old it is not healthy to apply for pastor program in Schengen countries because it’s a negative profile the chances of visa is very very less it should go for a non-schengen country get the degree and then move on for the masters to the Schengen country but the Masters is 35 up to up to 40 years we could make the application but we always recommend 35 38 a question down on the top window all the questions we have for admission in visas I have given your website on where you can find all the programs related to Poland you can actually use this website for doing a course search this website belongs to the Ministry of Education and : the recent bank account accounts that accepted yes of course they are accepted the recent background as well because students they understand a student doesn’t have the money the parents give the money and student something off to open the account so you’re in countries including Poland the it’s II is it’s easier it’s it has no problems with their bank account then you can find this all the programs in the field you want any of the questions you can find all the programs and be the search engine here we will send you the presentation in which you will find more search engines you can use either the search engine they all are same this is the search engine maintained by the national agency of Poland any more questions please part-time jobs are definitely available in Poland the curve because students can work part-time 20 hours a week in Poland and if we talk about jobs opportunities in Poland compared to Baltic countries they are absolutely same you can actually have it’s the same chances of getting a job you can get a job in Poland and in Volta Camtasia this is the problem it’s same like that but if you have a opportunity I will say go to Baltic until your visa is more easier and less complicated in Baltic countries as compared to Poland any more questions and visas admission is nearly guaranteed information diversities so if you have a student who have a education who have got the regular education and not the distance learning they will be definitely having no problem getting the admission in any of the Polish universities some of the top universities our study is Warsaw University technology Wroclaw University of Technology Poznan University of Technology where you can find all

technology programs any questions I believe all the questions are done here in case we have more questions you can ask me now otherwise we’ll bring this session to the end it’s a good question now a student going for bachelor degree or a master degree the Oval can work part-time it’s not like the tween year that you can’t work part time from the bachelors program but the first six months so I will say anybody going for any program in Poland can work part-time during their education any more questions please you can still think of something um answers not required for even good universities because most of university will be give you a wave of to the Indian students because they have education in English language embassy also known to koala LTS in case you have FAQ there also on the websites let students get any jobs yes don’t get a job search visa for one year post their education stones who would like to live in Poland after the education they’ll get a one-year job search visa to stay back and pullin his passion are also able to get post ready work visa once happens we bash the program spouse visa is possible when the student reach Poland they can apply for this powers after reaching there there is no time period to wait they can apply as soon as

they reach there I believe we have answered all the queries here thank you so much for joining me for this session just like always we will share the complete material with you today in the evening if in case you are not getting material on daily basis you can send an email to me on my email address directly I publish my email address here so we are selling the old material which we use to presentations every day after the presentations the age limit for the bachelor for European countries in Schengen countries is 25 bath he makes the bring the eyebrow raise the eyebrows the visa officer because the visa has to be given to student for the motivation 25 years old student if they of course you can apply you can get the admission nobody can stop you and you might get the visa but you will not be sure about it you have to live in Poland for five years to get your polish arisen see so you have a permanency set is important any more questions please thank you so much I’ll see you in my next presentation tomorrow and we will discuss about the country thank you