Let's Play Resident Evil 4 #01 Das Dorf und Leon

you be coming soon here by resonant eater feel so busy ya fedha PlayStation tryna tallish and based on all floors on low besides after paste so i order after me i’m a pessimist want our team of bin Laden good tamama cotton idea by normal don’t fish parts on best name adults by a business got some rare things on sale stranger no choice what are you Boing hmm and plus we offer you to check out code type at all Konami selfish bone word until fish play ok you know yeah I see the session is cute I’m a dispute our books um maybe Steve fi English I sit snitched this back up i just was a tall stranger tickets Thank You that’ll kick is that all ticket is that all yes thank you Zumba dears was all democracy all my bits in order y’all know enough cash assoc swedish kids hey just gonna read to finish get some awesome oh the sto I go dan Janisse stand and talk nineteen ninety-eight I’ll never forget it it was the year when those grisly murders occurred in the art clay mountains soon after the news was out to the whole world revealing that it was the fault of a secret viral experiment conducted by the international pharmaceutical Enterprise umbrella the virus broke out in a nearby mountain community Raccoon City and hit the peaceful little town the devastating blow crippling it’s very foundation not taking any chances the President of the United States ordered a contingency plan the sterilized record city with a whole affair gone public the United States government issued an indefinite suspension of business to create a umbrella soon its stock prices crashed and for all intents and purposes and grown was finished six years of bath since that horrendous incident I received special training via a secret organization working under the direct control of the president I was to assume the responsibility protecting the new president’s family corner why am I the one who always gets the short in a mistake yo who are really come on get us you are a long way from home cowboy

you’ll have my sympathies guess that’s a locals way of breaking the ice anyway you know what this is all about my assignment is to search for the president’s missing dog quite odd by yourself I’m sure you boys didn’t just tag along so we could sing Kumbaya together at some boy scout bonfire then again maybe you did uh you’re crazy American it’s a direct order from the chief himself I tell you it’s no picnic I’m counting on you guys it was right before I was to take on my duties of protecting the president’s daughter when she was abducted that’s the ultimate reason I’m in this lonely and rural part of Europe according to our intelligence there’s reliable information about a sighting of a girl that looks very similar to the president’s door apparently she’s being withheld by some unidentified group of people who would have thought that my first job would have been a rescue mission it’s freezing so-called all of us are it must be my imagination sorry it took so long just up ahead is the village I’ll go and have a look around we still watch that car don’t want to get any parking tickets right parking tickets good luck jeez who are these guys did you say something Leon I hope you can hear me I’m Ingrid Hannigan I’ll be your support on this mission loud and clear somehow I thought you’d be a little older so the subjects name’s Ashley Graham right that’s right she’s the daughter of the president so try to behave yourself okay whoever this group is they sure picked the wrong girl to kidnap I’ll try to find some more information on my end as well good talk to you later Leon out then bed Libby sandesh boss omnia too long wha lung function yet disturbing Scalia mischief on whether you can put our fun times X my crotch yonder Oh Sophia often oh yeah safe even know stealing get here okay good this is my son effect excuse me sir I was wondering if you might recognize a girl in this photograph kike doc estas haciendo aqui Laura got a coverall sorry to have bothered myself relax freeze I said freeze

shit is everything okay there was a hostile local I had no choice but to neutralize him there’s still other surrounding the area get out of there and head toward the village take whatever measures necessary to save the subject understood this is dead Putin yes kind some other cuts my own little deserved that money home chapter FEMEN it’s on our met at seven ish yeah I snow he was in the Hibiscus beautiful um I’m that comes close to Mr Shearer long oh oh I’m oh I’m solution okaii chef dear mother it was high it’s a good gave him half a century girl there’s a diva tension um yeah this is money transfer shed know when this year hunger Oh Sunday Dalton Borden high foul hello Tony with nearly panda sneeze on in front of house mafia Oh river of all this fish deacons bondage that’s a lady dogs yo sono saki she’s taken spanish whoa Mac no Tyler yeah do piss-ups he gathers me its nose in your mouth mommy Sarge married a man or zyrtec soon Leon how you holding up bad question hun again sorry to hear that I’m sending you a playing manual hope you find it useful I’ll take a look at it thanks the summit in our other co o devata- occurred after Kevin oh ho ta know ya year da devoting an hour to turn a blood hotel mandeecees you know got scuderi masa mierda docked interim model a divot Marvin Exley left

and hoofs our bar finish cruise yeah dr. Nash division of Ferguson morning do this mission is to resist mesh gnashed for Josh good haha moving down mahaska flow coops distinct liaison no dejas kisses copy I am for the truss why these people nogales bozovic clinic I’m from teen soon hey son ok hey it went that he can but I is coming off I’ll shopkin no c’mon it’s yan finish Holtz someone shot some food oh yeah yeah yeah yeah it’s so good to soft wood 9 are you kidding us about fossil mm-hmm no I was just my dish this dish damage was I’m gonna miss ya i saw its each type of a magnum knowing as a choice okay they still get an itch spin on it yah was a youngish a Nemeton speeder I found the end equation so beset wasn’t already my jimmies or the vegan and hardened last bloggers tommysaw yo KD animation short hmm Wow / kuna paid no big deal Wow this kind of shoot a dealer named moe

wyndham bonnet disorder than Assad they name or skiers Lord Sagi where’s everyone going bingo monigan I have some bad news I’ve confirmed the body of an officer something’s happened to the people here Leon you need to get out of there look for a tower and follow the trail near it got it yo money before notice was mibinamet oh that s was mine it wasn’t either here or should switch typhoid in an honor given leashes a photog lets iPhone ananda say guess what iphone es una producción done my cook mrs. oz each optical module anish i wished english on ac- kawan under a resonance of the next part pastino on chacha manifold in the church oh you