PS5 – SPIDERMAN Miles Morales (PS5 vs PS4 Differences)

we’ve gone into more details on the major differences between spider-man miles morales on the ps4 and the ps5 what’s up everybody welcome back to another video thank you all for stopping by if you’re new here and you want to see update on everything for the next generation and you like what you see make sure you hit that subscribe button as well being all the next gen consoles on day one making tons of videos on those but for now let’s jump into this so as we know spider-man miles morales is the big launch game for the ps5 it is a cross-generational game also coming up for the ps4 and we have some more information now on the differences between those two versions so in an interview with game informer the creative director at insomniac brian horton talked about the differences between the ps4 and the ps5 version according to horton the two games will offer largely the same experience but the biggest difference will come down to the ps5 technological capabilities like haptic feedback this here says apparently the dual sense controller will allow players to feel things like miles’s bio-electricity flowing from one end of the controller to the other it sounds pretty cool to see how that would actually work when you’re holding the controller in your hands if you’ll feel the electricity kind of going through different parts of the controller as he’s using his ability the ps4 is going to offer just your basic rumble obviously on top of that the low times will be non-existent and ps4 players will have to sit through the loading screen and the ps5 players should also expect ray tracing ryan horton saying we were able to take full advantage of the features of the playstation 5 one of those things was graphics fidelity so you’re gonna see ray tracing reflections everywhere in the game on ps5 that’s not something we’re going to feature on the ps4 version well not both versions are going to be pretty similar but i think the use of that haptic feedback on the control for me is going to be the most interesting thing to try out with the ps5 so i will definitely be jumping into that and seeing how that works though sense controller seems pretty cool i’m excited to see how they actually utilize optic feedback on a lot of their games i have a feeling that the haptic feedback will be really cool and work really well with the majority of the first party playstation 5 games i’m most interested in seeing how they will use that with third-party games and how developers will actually take advantage of it on top of that it also has the adaptive triggers now on the dual sense and those are something we’ve already experienced in the last generation with the xbox one controllers where it can kind of change the rumble and give you more resistance depending on what you’re doing in the game on the triggers itself and then obviously with the ps5 miles morales i think ray tracing will just make the game look absolutely spectacular and then 60 frames per second as well which will be very very cool i believe miles morales will have two modes it’ll have 4k 30 fps with ray tracing and then you’ll have that performance mode at 60 fps in 4k which i don’t know i’ll see the difference between both how i want to play spider-man is a pretty fast-paced game so i think 60 fps will make a big difference in just how smooth and how fun the game actually is but i’ll definitely check out that ray tracing mode at least for a little bit and then i’ll probably switch over to the 60 fps because generally i like playing my games with a higher frame especially if they’re fast fast-paced like spider-man yeah that’s different between the ps4 and the ps5 version obviously it’s not a massive difference it is a cross-generational game it is a game at the beginning of the life cycle of the generation for the ps5 so we’re going to see obviously major upgrades going down the line in a couple years especially when sony starts putting out those first party games and really pulling out the power from the ps5 and taking advantage of the hardware as we see with every console generation games at the beginning of the life cycle aren’t nearly as good looking and fully taking advantage of these systems as they are compared to when they come out later down the line anyways guys let me know what you think about this in the comments below are you getting miles morales on the ps5 or are you getting it on the ps4 which mode are you gonna be playing are you gonna be playing with the ray tracing on or are you gonna be playing with these 60 frames per second i love know your thoughts in the comments below thank you guys all for watching if you enjoyed this video make sure to hit that thumbs up button if you like what you see and you’re new to this channel maybe consider subscribing i appreciate all your support and i’ll catch you in the next video here