2011 Visa Championships – Men – Day 2 – Around the Gym Postshow

welcome back everyone to USA Gymnastics on universal sports we have wrapped up in unbelievable men’s all-around finals we are back at around the gym we are very fortunate to have two of the best in not only the United States but best in the world Jonathan Horton in El Leyva I got to start with you man how bad did you want this tonight really bad John can tell you how bad I wanted you know I’ve been messing with him constantly since last year and he’s always season messing with me and I’m so glad that he gave me such a hard push to win this meet you know um although I’m we’re gonna have a rematch at World Championships what do you think about that oh no doubt there’s always a rematch yeah I mean let’s be honest here I mean he’s good he’s real good but I’m coming I mean I’m there Donny I’m not letting this happen again I know and I’m not I’m not gonna let this you may I don’t using me but oh listen listen extremely proud of Donny he did a phenomenal job not gonna take anything away from him Thank I to go 12 for 12 like you did man that’s hard to beat so he’s one of the best gymnasts in the world we’re gonna have a phenomenal world championship to see her I can’t wait can be blessed not being this close neck-and-neck pretty much all year for you guys for me I remember going into the pre-olympic year definitely brought out the best in me and I think all the other competitors just being able to be so competitive and it’s so nice to have somebody in your same country that you can compete against and at the same time be that high up and at the World Championships is that is that kinda how you feel yeah definitely it was a it’s amazing you know it’s like I said he he was my constant push it was my motivation the whole time you know and then it’s obviously paid off and I’m really glad to have him not only as a teammate but he’s like my brothers so yeah I mean when we’re at camps or when he comes to houston and trains with me or one day when I go to Miami to better utilize that I would uh we push each other we take each other to another level every single time and that’s what we need in our country we want to be a beat teams like Japan and China and for him to step it up like he did today is not only gonna push me but the rest of the guys in our country and we’re just gonna keep getting better and better and better because we have a ridiculous pool of talent right now on our men’s team and like I said I can’t wait to see what happens in the next 12 months before the Olympics yeah no doubt you guys obviously have a friendly rivalry which I’m sure it’s kind of nice you know you it’s nice to want to beat somebody but nice to be good friends with them you see here a little uh oh having fun to the captain I’m not sure exactly what that move is right there but you said easier big he’s your big brother but your big little brother I mean yeah it’s my big 3 inning I mean let’s not talk about height here okay struggling with that my whole life all right i’m dumb stuck here at five foot one meets on my heels no doubt oh where am I promise but now she has 27 inch heels a show seriously we’re gonna be a policy is so you guys obviously have done an outstanding job but there is one thing kind of hanging out there the undisputed heavyweight champion of the gymnastics world I think you would both agree right now you all deserve Kohei Uchimura yeah what do you guys do about this we’re calling for them we are you guys can do it you think you got enough in the arsenal to take me that out yeah neither of us have any doubt in our mind that we can beat this guy and the rest of the world can look at us and go you’re crazy you’re not being realistic he’s too good he’s too clean but we are not going to a competition for second place we honor the neither of us have that mentality we believe we can beat him we believe that our team can be champions and that’s why we go into the gym every single day so that we can win do our best and show the world what team USA is capable of yeah no doubt he’s a he is the more he’s the next step and I honestly think we can beat them both of us going into the World Championships you’re obviously talking about about on the all around competition but of course before that there’s gonna be a team competition in you too hopefully being the frontrunners of that what do you think your leadership and your experience and now you’ve been I know you compete at the World Championships already but more of a newcomer then say Jon brings to the rest of the team yeah definitely um it’s great you know to to be like like the leader of the team right now but I still take everything that John has to give you know I still look at look up to him and everything all his experience and kid poise and stuff like that so it just it helped me a lot you bring a fresh new talent to the table and okay let’s be honest he’s no newcomer he’s been three World Championships right two or three to two World Championships he’s been in the high bar final two all-around final he’s a seasoned veteran and yeah absolutely everybody keeps looking at me like I’m you know the big dog who’s been to the Olympics and everything but I’m learning from him as much as he’s learning from me and that’s what makes our team so great we look up to each other nobody looks up to anyone more

than anybody else we are all learning from for metal thing that we do how about one little new twist to this exciting all-around competition battle you guys had how about a little Paul on than that mix I mean if he gets back to his old form how exciting could this competition be next year that would be awesome you know that’s just one more person to definitely take the cake from Japan and China you know it’s one more step up I mean Paul homme is Olympic all-around champion and when he came back before two thousand eight everyone tried to rise to that it rise to that level and he’s he’s a machine he knows how to train he’s had a few injuries but he’s coming back strong and if he keeps doing what he’s doing now it’s just gonna keep getting better and better for Team USA I’ll be honest you know I I trained with him yesterday just we didn’t even do anything you know we were doing basics and elements you know just fixing some of the stuff we did wrong just being able to be there with him you know I just gave me adrenaline gave me like pump you know I’m like wow I’m training with this guy you know he’s he’s amazing I want to be like him you know well I’m pumped right now i think i’m i’m pretty much ready to go no way you guys got places to go you guys have awards thank you so much for coming over here you guys you made our night congratulation it thank you good luck going into the world championships thanks for havin us we are not done we got a lot more around the gym coming up don’t go away welcome back to around the gym and we are very fortunate to be joined by I would say the brightest young star on the face of USA Gymnastics John Roscoe very exciting to see you out there and you know you’ve come a long way from some injuries you know Achilles injury last year what is the last year been like and coming back from this injury at the beginning it kind of broke my spirits because it’s my first senior competition I was hoping to do well I didn’t get to finish this is most disappointing thing about it but right after my injury I knew I just I had to stay positive and maybe some people say it’s almost a good thing for me that it happened because I had time to focus on other events that I wasn’t so strong on and focus on other details and so in the beginning it was hard but as time passed to got better and I started focusing on other things and not dwelling on the injury so much and right now leading up this competition I can’t say I was fully ready and fully uh you know excited to do floor of all but um I came to this meter I I just tried to not have any really high expectations for myself I just wanted to come in and Tim all my routines do the best of masters I can and you know I’m ecstatic that I’m in the top three all around but I also know i still have a lot to work on speaking of a lot to work on now looking ahead towards a little chewy chips and of course next year the Olympic Games what is your goal going into further after these visa championships um I it would be great on if I made the world team 2011 you do know that Tim Dagon was commentating all tonight and he said I think I can quote this he’s pretty much a shoo-in for the world championship team how would you take that I I was gonna mess up on his eyes I don’t even know how to take that I mean that’s that makes you feel a whole lot better but uh I don’t want to get a big head about it you know what I mean yeah that’s that makes me really excited how does a kid from the Bronx who gymnastics I can’t imagine in a big sport in the Bronx okay I mean you know baby basketball you know something like that but how does somebody throws up in the Bronx get involved in the sport of gymnastics come you know when I was about eight years old my dad he was the word for sanitation and he was cleaning in the borough of Manhattan and came across some flyers for free trial classes at a gym and I i was doing take on door before gymnastics but he thought i might have wanted to do other sports it’s at least try you know us young and so I got into gymnastics I took a free class and from there it’s just it’s been my passion being able to train and go to training camps and of course of doing competitions with danelle and John how how badly does that motivate you to try and even be better than you are right now can’t even tell you how motivating it is to train of those guys got a little bit that I do get to change them I try to take it back with me and remember those moments that I was there with though so that can keep motivating me not even when they’re not there training with me but yeah they’re a big inspiration he had a lot of house you could have taken as you graduated high

school moved on you chose the Olympic Training Center over say going to a Felicia program why is that I just felt since I was young I’m not gonna be able to do gymnastics forever yeah so I I thought I might as well focus all my energy on 2012 right now and get to the gym and try to do those hours and numbers and not let school really distract me brother Cole collegiate system you know distracting me from my goals well looking ahead again do you have any upgrades that you’re planning on going at and I know you said you probably weren’t at your full strength on vault and floor because of the injury so that’s probably something that’s in the back of your mind and trying to get that upgraded mm-hmm maybe I’m never gonna upgrade floor involved if they even select me to compete on those events I’m not sure about the other events may be high bar I might throw in another release me South great difficulty and maybe rings but I wouldn’t uh I want to say for sure take it one day at a time yeah one day at a time well we are psyched to watch you I know as gymnastics fans now unfortunately we’re not out there anymore we are a pump to watch the new up-and-coming stars I’m looking forward to seeing you hopefully at the World Championships and obviously next year heading into the Olympic year thanks for joining us notice to all the club owners out there those little Flyers that you put out for free gymnastics lessons you just never know when a national and probably a world championship team member might walk through your door we’ll be back with more danell leyva puts an exclamation point on an incredible national championship but as hard as he worked he was not the hardest working man in the arena tonight it’s that guy right there yet Alvarez if we had a dollar for every fist pump we got out of that guy I would be a very rich man what an exciting show those dynamic duo put on and we are very fortunate to have unit Alvarez along with one of my favorite gymnast and coaches Justin spring thank you guys for joining us thanks John and I was gonna start out by asking me any question but I’m just gonna sit back and I’m gonna defer to Justin spring head coach at the University of Illinois because i think you have wonder yeah excited are you right now what do we couldn’t tell I think we can tell you get more tired than than done elders at the end of me I don’t think I think you do the male is like sake acharya he’s like the horse like the movie Secretariat he’s you know he’s gonna go ahead and go horse out harder than any other athlete I think I’ve ever seen he’s got a thing he’s got to be the last one to leave right well he’s working very hard he’s never now about we well he would want to do he working very hard in the gym and I have to say stop you know it’s very very well working on cool well now i think is it harder for you to be able to watch him compete rather than any of your other gymnasts now really I’m feeling am very confident I’m more nervous with my another gin has a diner because Danny always he always know what he has to do no it’s like not easy but he’s amazing have you ever been mad before like upset because you know even if I’ve seen him have mistakes and it’s pretty much the same reaction have you ever gotten just like upset knocking back at you right there I gotta asking you when you’re not doing good you’re doubtless mess with you oh you don’t want to see my dad man that’s like an onion I really know Matt because I know my guys tried the best again but you know that is Magic wanna hear not doing good I have to go down and very much now Justin you’re now the head coach and how is it different for you being the head coach and having the pressure of you know having your athletes compete there rather than just you competing out there yourself it’s different you know I think that I have I have more expectations up for my guys I’m actually more nervous because there’s nothing I can do as a coach you know being on this side of things whereas when the nerves kick in i know that i have a job to do my nerves kick in and i just have to sit back and watch my athletes do their job and I’m sure as a as a parent in a coach he knows exactly what I’m talking about it’s difficult it’s tough you sit back and cross your fingers you know they’re capable you just hope they do with you know they can do so yeah it’s two different world to being out there on the floor from two very different roles you miss competing i miss competing very much I do not miss training my body’s paying the price out here aren’t you competing like fairly soon hi yes I know what’s going on we’ll be at evolution in the next week in about eight days that we’re gonna see how that goes one day at a time John one day at a time I’m worried a little bit I’m gonna watch that I’m gonna I may I may have to watch it too I don’t know yes a busy week here I mean you did not like you just brought one or two guys you had six guys with me

we had six athletes come out to represent an Illinois which is a huge number i was very excited to bring that many athletes and you know hopefully we end up with a couple guys on national team and we had i think we had a good showing wednesday and tonight so uh you know the illinois day she could be very proud of its athletes tonight so it’s good so i have a question that you is there something special about the you know the whole Donna me i doin da for everywhere oh my guys where’d it come from her away the worries would a scuffle I don’t know what come from you know I really don’t know it’s just now it’s becoming a happy and be gonna like a super stitching for me and I do enough for all my guys looking down I have a medium picture doing the million with every gymnast and I want to say something about justing uh by six week and a half and we was an international tan and these guys make amazing people at work and I was like a genin you gotta go back to training man you did great job this true I did it’s like riding a bike but with no seat sometimes yeah all like riding a bike you don’t think that I say so you can Spanish oh yeah something to my mom and Gina’s picking Lee mama de amo te quiero mucho that’s beautiful i’d say i love my don’t think i get done Ella run for his money though he’s into good shape right now you know I’m thinking today nah it’s not a one guy wing I think a USA wing although she looks great amazing amazing do I can’t wait to see what are what are wilting I tell some one of them not happy with someone events but I see a great showing for USA and I’m very happy for you a safe team because it’s that’s all about it we want to have the go mad on the limbic 2012 and i think is we’re gonna do it i believe it we said today a lot of guys great what we appreciate you guys coming to join us congratulations to you congratulations to you are you hoping to hope to see a great showing for team USA at the World Championships coming up here and I’m gonna happen not just in future she’s gonna happen thank you thank you all for catching up with us but we’re not done we got one more segment coming up on around the gym welcome back to around the gym we are joined by Tim Zagat who is the coach of the silver medalist in the junior all around John Deaton thanks for coming Tim my pleasure great to be here so amazing to be able to see John come out in just one tenth away from winning the junior title how upset it motivated what do you think he’s feeling so he’s a sick static at this point you know he he was one tenth away but it’s the best he’s ever done he also won two different events he won the floor exercise and fault so he had a great day he could have done it he had some really really silly mistakes but overall it was a great competition for him how nerve-wracking is it for you to be able to watch and while you’re commentating and kind of be off the floor not coaching this time yeah I would have to say that the word that comes to mind is funky yeah it was just uh it was pretty bizarre almost surreal at times you know as a gymnast Tim we try to imitate other great gymnasts and to be as good as them and obviously I we think you’ve started to imitate one of the great coaches of our national champion let’s take a look at what your Yin Alvarez impression I do a lot of head bobbing yeah holding back wait for it wait for it here we go see I really need to study in though because I might be animated but I just can’t hang with the guy yeah you got to get a little more a little more fist pumping this is the night yeah this is when John doing his first vault and that was only when he was chalking up actually so I mean you didn’t really get going until he started getting up on the equipment you know all this time I think everybody out there thought you didn’t know what you were talking about but now obviously they realized that you actually coach know but I’m serious I don’t think people realize that they see you on TV but you’re you’re in the gym every day coach I am when I’m when I’m in town I’m in the gym coaching and I’ve been doing that for a long long time actually my son is a gymnast to he made the national team this year which was a bizarre experience I got to talk to your dad on how you gotta handle coaching centers for you yeah there you go but yeah I love the sport you know what are your goals as a coach do you have goals

beyond you know coaching the juniors um you know my goal is is really to just help the kids as much as I can and you know it’s so different for each individual kid one of my most proudest moments was not a kid that won a national championships cuz I’ve done that before it was a kid who was on our team for many many years and he was the only kid that didn’t qualify for Junior Nationals year after year and in his senior year Alex Smith he finally went up and he got the job done at Regionals and he competed actually went to the University of Calgary and was part of that team for a little while so you know those are the feel-good stories for me that’s all alright well thank you so much for being here thank you Tim outstanding job commenting just we’re looking forward to many more in the future thanks for joining us for nastia liukin I’m John Robespierre for everyone on the universal sports team thank you for watching around the gym on universal sports thanks everybody