PS3 Red Light Of Death Fix.

hey youtube I think I’m going to cry and I’m going to make a video I’ll show you why all right well as you can see we turn on the place when you turn on closed there’s three it turns green and then you know you can start playing and everything but ultimen yesterday and it just kind of froze for a second and then it just turned off and the lights started blinking so watch I will show it to do I’ll show you what it does T and then it will start blinking like that and do that forever okay now I saw I start two different things because I want on the Sony Playstation all right on the Sony website I said two different possibilities for all this that one because I’m not quick like you want it just the red light blinking that oh I have to do is like open event and we are did that my vents are pretty clean on and to is if the flash is yellow in between like right there I went yellow it wasn’t really yellow and the camera wasn’t on oh do it again okay all right there what’s on the little bit yellow so that just means that it says I gotta send it on the website it says when it on the lights flash in this orders home like that Trenton all professional that you have to send it in for repair and I’ve seen a couple different things and the most the most common price of what’s being told is about $150 just to get the stupid thing repaired now I saw on YouTube a couple videos about soldering it back you know I don’t know I don’t know what it’s called so I’m not going to start acting stupid or sounding stupid but yeah there’s the two chips inside the graphics and the power or something like that I know one whose graphics and they’re attached to the motherboard and motherboard heat up a little bit and one of the chips fell off or didn’t stick with the motherboard so all that has to be done is you have to just solder it back to the muder motherboard and Lisa she’s going to do it for $150 but I think I can get my mom’s friend to do it for none all right thanks for watching I think I’m going to crack