Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE – #16: To the Heavenly Land (EN,HK,TW,KR,TH,FR,IT,VN sub)

So high… We’ve already come so far This thing’s simply constructed, but once the wind caught it, it lifted us up at once Whoa! Are you all right, Freddie? Y-Yeah Aren’t you scared, Mr. Par? I am, but It’s no good being afraid and doing nothing The Valkylander’s with us, too Y-You’re right! And I’m sure these lanterns will take us to the sacred beast! Mr. Par! Over there! (To the Heavenly Land) Never mind the shining sand, this whole place is destroyed You all right? Yes. I just remembered something I see. I didn’t know anything about this planet at all I always thought this was part of a game I kept saying whatever I felt like, and probably hurt all of you Also, back then, Eldora might have been attacked because of the stupid things I said That’s been on my mind all this time, and I’m really sorry! There’s no need to apologize You did your best to protect us I heard it all from Freddie No. Back then, I Don’t do something you’re not used to! This isn’t like you You’re strong You can even smile at a time like this While someone like me I was scared just coming here That’s not true at all I’m not strong at all With Jed and Stola both gone, and the village in this state I’m scared and sad too I… I’m not strong We can’t use this place either Is there a problem? Not at all! Everything’s fine here!

I’m sorry about just now Thank you Wh-Who are you guys? One-Eyes? This is sacred ground We won’t let anyone enter without permission! We are The Build Divers? I knew it! These people aren’t enemies, they’re our allies! Stola! You Look there, Maiya! Maiya? Stola Stola! I’m so glad! You’re alive I’m back Whoa! This is amazing, Mr. Par! Pull the lever, Freddie! We did it! Mr. Par! That hurt Why is the ground You’re right We’re there, Freddie! We reached Milaag Mountain! Yes! The legends were true! The lanterns really brought us This… It’s my brother’s lantern Thank you, Jed Let’s go, Freddie Right! Hey, it’s Maiya! The Build Divers? Mr. Calico! Mr. Zabun! You guys were here too? So you’re okay! I’m so glad! How’s the village? It’s safe. Old Jiric and the others, too Everyone’s working hard to rebuild the village I see We were all saved by the villagers here Our wounds have healed up, so we’re paying them back! Once we’re done, we’ll return to help your village Okay! Thank you Let us know if we can help you with our Gunpla He’s right! Just leave it to us! Oh, wait. My Gunpla isn’t here That’s great! There’s some rubble we want to move With you and your Gunpla, it’s like reinforcements of 100 men! The One-Eyes are here! – What? – Darn, they’re here too! Curse you! How dare you come here! That’s What the heck is that? Those things are inside the One-Eyes What? They operate the enemy machines They don’t look like living beings Are you serious? They’re what we originally called One-Eyes They used to be the ones attacking villages and towns Now, they appear before the big One-Eyes do They must be scouting out the places they plan to attack If that came back In less than 3 days, the One-Eyes will come to this town Is that so? That’s what all the refugees said What? Then we have to evacuate at once! Not only can’t we leave,

but refugees are gathering here from the villages destroyed by the One-Eyes Also Most of the young people have joined the Resistance, leaving only the elderly and children behind In this situation, it’ll be difficult to evacuate so many people But we have to protect the townspeople, no matter what! Stola Wait for us Right now, we only have some incomplete Gunpla We’ll find a new summoning point as soon as possible and come right back So, please wait for a while However, there’s only one more ruin Even if we can use the ruins that Par and the others headed to, we can’t keep endlessly fighting local battles after we save that town But that doesn’t mean we can abandon them! Isn’t that why we came back to Eldora? Yes May! Kazami! I’m counting on you, Freddie, Par Please find Milaag Mountain What? I’m falling? Are you all right? – Yes – Y-Yeah Sniping Can the One-Eyes fight like that? Where are they aiming from? Where’s their sniping point? I still can’t tell I’ll act as bait Use that to figure out the enemy’s position W-Wait, what are you– I know you can do it Let’s go! May! Over there! It’s a trap! How long is this path? By the way, according to the legends, the sacred beast burns up anyone who approaches it if they’re cowards I-Is that so There’s also another story The sacred beast freezes anyone who approaches it if it’s in a bad mood Then what should we do? Also, there’s another That’s enough! I-I guess we’re there I-I think so – Ready, go! – Ready, go! These are

Summoning platforms! They’re here! There’s so much shining sand, too! We did it! With this, we can summon everyone’s Gunpla! You’re interfering Why are you doing this? This voice Is that Alus? Preserving the land of Eldora That should be top priority Even so Why? Stop your nonsense! Why? The reason is obvious! We’re protecting the people of Eldora! We won’t let you do something like that again! Protecting Let’s go, May! Beat him down! Core change Docking, go! Core change? That guy Is he copying Hiroto? Gunpla are a threat They’re always interfering In order to eliminate you this machine was Wh-what should we do…? We shouldn’t wake it up, right? M-Mr. Par? – It’s badly injured! – Yes You’re one of the New People New…? I-It talked! and a person of the Gunpla, correct? This power It’s fast! Darn it! If only I had my Justice Knight May! Build Divers! Mr. Muran? Stop! – Hiroto! – Hiroto! Cuadorn

Are you all right, Hiroto? Y-Yes… What happened? What’s… that? It’s Milaag Mountain! The sacred barrier’s open Now we can go there, too! So that’s Well then, I’ll be counting on you! I’ll hand it over for sure! My, it must be tough having parents that careless Not at all! I’m used to it already Well, see you Mizuki? Mukai? Why’re you here? That surprised me! I didn’t expect to see you here! Same here! How’s the archery club this year? Is everyone doing well? You have to hear this! During the last tournament, we almost reached the top eight! Everyone’s getting all fired up to renew your team’s record next time! Mizuki? I’m a little touched Even the butterfingered Mukai has grown a little What’s with that Say, why are you here, Mizuki? Are you visiting someone? There’s something I need to do here Mizuki? This is Everyone! Oh, Freddie! Par! You guys did it What?! What a clamorous day This is the sacred beast, Mr. Cuadorn So this is Are we doing fantasy now…? It’s been a while, Cuadorn Was this your doing, Muran? Did you send these children to me on an errand? They’re a person of the Gunpla, and his summoner Mr. Cuadorn, was it? Was it you who sent that lightning? I owe a debt to the people of the Gunpla Those two already told me what was happening Yes! That should speed things up Leave here… at once In the heavenly ruins, we found a stepping-stone for us to rise up But the threat of the One-Eyes, and the sacrifices of the villagers, are also sins to be laid on the back of the sacred beast Next episode, “The Sacred Beast Cuadorn.”