Dragon Quest VIII: Die Reise des verwunschenen Königs »Deutsch« Part 135 Fluch aufgelöst

we darling yeah we only went and played daddy at last I can finally go back until bangers and mash it all over and I have something to tell Alastair to that he was right all along I only made it this far because I followed my heart hmm who’d have thought we’d ever manage it he should be an interesting anecdote for the ladies how big granddad and the Oaks princess would be having a whale of a time by now they must be back to normal at last I’m off surprised the old codger ain’t turned up to surprise us as usual but even he could spring up in a place like this I i transported your friends back to their homeland each one of you is a great hero younger’s Jessica Angelo and of course you I will never forget your strength and courage you remind me of the seven sages you humans never fail to surprise me it is time to land your friends are eager to see you again you here we are now you can be with your friends again ah there you are welcome back I saw you all in action my wonderful men you were magnificent I’m one of your men grandad neither am i and I’m a free agent of course of course I suppose you weren’t magnificent either wise bird God fired are you leaving us already this world is in no danger now my path leads to other words i see well anyways we are in your debt wait a minute aren’t you forgetting something what about the princess and I just how long are we going to have to suffer this outrageous curse well the power of Raffles curse is weakening it will not be long now really splendid I feel much better for hearing that well I don’t know where your next destination is the take care it is it a

proper to tell a god to take care I am NOT a god nor is my real name inferior these are but the names you humans have given to me I was known by a different name in the land of my birth there I was called lamia but now I must believe goodbye brave humans it has been an honor to have known you good bye granddaddy you sparkly it’s taken you this long to notice the personality as rich as mine always sparkles nah I mean literally take a look at yourself I’m back finally rid of that hideously ugly guys ha you don’t know different you look exactly the same as before what did you say are you blind he dazzled by my striking appearance no doubt which this is time for an argument where’s the princess where is my beautiful Medea hello everyone dear look back o my beloved Medea at last at last the curse is lifted everything is back as it should be father Hey look oh my gah cyl iCarly’s back to its own self too true Dane is restored the glory returns everyone this calls for a banquet prepare a feast

I need a monitor beta yeah hey long time no see I I ain’t seen your mark since we polished off that VAT geezer I’ve been playing it straight gov none of that dodgy business I was up to before I met you yeah I’ve been doing a bit of trading you know bits and bobs like been sailing around and selling stuff in all the places we went to together this bird mate of Mines been bugging me for ages to opal with it so here I am you’re looking at yang us the important exporting here anyway yo jaw big nose so you read of the palace guards than a diamond I’m well chuffed I can help you out on your first big job and a hope and it’s for none other than our darling old sprint oh listen to me she owned an old anymore is she so we’re escorting the princess to a wedding a server the cathedral right are the know though beats me why she’s still marrying that charmless bloke after all this happen oh yeah nearly forgot I was supposed to give you a message from this old Minister us are on the way over seems the princess is ready to deport now so you can go and fetch it from a wrong like i’ll be waiting down in the courtyard then i see you in a bit z % is sick a kind of credit to come as not need for by as an only one of the monitor for biovea rub form basic tab on moon comptia hot sides ah it’s been a while I came as soon as I heard the news so it seems will have the honor of escorting the lovely princess I just ran into y Angus to same as ever I’m a busy man as you know so I wasn’t too thrilled at first at having to drop everything and come over but it is good to see the old gang again anyway are you really all right with this wedding going ahead you don’t have to stick around if it’s too hard for you just do what you have to do my friend like I did when I left the abbey

until I so wonderful you know he looks after children who don’t have anywhere else to go don’t you he says he wants to repay all the kindness Abbott Francisco showed him when he was all alone in the world isn’t he just the sweetest man you ever met hey no need to tell the whole world I have a certain image to maintain with my admirers well then see you in a bit I’ll be down in the courtyard taking a break come and find me when you’re ready Etta germany via not your heart Olivia needs dimple differences as catira the end result Oh Kenisha line illusion tune neat finish something like circus turn I’m a guy Thurman was guyless fuel across it all via my mechanics fab how to finish so good he is good at the help me feel life hostage we had guy cannot respond via navathe want a mini me Dahlia cool aaseesh where is condors we can resume Sean what glob the hot at sss let’s daughter offish my well don’t want miss me all the credit score who does the citroen the burner style nei nei Minaj twitter has davon were thus far gang is good a cotton it’s soo hyung VMR ones of annoyed so on coke ma boo deep contestant is DBS patio van zile sewer as a ducati de gallo ha fiat sahiba disney and his trauma her distrust for the Afghan annum of the Henderson she’s been got a zebra what is here after manicou today chef Jeff heir kommt narrated with me a bit Mia he just yet so got the defender has put out for yourself you’ve added under the forbidden this year hyuga’s on villa count each Peter Dabish moga doctors eat organic Una’s ours is a second also has two shows before oh no Harper on the corner day itself as it Eamon are so ugly feverish own image from tagged can you see the algae me from OS red cept dry monk Norval primers place took voltage Muhammad Martin a visual Bob not took off after at my castle its first lesson just get off hope you could see Dan Iassogna got munson like must earn the air smell from Wolf come oh my gosh on board as Allah undergone timki Kameraden vida de buys in venetian the angles of veneer from youngistan under law doesn’t from the spoon war he seek asylum after fighter status is clay for buyer will news get enormous invite are you HOT such did on pc it’s a taste

in agonia Prince nigh button the smurfs it’s nice for please I’m hey there long time no see how’ve you been you look pretty well that’s for sure but how come you haven’t visited me in Alexandria I’ve missed you you know I was planning to go off and live on my own but my mother was so worried i ended up settling down back at home I guess the time I spent away from her made us both realize what’s truly important to us we get on really well now I’m not much of a replacement for my brother but I’ve decided to stay in the guy after Alexandria with everyone’s help of course but enough of that have you heard apparently y angus and red have teamed up now and they’re doing something together can you believe it last I remember they couldn’t exchange two words without three insults I wonder what went on between them huh you’re on your way to pick up princess m’dear yeah I guess it’s time to get going okay then I’ll be waiting for you down in the courtyard Yama’s are some good often you come down here on dec or blanket gone don’t you smile to get your winter music is village to morph so was he bitten what it owes going is Carter um Adam an eel ugh come along ah does it off to sit nothing tornos evilly his house the Commission’s of water a monotonous yeah until you could ship from bow right or the new unit eight ER Kearney’s to date dash tinder what the unknown loiter are a feisty smile assessment of fertilizer which means of Oviedo midnight anant of X design is indeed snip from the Angelo’s open lag on my country I mine a student that a slime yeah okay he mixed mikata texts are emphasized the Holden media up to a specialist guide resume has been canceled Elaine yeah I mean differences them above we see he’s will too yeah but we seed in yet a common design by Isis Edson’s am I smiled all mine mas o menos man Vic Fenton who’s he hulu nut oh my man so he keep disease fe la Vega keep zum wohl I know Carter wazza dah mo Zhi Hinda is tascam are from dick phantasm coming here I Calvin don’t know floor Tanana Stan Kyle from of hair drop target soupy bluetec if I Sean Maher tipsy flavors Moyes flash come yessica off cause even some others can automatically sign on Yangon water exemption Susan return of the entries on the a sensation leave this

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