Sony "Fat" Playstation 2 deals, Part 2

oh so yeah so I went to the Salvation Army store in the city and they had a ton of ps2 games and I went through and you gotta open up never gonna buy him in a place like that always open them up take the disk ow and carefully and look at the back and you’re looking for yeah I mean sometimes they sometimes they look like somebody had them on the floor and was just rubbing them around on sand big scratches and that you do not want that it’s just gonna give you trouble so anyways these are a lot of these more like 2 bucks apiece I got Incredibles and then I got hockey baseball Madden no 7 and Gran Turismo which is a race car game because my kid doesn’t tend to like most of these action type games like this he likes the sports games to each his own I like the first-person shooters like the reason why I got a ps3 we got a ps3 for the family and I got a really good first-person adventure shooter type game with it I forgot what it’s called and needless to say I haven’t even started playing it and I got it over a year ago because I know my nature is that I get hooked and sucked into those games and the next thing you know I’m not doing anything else I’m not down here in the workshop doing anything because I’m spending all my time on that I get addicted let’s see if this thing does it I was honestly hoping we’ll just start like spinning up the disk or something and I don’t wait a minute screens changing hey it’s doing something it’s trying to read hey The Incredibles it’s reading the table of content the table of contents on the disk memory card eight Meg for PlayStation is not installed at least in at least 86 kilobytes of free spaces needed to save game data up to 189 kilobytes may be needed to save all three games do you want to start the game in other words it’s warning me that because there’s no memory card president it’s warning me that if I play the game and I could progress to a certain point I’m not going to be able to save assuming there’s no internal memory in this I don’t know again many station know this is beginning to look like a working ps2 fad for $3 about me now somebody thought better who’s that what here why waffle maker I could find it hold on I shut this off all right so no idea what’s been happening here oh okay press the start button it says here your game autosave feature cannot remove the memory collision remember your card in there create a game safe to save your progress how much you want to bet it won’t let me do that because no memory card yeah okay so save progress the bank heist to the system seems to be working now I’m just going to test this controller apparently it doesn’t let you rigs out

of that and just jump to my death I’ve unlocked a bonus item cool all right well you guys didn’t really want to watch me play this game mm-hmm so what we want to do Nano okay I wonder if I can get fried if I jump into that hey electricity is our friend not so much ouch all cool okay all right I don’t think it matters the guy have to actually exit out plus I was worried about storing all right so I’m satisfied that this game system works so now I’m gonna use this cable plug test the old one that I just got from the flea market maybe if I go back there I’ll see if he has any memory cards for this thing apparently that would be a much ballyhooed that would be a nice feature to have the ability to store your progress in a game especially you know games like that one wow that’s yeah it’s something broken right here this is pushed in so when I put this in see that’s stands kind of flush with the front there more that actually plugs in nice and solidly this one can’t plug it in so I’d be willing to bet the bare minimum there’s gonna be some sort of problem with death was controlling this one let’s turn this on oh yeah standby is working power up no control now can you control it from number two yes you can no data what does that mean version console is not well that’s high okay let’s see let’s see on the other one iron here we go diagnosis so I wonder how you get the diagnostic to work hey the time and date on this one set to December 24th 2015 gee whiz I don’t think this was sitting in that box very

long after all that’s a digital output on these must default to that or if we ship this off by power it back on now that I change them diagnostic mode to on I wonder if we’ll do some kind of a self diagnostic and be interesting keeps coming back to this she’d hold down longer all right let’s reboot see what happens trade sounds better on that one I was not doing anything I don’t know whether or not I have to input my control requests through player1 for blew it again see what happens reading disk says it’s reading that disk let’s see what’s going on disc read error so there’s this this puppy’s a little bit sicker let’s get the discount let’s have some fun so I guess question one would be no data what is the same no data there must be a wrong internal memory inside here that it’s trying to access and it’s not getting so could be corrupted or something like that what’s going on with this plug being pushed in and why isn’t it reading disk well maybe you can’t read a disk if it can’t access the ROM I don’t know listen many other questions I may never know the answer to but I do know this I do know it would be interesting to me to pop one of these open and see what’s inside it’s a plastic indicating this may have been dropped in its life it’s a little piece of plastic broken off here and there that’s probably from somebody prying on this trying to get this open and if I had one of these apart I could go online and probably find out exactly how you supposed to take this apart it’s clear to me that they made it hidden for you so this is the thing that’s missing off the other one you can see this was pried right here this is still not yeah somebody broke the cover and an attempt looks like to get this open cracked it

here use a little ports on the bottom here could easily tighten the screws and they are that one looks like it doesn’t come home all right take these little rubber feet off the bottom here the screws if these are super long screws then they might go all the way – no they’re not okay so these are not gonna hold that top cover one that way is you know what that screw is bent that screw is bent because somebody didn’t know they just supposed to take that screw out to release the top cover okay so I’m gonna make a little X mark right here because that screws extra long as the only one on the floor that’s long like that yep these little plastic ones to come out and they’ll say just for aesthetics and there’s a ones down here to look at that extra long one in here which one which already it’s interesting that screw I turn unscrew it’s very loose I’m wondering if the plastic standoff that that goes into a snap again more than likely by either being dropped or someone trying to remove it okay this faceplate might not come off because of the front door on the front of the tray and I may have just made a miscalculation here no actually it does clear it so that’s not what’s wrong again just a little bit of jostling it’s gonna take all right there’s the broken stand off that’s a through-hole one that the long screw goes through was the wanted to screw that was loose there’s another one yes somebody really somebody was really unforgiving to this thing well there you go this actually holds this power I think maybe that was supposed to be a long screw that went through there okay my breakfast is ready look at this this is pushed in right here that’s a slotted hole for that screw just loosen the screw you know what I take this out see how that’s supposed to make contact that doesn’t seem right that’s broken must be a wiring harness on the bottom I can’t see yeah there is triplicate Lori here goes Rinna there so so if I glued this piece back on here then I could actually fix this okay I could fix this front jack but I just gotta feel out of this let’s go watch bigger problems play with this after breakfast all right now I have much time left on this much room left on this memory card but what I did off camera was I took these four tiny screws out that allowed me to take this top cover off and expose the objective lens assembly on the laser and it looks like a little fisheye lens and I very very carefully clean that with a little piece of lint free cloth and isopropyl alcohol and they have special cleaners for those lenses you don’t want to use just any one solvent because I’m not positive but I think most of these lenses are polycarbonate or some type of plastic and there’s certain solvents that will actually attack that plastic and destroy the lens so anyways I used a pretty pin art the idea is that if the lens is dirty chances are it’s just dust or more commonly it’s smoke especially back in the day when I used to work on these a lot we used to have a lot of these that would get read errors whether it be a CD player DVD ROM you know DVD Drive or any

kind of disc based gaming system get a lot of read errors because of smokers in the house and the electronics tend to attract the dust and everything that’s in the air you can see right here this dust sitting right here okay so this has been pulling dust in and causing problems to cause problems well lens actually looked pretty clean on the ones that are really bad like from the smokers house you get out almost like a little haze on the lens from the tobacco stain and you can actually see right after you wipe it off you can see a difference I didn’t see any difference there so I don’t think that that’s what’s going on here I think we’re getting a read error because it’s probably an i/o problem and input/output problem of data transfer between this and the the mainboard this thing was dropped hard because of all the broken pieces that’s what I’m judging I’m basing that assumption on and the fact that this was pushed in and we could have a hairline crack in a PC board I didn’t see anything but that doesn’t mean I took that shield off the bottom there and couldn’t see anything obvious but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a crack there somewhere but just for the heck of it I’m gonna try it one more time before I since I cleaned it before I give up on it completely and so we’re gonna turn it off I also notice that when I it was messing around with it at one point was like asking for it almost seemed like it was asking me for something called the ps2 disc so I don’t know whether or not there’s a disc that you can use to reload the information that appears to be missing or corrupted in the ROM essentially if I plug a controller my internet browser when I’m getting the note data and it’s reading the disc what happened before was that changed from no data to a golden disc and it said ps2 disc so it almost seemed like it was expecting me to load to insert a ps2 disc but I don’t know if this ain’t answer any ps2 disc all right so I’m again I’m getting that disc read error so it just can’t read that disc and I know there’s not a problem with this because it works perfectly fine in the other unit all right so now that I know this isn’t gonna work I figured I might just tear it apart yeah it’s not gonna disc read error that’s not gonna work so just for giggles I think I’ll pull it apart cuz I’ve never completely taken one of these apart for so this board right here this assembly right here with these heatsink sticking up and the spec capacitor here where the power comes in that’s your power supply that just slips up out this plug for pins pushes down on to all right it’s on the bottom here you get a couple of shields and their job is to contain any interference in the form of radio frequency form either getting out of this and interfering with other electronics so that basically this certain amount of compliance any electronic product that’s imported into the country has to meet certain certain levels of non-interference with other electronic components when you have a component like this can actually give off the type of interference that can actually interfere with other electronics so if they didn’t actually have a standard that you have to comply with then well pretty much a lot of this cheap junk would come to the country and before you know we’d have all kinds of problems with stuff not working around the house because of this stuff so anyway so that’s basically what the shield does the problem is you can see that there’s no plastic on the inside of this it’s a metal so if this unit were plugged in and running say up on a tabletop and you were playing the game and it fell off table topping it hit

really hard it’s conceivable that this could actually push down momentarily and actually short against something here and that would not be good at all this just isn’t Miller this is actually the bottom of that little baby for the hard drive so this is just the PC board that access a ribbon cable almost transfer if if the network adapter was plugged into the back here to transfer all of that over to the mainboard over here this appears to be a ribbon cable maybe or not sure how that’s attached I’m not gonna force it without knowing how that’s supposed to unplug this little guard comes right out now you can see the backside the underside of the reed head the laser is mounted on if we want to take this top PC board off I just remove these screws here all right there are some screws with arrows pointing to them here here here here those screws apparently keep the two boards together this board the one underneath it these two screws on the peripheral or periphery appear to be responsible for keeping this whole assembly in there all right this ribbon cable right here goes down to the front controller input vlogs or sockets so I’m just gonna let’s look tricky but that little plug should and actually this little plastic clip right here should move out and allow me to unplug this ribbon cable there we go oh it clicks up okay stick that off now don’t allow them to take this whole new room out it appears no holdin up on this where we got o get these over here so same deal I’m gonna pull this up that ribbon cable out pop that one up take that ribbon cable out ah there is a wire little plug right here then unplugs which is the fan cooling fan now all that’s really left here is the CD mechanism you can see more of this dust that’s been in here swirling around is actually a lot of dust collected right here on the board nasty stuff alright so I’m sure you’re not supposed to just have to keep having this hang off so I’m gonna take a chance here pry up on this that this is a plug and it is that takes that off no obvious cracks but it doesn’t mean anything all right so now if I pull these four screws one two three four I’m betting that that’s gone oh that’s right I’m betting that that’s gonna allow me to take this top board to separate it from the board below it you laugh and that exposes this board which if I were ps2 expert I could probably tell you what this board does

maybe there’s somebody watching this who works on ps2 s it’s giggling their head off it’s interesting on that power supply as four pins but two pins are common to each other so these two pins are common and these two pins are common so in actuality there’s only two wires so to speak coming out of that power supply going to you can see right here these two are common and these two are common and the one of them looks like it’s a ground and so this just makes one voltage you know like a 12 volt DC or something like that don’t know exactly what which means that if you need other voltages to do other jobs in here there must be another self power supply somewhere here this is a big heat sink right here and I could see these four pins right here look like they’re the back of a plug this is a plug right here of ammonia gingerly it seems to be something else holding this I’m not seeing maybe that’s not a plug these four pins here might have to be unsoldered to actually remove this board because you have forced four big pins soldered right here and on the back side over here you have four more big pins that are soldered I don’t really feel like breaking out my desoldering my soldering iron and desoldering those pins just take these apart there’s really not much more for me to see here I was just gonna kind of try and get a better look at how much crap was actually built up inside that thing because it’s just like a big dust bunny I can see in there and some gross stuff and there’s actually something else there this may have had a Pepsi syndrome somebody may have spilt something at that this at some point or it could be the nastiness of a capacitor that leaked yeah I’m pretty convinced that that’s what’s going on here you’ve got to unsolder these four pins to get this board off of here alright guys so looks like that we’re gonna stop right there we’re gonna call this I’m gonna I’m gonna borrow this thing to close the expansion Bay on the one that works and see if I’ve got a couple of good working controls and get one good working ps2 system out of the out of the two not that I really used any parts from this I just used the cable that I bought with it the power cable and the AV cable the rest of this unit is pretty much gonna be well my people have spare parts I mean this power supply I think is working because it only puts out one voltage and if it wasn’t if this power supply wasn’t working I would think the unit would be completely dead so I think this is a good power supply what that’s worth this this power switch is good I’ll throw these a little box will call it spare parts but we’ve definitely got something wrong either in here one of these two boards or and and here the actual law see the mechanism itself they the read unit in the head that stinks alright so that’s a wrap-up