PS3 Repair Yellow Light & Blinking Red Light

hey guys fat preacher man here and this is actually a abridged version of one of my more famous videos I have this up on two different pages and this is all about how I fix the yellow light of death on my ps3 this is a temporary fix so as you can see in the video right here we’re showing you that this ps3 one of the old fat 60 gigs the original model has the blinking red light or the yellow light of death whenever you want to call it my system was dead and my heart was broken I sat there in tears and trembling but there was a way out of this pit of despair and darkness and it was with my wife’s hair dryer yes a hair dryer again if you want to see the whole video would non-stop unedited uncut check it out in the links below and I’ll put a pop-up here real quick there you go which makes it very difficult now one thing I would do is pop open this sine hatch real quick and I’m going to take out the hard drive itself because the heat that we’re going to put into this is going to be dangerous and this is all you have to do pop off that side hatch there’s a little blue screw it comes out just like that neat little teeny Phillips and then you slide it back and it slides out and that’s your hard drive right there and this is an original 60 to turn it over that’s really all you have to do to set up and you will need a hair dryer okay so instead of just having you listen or have nothing going on while I’m doing the hair drying which is pre-recorded I’m going to voice over some of the most commonly asked questions I get about this have after people doing it or about to do it curious about it one of the main questions is how long does it last oh this as I said before this is not a permanent fix the whole reason I did is because I had a disc stuck in my ps3 a blu-ray disc and I wanted my dad off because I’ve dealt with Sony before when a problem and if you send your system in you will not get the same system back and if you do your hard drive will be formatted and all your data your precious precious data will be gone so therefore I needed to backup my data and I need to get my disk out so this was to me the most you know easiest way to do it because I was just afraid to take it apart and lose a screw or misplace something but you can do that and if you do I recommend a guy named Gil Skye and I put his link below and a little pop-up here for you um so it’s not permanent I did mine mine lasted more than five days each and then I got rid of him I sent one off to Sony they traded me a slim for 90 bucks the other one I traded in a Gamestop and I used that to get a slim so I had two Slim’s now but and well not actually because I then I traded the other slim in and I got actually I sold the other slim and I got a super Sun but anyway that’s off the subject next frequently asked question and she didn’t finish the first one how long does it last again mine lasted until I got rid of it but others have reported hundreds of others have reported various various times and I have no definite answer they can last if it works at all it can last for minutes it can last for days it can last for months it all depends upon your system how far gone it is so it’s not permanent I would get the dad off of there and get yourself another system because there’s just a basic design flaw in the fat ps3s as much as I hate to say it it was a beautiful machine it lasted me four or five years but it was just a flawed system it was too much in there and not enough cooling power on the CPU chipset was too big and it just just couldn’t work anyway so get yourself a slim and save the headache do you have to remove the next question do you have to remove the HDD the hard drive No plenty of people have not done it forgot to do it I did it because again one of the main reasons I was doing this was to save my data and I am paranoid didn’t want to take the chance and I’ve changed the hard drive before so I was very familiar with it and if you get stuck with stupid blue screw take a pair of vise grip pliers snap it on there and loosen it otherwise in that that’s all I can tell you about the blue screw I’ve many of them are fine they come right out then some blue screws are like little blue screws of death little blue demon screws I don’t know what to tell you another question that comes out relating back to the first one people say well I tried it and it only lasted for a few moments or I tried it and it didn’t work at all to that I say some people have reported that same thing but then they’ve gone back and tried it again

multiple times one guy had to do it four times for it to get them last for a few hours some people get on the second try so you can either try it again or move on to a different method but if you really want that data you you either take it to a computer repair shop locally because they’re not going to format your hard drive or repair it yourself if you send it off to Sony you can say goodbye to the data if that doesn’t matter then Sony’s always an option and taking out the hard drive will not void your warranty and if you do this without melting it it won’t void your warranty and it shouldn’t melt it mine didn’t melt I’ll show you at the end of the video and many I don’t know how what kind of hairdryer would be to melt the hard plastic casing of a ps3 but I haven’t ever seen it happen as many times as I’ve done this I’ll be back in a second after this hold on yeah fifteen wonderful minutes of heating your ps3 which just seems kind of ironic because the heat is what actually broken down so now like I said on here there’s a button I just flipped to cool and I do the same thing but for 20 minutes to cool it down and I don’t know if you notice doing a video or if you skipped but I was going back and forth to distribute the heat because I had read about other people trying to do this and in melting something but this is my second time doing it and I haven’t had that happen as you can see there’s nothing melted looks the same the system itself is very hot to the touch if you put your hand on now it’s very very hot so now like I said we keep it upside-down and you switch cool and you can look for 20 minutes okay so um so again one other question comes up how long do you heat it for there I said it in case anybody missed it it’s 15 minutes of heating and then it will be 20 minutes of cooling and then I get another question and came up quite a few times which I was surprised is which do you do first you heat it first and then you cool it down and the whole purpose is is is is basically like a cheap man or lazy man’s reflow reball you’re not opening the system you’re not applying direct heat you’re hoping that the heat trapped within the system is enough to do it another question and I hope I kind of answered it was that well what if I have a disc stuck inside like I said I did it because I had a disc stuck inside and blu-rays are actually hard extra hard coded so they’re extra durable so even if it was going to hurt it if you have a blu-ray stuck in there it shouldn’t hurt it again it’s a hairdryer it’s not a direct heat gun and you’re not dry applying it directly into the blu-ray drive so it should be fine um what about success rates how many people that’s another question how many people does it work for if I was to mathematically calculate it I’d say it’s about 75% of the people report success and if you look at the the likes versus dislikes you can see that for yourself more people have reported sess successes than failures some people say well there’s other videos on the on the web like this on the YouTube and some people use a box should I use a box that’s up to you i I did it twice didn’t use a box at the time and I succeeded so that’s up to you you can try with the box or not they say that logic behind that is it helps trap the heat so maybe maybe it is a good idea don’t know if you try it that way let me know hit me up in the comment section below video response some people put a sweater or a towel over top of it again the idea is to trap the heat in is what they’re saying I didn’t do that as you can see in the video and I had success and again if you’re if you think that this is edited in any way you’re right it is because I’m fast-forwarding through the boring crap and talking to you giving you some information but you can see the whole unedited video on my channel like I said links below and and what not why do are you doing it upside down again because the solder it helps apply pressure so I just did it upside down do you have to I think so but I’m not sure if you do it the other way and it works let me know what if your hairdryer doesn’t have a cool setting because mine actually like I tell you a minute ago it actually has a cool setting I hit the cool switch and I do it manually like this other guys have used a box fan they set it up with big fan just blowing on it leave it some people couple guys put it in the fridge for about an hour and I’ve recommended if you can’t do either those maybe your fridge is full don’t have a box fan don’t have a ceiling fan whatever just let it sit it needs to cool because the solder the the connective paste it needs to sit and resolidify so I’d leave it alone for a couple hours don’t touch it don’t move it just let it sit and cool down um let’s see what else to do the success rate on g4 okay so other questions what

do I do now again like I said I personally got rid of my system save my data did a backup restore did a system transfer saved to USB whatever you got to do if you have another system the best option is system transfer it’ll move everything over you’ll get everything at once it’s a it’s the best option you cannot take the hard drive out and pop it in another system will not work you got if you want that information on there you got to get it off of there so either you can save some stuff to the PSN cloud if you have the PS the PS plus you can move some stuff to USB the stuff that can’t be moved to USB like some mass effect to saves those can be moved to the cloud and then once you get a new system you can restore from there you can you can download it and again we have videos for doing transfers we have videos for doing the backup restore which in this case if you are going to send it to Sony just for more permanent fix you might want to do backup or store because if they do send you the same system which I don’t think they will because I’ve never gotten the same system back you can do a restore in case they do wipe your hard drive and we also have a video which if you’re trying to keep your your fat sixty which I wish I could have we have one call about stopping the yellow light of death or stopping the blinking red light whatever you want to call it because that yellow light is hard to see so some people don’t even notice it but whatever you want to call it I give you the top ten hints clues tricks that I use for my system to try to stop it from crashing again from overheating and becoming just another pile of pretty junk again so that that’s it that’s the commentary for this about to finish this up if you have any questions please hit me up in the comments section below check out our other videos we’d love to hear your thoughts your opinions we’ve got all sorts of videos on channel hit us up on YouTube hit us up on Facebook on Twitter I am fat preacher man Jesus bless you and good gaming ten minutes of pure hairdryer pleasure all done now what we’re going to do put the harddrive back in again it just slides in and then it slides back and it snaps into place then you got the little teeny blue screw just lightly screwed and don’t have to do it hard especially if you ever interested in upgrading the hard drive if you keep your ps3 now put cover back in place gently turn the baby back over reattach the power cord and switch it back on and there we go let me zoom in on that for you so you can see no blinking no shutting off she is good now again