Immigration Law Show June 2 2016 – E3 Visas, EB2 AOS, H1B visas, H4 EAD business

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now it has come to to really desperation and and killing which is very very sad because at the end of the day the laws here to protect this person he could have maybe if it was something of an intellectual property but since he was a student I don’t know how much that will apply but he could have reverted to the load to the press to tell about his stuff but the truth going and killing on a killing spree is not the solution is very wrong and no matter what coming you are in but unfortunately because that happened from a person in our in our community there will be a backlash so we need to be ready for that and it a Baku the to the media and to the people just because one person make a mistake doesn’t mean the whole entire community is responsible it’s very important that that we do that and this is something that we’ve seen a lot like Spanish community Muslim community now the Indians unfortunately it has been really bad for Indians in the past too few months in the united states including with regression h-1b schools closing down etc etc you name it it’s been really bad so again later ladies and gentlemen this is attorney sharp rally for the sharp rally lo sure we are broadcasting live from from klk 770 a.m and today I have fun go on the board with me and anything i’m going to tell you today is for educational purposes only you should actor afraid to act solely on the information provided and if the number to the studio today is for 8 9 12 55 65 if you have any questions when it comes to immigration student visa you name it h1b I 140 anything with realistic relating to immigration feel free to call and hopefully Franco will put you to and also we had another situation where I’m getting a lot of cause because there was an article on BuzzFeed on n pu and again this is an article that was done by an independent investigator investigating reporter it has nothing to do really with the government at this point but basically he was investor was investigating his cool in the in the Bay Area and people would know who at school I’m talking about here excuse me the truth is that there is no no official government investigation as far as I knew against at school so under the rules are under the laws in the United States anybody is presumed innocent until proven guilty so students should not panic but I boot this to light on my youtube videos basically and my podcast now that that there was this investigation and there might be more things to come so they just have the students just have to be ready know their rights and on student visas make sure you are compliant with everything and now we have the stem extension you need to be to be ready for for for that because that’s another problem that a lot of students are facing so ladies and gentlemen today the show starts unfortunately with some sad news the killing at UCLA and it’s kind of heartbreaking because a lot of students are there young people kids almost and their lives are really affected unfortunately when this kind of things happen and many of the students and the faculty when it comes to research we are in our community so we really are sincerely I present our condolences to the to the victims at the same time we hope that there will be no backlash against our community here so having said that now I was also covering some issues that’s happening recently but I’m going to talk a little bit about some options and visas that many people don’t know don’t know about because now with the x1 we gone what do people do how they can stay in the United States and the number to the studio today ladies and gentlemen is 40 8 9 12 55 65 4089 12 55 65 and if you having some issues due to reach us on the phone please you can call our office 5 10 7 4 to 5 8 87 but if you call the office for a consultation it is not free bit on the radio I might be able to give you a quick ah I take on you and the case so please feel free to call if you have any questions like I said you can call on anything and immigration including family petitions including marriage petitions parents petitions you name it and I will be glad to answer let me get one caller Franco this is sharp ryalive Ania hi mr. Shaw no question regarding

change of status from h1 to h4 so if we are going for my point which for how long do you have to be on at 21 while the processes running can you leave the job in between or when do they ask you to oh can you leave the job and first and then looking for change of status no you should not leave the job first then the change of status because by leaving the job that means you might have broken the status of the h1 so what you do you file the h1 and have the check step up to that date that you file I mean you file the h4 and while damage for spending you don’t have to work because you’re on your period of stay authorized by the Attorney General you can choose to work or not to work because each one is still a solid status but the h4 if you you can choose to work or not to work once its filings receives there and you have a receipt so those are officially acknowledged so after that even leave the job on yes yes because then you will be in a period of stabilized by the Attorney General but make sure you work until the last day one is five but they will ask you for the check stubs okay okay thanks a lot okay good luck to you let me take another caller this is sharp rally 11 ear hi the show in the sandwich aha oh [ __ ] so my friend it I’m India and event you are silly I Niigata you and our initiative so what are the options to come to you with oh that’s a very good question the III visa if you are an Australian citizen you can do the III visa the III visa is is very much like the h-1b except since they are there are not many applications open all the time and the III visa also the application is a little bit easier you just have to do the LCA and the letter and submit it at the US Embassy and you can come sit here and it was like he has to have the same specialty occupation as the h1 and and that’s pretty much it but the issue a visa is a very good option and if your friend need help we can help it but you need an employer of course and but you can file it directly at the US Embassy in Australia okay that means like a big to be needing it later from the point oh my god for 8 1,000,000,000 plug directly the same people that I’m that employers yeah yeah yeah you definitely need that because if you don’t have that then you don’t get the III the III has the same conditions of the h1 accept it just have to have a letter support letter and the LCA you don’t have to file the file form I 129 etc unless you are inside the United States then you do it from here excuse me but from what about the Great God got it or if you come why this is this is a trick this is a tricky part with the e3 technically the e3 is not a dual intent visa you cannot really file a drink hard on that you can if you were not born in India but if you are born in yeah because of the waiting time you will not get the e2 is in use so the best solution is to shift to h1 then file a file the green card but you can come under III because it’s open all the time you don’t have to really wait to get to have akuto anything because it’s never the CUDA has never met the issue 10,000 but I don’t even think they get 5000 of it so the e3 visa is a straightforward visa actually if you have if you do it properly and then you come here you can shift to the h1 and then you can you can file for your green card if you’re from India if you’re not from India you were not born in India then the things are a little bit difference is easier okay okay let me tell him to call me if he needs help on the e3 I’ll be glad to help you ok good lesson 5 10 7425 887 thang khuu is telling me that all the lines are on so let me take another caller this is sharp rally girl a venir I shall be yo good morning I’m good morning yes I description actually have a questionable playing on easy to oh I for discoveries been spending so mine in the convoys your case or maybe 332 so we got a road last 1 2015 and then they have been lost I mean low operating revenue by infocash and they told me that the case has been neutral at braska because everything is good and is just waiting for the green judicial or something and the voltage so I open in a taxi and let me know saying that we have because it’s in the pre identification change I don’t want that be I am I’m not here there’s a background noise so I didn’t hear the whole thing so you have let me let me ask you if I understood properly you file under B to the labor certification

what did you file at this point no no I first identified my veto is abroad it’s a temper 2015 okay and you fired okay you saw you are not from India right so you’re not born in India okay but how did you file the i-45 because it’s been a conversion kids on YouTube oh ok now understand okay and you sent and you sender the i-45 one yeah I 45 decision from 2007-11 / 2007 okay and what is your pride you did 2006 yeah it’s not current right now so you won’t get anything because since yesterday it went back to two thousand four so you cannot marry but she’s being a pending from God each month and I love positive and they told me that everything is done it in a drug all right now I don’t know what going on okay well what you should do is that you should contact a congressman maybe they can unclog it because it’s probably the security check security check is causing a lot of problem right now and if you’re not able to unclog it just give me a call at the office let’s see what I can do but unfortunately even the unclog it they will say now it’s too late because a day to progress that’s the sad news about it but it’s try to get a senator or a congressman involved in the case they might be able to actually a legit I all sugar but then our them equity yeah they’re just waiting for you unfortunately the other side news as soon as it retrogress hopefully we’ll go back to around 2007-2008 in the next few months and they will unclog it but this is the sad news that we are seeing and that’s why I’m it’s kind of upsetting and frustrating because they delayed and you get punished for it so yeah yeah I’m going to trying actually we have this petition online to kind of help people please sign that petition I’m trying to push it again and see if we get some senators to support us because this is getting really frustrating but unfortunately at this point unless we know exactly what is in the I cannot answer you can give me a call at the office and bring me a copy of the file I can review it for you and see you there was any problem that made this go to such delay on this case okay okay yeah sure okay 5-7 four to five eight eight seven is the number to our office 5 10 7 4 to 5 8 87 if you need some help let me kick another quarter this is sharp rally 11 ear hi mr. Shah I have a couple of questions regarding the hedge for lady yes sir go ahead so can I start a company on h4 EAD and neither CEO and founder of it oh yes again the early doesn’t have any limitations that had no none no limitation in no limitation in fact if you had followed me for the years because I don’t know if you followed me before when I was fighting to make this low pass I total attitude to President Obama which was published actually and that ladder I the one of the reasons we encourage them to give as fully 80s for people to open business to become entrepreneurs and create start-ups etc so I’m all behind you go ahead it would be good we can show them that exactly that’s what we wanted the h4 EAD to come up so go ahead become the CEO and I hope you make a big startup and i’ll see you in the news ok so yes that’s great and the second one is right now me and my wife for the first half H once and so the mic my life just changed her job to a new company and for her she has a abou I 140 from the previous come so she has to do the labor processing everything again so am i eligible to move too much for eid now or should I wait until her new complete process has gone through and she gets the new heights I 140 know you can file under that all I 140 as long as it’s there or if I has past six years you can still get it too and if you need how kind of putting it together give me a call at the office will handle it and we’ll make it happen ok I mean good luck to you and please do that I want to hear from you next that you made a big company okay good luck to you wish you all the best so let me take another caller this is sharper I your live on air oh hi Lou and for he in this even thank you so much so thank you for listening to me what can I do feel yeah my question is regarding citizenship interview so I haven’t looked at this in ship until I have

something some I have in two weeks actually service curious how long does it take for interview you speak English right there are hundred questions there are hundred questions at the art I think they have given you a copy of that right otherwise I have it done on my youtube you can just go over it they will ask you six questions out of a of of 10 and out of 100 there would be ten pick if you know there’s answer then you can write in read English it go you don’t have to prepare a lot but you just have to know those answers for example who was the first president who is the speaker of the house etc and I have it on my if you want my youtube channel you got citizenship interview I put all the questions there okay great another question is there getting moving the impurity for my wife because she won’t be able to come on that day so I was serious what if I muda include date to a little bit would that have any imputation on the citizenship timeline and all that oh yes it doesn’t have really an implication on the citizenship but the timeline yes because the problem that you’re you’re you are seeing is um is they they’re overwhelmed right they are getting a lot so if you push it you might be depending where you are which which which place are you going to do the interview santa clara san francisco where Oh sub that class I’m not always pretty better because they move faster but but lately I’ve been getting so many citizenship if you push it you might get an interview for that another six months I will recommend not pushing it if you can because pushing it is not a good idea but the wholesale want to push it is like like three month to six month still here ok good luck to you sorry ladies and gentlemen I’m still getting out of a bad call so thank you so much let me take another caller Franco this is sharp trial ebony yeah hi shop hi praveen um I put last year i replied my head shall be and the client ever has been upgraded LCA and we are able to respond and odyssey for that and what we realized is awfully the client has moved it new address Oh or all the documents what doesn’t respond would have a new address so how do we tackle this issue ok you did what and oh I see ya then no but what did you do a a new h1 b HJ at once yes first section b last year quote I’d got selected and we provide a client letters which had an X on others but right as we are supposed to respond by this week by next week so we are preparing all the documents but what we realize this client is moot a new our new location exporters within the same ethically entity ok so the lco will still be good so you can explain but your attorney has to do an analysis of the final case to explain that so it will require some legal writing if you want you may call at the office I can I can I can do the RSC for you but as long as the LCA is in the same area they because you cannot redo the lsac they move outside that the case will be will be denied but in this case since they are they are not on the h a different LCA then you should be fine it’s not a different LCA you should be fine to go ahead with the same with the same else here so you just have to analyze the case and now the answer will be a legal answer so your lawyer has to really kind of go over it in terms of illegal analysis explaining that since there’s no idea to be changed and and although the address have changed etc etc so it will require some legal analysis and they are see it’s not a factual rse so yeah you can you can you can explain that as long as you extreme that you’re not moving outside the area you should be okay the LCA should be good and I sessions since it is the same client you are meeting the requirements of the ufl memo of 2010 so and that like I said this is not a factual answer you will have to do what we call a a legal analysis and if you need help on that just give me a call we can answer it for you okay yes sir I love and the cue cards okay 5 10 7 4 to 5 8 87 let me take another caller this is sharp rally 11e hash hash ah thanks for taking my call otherwise krrish the my question is regarding change of address during into

a siren ship my finger printing was done a month back I’m waiting for my interview later I found a place i have bought a and i’m trying to move next week do you see any complications or just change of address last post office is good enough or try really changed go to a 11 form and color you came here are you moving a different County I know it’s the same content just different city a different city which city too much Sun San Jose to Cupertino okay you’re still in Santa claw no problem go ahead do you AR 11 is very important and print a copy and bring it with you at the interview because failure to change address with the USCIS they can deny your citizenship so make sure you do that and it says the case is not going to move is consistent santa clara won’t delay the case okay yeah so they said i have to do a 11 and also call them up and we’ll give the case number for studentship and change the address on the case also both has the more only 11 is hard enough or 11 a-11 you can do it online once you do it and you print a copy that’s good enough because that’s the requirement by low let them do the rest you don’t have to hold them really there you just you just have to do the 11 and then you already got the interview not is right no no not yet i’m waiting for it it’s more data and then then you do your 11 it won’t affect your case because ultimately your cases in the same area okay yes a mania thank you okay good luck to you and good luck to you become a citizen and don’t forget to vote okay so ladies and gentlemen I don’t think I have more callers right now but very interesting question we had questions on different different issues including III visa today which I’m really very happy to share because a lot of people have not looking at how to not been looking in this alternative as Australians there are many alternatives to the h-1b which people don’t know about so you need to look into those alternatives so I have few announcements so I’m not going to take I will be taking callers and a few if you have more Franco but but in a but before that I wanted to discuss about about some of the things that we are we are doing now for one we have started a podcast series called immigration law it’s an itune it’s on google music google play it’s on tuning radio and hopefully we’ll be on pandora etc soon by the Sun and you can see the list on our blog immigration legal blog or our website attorney on here calm so we want you to go and check it because I make short podcast on issues and I also have the YouTube videos that are helpful but often times are the podcast doesn’t have the same as a YouTube but sometimes they they are the same but it all depends on how quick I can prepare something for people because recently i’ve been kind of shorten and writing it’s been so busy so I’ve been doing I’ve been using those tools to reach out to the community and they’re very interesting so i will recommend you subscribe and it on itunes you just type my name sharp rally on itune and please subscribe to it because more ik turned into that then more i can give information to the community and hopefully also the shoes will be there some of them already there on iTunes so are you can always release into the shows on itune so today after ladies and gentlemen we had some we are really kind of sad what has happened in UCLA and I was talking about the backlash hopefully we will not see a backlash because the truth is a lot of people are suffering here and that doesn’t mean doesn’t mean there are criminals just because one or two percent there’s something wrong it doesn’t mean all of the community is to be blame and I know this is going to happen especially in an election year and a candidate who really wants to take advantage of anti-immigration sentiment that they will use that against people and hopefully it will not be used but would you to be prepared on that let me take one more quarter and then I’ll move to the next topic this is sharper I you alive in here hi my name is creepy I’m looking for some small information on h4 visa um write um hi I’m staring years for last two years on a troll visa and making paintings and I wanted to participate in museum art fair to sell those paintings so they’re asking me for tax ID and SSN number but I i have only idea and so my question is not kind of sell paintings an idea or being on h4 visa well that’s a good question is your job a Pinto is this a hobby it’s a hobby but I tell thee well a hobby is like a passive income issue unless you’re

making millions on it then it might become an issue but technically wealthy I hope you make millions because I’m hoping that you maybe you should send some some of your paintings we can post them but the truth is technically know if you’re doing like a hobby they don’t really make a big fuss but if it is your profession you’re doing it on a daily basis then you become probably because more like buying and selling a house is not unless you’re a real estate agent if you’re buying selling a house is passive income so they are not very kien in hurting people doing that having said that if you make it become something constant like you are putting it online you just started selling and you’re taking care like a business then it becomes a big problem but if it’s just like you are exposing it in a gallery and people are buying it it’s not really it’s not considered really as as as working but maybe you should give me a call at the office before you do that if in case you’re you’re planning to sell a lot of them and you’re going to make a lot of money because then it they might come back but technically at the end of the day they cannot really they cannot really do that because it’s it’s it’s not something that that is is to be to be done from from from that situation so you need to you need to be okay you should be ok but just be careful and make sure that it’s not a job it’s more like a hobby ok ok ok thank you good luck to you buddy we show the best and good luck with your paintings so ladies and gentlemen now I’m going to talk a little bit about some other issues one of them of course is another topic is dead settlement debt settlement is another thing that we offer as as what we call our the service in our different department and we are we are dealing with a lot of people right now who have been who have been second mortgages on the house or a line of equity and some people are getting deals even if they have equity in the house I agree that before used to be hard even on people who are equity in the house to get the second mortgage settle what is the settlement is basically getting rid of the debt and you pay only a fraction of it for example you $100,000 we might be able to get rid of it for twenty thousand dollars and that’s just an example here we have done a lot of them in the past when the house market was going down but now the house market is doing very well in the birria but I think in anticipation of some kind of crash or something a lot of banks are still dealing with us to do to negotiate this debt so if you have that and you want us to negotiate on this dead give us a call 510 7425 887 the website is your debt settlement attorney calm and also on business loans business credit cards if the business is struggling or have shut down we might be able to negotiate those debts for you before they did you get sued because once you get sued and you get a a a judgment against you guess what it’s going to turn against you so you don’t want this kind of things to happen so I am we can help you on all those angles and also for litigation you don’t want to go into a litigation sometimes because yeah at the end of the day when you finish paying the lawyer you might end up by having a lot of of bills on your head more than the debt itself so what we do we kind of will even really us we kind of bypass the litigation as much as we can so that we can negotiate and make a deal for you and we can help you on credit card debts we can help you also in some debts that are discharged now what is what is happening also is a lot of data have been discharging the pause that means they have not been been settled what the the credit card company how other companies are coming back because they knew now people having equity in their houses etc so they are coming and trying to sue to get that money so just because they put discharge on that doesn’t mean it’s gone it’s unless it is discharged in a BK I mean just because they put the kids I’m sorry I let me go back on this because discharges and the bankruptcy that’s a different issue what I’m talking about here how people sometimes they see on their debt that the credit card company is not coming after them for years and they just ignore it the thing is gone but now and those people have houses or things like that and now when when they know full well that there are a lot of money in the house they’re coming after the the people and trying to sue them because they know they can put a lien on the house so be careful we can help you on those debts to let me see Franco do we have another caller this is Cheryl a venir hi I had a question on h-1b just start

growing here however if I’m planning to take an appointment for h-1b for my current employer later this year but I had a question that once I take an appointment and scheduling and in case i switched job or do an h-1b transferred to another employer how does it affect my scheduled appointment because I don’t see any option to modify the appointment well before you shift to another employer you have to have an approval in your hand right as you book your appointment you already have an approval yes I had my current the pool and it is valid till 2018 okay you so you did an appointment with the US consulate for standing right and in the meantime one you are doing the appointment you did a transfer right no I i took an appointment for october and i’m getting a new opportunity so i’m planning to do a transfer so i want to see how that affects like can I do a transfer is it on you which one be no i only have h-1b okay you took a nap on my October then if it is a transfer and it is not a new h-1b you don’t have any problem you can just go there and explain it’s not a problem because the system will register than you then you in a new one make sure you bring all the transfer papers with you the approval notice and you don’t have to change it you can change it there but that’s why you should never make an appointment too early because sometimes the system will will have issues to explain but technically it doesn’t affect the case because when you go there they will go by the latest 797 ok ok so there should be no issue is that i didn’t say that should be definitely no issue because but technically there should be no issue but you know how it is at the indian consulate especially they are really kind of some well I mean the US consulate in India how they are but at the end of the day no technically you are going for it’s tempting and your transfer was done properly then during all the paperwork of the transfer with you if you’re working for consulting company except allah bring you and client etc okay and client like army okay a good lunch is good luck to you wish all the best so ladies and gentlemen we have another five more five more minutes with and then we’ll have a meet on the line so we are we are talking a little bit about debt settlement and debt settlement is of course another thing that is becoming right now with the economy going up and down the area is doing well with up areas on up doing well so it’s like it’s a very convoluted economy that we are having right now in America and now with the political campaign year that we are facing right now we don’t know how next year will be a lot of people call me ask me okay what will happen what will happen next year I don’t know personally all i know is depending who’s going to win the election will have big changes and impact on the immigrant community and also as i was mentioning in the beginning of the show with all the problems that we are seeing with with the anti-immigration groups really fighting against against people we are seeing the backlash and indian immigrants and now yesterday they released a report saying almost 2 million indian immigrants came to the united states in the past two years it’s going to have a bad impact unfortunately people are becoming more and more anti-immigration so things are getting very complicated and if you if people think things are going to get easier i doubt it but having said that the laws are still there and we still need to use them to protect us unfortunately the gentleman who committed this crime he could have used the law if he was really being being being mistreated because it is an intellectual property stuff instead of going on a killing spree which makes us look bad so at the end of the day ladies and gentlemen there are many things that are happening out there and numb and in order for you to really kind of grasp what is happening you need to kind of follow the news and in on immigration side i have some some it places where you can so if you go in our blog immigration legal immigration legal blog com and also on our on our main website attorney on eircom attorney or near com which goes on kairali low we have a lot of a mountain of information to help you and also now we have started the podcast which is I will recommend that you you basically download it it’s free it’s on sharp rally you can start type sharp rally immigration laws and podcasts google it’s also on tuning and many other other places and I I try my best

to update it it’s not the same show that you have here even though sometimes I have the show that we’re playing right now unders unders channels but ultimately what we are what we are what we are giving you is is is is is something different because we are having we are having a situation where unfortunately there’s so much information going on out there and the information are sometimes not very very helpful because a lot of people call me the city see this and forum the see another thing on forum and they don’t know really what the people are talking about here so I wish you best of luck on all your endeavors and if you need help call us 5 10 7 4 to 5 8 87 and anything I’m telling you today is for educational purposes only you should not act or refrain to act solely on the information provided you should contact an attorney if you have any question again please check our podcast and our YouTube channel and the news for today also don’t panic for the university that you saw the article and BuzzFeed and also i will keep you updated if you basically subscribe to our newsletter or our youtube channel i’m going to update things as i can and hopefully if you need help on immigration matter or debt settlement as a matter of fact please call us you