[Let's Play] Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 5 – Teil 3/6 (Die Stadt im Himmel!)

hatzlucha become more delicious allophone of am hearing wave ich bein minecraft story mode episode of film fight our fears and melts Petra Lucas and I’ve war in two weeks I’ve war huh tons of iron on global just geheimnis off maximum must posses in the temple on log of the philippine soil TV epithets ogni tanto souped hutton all my cooking our food is illogical highness t even beyond the kreller rosu english i was it felt bad flights are shown and the video to a bloody imitating Jesse what do you say some kind of portal it’s just as I’d imagined spectacular that’s a weird-looking portal have you seen anything like it before no the old builders experimented with portals but this is different from anything I’ve seen here goes nothing that would teach English but soon this on but no thanks for bringing this back to me Jessie I knew you were good for something you’re pretty easy to follow you know that that thing is way bigger and more powerful than you can understand eight and give it fast as the person who just got not trying to light it step aside Jessie we’re heading through that portal now oh no way Hayden you’re done this is where it ends fine blaze rods clear me a path okay oh my- Bucs I was like this let’s go Oh we’ve got to follow them they get the ever swords who knows what trouble they’ll cause we’re going after Aiden and we’re going to take him down her voice lessons the entire vartals if target sighted Oh God descoteaux MasterChef dolphin gusto oak tree guns shailesh house the mantle feel for the into hedge guards whoa don’t worry I’ve got you okay that’s good oh you are surprisingly heavy I am the proportionate weight for my height thank you very much there you go easiness thank you thank you definitely don’t want to fall down there any sign of the place rocks no nothing do you think Aidan knew about all this the portal the ever source he definitely seems to know now ah Oh hey you guys see that one so very strange this must want said oh wow looks like some kind of city that’s incredible that’s it that’s where it must be the officials city and the clouds it almost sounds impossible I just don’t know how we’re gonna reach it yeah that’s definitely gonna be a problem I can’t believe this we fall through a portal into another world and then we can’t even go anywhere okay people you know the drill what did you guys bring with you that’s my private business didn’t exactly bring a whole lot why because we’re building a bridge and they’ll take everything we have I don’t know seems like a long we have enough blocks I mean it’s really really far yes very astute yes I’ve wore the grump strikes again I see elementary my dear Lucas the underside of this

island is much much bigger than it appears really Jesse’s right if we strip this whole island down to nothing it might just be enough the nature of administering it wasn’t poker anything’s but doop doop do doop doop daughter of blissful to flash a question Lucas is push on just trying to keep away from the edge it’s all edge ok gang I think that should do it let’s make ourselves a bridge excellent nut up pop up up up up yeah ok this is our stop everybody off I for seriously photographer day of my lava house long live lava your building I you hi goat hey yeah we’re building is something wrong with that I uh you don’t know you you you you were building unauthorized building is against the law wait there’s a law saying people can’t build yes it’s forbidden this this makes no sense no sense I i well uh that’s the law oh geez I’m sorry we had no idea it’s a stupid law Oh cheese first those other outsiders now you other outsiders where are they oh they went to the end I’m sorry but that’s all I know wait wait wait come back never busy sorry and he’s gone dark I wonder if everyone here is that nervous she asked my viendo monistat also done Wow incredible wow that is absolutely beautiful yes clearly eversource is capable of miraculous things and when I get my hands on it hey how about you take a massive chill pill and we find it first yes you suggest I’m just getting excited and as crazy as Aidan’s been lately if he gets that thing it would be bad well if we beat him to it you will be able to get his slimy little hands on the thing we just need to find the end that nervous guy mentioned how hard could it be no idea it’s definitely our best bet so far agreed pooja from which you von plotz I’m a strictly something like yeah i love tinleigh festival as is there Sharon dish can and to learn cash days to me rubies or a see-through cage behind hope dose music aunt Elyssa information booths MV Aiden encore for the client in the heavy bag Langston’s but the varnish a mechanic open water I’ll ok flesh of the year agne material minutes away gift on your concern please Harry Potter by in business from samir for sauce zoo humor CM country mediator happens is off its ellos vista jaws of honor don’t he’ll finish doing ok I born better than okay city is magnificent you should really take notes for that town of yours you all goes you could manage an illegal good father does it suck my toes the magazine is much fun Zelda Skyward Sword first doesn’t clog we were to come there a voyage thank you food the city’s first and not bow mr. Suder honey no these are some popular crafting tables don’t worry everyone your turn will come in time please have your materials ready when you approach the crafting table huh knew I shouldn’t have waited so long to eat here versus what’s the deal vs passivity on these are studs de la ta da finish bound what I mean look she bound and wander off searched just this tour on microfiche that guy is really itching to use the crafting table come on I’m starving here huh this is a long line just to use a crafting table you’re telling me I’m so

hungry I could practically eat my wheat right here but i won’t i’ll be patient and turn it into delicious bread instead what uh what can i do for you i’m so hungry i heard you guys have an in somewhere around here where is it Oh Milo’s place that guy’s hilarious he’s over that away Milo huh Thanks no problem you’re such a more segue from the top skirmish fight somebody mittal hutton how’s it going oh you know still hungry still waiting come on that’s before not have a little yeah hey there are you on the schedule for the furnace this afternoon didn’t think there are any more appointments today hang on let me see here Gail 10 stone blocks oh yes that went very well Melissa three cooked pork chops she rescheduled flex akmal appointment why would I need an appointment to use a furnace by city law acts of crafting are only authorized with the founders permission this appointment system is in place to safeguard against any illegal building or crafting if you wish to make an appointment speak to the founder good day a non-voting the cs idea strict Angelita minecraft server Coon mother says I’m a loose please spirit in spirit again degwin devin deen fine i’m trying to boost from serving kicked Alice I’m no building no crafting no brewing no forging unless with express permission from the founder all complaints must be registered in person that’s it you can stop writing now tense this boss defends itself and so should I ok yeah don’t why you might say quickly hey Petra what you looking at just admiring the site’s actually this place is so cool I’m not usually one for like checking out people’s builds or whatever but even I have to admit this is really impressive Christy of Ozzy wins and is a pizzo de menthe on customers I’m bitin filter to Tata hood ass man look if I hey this message feels any figures Epstein’s pinged off of this is a telltale pillow meetings so that so gently of Martha’s er rotation aroma click see from the look too dear Luke went viral on the fall over here entman of target mom this in her home is my class Emily fields of by writing knowledge to adventure mr human flight about involve good arbor strong additional Phillies monton condition the founder is an accepting visitors right now Hooten hotness I’m over driven I Jones miracle normal in this one with my love it captain Reginald at your service hey so what are you guys up to oh just supervising this citizen while she does her build the Thunder finally approved my petition the founder that’s her Palace up there she is the keeper of the eversource builds everything you see some days I can’t even fathom how she keeps it all straight she’s incredible I’m a I’m a fan she builds everything yeah well it sure is amazing that’s why she gets to make the calls about what does or doesn’t get built like my build it’s no easy feat to get all these oak blocks your petition was very well handled oh gosh that’s nice of you I just don’t understand why everyone should be allowed to build ah what a sentiment I mean it is a good thought but it’s crazy off quinshad so the oldest active owner mr. Tully before us him its opponents or by the absolute can’t give them to an art connoisseur hi uh hello yeah wow you are really focused huh I mean yeah it took me weeks to get this building permit and i am not gonna waste it baskin know bout sida English azu platteville house hot cereals rookie you know told us 14 schools out a spell och goodness ver vice ocean do not Oh paresh biryani to padova closeness all of you how’s it going Lucas okay just watching these guards they really mean business yeah I wouldn’t mess with him if I were

you I was open sea but we’re not finishing dessert start fightin there are better who buys meters from distance or mother dollars to switch from this body even if Elias I’ve over this fish bit off it’s become porn cialis could even to another indecent aerosol can’t believe they just built their way right into jail no I’ve never seen anything like it hello oh my hello again can we uh do anything for you were you two talking about me just now um no no of course not uh-huh please don’t hurt us see I disappeared can you to point me in the direction of the end they must be looking for my all Shh I mean no no no you don’t know any Milo really that sure sounds like you know him uh okay okay we know of him if you really want to find him he’s the kind of messy looking guy vendors always falling down so messy thanks I guess you guys seem like you might have the scoop what’s up with the eversource well um well it’s in the palace I’ll just leave you guys alone then have a nice day please stop building it scares me what nothing we could have almost died just then wash it is told him photos misery I prefer new Lord in yer and from what song super corn if he’s in terms of it CJ against headphones are followed don’t step on the grass please okay sorry I just take my job very seriously because it is in fact serious business how many people get the honor of watching the tree but I’m pretty good at my job this guard must be special to get its own guard what’s the deal the dirt here is precious this garden feeds almost everybody in town if even one block or two drop over the edge who kept astra fee which listen clear to buy it at all snot more convincing Eric Fenton is a bit of algebra Kia here I’ll just come and principe bello a poem as a friend hit most of our never really got so he ends all over my lows on the camera off things how much dough can be sent off of maximum at that sees it or hosting gastos aha all signs point to that being the innkeeper like that sign so Austin y’all were everything they want and of them don’t you to feed us stuff in webos do feel and then that answers in the trippy sorry stranger can’t come up here put okay that navision of farm convos the hoff get over there and where should i this just give them here I’ll deal with him get her of your go go why hello there what can I do for you I’m not sure what the custom is where you come from but here it is considered impolite to stare especially when people are doing boring things not worth staring at like simply minding their own business next to a wall uh hi I’m sorry to bother you are you Milo yes yes that’s me a pleasure to meet you don’t see many new arrivals here in Sky City now what can I do for you friend I’m busy but I can spare a moment for a friendly stranger but not too many moments what did you need I heard you talk to the blaze rods earlier what did they want hmm hmm blaze rods hmm I I don’t know any blaze rods you must have been misled I’m sorry but it’s like I told those other Outsiders I can’t help you now please hey is our guy he tell you where to find the blaze rods how many of you are there I told you I don’t know anything he hasn’t told you anything yet is he hiding them somewhere I am uncomfortable with this line of questioning come on you can trust me nothing bad is gonna happen just help us fine if it will make you leave me alone that Aidan fellow did come talk to me earlier wanted to know where the ever source was called it I just told him what everyone else already knows the ever source is in the palace with the bounder that’s all that happened I swear what a bunch of creeps yes I wasn’t

terribly fond of them so where is Aidan now the group left for the palace and I haven’t seen them since attention attention everyone just a moment of your time please emergency meeting attendance is mandatory o slime blocks furious I wonder what that’s all about TR SE McLeish estacado get was passiert and remotely the graduates mins foster MGA tanong cool miss coladas on a leash law under state ID de and in Pulaski Johnson’s come to DC or tungsten tin sign yeah a good eventually drove it’s like an addiction hindle extreme Bible Nora’s aw Phil i vill avenge kazamachi alesh hinglish bands it might deezer interesant evades it is under of it David scale and it seems a tad envious Santos is this one fear does excellent Olivia by dragons mr. shailesh mohanty of new to fly shuttin the unfinished look fans there’s a food desert off-screen mostest story- like Amish Pedro movement for okay we see invite Vatican virtusa fondo beneath my thence fight against mitt minecraft story mode accept any test movida tribute on how foolish piss cats can spot