Zapatos nuevos: Payasos de hoy en Europa. EXTRAS 1: Influencias /Influences (ENG-SPANISH)

Ok, we start with the two you’ve already mention because I’ve meet them personally as I’ve said before Charlie Rivel, I watched every day Charlie Rivel’s show and not only that, but the conversations in the dressing room and I asked questions and listen to him, so he has been very present Dario Fo as well I’ve seen many Dario Fo’s live performances in the 70’s and 80’s and his incredible presence at stage and also his compromise as a man concerned about politics Apart from this, my father, to get started with, my grandfather who was a great clown in England also people outside the comedy world but whom i find very interesting like Salvador Dali. Not for his paintings which I personally don’t like but for the typical character and this surrealist dimension that he gave to things, his performances I’ve also been lucky and saw Salvador Dali’s performances and they were incredible and influenced me a lot there’s a long list of people, there are not from movies people that have influenced me the most are people that I’ve meet personally The Colomabioni’s too, the first brothers because from all the new clowns and others they are the closest to my path in the sense that they in fact are from the circus they have renewed their tradition helped by Federico Fellini who has given a great vision of clowns Influenced? My brother The Fumagalli’s they are brothers and they’re very good, very good, they are sons of that man who did Fellini’s “I Clown” that old man who dies… they’re his sons About Clowns itself, Jango Edwards is one of the main cornerstones of all the movement and sincerely he has a great inner strength and whom i am very fond of every time i see And then a long list.. but if I mention one I don’t mention the other and Michael Moore, from what i can see in his career he’s a buffoon, his not a clown but he is a buffoon and the strength that he’s had as a buffoon to maintain Beppe Grillo as well, in Italy, very much in the direction of Dario Fo Characters not very well known which for me are amazing Peter Petovsky, whom if you mention to Jango Edwards, probably he can tell you… he is an American whom hasn’t had the public success that he should have had but he’s one of the men that make me laugh the most, absolutely

I think clowns, to me personally, I wasn’t afraid of them, but i didn’t like them. They didn’t make me laugh Once I saw….the first time i laugh with a clown was seeing, i was already adolescent, well not adolescent, but close, called Pio Nock who was a guy who did a thing with plates, he broke plates Remember that guy, he did a number where he stud up on a chair and break a plate It was something very naive but very beautiful i have to say that they brought out handsaws so for a kid suddenly a guy chasing another one with a handsaw even if there were rubber you knew nothing was going to happen to him but it wasn’t… classic circus clowns which were what we had seen, not clowns form Las Vegas, which is a different level were a little counterproductive the wanted they search for laughter They had some sort of cruelty, incomprehensible They always had a violence that was very… I think they have modernize they’ve taken out this kind of… i don’t know how to say it… stereotype Of darkness… because it was kind of dark. There was the circus, with their lions, their tigers, their things and so A suddenly appears a character that is a shock Well we’ve always mention it, to not get lost we always refer to Tip y Coll But truly the ones that astonished us were Monty Python Well the artistic influence you have is from everything you feed on everything since you’re a child What we can say is that we are humor professionals that we’ve asked money for doing humor after seeing Le Luthiers, sorry I mean Monty Python, Le Luthiers as well but less Monty Python because it was kind of a shock to say what is happening that humor can be done with very subtle things, sophisticated, intellectual, and so if these people can do it in England, well in England and the Anglo-xason, world it can also be done here and then we saw Le Luthiers, we had seen Tip y Coll too, and that influenced us to work in humor And then the influences are all everything you’ve seen, from more prosaic things

Lina Morgan or I don’t know anything can spur you Yes, well you don’t resign to anything, because as Javier said long time ago, to provoke laughter we are capable of pushing our mother or to laugh so to make people laugh or to laugh ourselves so there’s room for anything I can tell you that I didn’t expect that for example, Cantinflas, when we were in Mexico, was so funny and friendly out of stage and at his house I’ve been at his house and enjoyed myself as a child I like and appreciate many, I mean; I like those who are original that have their own craziness… their own That at first i say: What are they doing? and then a universe opens I like those things that someone creates her own world To me Charles Chaplin and Buster Keaton are my ideal They also have tragic stories of characters that are a little on the verge of society they are not great heroes, they are and the stories are sad, but make you laugh and there is a dramaturgy on the story how to say it? To me… I’ve never been able to do sketches or skits I mean, I’ve done a circus season, but my strength is on epic histories The long ones, i start, I have my drama, i have my catastrophe and I have the solution Chaplin and Keaton are two that even today I find in great work in their movies You watch them today and they’re perfect If we talk about silent film, the one I like the most is Harry Landon,

although I’ve also learn from Buster Keaton, Chaplin, from Linder, from Laurel and Hardy But for me the most kind, subtle and helpless is Harry Landon Among circus clowns of course, I’d choose Charly Rivel for being the most childlike, naive and brilliant Everything I like is summarized in these clowns Among theater clowns is very difficult Jango is fantastic, Leo is fantastic Bill Irvin, I could name at least 10 How to choose? It’s almost impossible. They’re all different and have different strengths When you see one you forget about the others but when you se another one you forget about everything else It’s impossible to choose Is like if you put in front of a child a bowl of candies and you make him choose just one Let’s see… Monti, Monti without any doubt of my same generation, Monti is a great colleague, a great clown It’s harder than woman Leo Bassi but I don’t know if he’s a clown I think his a a buffoon i difference between clown and buffoon a clown you would love to bring home for lunch and a buffoon never, never But Leo is a great clown-buffoon and then there so many that Oriolo, Monti’s partner but essential he’s the best contra-auguste that I know and he’s lovely as a person and as a clown Jango Edwards when I saw him long time ago Totell Poltrona whom i started with and who moved me a lot and that inspired me to become a clown Charlie Rivel when he was old and it was incredible, because he was such an abstraction of clown that what is this person doing? Why is he explaining so much by just moving one hand? The Great Fattini climbing up a lamppost Many circus artists who move you I’ve also been moved watching theater, watching Teatre LLuire, watching Comediants whom I’ve admire a lot I think all of them; I’ve tried to take something from each one of them Charlie Chaplin also the great ones of comedy

They’ve caused admiration on me and I’ve tried to imitate them Leo Bassi becasue he is so crude A part of each one, each one produces this emotion that we talked about that touches something of yourself, that you say: that is what I also wanted to have, to show people There have been from Poltrona to Jango, Leo, Gustav Parking Johnny Melville my partner Oriolo for a long time, many people On every moment there’s someone there Buff, everyone, everyone, i don’t know, from Batch, Beethoven, Mozart to to Casals many… and referring to clown All of them, i mean, I think anyone who wears a nose and is capable of to come out to give a little good felling to people deserves a lot of respect But obviously to me I worked with Rivel, I worked with Popov wich are maybe the greatest clownesque experience I’ve had I lived with Jango in the Soviet Union, when still… with Jango living with him, because an American and a Spanish have nothing to do but at that moment in the Soviet Union we were the most alike in the world Leo Bassi’s provocation