WHO Lockdown About-face; Wokeness Religion; Davos Postponed; Great Reset Getting Cold Feet? 10/11/20

back to resistance chicks we’re your hosts leah and michelle today is october 11th 2020 leah obviously had one last minute thought that she wanted to add to our show we have so much to bring you today as always yes but what i when you sent me the title which i always tweak a little bit um every point that you hit i kept going oh well that’s good news well that’s good news we’ve got the who backing out or reversing their stance on the lockdowns which we don’t trust the who to start with but if even they’re you know walking back the the lockdown idea then that’s good right then we’ve got the world economic free uh forum and devos postponing we’re gonna weigh whether they’re they’re getting goldie and davos i think they’re gonna i think they want a whole new it’s like that’s like monsanto getting a uh a new name they’re now under bayer all right so it’s not devos anymore it’s at another place right and then i’ll call it something else yeah but it’s it takes a while for the rest of the conspiracy theorists to check on so hey we didn’t do debos this year no you did you did your whole world economic forum global elite meeting somewhere else and they’re going to do it this spring behind closed doors yeah so we’re going to we’re going to cover that and i i’m i want you guys to stick with me because i have an amazing theory uh i know a lot of you are always asking maybe you you a lot of you have your own theories that you were sold on why the push for the global elites to increase migration from um from from the muslim countries from africa into um europe it doesn’t make a lot of sense uh there’s not a lot of jobs to be filled why and i think i have a pretty good uh grasp on i’m excited to hear about this and um i’m excited to share with you uh if you guys didn’t see our video um on yesterday we got to interview well okay yesterday we we played the thing it was wednesday we got to interview a leader in the opposition party to mugabe’s party okay his vice president’s the president now yeah in zimbabwe and it was amazing and we’re going to play that video at the end of the show exactly just make the corruption again make africa great again we have to switch our mindset and i have always wanted to do this and i’ve been trying to do this because the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results so we can yeah uh cover the fact that no it’s wrong to have illegal migrants come in to live off the government to uh take over hotels to um upset uh the the social cohesion uh because it’s not an integration process it’s not it’s not real immigration is when your whole family decides we want to go to a different country or a different state or a different place and we’re going to put our roots down and we are going to be immersed in that culture yeah so if i decide that me my family and i are going to move to egypt i’m going to immerse myself in the egyptian culture i’m not going to go and change it i’m not going to try and go and and and upset things i’m not going to go rob stores and and harass people so the idea of them of immigration and it’s been turned upside down on its head and the the global elites and the leftists are using a proper definition for immigration to apply to something that isn’t immigrant isn’t real immigration because a lot of these people are just coming to work and then they send money back are they going to they’re going to go back a real immigrant decides i want to go be part of this country i’m going to go be part of this i’m going to take on that nationality so when people italians come to america you know you’ve talked to some who are who are second generation italians uh who come over here i came to american i am american now you know what i mean like i’m here to be american right so if you’re going to if you’re going to go to poland you’re there to be polish that doesn’t mean that you have to leave behind who you are you these the italians our friend one of our best friends is italian her family’s italian okay but she’s a new yorker yeah she’s a new yorker first you know what i mean like you embrace what you where you came from where your family came from but then you you also embrace where you are now our grandfather came from from sweden okay i don’t go around saying hey i’m swedish i wanna i don’t know anything about sweden really you know and he didn’t really he came to be an american okay so when you when you immigrate you go to be part of that country all right so what’s happening right now is not immigration okay so it’s something else and i have i

don’t even believe it’s not an invasion it’s something entirely different and i haven’t come up with the right word yet it’s a it’s a it’s a switch there’s a switch happening and i i’ll get to my punch line later but before that uh majid noise has been on the front line of front lines of calling out the um the hypocrisy surrounding the entire world who pretends to be woke in their religion of wokeness we’re going to kind of cover that uh today what does it mean this religion of wokeness is that there is a set idea there’s set rules and you can’t go outside of the boundaries and if something isn’t part of their catechism then it’s not part of their religion and so what’s not part of their catechism what’s not part of the religion is anything against china and so if there are literal slaves in china that’s not you you’re not woke that’s not part of the woke movement right that must be okay it’s very interesting because in the south in america you did have uh christians trying to use the bible to justify slavery and you have in the religion of wokeness people justifying lebron james okay that’s just what they do over there right right right you have world leaders praising china for what they’re doing praising them okay because they turn a blind eye because the economy is their religion it’s almost as if it’s a crusade to them sure right so and it was very interesting is that in this religion of wokeness they decry capitalism while using capitalism no i know it the religion of wokeness is we could uh we could define it as a religion of confusion they they say one thing out their mouth but they do something completely different yeah okay so you have prince harry and megan merkel in like a 14 million dollar home saying capitalism is the problem and they’re making a million dollar deals with netflix saying capitalism is the problem right and we need redistribution they don’t need that money so that they can have they can be i can do a little math and be the platform right i can do a little math if if if they just gave away you know if when they when they bought their house they for one million dollars a one million dollar home is pretty nice home wouldn’t you say oh yeah they could buy 13 more people millions a million dollar home whoa and then and then let’s say let’s say the average home here in america to let’s say let’s say a really good a really good average home like a really nice home in the little really nice neighborhoods 250 divide that by four yeah okay they could provide people with they could brag 50 60 100 people with decent average homes hey they could live they could live in one of these nice little neighborhoods and a 300 000 home and they’d be happy i’ve been in them 300 400 000 big nice good homes but no no 14 million same thing with barack obama and michelle right right right crying capitalism and and and the climate what’s so funny is living on the the here’s the thing you can’t get more east coast than martha’s vineyard right if you’re worried about the seas rising yeah why are you on the the they’ll move once the seas really do start to rise it’s a pretty bad investment they’re out there they have a 14 million dollar mansion too and here’s the thing you put your money where your mouth is if you believe that that if you don’t that if nothing changes then the seas are going to rise then you’re 15 you’re 14 million why aren’t you in the middle why aren’t you in colorado building a mansion in the mountain because then the snow would melt and flood stop it okay no but what is so sad about those that follow these people is that they have kind of almost like a um it’s a cult it’s a it’s a tremendous objection like they are they are the subjects yeah and and they need that because they are the higher power and they are our leaders and they need those things because if without a 14 million dollar home they couldn’t get the message out you know what they’d still have a cell phone it’s like this like oprah winfrey is one of the most is the one of the richest people in the entire world not just women not just black people one of the richest people and she’s she comes out and says black people need a voice and i’m just like ever since i was born people have been turning on tv to listen to you woman listen to oprah that’s what people did that’s what a bunch of white people did they turned on oprah to listen to what this black woman had to say montel williams but here’s the thing who’s it here’s the hypocrisy in that she is so rich that she could literally be african

americans a voice she could get like a television channel and just call it the african american voice and let anyone come right and just say whatever they want like she could buy you a voice to give you a platform and people would watch right people would totally watch but she doesn’t care about your voice neither does megan merkel they don’t care about your voice they care about your anger they care about harnessing anger they don’t know how to harness joy right they don’t know how to heart and actually i take that back oprah winfrey got rich on harnessing joy true and now that she’s rich she’s turning it on people and smacking them over the head with it like a dead fish okay they made her rich okay so speaking of making people rich okay china has been rich they’ve been made rich partly on the backs of the xinjiang region yes uh uyghurs they are ethnic ethnic uh like turks they are they’re muslims uh they’re not they’re they’re completely different ethnically completely different ethically from the han chinese and actually we’ve talked about for sterilization i’m talking about forced marriage where uh han han chinese men are are told to go get a go get a wife and and go get a woman and and and start making han chinese babies with these muslim uh turkistan uh uyghurs it’s absolutely insane so you do parliament is going to discuss in the uk putting sanctions on china because because of the uyghurs because of majeed now ease now this is a bipartisan thing and what i love about majid is that he is he plays it straight he’s a lefty he believes more socialism right he it believes in inclusion different things like things like that however majid noise is one of the the the unicorns he is a diamond in the rough in which he is normal whoa he is rational right okay so he’ll look at things from all sides right and he just doesn’t just go with something because it’s the left and i and i love him for it so uh we’re gonna we’re gonna dive into this here we have some calls on um uh on the uyghur crisis here on his show on lbc is to publicly oppose china’s election to the u.n human rights council later next week number two is to introduce magnitsky legislation again again all all the really bad countries are in uh are on uh are in the un’s uh human rights council and he’s speaking to a conservative mp right now yeah yeah number three an assessment of whether china’s actions constitute a violation of the 1984 convention against torture number four uh uk to support the u.n international law commission’s draft conventional uh prevention and punishment of crimes against humanity and number five take cross whitehall action to ensure uk businesses conduct thorough due diligence on supply chains what’s your reaction to lisa nandy’s five recommendations to the foreign secretary i agree with all those five and i’ve added six and independent tribunals being set up and being led by jeffrey knight qc who’s done tremendous work in this area previously and the government should welcome and engage with jeffrey knight and his tribunal which will no doubt collect all the evidence in a very balanced way and consider what we what we do know we’ll be able to you know substantiate the abuses that are taking place i think what’s quite hard for the public to understand is the level of abuse magic it just seems too much to be true that millions of people can be incarcerated that children can be removed from their parents and be re-educated that women have a choice they can have a choice to either be sterilized or be moved into a camp that the chinese government can put people men into families home to make sure that those families aren’t practicing a faith or any other identity other than han chinese there are allegations that those men are raping the wives of wigan men who become uh detained as well but the the chinese regime is placing men in the homes of wigar wives raping them while their husbands are in jail oh my gosh well it’s not a far leap to make if you have no right as a woman you have no right to have a family um no right to your husband and very little right to the property that you’re living in if the chinese authorities are then moving men into your home those men will have absolute rights over you that is difficult but you mentioned something quite early on at the top of your show about children which was absolutely key these are children that do not have parents these are children who have parents who have been incarcerated and then these children are being indoctrinated to lose any identity that they have any identity about their culture and their faith half a million children half a million it’s it’s incredibly difficult for people to understand this is happening in this day and age and if we talk about the genocide and look for a moment people say well this is a big term to use and we should only use it sparingly obviously it’s a legalistic term but the birth rate is dropped by 85

percent for um weaker women and we know that there was a promotion of birth control both on vegan women which led to this birth rate drop and that is a key component of the international community being able to say that a genocide has taken place and this thing goes back to one of your early points of sunmay about the china role and position at the u.n the u.n is a busted flash for as long as china can veto anyone being allowed to go into china and to document what’s going on that is that it’s it’s heartening to see people um talking about things it’s great to see um conservatives and liberals coming together to talk about this um but it’s sad because it’s not one of those things that is is talked about enough um and it’s not something that the the whole world is talking about and and we’re talking about reparations in the united states from slavery in in the 16 in uh in 1860 uh uh the end of our you know beginning of our civil war and we have slavery right now and we’re all benefiting from it robin poe here says um here’s a tough subject since most of our clothes are made in china should we boycott clothes made in china they use uh prison and slave labor to make these clothes i don’t feel right about buying them i think it’s um kind of one of those things where you do the best that you can you know if you have the opportunity and the choice to buy something that is not made in china if what you can buy is available within your price range yeah you know in your budget then do so right and if you can’t then you what you need to do is be getting the message out there and be praying for right the uyghurs and you know our friends being used we have dear friends who are like and even matt will go to to lowe’s or home depot and they’ll need one boat and it’s and it’s not made anywhere else but in china right okay so you need the bolt yeah but that doesn’t mean that we stop talking about it because that’s like people who say well i don’t have a right to say anything about it because i do it or whatever well if you’re stuck if you’re stuck you’re stuck you’re literally stuck um we’re stuck all right um i don’t know why and i i always am cautious about the angle of cnn cnn put this together now we do know that um our government here in america has have has seized tons of hair this hair a lot of it the reason they they seize this the hair to go to to black salons for weaves the reason they they see they seize this hair is because it came from the xinjiang reason region right so the the the ethnic uighur women are having their hair chopped off because they that is a debilitating thing it’s a demoralizing thing but it’s also a thing of great profit for for you know a friend of ours just brought up first corinthians 11 in a subject and she was asking about you know how the bible talks about women should have long hair it is a glory to her you know people have asked us over our well since we started having long hair why do you keep long hair like well a i just like it b the bible says to do it for the angel’s sake no one really knows what that means but it does say so that the woman should have power on her head yeah and that it’s a shame for a woman to not have long hair and if she doesn’t have her head covered when she’s when she’s praying or speaking or prophesying she might as well be shorn and that’s a shame and they are shaming these women they are taking something from them that is beyond what you and i would just basically consider oh oh you just cut their hair what’s the big deal this goes deep it’s a spiritual thing right collection of bright hair and crochet hair the neighborhood beauty supply store a fixture of nearly every african-american community this one okay part of an industry that revolves around the business of hair the first thing people see a lot of times is our hair it’s a business worth billions selling largely to african american consumers the business of hair extensions is booming frankisha watkins owner of bee polished beauty supply in arlington texas says her average customer spends more than a hundred dollars a month on hair care growing up as an african-american woman we’re told our hair is our glory but even professionals say they know very little when it comes to the origin of all this hair this one actually does not list where exactly it’s from in fact the majority of it comes from china last year china sold around a billion dollars worth of real and synthetic hair to the us this one of the most intimate parts of a person’s body is also a valuable international

commodity that industry insiders refer to as black gold and this is a sample that i ordered online it was advertised as untreated xinjiang human hair sourced from a part of china that is steeped in allegations of human rights abuses in july u.s customs and border protection delivered a shock to the industry the seizure of a shipment of around 13 tons of human hair that’s worth more than 800 000 we had a reasonable suspicion that the goods made in the shipment were produced using forced labor in china the hair comes from this industrial park in china’s northwest xinjiang region a chinese state tv report identifies these factories as part of a government-backed poverty alleviation program the government has offered tax incentives and cheap labor to investors in the hair factories in what it says is an effort to employ thousands of people like this man my goal is to make one more wig every day similar government videos have been made about other factories in xinjiang like this apparel factory but cnn spoke with a woman who worked at the apparel factory who says the reality was very different from images shown on chinese state tv none of us worked there of our own free will is an ethnic kazakh originally from xinjiang who emigrated to neighboring kazakhstan on a return trip to xinjiang to visit her father in 2017 she says chinese authorities detained her at the border you know they told me i came from a terrorist country they cut my hair took my blood samples they cut her hair alhan says she was kept in an internment camp in a cell with 20 to 30 people sharing a bucket for a toilet human rights groups and the u.s government accused china of a massive detention campaign rounding up more than a million ethnic uyghur muslims and members of other ethnic minorities into internment camps beijing calls the camps vocational training centers aimed at eradicating violent extremism but cnn has heard firsthand testimony from survivors of these internment camps who say they were arbitrarily detained in horrific conditions for months enduring torture and other indignities like having their hair chopped off cnn’s investigation has not been able to confirm what happens to this shorn hair but al-khan’s first-hand account supports the u.s government accusation some chinese exports from xinjiang are being made with forced labor after surviving 15 months in the camps unable to return to her husband and child in kazakhstan she was ordered to work at a factory sewing gloves that were exported to the us and europe they told me if i refused i would be sent back to the camp says this image from another chinese state media report shows her at a sewing machine while a vip delegation toured the factory her description matches that of this man jerzhan korman another ethnic kazakh who says he spent nine months in internment camps before being forced to work in the same factory alongside owlcon for two months we couldn’t do anything without permission speaking from safety in kazakhstan after their release the two former detainees have a warning for western consumers i’m against these chinese products they are made through slavery so many people were crying while making these products to try to end this alleged modern day slavery the u.s government is now banning imports of some products made with suspected forced labor in xinjiang though u.s officials have not provided evidence citing an ongoing criminal investigation so i say to china open it up just open it up let a bunch of people from all over the world into xinjiang is there any place in america that you can’t go except for arrow 51 you know what i’m saying right same place within france you can walk anywhere in france you can walk anywhere in the uk i mean basically you can go anywhere in almost any country okay but in china you mean regionally-wise obviously there’s private property and stuff well yeah but regionally why like they don’t allow you when you go in you are you’re watched they got surveillance stuff they got everything going on okay and they they have let like one journalist in to kind of oh this is what we’re doing we’re just ready to get it all set up like it’s okay to re-educate muslims anyways i know because like like it’s okay do you want to name how many terrorists have come from the xinjiang province like like how many terrorists

have they per you know the uyghurs you know produced and you’ve got to be they’re prone to terrorism all over the world saying ain’t no big ain’t no big thing china doing good we’re working with china who working with china look what china’s doing trying to do a good job it’s absolutely insane it’s absolutely insane speaking of the who robin to answer she goes that’s it if i can’t find some clothes i’m sewing them myself honestly leah and i get a vast majority of our clothing from second-hand shops yeah but it’s still made in chuck no i know but somehow to me it feels like i’m not directly perpetuating the system it’s more indirect i’m not saying it’s perfect i’m just saying it gives me that buffer that i feel like i’m not taking my money directly to and i’m not saying that we always do that i’m just saying to me it feels a little bit like one step away yeah all right flip flop back flip whatever you want to do gymnastics something what is that who doing listen here’s the thing y’all um there’s absolutely no reason to take the whole the c the cdc uh seriously on anything okay it that it’s it’s crazy every show condemns coronavirus lockdowns just doubling the global property so the uk’s envoy to the who has condemned mass coronavirus lockdowns very interesting that’s this is you got the horse talking over here and a cow talking over here and i have an article up that says the uk is looking for another looking to do another a shutdown i know of their economy but their envoy to the who has condemned mass corona buyers lockdowns i’m gonna know it’s something not a foot how many times have we heard um you know the right hand not talking to the left hand in the who somebody comes out and says masks don’t work and they’re not effective and then she has to walk back and get who is talking right here right now all right slamming the ghastly global catastrophe caused by crashing the world economy uh dr david uh nabarro from the who appealed to world leaders on saturday telling them to stop using lockdowns as your primary control method i’m just wondering if the guy in melbourne australia is going to take heed to this because he has said that if here’s the thing in melbourne australia in victoria actually if if you are contact traced if you won’t and you refuse a test they’re going to make sure you lock down for 21 days oh my gosh if you refuse a test if your contract trace say you’ve been around somebody who has been tested who has tested positive you’re going to be stuck in your home for 21 days you don’t get tests this is this is fascism it’s for real right all right so uh he claimed that the only thing lockdown’s achieved was poverty with no mention of the potential lives saved this is a direct contrast to the deputy chief ted drills not not a doctor um who as far back as april gave his full support to the lockdowns and even worn against lifting them too soon then in august tedros praised several national governments including the uk france south korea and germany for using all the tools at their disposal to tackle any new spikes which included regional lockdowns speaking to andrew neal of the spectator magazine dr nabarro bemoaned the collapse of the international tourism industry and claimed there would be a doubling in the levels of world poverty and child malnutrition by 2021 as he warned that lockdowns make poor people an awful lot poorer i want to say it again we in the who do not advocate lockdowns as a primary means of controlling the virus i just wonder sometimes because it’s yet another lockdown we thought we’d all be over there by this by september uh october it also as i said it gets very complicated and so on but these are quite narrow um personal inconveniences and and of course they can have economic impacts overall too but we had professor sinetra uh gupta from oxford university on and she was implying and i’ve mentioned you because you have a global mandate a global view but the a problem we don’t think about in lockdowns is that they’re very nationalistic that if we lock down our economy that it hits our economy but it also means we are not buying stuff we’re not trading with weaker economies we are not just destroying our own jobs we’re destroying the jobs of all those that in the poorer parts of the world that export to us that seemed to me to be a reasonable point really important point by professor gupta i want to say it again we in the world health organization do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus the only time we believe a lockdown is justified is to buy you time to reorganize regroup rebalance your resources protect your health workers are exhausted

but by and large we’d rather not do it just look at what’s happened to the tourism industry for example in the caribbean or in the pacific because people aren’t taking the holidays looks what’s happened to smallholder farmers all over the world because their markets have got dented look what’s happening to poverty levels it seems that we may well have a doubling of world poverty by next year we may well have at least a doubling of child malnutrition because children are not getting meals at school and their parents in poor families are not able to afford it this is a terrible ghastly global catastrophe actually and so we really do appeal to all world leaders stop using lockdown as your primary control method develop better systems for doing it work together and learn from each other but remember lockdowns just have one consequence that you must never ever belittle and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer indeed and horizon world poverty after years and years in which world poverty was falling in poland and we’ve reversed that’s something that i was trying to get across to a friend of mine is that people in the middle class in the upper class i don’t know if you can still see me i have no room for my feet down here there are two dogs laying where i normally stand they’re back to back they’re very comfortable they are dead asleep ah there’s no room for my feet i i kept getting squished in it felt like it like like uh like a squid just kind of squishing me out that’s hilarious i can put them upstairs no they’re fine they’re happy um okay so anyways spoiled talking about the poor the global poor in each country they’re the ones who are going to suffer the most they’re the ones who who already fall through the cracks and they’re falling through the cracks in greater numbers and it it’s it the elitism of people who still have really great jobs and are still working and still making bank and and and making it making it happen is sickening to me it just bothers me it hurts my heart you know what i’m talking about i know exactly what you’re talking about what i think though you were kind of wondering like what is the um why the turn around and i think honestly these people have all this money and they in their pride and arrogance they thought that they could withstand the lockdowns in order to get their great reset you know to go through but now they’re realizing they require economies to get their money too right okay their money doesn’t make more money if the economy isn’t making more money right right so they need the economies to be up and running and i think that they thought that they could do it for a brief period but now what you’re going to talk about in a little bit is them having to push kind of some of their plans forward a little bit i think that might be that might be playing a little bit into it yeah i think that they are the elites are playing with fire and they’re hoping to do and they keep spinning they keep kind of trying to fire control burn but they’re not sure if the great reset that they’re talking about doing is not just gonna just scorch it all right right uh here’s a little article here privacy crisis contact tracing data from pubs and restaurants has actually been sold to third parties experts have warned of a privacy crisis in the uk that’s contact tracing data oh don’t worry we won’t ever sell your email just give us all your information you know give us your firstborn give us your mother’s maiden name you know give us your social security number what’s funny though is a lot of people are putting down false information on these pubs though well yeah little slips yeah for those of you that are not in the uk to go to a pub which is a big deal and people do it all the time um you have to write you know your name i think it’s not those pubs it’s probably restaurants you have to give your name and like tell phone number and emails so contact tracing for time type tracing in the future right somebody if there’s an outbreak right uh in pubs and restaurants is reportedly being sold on to third parties for advertising data collected for tracking the china virus is mandated by the government to be held by the businesses for only 21 days not used for any other purposes than the nhs test and trace however some contractors are using the qr codes to pilfer names addresses email information and phone numbers which they in turn sell to advertising and credit card companies as well as insurance brokers speaking to the times the director of software development company level five um gr grav if you’re suddenly getting loads of text your data has probably been sold on from track and trace systems one company supplying the hospitality industry with a qr code based tracking system is pubtrack and trace which states its privacy policy that by using the system users agree for the company to make suggestions and recommendations to you about goods or services that may interest you okay so you want to eat or drink in the

pub and this is your only way in you have to agree to this that’s crazy okay so horatio hi horatio um says i refuse to download the app and i’ve always given false contact information you probably just put down racial mcherry um but i didn’t i guess i was you said the qr code and i guess i wasn’t understanding because i was kind of still thinking it’s like a wedding or funeral registration where you just write on the line i didn’t know there was an app so you’ve given me extra information here so you can either choose to do the app yeah or write down your information yeah so uh these companies provide track and trace services for restaurants um and they the data collects actually is retained for 25 years what yeah jim west says i just zapped the code on my phone can’t be bothered with filling out forms no i would be filling out the form and putting down false contact information what are they going to do how are they going to prove you put down false information and then what are they going to do if they do find out that you did they’d have to find out while you’re still there um yeah i i i it’s pretty crazy um but not only that ripon says scotland has just told pubs they are not allowed to sell alcohol in pubs now after 6 p.m what’s the point yeah actually that was exactly the article i was going to go to scotland bans the sale of alcohol inside of pubs uk pub closures um so scotland’s first no no don’t do this scotland it’s so bad sturgeon has announced that pubs restaurants and and licensed cafes will be banned from selling alcohol inside for more than two weeks from what i understand it says the measures will come into effect friday until at least the 25th of october with establishments only allow to sell non-alcoholic drinks and food from 6am to 6pm you can’t even you can’t get you can’t you can’t get you can’t get a pint okay not even a pint at all for two weeks you can get non-alcoholic ones from six a.m to six p.m no no no you mean after be outside of 6 a.m to 6 p.m no no it says they’re only allowed to sell them from 6 a.m no it says it says with establishments only allowed to sell non-alec alcoholic drinks and food from 6 a.m to 6 p.m and then they’re shut down after that anyways okay so then there’s no alcohol being sold none only non-alcoholic food injury so then they can so you only can get alcohol for a four-hour period between six and ten no there’s no alcohol no however continue to serve alcohol until the later 10 p.m curfew outdoor hospital then they said oh outdoor hospitality outdoor hospital it may however continue to serve hang on hang on hang on later in scotland you can’t get a drink at all unless you unless you’re outside if this could be a typo but it says non-alcoholic drinks from 6am to 6pm we’re trying to give news we only don’t know what the news is well that’s what breitbart says okay further restrictions have been put uh in ireshire and aaron and fort valley greater glasgow and clyde and lincoln lanc archer and lothian how about that uh where all alcoholic license premises must shut down completely you’re done you’re over according to the mirrors scots in these areas have been asked to avoid using public transportation unless absolutely necessary this seems like a whole societal shift i mean they’re scottish i mean that’s what you do you drink i mean this is like i feel like it’s hilarious to me this is hilarious it’s why education why it’s re-educational what does alcohol have to do with corona virus it’s a control measure it’s a control measure it’s to control your mind to see how far they can push you it’s a test it’s a test this is only a test it’s the test that’s not going to be received well you know if you are an alcoholic you can’t stop drinking or your body can like shut down and go into your face i’m sure you can buy this well what if you’re a pub alcoholic what if you only get your alcohol i’m just saying like this whole thing and we don’t drink we don’t even really believe in drinking but i am all for your right to do so and this is ridiculous yeah yeah uh oh my gosh yeah oh my gosh you don’t do it in scotland if they did it in ireland i don’t even know what would happen fires yeah fires oh my gosh all right farage says post-brexit britain needs trump boris government actually whose biden uh brexit leader nigel farage tied britain’s post-brexit success to the re-election of president donald trump warning that should the seven and seven-year-old uh democrat presidential candidate joe biden prevailed in the hopes of the british american free trade deal would be dashed and that is true that is true the

left has been anti-brexit from the very start obama came over here told you you will be at the back of the line if you do brexit boo boo okay and so they will stick it to you you really as a uk you if you pray you should pray uh writing in the sunday express mr farage referenced a poll conducted by the same british paper which saw the president leading in battleground states uh he says you might even call it uh oh fake news uh that um the media are getting it wrong again um brit boss says michelle the funny thing is that supermarkets can sell alcohol through all uh though all night long in the 24 hour stores that’s funny i don’t think you can hear i think after you get cut off at 2 pm 2 2 a.m back in 2016 i stuck my neck out and only backed the trump campaign but also predict not only back the trump campaign but also predict that he would win this was treated with much hilarity at the time from the great and the good i think that those same people are all in for another shock on november 3rd mr farage hailed president trump’s foreign policy successes in particular the peace agreement signed between israel and uae and by iran as well as keeping the united states out of more endless war and he also supported the trump support for britain and the pro-sovereignty brexit movement i know a lot of you i don’t really care for trump and blah blah well guess what he’s going to help you make a good trade deal speaking of the uae this is kind of a historic move here never again it’s pretty cool uh vows the uae the united arab emirates foreign minister at the berlin holocaust memorial wow yeah israel and the uae’s top diplomats visited the holocaust memorial in central berlin on tuesday in a historic first meeting between the newly allied foreign ministers uh gabby ashkenazi oh that’s unfortunate uh an emirati uh counterpart abdullah bin zayed al-nayyan can we just call you abdu abdu all right um joined german foreign minister uh heko mas uh to discuss bolstering trade tourism and security between the middle east nations um at al suggestion the diplomats made a stop at the memorial a whole group of humanity fell victim to those calling for extremism and hatred al-nayan wrote in the visitors book at the state the visit he wrote underscored the importance of human values such as coexistence tolerance and accepting the other as well as respect for all creeds inmates these are values upon which my country was founded i salute the souls of those who fell victim to the holocaust al nayen wrote he went on to quote a jewish prayer translated into arabic may their souls be bound up in the binds of life never again he wrote um and i just find that you might take your spot now look at that i got a spot back and just so we’re clear on this clear clear clear donald trump helped broker this peace treaty and this peace deal and the left says i feel like the country will be more unstable with another four years of donald trump isis pretty much gone at least the fire you know i got a little fires here and there but down remember the um twenty-five oh yellow jacket on your head no don’t touch it don’t touch it oh my gosh when i say you have a yellow jacket on your head don’t reach for it where is it it’s still there wait don’t do it you’re gonna kill a yellow jacket all my head on air lord have mercy okay what are you gonna do kill it miss i’ll take it outside kick it outside a yellow jacket i feel like i’ve just been de-wigged i wore i i didn’t actually do my hair to be warm without a hat today but i guess there it is she just took my hat off and there’s there we’re gone see you never know what you’re gonna get on a show and i know that’s why you come there goes the yellow jacket and the hat you know we can’t do a show without something stupid happening like you got you have to like put the times i think your hair looks nice i think you got to put the time stamp down what when did the stupid thing happen okay time stamp 2 15 the stupid thing happened all right it’s over it’s a really wanted show all right robin says your hair looks fine to me okay all right uh here is darling pool boris is crazy stunt yet crazy stunt yeah do you think it’s the craziest night yet i don’t know he wants every uk home to be powered by wind in ten years by 2030. he’s gonna it wins is gonna come right out of his mouth or his behind yep blowing smoke first of all does he not know that those wind turbines are actually not good for the

environment what’s more they cause headaches they kill birds i mean they are bad for you they are really bad and i think this is a good segue because i got a lot of stories i want to cover a lot of little stories but the main one that i want to bring to you is the davos movement the elite movement the world economic forum the climate change crazies and i hammer this and i want to hammer this every single dang day and show they are insane they are in sync i said over time they don’t want to reduce reuse recycle they don’t want their their definition of sustainability is not the true definition of sustainability the definition of sustainability is when i have animals on my farm who produce manure and then i put the you know i put i take the manure i compost it down i put it back in my garden and then it’s it’s a cycle if i take a tree i plant a tree that’s sustainable no no no they have put their hopes in a new religion and it’s called technology and their religion of technology is actually a vision of of a communist utopia that actually chairman mal embraced and stalin embraced and it goes back to um the the the roots of communism and um karl marx they were envisioning like robot nations where people didn’t have to work anymore right why is this one of these dogs number two crazy thing has broke a very vile wind speaking of wind and it is so bad we have four dogs down here um lord have fun there’s your winter months why did the dog bring wind while our oh my gosh and why is it that dog wind always smells like the same thing i mean they don’t it doesn’t ever change why can’t we powered the world on dog winter huh this show is just diamonds all right hang on i need to clarify for people what a yellow jacket is they were asking in the chat they here in the united states they um they can get mistaken for a honeybee only because of their size and the stripes and they can sting over and over again but they are a wasp and so they don’t lose their stingers when they sting you and they are um they can live in the ground you often see them around trash cans at football games and so on and so forth all right here’s the relevant portion of bojo’s wind turbine speech and there is one area where we are progressing with gail for speed that is the green economy the green industrial revolution that in the next 10 years will create hundreds of thousands if not millions of jobs i can today announce that the uk government has decided to become the world leader in low-cost clean power generation cheaper than coal cheaper than gas and we believe that in 10 years time offshore wind will be powering every home in the country with our target rising from 30 gigawatts to 40 gigawatts you heard me right your kettle your washing machine your cooker your heating your plug-in electric vehicle and the whole lot of them will get their juice cleanly and without guilt without breezes that blow without his islands not without guilt somebody was saying they even came they’re ju it’s so bad this is amazing it’s amazingly embarrassing um unfortunately it’s not a good sign on how good the speech is by having everybody excited about it but terrifyingly bad you have um uh zach goldsmith saying that this is a phenomenal speech a goldsmith is part of the small but influential eco-fascist clique within the conservative party determined to drag kicking and screaming in the direction of the greens silver analysis comes from the earthquake uh comes from the independent think tank the global warming policy foundation which estimates the cost of this green revolution will be to increase electricity prices by 200 percent ignoring clear evidence that the underlying economics of renewables are disastrous the uh prime minister has today committed the uk to a further expansion of offshore wind power by 2030 the frightening implications for electricity prices which would have to trouble trouble trouble so trouble with troubles to pay the real costs this is not only economically foolish but incoherent climate policy since today’s decisions will ensure that other low emission goals such as the electrification of vehicles and domestic heating become unaffordable for most britons despite the wind industries smoke and mirrors offshore wind remains an extremely expensive way of generating electricity meeting the prime minister’s target will actually increase current costs still further because of the need to build turbines these things are giant right and they don’t last forever and they be and they don’t break down they made a fighter great graveyards yeah

i mean and and and the fossil fuels that have to be used to create the wind what is this promise of hundreds of thousands if not millions of jobs okay the implications for net employment are also devastating subsidy may create some soft uk jobs in the wind industry and many more in china and the middle east where wind turbines are made but will not offset the real loss of uk jobs and other businesses that will no longer be viable because of the high energy costs uh in a study uh in 2009 gabriel cal zada uh for the university universidad uh ray juan carlos in madrid found that for every green job created by the government spending on renewables 2.2 jobs are destroyed in the real economy so i actually have answers for this okay holland has done a good job of more individual okay windmills all right all four windmills what we are rich in and what is completely safe to do are water mills okay and i’m even in favor of small dams that create power we our entire country and many other countries the whole world is littered with rivers and you could use them to harness the power far more and and what i’m thinking is more locally right so not like a big giant like a hoover dam okay but like we live in milford okay the river was you know you can put as many mills on the river as you want to individual houses could you know what i’m saying just that much alleviation off of the grid would reduce our dependency on fossil fuels but they aren’t thinking that way why because it’s old school yeah yeah in 2013 actually boys johnson knew the limitations of wind he’s told lbc labor put in a load of wind farms that failed to pull the skin off of rice pudding he said we now have the opportunity to get shale gas let’s look at it whatever rice what is what is like a rice pudding what’s the skin off of a rice pudding you know like okay you know pudding has like a sheep it’s a little it’s a thin layer i’m putting when you make homemade pudding i didn’t know that you couldn’t peel it off okay well this work with me he said we now have the opportunity to get shale gas let’s look at it it’s part of the 20 20 vision we have for the city power generation is vital he said uh how some people used to sneer at wind power 20 years ago and say that it wouldn’t pull the skin off of rice pudding uh that they forgot the hun the history of this country so he literally said it won’t pull the skin off of rice pudding and then he said some people used to sneer at it it was him this is politician speak that’s that’s at the utmost craziness um and why is this boris johnson is is not i’ve never been a fan i don’t i don’t i don’t like him i feel like he uh just kind of talks out of both sides of his mouth but here’s boris johnson and this is the this is the big key and i want you to kind of take away some of this um some of this is your as your take away we have a consumption problem that no one’s talking about that we all are powered and live by electricity and we need to get back to more natural things i have a i have a uh of human-powered grain mill okay and it’s hooked up to a bicycle i plug it in there’s no electricity there um that could be retrofitted to like power um um anything a food processor or what do you make all your shakes in the blender the amish have a one horsepower uh thingy and they use it on their uh all their power tools they have a treadmill that their horses walk it’s amazing and it powers and it and it through gears who cares so i’m just wondering why we don’t um why we don’t invest more in in the small human powered things that you know that that you can run essentially a pto so if you look it’s like a pto for anything if you look at any farm right there are handheld tools handheld drills handheld everything and the ptos exactly what you’re talking about you can power a lot of things with the pto but getting those made does take some technology and some you know right it does take help not every man can make every tool right that’s why you always have a blacksmith and so the the if you’re going to invest in something that’s what i don’t understand we’re investing and we’re just giving people fish we’re not investing in teaching people how to fish or making people themselves sustainable and helping them to to helping us all to

reduce our energy costs you know there’s a lot of things that can be done i the amish trucking ice or they make ice in the winter and they have their refrigerator and their freezer and they they make a big giant ice house okay ice houses used to be a thing now i have a friend of mine who wants to do ice chest again she’s like she’s going all like she it it’s amazing what she does but here’s the thing we wanna i wanna but see there’s no money in that right there’s no money in people being self-sustainable right it is all about i appreciate that somebody makes glass jars that’s great right because it helps me be sustainable because i can take that jar and i can use it and i can use it and i can use it i can use it i can use it and it’s not and even when it breaks down or cracks it’s not a pollutant to the world to the earth earth says oh bring me your glass i’ll break it down the sand is like little shards you know so but with plastic that’s what i’m getting right now okay the uk is still shipping plastic waste to poorer countries despite conservative pledge so boris johnson wants to create more things more stuff bigger stuff for to to it’s it feels like it’s a it’s a tornado that just sucks life out of the earth that the green people are sucking life because they need things uh they need like uranium they need gold they need silver they need copper they need it for the computer chips they need it for their surveillance they need it for um their new green revolution is not green they are the biggest hypocrites on the face of the planet the plastic use of everything okay i don’t want to ban it i want to put it in your brain it’s not healthy it’s not just it’s not sustainable okay so while the the the green you know boris johnson we want to have green energy that is what we call virtue signaling i’m just going to put a little smoke signal out there uh but i don’t really have a fire tell me about this them shipping okay so more than 300 tons a day thank you burbanza for sending this to me a day 300 tons a day of plastic scrap has been sent to non-oecd countries so far in 2020 um the uk has continued to send plastic waste to developing countries despite widespread concerns about increased plastic pollution and a conservative party manifest the environment bill would have given ministers powers to ban waste exports to low and middle middle-income countries but the legislation was withdrawn during the pandemic there is now confusion whether it will be put to parliament at all meanwhile official trade data plastic waste to a number of countries including malaysia romania vietnam so they pay these countries a minimal minimum minimum thing but it’s big to them to take the trash um the news comes months before new international break the export of low-quality plastic waste to non-members of the organization of economic cooperation and development come into force in january the oecd is an intergovernmental body made up of high-income nations which aims to boost global trade the conservatives pledged to stop sending plastic waste to non-oecd countries during the 2019 general election so as to reduce the environmental impact on the oceans as well as developing countries because that’s what they’re going to put them right okay they have some uh recycling um facilities but a lot of it just goes back into the ocean same thing with sending plastics to china jim west says i think you can burn plastic cleanly but it cost a lot for the machines and i think you’re right about that um i think that the the the answer here isn’t so much like you said like like banning plastic straws like they try to do in california or banning plastics but to use alternative uh sustainable products when at all possible okay barry wants me to play and uh i will go ahead and do so um he says michelle please play this video on the uk i don’t know if we have time to play the whole thing but we can definitely play part of it uh the electric mountain in the uk here we have i want to explain i’m going to finish this that’s fine plastic waste exports to thailand which have shot up in months immediately after the china ban fell uh by 56 from january to july and the country has moved to ban imports of foreign rubbish eucalyptus piles here look at the pile of just horrible horrible pollution that you say oh we’re a clean country yeah no because we’re sending oh we recycle everybody collects their plastics but you don’t have the facilities to recycle and actually i’m going to tell you something why aren’t they spending millions of dollars um for the recycling uh facilities because our recycling facility gay actually the rumpke gave away uh or we have our recycling picked up for free now because they said that they’re actually making money on recycling plastic right um so it’s it’s it’s pretty sad and tons and tons of of quality plastic and it’s just it’s littering these third world countries

and this hello and welcome to another episode of fully charged this time coming from beautiful north wales as you can tell the weather is really blessing us with its charms uh it’s a little bit rainy and wet but we’re not worried about that because we’re going inside a mountain yes you heard right inside a mountain this behind me is de norweg and it is one of the first and possibly one of the largest pumped storage facilities in the entire european area so 600 meters above us at the top of the mountain that we’re literally underneath it’s extraordinary there is a lake and that lake has got water in it the water comes down 600 meters down a big tube lots of big tubes and it comes down to here this is the valve this is how they turn it on or off at the moment it is open those yellow weights behind me they are 15 tons each there’s two of them on each valve and that allows the valve to be closed so you imagine the enormous pressure of that water coming down 600 meters it’s incredibly powerful and they can close it off in 20 seconds using those two counterweights to help close the valve and then they can open it the water pushes it open lifts up that lifts the weights up so at the moment it’s open and it’s running you can hear that the water’s gushing through there and it’s running the turbines in the turbine hall there absolutely colossal structure we’ve driven like half a mile through the mountain to get here it’s an unbelievable scale this is what i was talking about water powered water using gravity so great thank you very much for taking time to talk to us i mean i’m i’ve always wanted to come and see this this is an amazing facility you’ve got here but can you just go through the basics of what it is all i know is pumped storage so you’ve got a lake at the top of a mountain a lake at the bottom and the water goes between the two effectively we’re moving water backwards and forwards between those two lakes right so in the morning we’ll be brimming at the at the top lake and during the right periods of the day we’d allow water to flow from the top lake to the bottom lake and generate some power when there’s demand on the on the grid system and then generally overnight we’ll pump that water that’s now in the bottom lake back back up to the macklin for repeating again the following day right because it’s much bigger than i thought i knew it was big but it’s is it 600 meters then it’s it’s about 550 meters 150 meters yes so that is colossal pressure then when it went at the bottom of that tube it’s 60 with 60 bars that’s 60 times atmospheric pressure right of pressure of the top layer pushing down on this diameter wow and do you know oh that’s good is that important it’s alarms going off but do you know how intense because that was one of those statistics i learned a long time ago with a very small water mill was one cubic meter of water dropping one meter produces one kilowatt hour is that about right right yeah right so you’ve got seven million cubic meters that’s a little bit there’s quite a lot of water yeah and obviously that will last as if we were to generate as a full station output around five and a half hours worth of running right that’s how fast and then it takes about six and a half hours to pump that water back up the hill if we were empty and in terms of energy would you use presumably they won’t be able to if i had to say anything that would be a more uh definitely a different a different path to go than the windmills that right right right things like that yeah i love it all right thank you for sharing that very thank you for saying that yeah a couple more things uh just going around the world um marine le pen has rejected the new migrant pact as a suicide for europe listen she’s gonna knock out that camera uh french populist uh national rally leader marine earthquake earthquake move the dog has launched a campaign she’s just itching she’s just almost done first of all itching is not an action verb she’s itching and she’s scratching my ear my ear edge is there okay there you go um has launched a campaign against the new european migration and asylum pact stating it will lead to the suicide of europe the new proposal by the european commission to radically reform the bloc’s asylum policies away from the previous dublin agreement

was put forward at the end of last month that according to le pen could see as many as 60 to 70 million migrants settling in the eu in the coming years i think i’m going to tell you why it is an organized plan for the submersion of europe and the nations that make it up le pen went on to state that the new pact will cause the ruin of our social systems an increase in unemployment a housing crisis an increase in delinquency and community uh communication just communication conflicts and the advance of islamism and terrorist risks and the questioning of the values of our civilization she slammed the european union stating that it had entrusted the keys to the middle east gate to turkey which is now blackmailing us to submission today it is about to open the doors of the house to of europe to the third world let’s take back the keys of europe and france le pen said she along with other members uh of the uh the populist identity and democracy group uh in the european parliament would be campaigning against the new migrant pact and will launch a petition with the goal of getting around a million signatures comments come after the visegrad group of central european nations hungary slovakia czech republic and poland also spoke out against the new pack in september allocation of quota to change the name is not enough hungary is against it the basic approach is still unchanged they the commission would like to manage migration and not stop the migrants the hungarian position is to stop the migrants we have to stop migration the relocation these rules are not acceptable for us as the czech republic um it they’re i’m going to get to my point on why this is happening in a minute but let me go over here to um britain will actually deploy nets to disabled dinghies and send braggarts back across the channel dave mahoney has been appointed as clandestine channel threat commander the channel threat commander channel threat commander dan mahoney you are the clan clandestine channel threat commander he has set out his four stage plan in a bid to clamp down on illegal crossings so um i love the daily mail because they have so many deck on pop pop-ups how do you read an article on this you’re not gonna be able to fit there oh my gosh we’re back in where we started okay migrants entering british waters across the channel will have their dinghies disabled by nets before being sent back to france dan mahoney the new clandestine channel threat commander has set out his four-stage plan in a bid to clamp down on illegal crossings the former marine uh has reportedly confirmed how the uk authorities are poised to deploy a a safe return tactic comes after it emerged that more than 7 100 migrants had reached the uk this year alone in an interview with uh the sunday telegraph which i would pull up but i don’t have a subscription so we have to look at all the ads mr mahoney said that personnel would renter migrant boats inoperable before using british vessels to ferry the arguments back to france the method is similar to that um used by the royal navy to clog boat propellers to force immediate stop uh mr mahoney who homes secretary pretty patel and appointed in august said we are exploring tactics to make safe interventions in order to turn migrants back to france we definitely are very very close to being able to oper operationalize a safe return tactic where we make an intervention safely on a migrant vessel and i really feel like all this has to do with uh nigel farage’s uh ex exposing it and it took a um it took a while to figure out what they were going to do so it took them were they getting a plan together actually it looks like they were right as soon as nigel farage went about to expose it so that’s pretty cool um he added that this tactic was just one of many which we may deploy over the next few months the number of clandestine arrivals are about 300 a day now um barry also sent me this the fairy the use of the fairies offshore fairies is actually gonna happen oh it’s going they are going to do it i am so excited about this we covered this migrants will be held on boats off the british coast under proposals being worked on by pretty patel’s office uh migrants attempting to cross the channel in a desperate bid i am trying to close everything and then another one just going to pop up what do you mean close that know that okay here you go they’ll just keep popping up they just pop up everywhere it’s called pop-up beds uh buyers are gonna be across the channel in a desperate bid to reach britain is not on that you can’t open up certain things with with it on oh then they’re like you can’t read it then then you’ll be like you can’t open now you’re already there i wouldn’t like okay okay my resented across the channel and a desperate bid to reach britain could be held on um disused ferries under proposals being worked on by the home office officials the idea to use boat to house asylum seekers before they land on british shores formed part of leaked home office plans last week government sources earlier insisted that the ideas were only ever considered in

brainstorming sessions but actually it appears that the ferry’s plan which could take several months to go through may actually be part of the government’s blueprint to get the grips on migration uh the source told the sun there is a real determination to tackle this problem and things are now moving forward the fact that nigel it’s happening officials were told to begin discussions about buying two unused boats to turn into processing centers and keep off the coast of portsmouth uh some six million pounds could buy the home office a 40 year old ferry which could house 1400 asylum seekers approval to house migrants and fairies has not been granted uh miss patel branded the britain’s britain’s asylum system broken after 20 migrants were taken off a new deportation flight to germany uh the home secretary sent another handful of migrants back to mainland china or europe but was hit by a flurry of 11th hour legal challenges okay so um i find this so fascinating because lauren southern tried to get into the uk they knew exactly who she was and said no you shall not pass you cannot come in here yeah why don’t we go ahead and play nigel’s for nigel farage’s video on um freedom and fortune freedom fortune and freedom he the backstory on this is that he’s starting kind of a new little show uh and movement kind of thing which is really really exciting so let’s get to the fortune and freedom there and go here and screen share with you all there and here we are without further introduction no none needed hello welcome to fortune and freedom with nigel farage nigel you’ve taken on the the political establishment and won and you’ve also taken on the media action and that battle is very much raging but now as i see it you’re going to take on a third front you’re also getting the financial establishment so tell us about fortune and freedom what you’ve got planned yeah the idea is that fortune and freedom will be we’ll talk about economic ideas we’ll talk about political movements and what’s happening and you know but what people don’t know about me is they see me as a politician they see me a bit as a broadcaster what they don’t know is in 20 years working in the financial industry working in commodities mostly as indeed my father and grandfather did so we’re a family that has spent a lot of time in financial markets but in what was a very different world and my feeling is that people who have put money aside put it into pension parts or whatever it is allowed the professional industry to manage it for them have suffered charges compounded over years that don’t really give them a decent chance of getting a good return are investing in an industry that operates on group thing well they all do the same thing um every year so they all go up a bit all go down a bit and i think we’ve all been let down so badly that it’s time to take back control of our own money our own lives let’s have our own financial independence and that really is what i’m trying to do why now what motivates you to do this now is there any particular issue that sparked all of this two reasons really one i’m not going to brussels and strasbourg every week i’m not representing a constituency so there’s a little bit more time on my hands to do other things that’s one reason i’m doing it and secondly because i’ve been so busy myself over the last 20 years even though i could see some of the failings of the industry i myself have trusted the industry to do this for me i look you know at the annual statement there i was in the 1990s right away under the brokerage company conscientiously putting money aside every year actually i’ve been let down very very quickly so there’s a little bit of me that’s kicking myself for being so trusting and the third reason is think about where we are now what we thought would be um i was going to say another one you know the world’s a different place we’ve got a major american election coming up which could well on a course for america the world’s biggest economy for the next few years uh we’ve got a situation in europe where you know brussels is deluding itself that’s how everyone’s in love with the euro and it’s all going swimmingly it’s not and i can see the growth of populist politics now across southern europe in particular you know we will not sit here and have this conversation in five or ten years time and the euro being the shape that it’s currently in and again that means there’ll be huge economic shocks and some people will get very badly caught in that and i also think what coronavirus has shown us is that rainy days happen that the world terrific shocks happen and if people are not financially independent they are in a much weaker poorer position to whether those stocks or that those storms and if they’ve made plans and provisions and i just there’s something in me that says that a lot of young people that i speak to have not been saving

at all the culture of thrift has been destroyed by effectively zero interest rates for years and particularly in london by house prices just being completely unaffordable for people so you know your grandmother says to you look if you’re having a good time put some money aside for a rainy day and young people thought hey we’re never going to have a rainy day well now they know there can be rainy days so i do actually think i do actually think there’ll be a lot more people out there right now who think we don’t want to be in this position ever again you know we actually do want to build for ourselves a secure financial future and i think and the aim and the hope of fortune and freedom is that we can make people freer but also able to make their own decisions able to make their own mistakes able to make their own successes but hopefully uh with high-end research it’s a really good thinking they can do a damn site better on their own than by trusting an industry which seems frankly to serve itself more than its customers i see you as being an expert in finding when there’s a gap between what the establishment whether it’s political or media or financial is promising people and what it believes is best for people and what they actually want and so when people have been let down by the financial establishment and the returns they’ve got you’ve you’ve spotted this gap and if you’re as successful as you were in politics with this helping you close that gap bringing people that actually want from the financial advice that they’re getting and the financial information again then you should outdo the city quite comfortably well let’s hope so also you know so much of the culture um of savings of of of isis of pensions of all of these things so much of it’s utterly dependent on the indices you know it’s it’s it’s tracker funds it’s all that’s all well and good and and you know you can point to that long-term growth of stock markets as being a good place to invest but hey they have very bad periods of five years you know and it does happen so i think another object of this is to get people to think about alternative investments to get people to think about gold silver uh you know and if you’re going to buy it where’d you go to buy it you know yes love it love it some of the things that the financial statement won’t tell people no these things are almost like secrets and the other thing i think and i know this is true is people get financial advice or they’re sent the letter and they read it and it’s so legalistic it’s so tied up with terms to meet compliance requirements or whatever it may be the truth of it is very few people understand the stuff that’s been sent to them and so hopefully what would try and do here is cut through the jargon put things in good simple english and at the end of the day you know it’s not my job to tell people what they should and shouldn’t do but it is i hope through fortune and freedom to give them the opportunity to think about different things and to understand what they might be getting into that’s fantastic i love it so much fantastic fantastic i feel though like we are on an episode of the saturday night live you see because during that wonderful serious it came back important part of nigel farage oh just make sure something else in here it feels like there’s nothing another thing you need to look at it there was a yellow jacket crawling around on my head for however long until michelle gave me my hat what happened was it was it was right here on the back of the hat okay and i went outside and i went flick like that like i flicked it and then i looked at the hat on the outside made sure it wasn’t there i didn’t look to see if it had jumped to the inside the hat with the yellow jacket inside of it but maybe it was a second yellow we are trying to be serious here and this is not a magic show there’s no popping out of this hat okay i shouldn’t even be wearing it now anymore like one a serious note i want to i will be joining this email really important to you guys okay i know a lot of you have have said i would love to give to resistance chicks what can i do you know yadda yadda what i want you to do if you have money to give don’t give it buy silver just buy some silver right if you have any savings whatsoever and you have it in cash money let’s say you have let’s say you’re fortunate enough to have 10 grand sitting aside okay that’s actually a pretty big deal nowadays it used to not be a big deal most people had like ten thousand dollars sitting in their savings most middle class people yeah okay like nigel said people don’t know how to save anymore if you’ve got say ten thousand dollars just sitting there pray about it take as much as you feel comfortable with and buy precious metals and here is why

because if you hang on to that tomorrow it is worth less and less and less and less now that would be just standard precaution okay it we know inflation you lose it if you stick your money in a mattress so that’s why people try to invest the problem with investing is what we are on the precipice of what we are on the cusp of they want to do the great uh economic world society reset type deal because they know that they have been holding up this house of cards for far too long and i don’t know when it’s going to happen but within i would say a minimum or maximum i should say of 10 years we are going to go into economic collapse we are going to spring into hyperinflation where a loaf of bread that is three or four dollars now where lynette zhang does the bread thing she shows you how many loaves of bread you could have bought you know i don’t know 20 years ago for 10 bucks and she breaks it down to like now you can’t she she actually has to open up the bread right for a dollar you know you know so anyway um could cost 25 that’s not outside of the realm of possibilities so if you have your 10 000 okay it’s going to it’s what lynette calls it is wealth preservation so rather than thinking in the terms of i want to invest because i want to make money off of my money why don’t we think in the terms of i just want my money to retain its value for the duration right okay gold is undervalued lynette says it should be 11 000 we know silver is supposed to be roughly 10 or 15 to one of that right now it’s at like 25 so do the math on that okay yeah it is as of right now it would be an investment once it equals out and gold reaches that 10 or 11 000 and silver is the one tenth of that you know kind of 1 15 of that following suit then it’s just about preserving your wealth but right now if you have cash money and they have now all economies all western countries have flooded with all this stuff that they’re giving away because of coronavirus at least in the united states here we’re talking trillions of dollars poured into the economy that they pulled out of a hat yeah right if you want to preserve what you have for what’s coming down the line you need to be buying precious metals right i want to uh i want to take just a quick like five minutes because this is the uh uk euro news and i just want to hit these these topics just real quick and then i want to go to go to my main one we’re talking about davos here okay so uk national health service defends giving sex change drugs to it to 10 year olds uh the nhs in england has defended giving hormone blockers to a child aged just 10 years old as an i.t worker sues the public health services gender identity clinic for rushing young people into sex changes um for me wrong path negative don’t i don’t like it it’s a child abuse right exactly i’m just gonna i’m hitting these topics no it’s fine no you can talk about it it’s awful it’s child views uh in france a muslim woman in the french city of reams has ransacked the liquor area of the supermarket for the second time in under a month causing major property damage what did she just go to the shelves attacked yeah took place on september 16th at a spa super supermarket in the crow rouge area of the city around six pm and saw the woman smash bottles of liquor before she was eventually arrested on thursday the woman returned to the same supermarket and again began smashing hundreds of liquor bottles and allegedly explaining to witnesses that her religion islam forbids alcohol so there you have that oh my gosh the finnish police have busted a huge sex trafficking ring led by migrants wow police into finland at the boston day sex trafficking ring led by migrants that operated in at least 12 major cities and trafficked women from romania forcing them to work as prostitutes investigators arrested five men and one woman in finland this week in connection to the sex trafficking network and another man has been held in custody in romania there’s not the migrants that you might normally uh associate but this is the eastern european sex trafficking rings huge by the way um hunter biden knows a little about those uh several hundred thousand euros have been seized as part of the operation and police are investigating possible money laundering operations as well according to a report from the finnish broadcaster you uh the network operated in helsinki uh turco as espo tamperi and uh old you pretty close at many other major cities across the country the victims are said to uh to be romanian citizens lord to finland by fake job offers um so i’m glad that that’s shut down australian state premiere to

quarantine people who won’t test for 21 days you mentioned that earlier yeah the premier of australia’s victoria state stepping up this fight against members of the public who don’t comply with pandemic regulation regulations saying close contact of those infected who refuse a test will have to spend 21 days in quarantine i find this to be fascist and totally unacceptable all right we have some good news center right dominates the czech senate elections social democrats have wiped out so opposition parties in the czech republic have cemented their dominant position in parliament’s upper house after winning big in an election for the third for a third of the seats in the senate wow as the ruling center-left coalition government has suffered a setback so that’s good for the czech republic uh with nearly all the votes counted saturday by the statistics office the mostly center-right opposition parties won 26 of 27 seats up for grabs in the 81 seat senate so it’s kind of like uh we really don’t want you anymore right if they won all of the seats that were possible to gain money yeah the senior governing party the centrist anno yes party led by prime minister andre babis won only one seat its coalition partner the left-wing social democrats won no seats and of the 10 seats they were defending their minority government is supported in parliament’s lower house by far-left communists who have no seat in the senate the lower house dominates the legislative processes but the senate plays an important role in passing constitutional amendments and approving constitutional court judges a grouping of mayors and independent candidates won 11 seats followed by the conservative civic democrat party and five with the christian democrats to three um and so i just wanted to point that out so you know what’s going on around the world as more seats open up they’ll just keep taking them oh yeah it could be it could be a boon for some reform there uh muslim iman arrested a huge poor child pornography uh bust here in france a 50 year old iman is one of 65 men who have been placed into custody after french police conducted a large-scale operation in multiple cities aimed at tackling child pornography but they were able to film netflix cuties over there with no problem so if if they’re saying it’s child porn it’s really job porn because they put forth a child pornography movie exactly uh the iman is said to preach at a mosque in the departure of the euro in uh north of france and was found in possession of more than 400 indecent images of children um in total the operation saw 65 arrests carried out by the french judicial police central office for the suppression of violence against persons investigators say that for the suspects who were monitored for an extended period of time online have admitted to raping two girls aged 7 and 14 following their arrest i don’t think that they should be imprisoned i think they should be killed yeah two uh others are said to have worked in careers that brought them in constant contact with children including a teacher french investigators were aided by the us fbi and the agency’s computer software was used to help identify the men and their connection to the child abuse websites around 50 mobile phones and 100 computers were seized in the raids who’s huzzah who’s uh exactly the danish pm to crack down on non-western young men harassing native danes so the danish prime minister met fredrickson uh fredrickson announced this week that her government would crack down on crimes committed by young non-western migrant men uh prime minister uh frederickson uh spoke during the opening of the danish parliamentary year on tuesday saying one in five young men from non-western backgrounds who were born in 1997 had breached the penal code before the age of 21 one in five it’s nothing new but that’s the problem it’s going to go it’s been going on for many years girls are called derogatory things because they are danish or girls are subjected to social control because they have become too danish a sausage cart in uh is attacked with uh firecrackers because it sells pork the danish leader went on to state that police need to crack down on crime and vulnerable nope no congo areas where she claimed one percent of the population commits around half of the crime uh frederickson proposed banning criminals from living in certain areas for a limited time those who violate the bans we find up to ten thousand danish cronar about uh fifteen hundred dollars for the first offense and that police could start confiscating luxury goods such as mobile phones and watches while a second offense would see a 30-day prison sentence today status symbols are used to recruit young brothers the pattern must be broken we’d rather give the little brother a part-time job than a criminal big brother to look up to uh gang members and young criminals could have uh could also be banned from nightclubs and bars for up to two years uh because in denmark you need to be safe everywhere whether it’s a disco a residential area or train station migrant crime remains a major problem in denmark with a report released earlier this year claiming that half of the young men from somalia lebanon and morocco had been convicted of a crime before the age of 30 wow with the rate increasing to 62 percent uh for somalians particularly somalian uh 100 muslim country female and male genital mutilation it’s it’s not a good place

totally full of corruption um england rugby fans are now allowed to sing swing low sweet chariot after re-education lessons after re-education lessons england rugby fans were granted permission friday to continue singing swing low sweet chariot by the sport’s governing party but only on the express condition that they agree to being proactively re-educated on the songs history and province uh uh yes exactly it’s been announced the rfu will use social media to educate supporters and help them correct their thinking in addition to providing platforms for diverse voices across the game the song was written by wallace willis a freed oklahoma oklahoman slave after 1865 it has been long associated with black spiritual gospel music it was adopted by rugby fans in england in 1988 when england beat ireland uh at uh twickenham following an impressive come from behind wind it has win has been uh sung at matches involving the national team ever since while artists including uh a lot of people sang it according to friday’s announcement the rfu has assumed the role of social re-educator saying it is committed to improving diversity and inclusion at a time when the intersection between politics and sport has become a global issue the rfu needs to step up its efforts to improve diversity you’re singing a song written by a free black man at ain’t that diverse is that not diverse you’re singing it because you you want to invoke the power of swing low switch you want to it’s absolutely insane we we are living through testing times but he said he was determined rugby would grasp the opportunity we have worked hard to understand our starting point and are now underway with the plan that we are confident will produce big improvements in our diversity in inclusion over the like over the next few years word salad this is uh cultural appropriation by the way to be to be singing swing low sweet chariot uh music history professor arthur jones was also upset the england rugby fan at with english rugby fans for singing the iconic song i feel kind of sad i feel like the story of america chatted slavery and this incredible cultural tradition built up within a community of people who were victims and often seen as incapable of standing up for themselves it’s such a powerful story that i want the whole world to know about it but apparently not everyone does uh you need to understand and see right through this agenda every person touting these kind of woke things where they want a bit of they actually want to get rid of the song they are the racist because it’s christian it’s powerful it is godly it speaks a message it invokes evokes an emotional response that actually does make you think of where it came from there’s a reason why we love the spirituals that came out of it because they were so full the power of god that’s christian so they want to get rid of it because they are the ones that are racist because it’s filled with the power of god because and they are raised because elijah was taking up the chariots of fire yes so when you’re seeing it it’s an anointing thing it’s anointed things talking about being taken up in charge of fire it’s a powerful christian thing and they’re not trying they what they want to do is remove its power and make it all about slavery instead about being free yeah so racist so racist uh coveted cops and lockdown enforcement get 60 million uh pounds in taxpayer cash i’m not even going to go into that but uh money wasted um nearly half of young people in north africa and the middle east actually want to migrate why do you think why do you think people are putting out the blowhorn for this and i’m going to tell you why in a minute i know been i’ve been i’ve been streaming you along uh the spanish canary islands see unsustainable 700 increase in migrants what is happening i’m going to tell you in a minute pope francis slams the idolatry of money remember that he has his own city the vatican sits on billions of dollars and uh is is telling you that you are hoarding right okay after years of vatican financial scandals okay pope francis attacked the worship of the ancient golden calf and the idolatry of money thursday uh they weren’t actually worshipping gold it was the golden cap but they were worshiping an image of a cat but anyways uh they weren’t actually worshipping money by the way uh thursday just two weeks after sacking a prominent vatican cardinal for financial impropriety it seems that in many places the supremacy of money over human beings is taken for granted he said sometimes in in the effort to amass wealth there is little concern for where it comes from and more or less legitimate activities that may have produced it and the mechanisms of exploitation that may be behind it you have allowed china to pick your uh cardinals and archbishops you have partnered with communist china it’s absolutely insane thus situations can occur where in touching money we get blood on our hands the blood of our brothers and israelis has he talked about the uyghurs

at all last december the vatican came under firefighting invested upwards of a million dollars to finance the rocket man film with elton john who was uh had a it had a really graphic gay scene gay scene in that uh the italian then they just touted it as it was just an investment yeah the italian daily uh uh de la serra revealed that the vatican’s secretary of state had invested in lapo elkins eyewear and lifestyle products company sounds kind of like a um capitalist you know investment here as well as the elton john film using money donated by catholic faithful through worldwide’s peter pence uh collection could you imagine i feel like this investing though is like akin to gambling oh sure you know what i mean so you’re taking you’re taking money from parishioners yeah and then turning it around and investing it in something to make even more money it just feels so wrong and so dirty i can’t believe that they do that he says financial speculation fundamentally aimed at quick profit continues to wreak havoc jesus drove merchants from the temple priest uh precinct and stated you cannot serve god and money um and uh september 24th pope francis removed cardinal angelo uh becca you uh for his role as head of the congregation for the causes of the saints and stripped him of the rights of the of being cardinal including participation in the conclave that elects popes francis had promoted him to the rank of cardinal two years ago the cardinal was accused of obstructing investigations initiated by cardinal george pell into financial improprieties by vatican officials the financial times revealed that mass vatican massive vatican investments in london properties made in 2014 and 2018 had uh been authorized by this guy so the the vatican’s all about it so listen whatever uh woke olympics tokyo organizers backflip on athletes demand for on-field protests we will have woke olympics world athletics president sebastian koh said thursday competitors should be able to take a knee and protest uh at the tokyo olympics next year co’s assurance means an end to the politically neutral and the uh neutrality the modern olympic movement has embraced since it was uh founded in 1896. koh who was in the japanese capital inspecting the venue where olympic track and field will be contested uh gave his approval for with the caveat protests are carried out with respect so we’ll see how that ends up we have some good news the swedish populists see largest rise in support in stockholm so up and away there we go uh the populist swedish democrats have seen a surge into support in the stockholm as another poll shows a rapid decline in national support for the current social democrat the prime minister uh the polls showed the sd and the center-right moderates had gained ground in the swedish capital while the christian democrats feminist initiative and the greens i love the feminist initiative um not the kind that we would appreciate have seen a decline in support since the 2018 municipal elections the populists have gained 2.1 points the largest of any party in the city all the greens and the feminist initiatives have dropped 1.6 percent um so i’m excited about that this just goes to show you that regardless of all this re-education that they’re trying to do in the schools in sweden when you take it too far the people will rise they will they will not put up with it anyway yeah so hungry vows to protect the nation’s interests as the eu court actually strikes down uh his strikes down the soros crackdown does that make sense to you uh higher education reform passed uh in 2017 requires foreign registered universities to provide courses in their home countries as well as in hungary or else race penalties brussels high court highest court the european council of justice court of justice ruled against the national conservative government of hungary on tuesday stating that it’s ruling that the conditions introduced by hungary to enable foreign higher education institutions to carry out their activities in its territory are incompatible with eu law and imposing the new restriction hungary has failed to comply with the commitments under the framework of the wto as well as acting in contra uh nation uh contravention uh of the provisions of the eu charter of uh fundamental rights the uh central uh european university an institution founded and backed by globalist billionaire drugs was forced to relocate from budapest to vienna last year as a result of the legislation which sparked outrage from the international media we want to be able to to educate our globalist ideals uh voice of america a liberal u.s state-run media outlet funded by american taxpayers affairs lamented at the time that hungary’s law would hurt academic freedom yeah it was to go hungry way to go hungry all right so we do know the the who has reversed his positions on lockdowns you never know where they’re going to go um i want to maybe michelle if you want about the the videos uh bring up the god of wokeness um here uh i love i love this uh from uh the australian um sky news if you guys like my new world wide news

go to our uh incredible um and so while she yeah bringing that up the uh you just played it um this one wokeness nope the uh oh that’s the ice age one i didn’t it’s a curious faith that manages to integrate new beliefs quickly such as the idea that soul-crushing lockdowns a sort of man-made hell on earth are the only way to chronovirus salvation despite the increasing evidence to the contrary it’s also a religion that has its own priestly class known as the scientists who have worked out that there were enough to know if its hosts have gathered together for a black lives matter out of wokeness which built the very civilization that this woke religion seeks to destroy which brings us as so often happens when we discuss the follies of the left to the jews now i want to take you back to my old hometown of new york city which is experiencing a minor second wave but nowhere near as bad as their first wave mostly because the feckless state governor andrew cuomo finally stopped sending positive covenant patients to nursing homes there to infect entire residences i’m gonna have to play it because it’s getting sketchy i know i’m sorry we’ll paint with it uh 121. okay sorry guys certain neighborhoods in city red zones these red zones coincidentally overlap with a lot of the city’s orthodox jewish neighborhoods de blasio has also explicitly threatened to shut down synagogues and since the start of the pandemic has singled out the jewish community for his ire local rabbis and community leaders say it’s unfair and part of a program-weight ceremony program of discrimination aimed at the city’s religious believers orthodox jews in particular some got so angry this week that they took to the streets and burned masks in a bonfire in protest of course this is pretty tame stuff considering everything else we’ve seen over the past few months but the jewish community in new york has a point after all in june at the height of the pandemic the new york city government facilitated a very non-socially distanced rally in support of black trans lives matter you heard me right the new york times was gushing about it calling it quote one of the most striking demonstrations that new york has seen since the killing of george floyd a gathering of thousands of people in a sea of white its size and intensity stunned bystanders participants and the organizers themselves bless fast forward to this week where the new york times top tutted about how affected orthodox communities rarely wear masks oddly there was none of such concern at the black trans lives matter rally of course and other newspapers have reflected this narrative of the new religion of vote here’s the washington post talking about how new york jews quote violent protests they didn’t even earn the infamous mostly peaceful moniker and here’s the washington post on george floyd protest calling them huge peaceful protests black mark anti-racism demonstrations across the globe yeah they’re both peaceful as getting hit in the head of the brick now all this is important for a number of reasons one it shows that once again jewish populations are copying the blame from the left and are again being scapegoated this time in new york this time for the coronavirus it’s dangerous behavior on the part of new york’s leaders and something which they should should be condemned by thoughtful people of any faith or no faith around the globe but it also shows the clown world we are in now with the coronavirus and how once the activists left corporate media hr departments and even scientists came to the conclusion that the blm protests were worthy and virtuous and woke the rules that they would force on the rest of us suddenly didn’t apply suddenly didn’t apply and so we’re talking about what we’re seeing here is a religion of the woke um and this goes along perfectly with i have to tell you what’s this guy’s name i can never what is this guy’s name uh ro rowan dean rowan dean is probably one of the most important voices in the world today i don’t know if he’s writing his own stuff but what he put together here in under 15 minutes should be an episode all by itself and it is the title of our show and it goes perfectly along with why i i believe that i i have found the reason for the the migration push great um what you’re seeing is the global elite have been using these lockdowns and the and the uh coveted track and trace and the surveillance and especially harsh in

australia to roll out measures that they will use to combat climate change okay climate change is a trojan horse for just global control and the new world order right um there is before i play that i want to play this and i think it’s um i’m waiting i’m waiting to see how you’re going to link that to the migrants yes so i tweeted this out but so did i find the closest person that i remember tweeting this out you have um you have um i believe it’s an australian mayor leader governor what have you who who is he uh who says literally um we’re bringing about a new world order and well prince charles said the same thing yeah exactly where he’s been tweeting out a lot here we go okay so this is um who it’s uh who is it i know it’s i think it’s on daniel andrews cobin 19 so this is definitely sky news sydney so listen to this life can go on as it is but at the moment what i’m seeing is health business there is a level of apathy a level of complacency i understand that but i’m not happy about it i’d also say this the other area of danger uh is the place that we would normally consider to be the safest place on earth our homes uh you’ve already heard today that uh one of or a number of the people who’ve actually uh now got the virus got it in a home situation and we’ll hear more detail about that in due course but it is uh both a safe place and a dangerous place we must treat this new world order near this new world of code we must treat this new world of code home situation and we’ll hear more detail about that in due course but it is both a safe place and a dangerous place we must treat this new world order near this new world of covert we must treat this new order one more time even in our own homes with a high level dangerous place we must treat this new world order near this new world of code we must treat this new world freudian slip there your home is a dangerous place in the new world order wow okay here we go all right guys avas and the world economic forum that’s that gab fest that takes place every january in the beautiful swiss town of davos and apart from all the lovey pop stars and movie stars who jet in on their private learjets all sorts of major corporations and governments including ours send delegates to this flash red carpet economic event every year indeed since the very first outs we hear on this show have highlighted the absurdity hypocrisy and sheer repugnance of billionaires like bono prattling on about the evils of capitalism and of course last year we had the silliness of greta tunberg lecturing world leaders about climate change what a joke well this week we had some good news maybe because they’re panicking that not enough squillionaires will feel like heading out to the freezing swiss alps in the middle of the corona virus the world economic forum announced a couple of days ago that davos in january has been postponed let’s face it it’s never a good look when you’re banging on about global warming and it’s snowing outside and the world economic forum will now take place in late spring much warmer in the luxury bergen stock resort overlooking lake lucerne where the event will be hosted on both sides of the beautiful lake and glitzy delegates can be ferried across the glittering waters how nice for them but i wonder if there isn’t more to the postponement of davos than the weather and the virus i wonder if perhaps certain governments and corporations are beginning to get well cold feet as it were about the next world economic forum because they certainly should be you see the next world economic forum isn’t just some lovely jet setters climate gadfest it’s an anti-democratic enterprise designed to destroy your job steal your prosperity and rob your kids of a future it’s a hardcore leftist eco horror show replete with quasi-fascism i spoke a couple of weeks ago here about the disturbing trend among many of the world’s left-wing elites to increasingly conflate covert 19 with climate change

with many going so far as to suggest that all the measures applied to the coronavirus the lockdowns the destruction of businesses the suppression of descent curfews strong arm police tactics should become the new normal for dealing we’ll have your evidence and indeed that is precisely what the next world economic forum is planning to do to convince governments with the help of big business and big tech to bring about something deeply deeply sinister called the great reset the what precisely it sounds kind of crazy enough but it is a program designed to strip us of all our fundamental democratic rights in favor of a new form of society as dictated by the elites first of all here’s a bit of the official promo ad for the great reset our systems need a reset what i love about this imagery here if you’re just listening to the podcast is we’ve got all this real quick we’ve got all this technology all this oil all this waste and then they take us back to a natural landscape right which is something that we here at resistance chicks isaiah 58 ministries gods laker are are proponents of right getting back to the land farming more a natural lifestyle getting rid of the pumping of the oil and all that but their plan doesn’t actually call for getting rid of any of that no they want they want more technology more control more high-rise buildings exactly that’s what they want robots they’re liars yeah it adds for many years for a living let me tell you that that is just about as cliched and vomit-inducing as the most inane corporate ad can possibly be but let me deconstruct it for you in a nutshell this promo is saying that all the very worst things in the world from the coronavirus to bushfires to riots to pollution to poverty are somehow linked then it is claiming that they can magically disappear literally at the push of a button and just like that everything in the world is made right and pure again the great reset what could be simpler world economic forum in general 21 which will serve as a global summit devoted to the great research great research summit will bring the decision makers physically to doubles but it will be interconnected with a virtual twin summit driven by the young generation our global shapers say will integrate over 400 hubs into the dialogue of towers and ensures that the global reset initiative is really forward-looking and takes into account the voices of all who are left behind now put aside for the moment that that bloke looks like he’s auditioning for the head of smesh in the next james bond movie he is in fact klaus schwab the founder and head of the world economic forum here’s a total whack job in my opinion and i’ll get into that in a second he’s a big fan of drones algorithms and the chinese communist party technology and he believes there’s a fourth industrial revolution underway that is changing what it means to be human and he peddles this sicko fantasy that humans and machines will somehow merge in his green utopia bonkers like i said but this lunatic has some very very powerful friends determined to push the great reset button along with him now is the historical moments of time not only to fight severe violence but to shape the system we have a unique but rapidly shrinking window of opportunity to learn lessons and reset ourselves on a more sustainable charles sorry the lighting’s been it is an opportunity we have never had before i may never have a game wow so we must use all the leaves we have at our

disposal knowing that each and every one of us has a vital role to play now is the time to think what history would say about this crisis what is it that would make it so that history would look at this crisis as the great opportunity for reset the great reset is a welcome recognition that this human tragedy must be a wake-up call it is imperative that we re-imagine not land at all redesign reinvigorate and rebalance our worlds rebalancing investment harnessing science and technology and advancing the transition to net zero emissions all elements of the great reset are fundamental to building the future ah yes net zero emissions the great climate cult mantra the prince of wales the international monetary fund the united nations all determined to redesign and reimagine the entire world what it means to be human how money works how political will can be enforced and here are just a few other tasty tidbits scheduled for the great resets he had already income inequality that was fueling income race gender inequality we have a climate emergency which we can’t walk away from there’s no doubt that the very survival of the human race requires us to act any recovery stimulus should have green conditions attached to it energy prices should reflect real costs you need private sector capital private sector ingenuity private sector technology and private sector capabilities to come to the party you need enormous trust between the private sector and the public sector for this to actually work we have to change our economy dramatically in the next 20 or 30 years and the next 10 years is absolutely decisive the recovery has to be greener than any of the previous recoveries and in order to do that we need to ensure that the stimulus package including physical and monetary are much greater than they were before prince charles insists all the levers at our disposal must be used to enforce the great reset how on earth that one sentence alone does not disqualify charles from ever succeeding to the throne is beyond me he is now not only fully immersed in hardcore left-wing eco-politics he is advocating some bizarre form of eco-fascism the queen must step in and insist he had nothing further to do with this freak show after all we are currently seeing in victoria just what it looks like when all the levers at our disposal are being used to enforce the covert 19 restrictions which include curfews lockdowns enforced mask wearing shutting down of businesses making you stay within five kilometers of your own home not visiting the dying reloads and on and on remember it’s not me linking covet to climate change it is these lunatics including charles and the united nations and the imf who want to replicate the global response to covid and repurpose it for climate change to enforce zero net emissions just to remind you this bloke schwab is the kingpin of the world economic forum the chief body that wants a globalized world with a partnership between government and big business globalization that basically runs the show in this week’s spectator magazine morris newman writes already professor schwab and his colleagues have started mobilizing vast networks of left-wing activists those who scoffed at claims that climate change was a stalking horse for a new world order should think again that reality is now in full view we’ve been seeing it intense pressure will be applied to parliaments everywhere to pass enabling laws and to abdicate more responsibilities to unelected bureaucrats in global institutions crony capitalism is anathema to genuine market economies and giving more leverage to those who encourage it is fascistic says morris newman schwab has written extensively about humanity being altered by machines nanotechnology he’s a big fan of drones artificial intelligence weirdly enough daniel andrews recently ditched attempts to detain people on the suspicion that they might be about to disobey covert regulations as eerie echoes in schwab’s boasting how technology can intrude into the hitherto private space of our minds reading our

thoughts and influencing our behavior and schwab predicts as capabilities in this area improve the temptation for law enforcement agencies and courts to use techniques to determine the likelihood of criminal activity assess guilt or even possibly retrieve memories directly from people’s brains will increase all of this schwab says is redefining what it means to be human sounding like a demented character in a batman comic also writes gleefully that senses memory switches and circuits can be encoded in human gut bacteria and that smart dust arrays of full computers with antennas can now organize themselves inside the body yet this marvel comics whack job runs the world’s most prestigious economic forum and every year our corporate ceos and business leaders go groveling to him at davos and worse our government wastes your money sending senior politicians and highly paid public servants to dance to this madman’s tune it’s a disgrace he’s crazy oh and did i mention he’s a huge fan of china as the leader of his brave new world it was very appropriate to invite the president to join us and he as the leader of the country to talk to us about the futures engagement of china in global affairs at the leadership role china will assume in determining or constructing our global future and why china well apart from the drones and the surveillance check chatter wiggers about that they also pretend to care about climate change and china has already taken the lead just look in the negotiations on palace on the environment china climate change the great reset is a toxic poisonous ugly offspring of fascism dressed up in the frilly frocks of environmentalism it’s a horror show so what to do our governor general must insist to the queen that charles ceases all involvement with his travesty the morrison government must refuse to send any delegates to lucerne in may and any australian businesses that participate in this grotesquery deserve the full wrath of australian consumers and shareholders so the next time someone tells us that tackling climate change is either too costly or too difficult i think we need to remind them and remind ourselves of what just is happening right now we not only have to demand change but also creates change we have to live up to the expectations which we have created and we will do so i find a lot of that um actually so encouraging one of the things that charles had said was um we’re only we only get one shot at this that’s true and they do only get one shot at this they’ve been planning it for over a hundred years and that’s why they have to and they’ve put exactly they have to have joe biden they had to have hillary joe biden is there like scrounged up backup plan they keep failing at every turn they think in their you know narcissism that their plan is too big to fail they also think that human beings are easily controllable and related right and while michelle you had said the control of the media is pretty much the number one thing right there is always the minority report right that was the movie you’re talking about where uh two people would say you were going to commit a crime or they would have these visionaries that said you were going to acquire but there was always the third one that said you didn’t commit the crime right and um the fact that the head of the world economic forum believes in uh like human robotics in melding humans and robots what you’re seeing is a cognitive dissonance in the people promoting climate change because the visions that they show you of uh peopleless uh lands with green grass and flowing water and they don’t show like a family fishing at a lake no no people in it but there’s also no robots there right there’s no machines there right we are looking at a level of uh the matrix you guys should see the matrix where people are hooked up to feed the machines okay they in their great reset i don’t know what what they’re gonna do with the population i do know that they want the population to be diminished okay and so i promise at the very end what i i see happening is i actually kind of see i believe a shift if they want

millions of africans into europe they want to go to africa africa is a large vast untouched pristine continent not really filled with what the pollution that you see in malaysia so these are thailand specifically that answers that specifically answers the african migrant questions so it’s exactly the african not the middle east one the african migrant uh tilting tilting tilting the the the the um well northern africa you’ve got libya you’ve got uh egypt you’ve got somalia so yeah yeah that that’s you know that’s the push what you’re trying to say and i’m gonna sum it up not sum up what you’re saying but just so that you understand what i think that it’s a great switch they want to get people out of the richest um resource yeah continent so in our interview that they can call it zimbabwe amazing gold yes copper yes diamonds yes they need things uh and the middle east has the oil and the middle east has the has the oil in the 1600s uh some a few european settlers came down to zimbabwe into south africa and they created a and a utopia almost okay and um it bread basket create great wealth produced there they had wonderful wonderful lives and i think and this is my theory and you just came up with this yourself today yeah my theory yeah is that they like the idea of the vast pristine wilderness and so they but they don’t want the africans there because they’re racist right and they want it for themselves i think that and here’s very interesting like i’m like do you expect this to happen in your lifetime i think that that’s why merkel opened the floodgates they’re trying it’s i don’t know who came up with this but so but and this would also go hand in hand with bill gates’s uh agenda to uh use vaccines as a form of population in africa and then you also see i’m i’m seeing a lot of people like uh amanda marcron saying that the women are having too many children in africa and they have uh they have a french colony in africa and he wants to go and they want the birth control um because they have to have some africans there for slaves the slavery mentality hasn’t gone anywhere i don’t think this is going to happen and i think that’s why they use their sleight of hand of you’re all racist you’re all racist meanwhile they are literally when they see france going to pot when they see um the you know uh the scandinavian countries having having issues um hungry is a very vast land very not very populated they think it’s a great country to push in all the migrants i think i am 90 convinced that this is this is this is their immense goal that when they when when big names like bono and angelina jolie and leonardo dicrappio they are at the elites believe that the world belongs to them and the world’s resources belong to them and that’s why you see a lot of celebrities going to africa and things like that it’s leonardo dicaprio literally filmed blood diamond he knows about this more than anybody yeah and so i think that in hollywood i don’t know why they would think it’s going to happen in their lifetime that if they feel like it’s some sort of cult or religion because it’s very much it has a religious flair to it because these people are getting older i also think that that’s why they’re the push for the robotics the push to put their minds you know and it’s a hitlerest mindset you know hitler was looking for and they show us all of this in the films like minority report uh we saw it in the avengers series about the retaining in the mind like retaining the mind in like a you know kind of like a monster type b yeah exactly we see all of this stuff because they can’t help but put their plot into story form because they think it’s it’s almost like have you seen somebody when they’re going to build a building it’s not enough to have the blueprints they want to see the 3d model and then i think that’s what these movies are and the and the uh the take away or their tell their tell is that all the talk about climate change is about technology but the visions that they put forth are our landscapes devoid of technology they don’t show you the wind uh farms they don’t show you this the vast solar rays that it would take miles and miles and miles and miles to to fund they don’t say anything have you heard anything about reducing the plastics or reducing except for banning plastic straws which is incredibly interesting to me because it’s the one thing that’s not big you know what i mean plastic straws they’re not talking about plastics or

they’re happy to go get their yogurt cups do you know how much yogurt cups are put into the trash like seriously yogurts gallons of milk gallons of orange juice we should be guys if they were legitimately concerned with the cl with the here’s the here’s the thing about climate change they have lost the uh narrative on the environment okay because it is not environmentally sound or friendly to create windmills to actually create and produce the wind turbines the wind turbines it’s not environment they’ve said it takes more gasoline more energy more natural resources than you could ever recoup from these giant monstrosities so i want to hit on a couple things more pollution before we get to what i think is rounding off the good news of all of that and so as i was watching the film one image struck me and if you have had to go anywhere in a doctor’s office or a school building or something like that post covid you have had them put that um temperature gauge to your forehead okay what that to me all of these measures and i’ve said this since day one putting a gun no yeah but i think that’s not it they don’t care about putting a gun to your head they’re going to kill you they’ll use other easy look at the comments um here but what we’ve seen with all of the social distancing and all of that that’s just on facebook you’re not going to get any comments there okay let me finish my thought and then we’ll go to comments is that they want to be able to do retinal scans they want you to they’re they want you to be spaced in the grocery store so that they can monitor you in the store they want it’s all about surveillance right right it’s the surveillance state right um and and i feel like covet is the perfect desensitization um vehicle for that yeah harold chapman says and actually i really want to get to your comments after this because i wanted to hear what you guys had to say um harold chapman says they have to show us what they are going to do uh that is one thing my mom always points out because uh wicked people can’t hide things right uh god’s reset works in the opposite direction from the uh wef uh yep wakanda they have uh let’s see um they’ll they’ll get their robots but they’ll end up begging for death feels like that’s written somewhere there you go um i was gonna say putting a gun to your head but leah beat me to it um they also kill livestock very interesting that uh there’s no they want to stop red meat they want to stop individuals farming there’s nothing there about individuals sustainably farming prince charles i thought was going somewhere where he had joe salatin over there uh uh to you know to help him figure out what’s going on you know helping with his farms but um michelle in the uk uh any retail business over 20 250 employees has to change uh charge 10p for a plastic bag to carry groceries home in uh they used to be free uh swiss nestle owns a lot of cocoa and coffee plantations in africa um just wear sunglasses to avoid the scans um let’s see puerto rico is in for uh what is that i’m not sure exactly uh in four i know there the puerto rican didn’t the puerto rican governor say they’re in for she’s in for trump um let’s see a lot of food and plants are imported into the eu from africa and cold european climate cannot produce the food they require in their cold climates the german eu own a lot of farmland in africa um they have to show you so they have your consent wow that’s good i’m expecting god’s great reset to happen um let’s see africa is very resource rich in gold and minerals etc let me check periscope for some comments here uh i don’t know i haven’t been able to monitor that as much as i have been lately um let’s see such projection everything they accuse they are doing well said mary alice um it was 2017 when fauci was on a board with the gates foundation talking about global pandemic yeah um coming in a few years hence 2020 the 2020 titanic um let’s see yes and we saw that the camera was out of focus there um yes uh just getting to the comments is our dog walking and care business back up to running in normal yes we’ve been busier than ever before i think everybody went on vacation right before the election no they totally did be going to get locked down but anyway so to round off the good news back to prince charles they have one shot at this it’s like a slingshot around the earth or something they can’t they they will miss they will miss but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t trying yeah they are and they’re already proving that they can’t hit the target and they’re going to try to do whatever they can to still hit it but they won’t and i want you to be encouraged by that but it’s going to get rocky in between and if you want to preserve your wealth you need to be investing in gold and silver because vegan food makes you weak therefore more

uh controllable well said yeah all right guys um so that’s the end of another one of his uh the um i had promised that we would play our video at the end but i don’t think we have time yeah we’ve got it going i want to so instead of playing it you’ll just have to go and watch our clip on it all right so this is a two-part resistance chicks please go and watch i’m asking you to go and watch the video that we filmed yesterday um it says special report i think special episode special reports a special episode you can go into our videos and find it watch it there you won’t want to miss it it’s so impactful something that will happen to us if you guys just join us we interviewed uh a guy here who’s training in leadership first world leadership to go back to zimbabwe to uh they have uh the coalition a democrat alliance there in zimbabwe he is one of the leaders in the opposition party to mugabe’s party um they want to rebuild zimbabwe and i’m very excited we got to meet him we got to interview him and we want every country to be great yeah we want poland to be great we want zimbabwe to be great we want uh we want uh south africa uh to be great we want uh every country in south america to be great we as christians want every nation to be flourishing and using what god has given each nation god is more handsome i’m such a and the creation isn’t loved through the the the increase in the push and the robotics and the and and this push for the renewed deal is not about anything green it’s all about technology which is not green right okay so and it loses its power the more we expose it yeah and guys we’re gonna come out on the other side of this so victorious uh the kingdom’s got a kingdom of god spreading to all the nations where every knee bows and every tongue confesses that jesus christ is lord amen um so all right you guys we’re going to sign off for now we will be back on wednesday if you want more hope and encouragement yes uh i think that it was gonna be one episode it turned into two now it’s gonna be three of exposing uh cs uh cyrus uh scofield’s reference bible and where the uh fake rapture came and things like that yeah it’s so fascinating you won’t want to miss it you can find it on our podcast you can download these episodes and listen to them on the go at www.resistancechicks.com please like us on facebook follow us on twitter we put out so much news on those platforms during the week um you won’t even have time to watch it all really and to read all the articles but please be following us there patriot gallery did a show last night i haven’t watched it i don’t know what it’s about but i can guarantee it’s awesome i shall probably upload it on mass phase 3 uh later today or tomorrow but you can check it out on resistance chicks facebook excuse me resistance chicks uh youtube channel and i want to make a little uh with about the colonization the settlers and the immigrants that did so well in south africa for hundreds of years and in zimbabwe were not making a colony they were not colonizers they were settlers and immigrants i just want to make that clear no that’s really good it’s really good all right we love you guys god loves you remember it’s not just a conspiracy theory if it’s the truth if it is the truth all right be blessed today guys bye