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History Art Search center and balance Food Friends Wine Cheers Via Francigena An old path traveled by the francs and recorded in the diary of an archbishop in the year 990 when he traveled from Canterbury to Rome that like the archbishop we reach to sew historic paths from Santiago de Compostela Via Francigena One way a real maze amid a tangle of interlocking paths along one of the roads leading to the center of an old empire today, the heart of Christianity Roma A route that implies opening the blinds and enjoy the view from the rooftops of a medieval village every morning and taste the incredible flavors of Italian cuisine every night until you reach the eternal city between myths legends and many symbols They say that all roads lead to Rome the expression is used when several alternatives lead to the same result Let’s see what result leads us Via Francigena The historical paths are an opportunity to travel in time in a challenge to see and understand the foundations that time covered with asphalt And Via Francigena is a journey from the Middle Ages that we travel immersed in landscapes and colors of Renaissance canvases amidst ancient symbols Seeking the essence of movement in the man’s walk through the balance generated along the axis that emanates all energy a mystery to be solved what makes the wheel spin Lucca is a medieval city that grew up inside the walls thanks to pilgrimage from who was going to Rome and merchants, who were also going to Rome She knew how to enjoy it very well everyone’s passing here and hosted them very well I think that’s why there are so many churches here Among intact medieval walls and closely linked to Via Francigena the city of 100 churches holds great treasures highlighting a mystery full of symbolism Symbols ranging from pagan to Christian walking the same path that the young man from a pagan family who became a saint seems to announce on the facade of the Cathedral that houses inside the Holy Face An ancient Christian relic carved in wood that you can only be seen without the chapel bars at the time of the city’s most important festival According to legend the Holy Face would portray the true face of Jesus and it would have been sculpted by Nicodemus that “whoever is not born again, you cannot see the kingdom of God. ” A powerful Christian mystery to be unveiled by the pilgrim that finds the way on one of the exterior pillars of the cathedral, the labyrinth of Daedalus An ancestral symbol present in different cultures a tangle of paths where the destination it is in the center “This is the labyrinth built by Daedalus, from which no one could enter, except Theseus, helped by Ariadne’s thread” In an attempt to better understand this adventure that impels to face a monster

nothing better than setting the wheels in motion between villages and towns in narrow alleys that are true open-air museums and enter the search for answers It’s cold! Fredo It’s cold In the maze built by Dédalo there was a monstrous being and a young man, called Theseus was the only one to survive this foray kill the minotaur and get out of the maze But what relationship would this story have with temples Christianity and pilgrims? Since we didn’t find any Knights Templar who were supposedly the authors of the work in the Cathedral maybe some Italian pilgrims can lead us to the answer Good Morning Good Morning Italians? Yes, Italians Pilgrims? Yes Goodbye Goodbye Good way! The labyrinth is just a symbol of the inner journey which proposes the reconnection with your inner knowledge A path where there are no wrong turns and everything leads to spiritual wisdom and truths And for reflecting the search, dangers and fears of a pilgrimage is associated with the one who awakens the gaze and learn to interpret the symbols that present themselves along the way the Pilgrim Guys, good adventure Thank you Thanks Good trip Good way! The news is not encouraging we learn that the meaning the name Italia is “Land of the bulls” and a Minotaur it’s a creature with a man’s body and bull head There is no escape we are inside the maze and we only have kill the minotaur For those who expected pizza, pasta and wine just remembering an Irish legend that speaks of the Royal Rule that says you have to face situations sometimes very ugly, to make them beautiful Three kilos of clay, on each foot Experienced pilgrims tell us that a restlessness is normal when launching in a completely new and unknown world full of comings and goings that alternates the look between the material and the spiritual According to them to shut up the mind allows you to hear a silent voice that helps to convert fights passions lights and shadows in a kind of staff the pilgrim’s great ally Good morning, welcome! What a beautiful day I made a photo, then I send you Aah, thank you! Theseus when he entered the maze plunged into himself and when beating a creature with man’s body and bull’s head symbolically won your animal side

Conscious that we are inside the maze we now have to discover how Theseus managed to beat Minotaur The secret of Theseus’s victory it was a magical double-cut weapon The magic of the double cut weapon is that cutting the inner blade represents a simultaneous cut of the blade on the outside that is, the struggle that leads to victory is the process of transformation in the inner world which is invariably reflected in the outside world Matter as a reflection of the intangible as Plato’s theory says The typical feudal landscape highlights high on a hill a skyline of towers visible from a considerable distance Symbols, status, prestige and power impress even more when we know that there have already been 72 the house towers in the dispute between powerful families of the Middle Ages that without space to build castles dedicated themselves to building the tallest and most magnificent towers with some reaching 50m in height Devastated by the Black Death San Gimignano preserves a feudal atmosphere as strong attractive Cheers! Surrounded by hills and in the heart of Tuscany Siena is a medieval city that points to the Renaissance One of his pride is “Piazza del Campo” shell-shaped, tilted like an amphitheater where is the “Fonte Gaia” who has Mary with the child Jesus as the central figure flanked by virtues emphasizing the noblest values between the creation of Adam the expulsion from paradise and the symbolism of Siena’s creation In front of the famous “Torre del Mangia” twice as high the highest tower in San Gimignano But no higher than the Cathedral Since it was built to be exactly

of the same height symbolizing that the church and the state had the same status and that the expression of power of the lords of Siena do not protrude above of the greatest symbol of the Catholic Church Siena is a city of brown tones who has his uniform carrara marbles and green plate marble that line the cathedral externally and internally with the respective colors white and green that looks black from a distance symbolic colors, present in the coat of arms and alluding to black and white horses of the city’s legendary founders sons of Remus, one of the founders of Rome As if the richness of details inside was not enough the facade of the Cathedral of Siena is considered one of the most fascinating in all of Italy But the journey has to continue that is why,… – See you later, Siena Let’s go! Associated with immortality and resurrection cypresses make up the Tuscan landscape like heavenly brushstrokes that drive our gaze upward and elevate our thinking to a higher plane Known as the “Tree of life” they are present since ancient traditions the poetry You aren’t asleep under the cypress trees, For in this world there is no sleep Your body is the shadow of the clothes That conceal your deeper self When night, which is death, arrives, The shadow ends without having been And you go, unaware, into that night As the mere outline of yourself But at the Inn of Wonderment, The Angels take away your cape You continue with no cape on your shoulders And little else to cover you Then the Highway Archangels Strip you and leave you naked, Without any clothes, with nothing: You have just your body, which is you Finally, deep within the cave, The Gods strip you even more Your body, or outer soul, ceases But you see that they are your equals The shadow of your clothes remains Among us in the realm of Destiny You are not dead amid cypress trees Neophyte there is no death (English Translation by Richard Zenith Penguin Books, 2006. Page 317) Thinking about the Tuscan landscape without the cipestres it’s like thinking about life without poetry Discover and enjoy beautiful scenery it’s a demanding exercise And when it comes to touring medieval lands important military territory mostly traveled by a member of the clergy it is natural that the rest of each stage is located at the point that looks almost touch the sky to be achieved by human frailty This … is an unforgettable stage for those who make the Via Francigena On foot or by bicycle does not matter it’s striking A high point distant highlighted in the landscape and seen by almost every path beautiful at dawn that looks scary at dusk An appropriate time to do use of the power of inner motivation and believe definitely that there is life after dead And for those who have doubts

see if there are or not treasure caves My mamma Mamma, it’s mamma! Tell the lady says that tomorrow I will stay here for all week My mamma Italian Mamma Italian Mamma But, how did Theseus get out of the maze? Ariadne in love with Theseus I didn’t want to lose it and for that it was necessary that Theseus not if you get lost in the path of the maze So it gave Tesue a thread that would guide you on your comings and goings into the maze and what ensured that it comes back, safe and sound, into your arms Ariadne’s thread symbolizes the bond that ties things together and that can point us out and there is no stronger symbolism for this thread that the love The love of Italian mama the manifestation of God in all things in every hug at every meeting and farewell of whom we can or cannot find again but that deposits a divine spark in us The one that is everywhere and reveals itself in the walk to the most attentive eyes And since nobody is made of iron and it is said that in Rome be roman Nothing like having it on the way a set of thermal springs and enjoy waters with temperatures between 23º and 66º in contrast to the outside temperature around 3º Top This spa experience is very good I’m getting used to it first was there in Ourence now here… We are a few kms from Rome the great sacred center of Christianity and it’s nature that drives us until we reach the devouring and insatiable monster of civilization that requires sacrifices that can only be won with the magic sword and the powerful thread, invisible and imperceptible that connects us to each being Wait a minute

For you to see what is happening on the other side Hi Dinis Huum Are you all right? It’s OK There is no way without difficulties and they will always be there Beautiful, right? Beautiful! But if we don’t connect the rays to the axis the essential part that makes the wheel spin we stayed by the way What attracts you to this path? It is the intuition that runs through it is to rediscover the center your own destiny In the labyrinth theory the center is the resting place within ourselves a kind of sanctuary a mysterious crypt where the most is expressed mysterious and sacred The true temple of the Holy Spirit in the soul in a state of grace that one finds the lost unity of being A temple space where there is no separation between man and God Arriving at the center of the labyrinth it’s like the end of an initiation and introduces the initiate into an invisible cell that the artists of the labyrinths always left shrouded in mystery So that each one can imagine according to your own intuition or personal affinity We can compare ourselves with the sphere of extremely dense and heavy matter with apparently perfect surface that keeps inside a circle and complex mechanisms moved by a mystery a kind of thread smooth and invisible It shows us that balance breaks the laws of matter The center lives in every human being and when we reconnect with the divine essence we woke up from the clay and we become human In balance we stand up and we touch

the finger of God Arrive at the essential actually focusing on a single word: Abba Father Abba is something much more intimate And for this reason dear brother and sisters in order to pray properly one must come to have a child’s heart And God would respond: I know only love The wind goes where its pleasure takes it, and the sound of it comes to your ears but you are unable to say where it comes from and where it goes: so it is with everyone whose birth is from the Spirit Meeting of Jesus with Nicodemus, John 3:8 Getting out of the maze is recognizing that we are children of a divine essence and reestablish the connection Reconnect with the essence that brought us into the world reaching a richer awareness mature and profound about the act of living the axis of our wheel “And where we had thought to find an abomination, we shall find a god; where we had thought to slay another, we shall slay ourselves where we had thought to travel outward, we shall come to the center of our own existence where we had thought to be alone, we shall be with all the world.” Joseph Campbell Never forget to say ‘Father’ Thank you!