Ultra Playstation 2

I get it (laughs) I don’t get it at all So you avoid all those limitations from the the old version Perfect We’re back once a mother fuckin gain For this video enters my mom again Some of you surely remember her from a year ago (This time with a hairstyle) And here we are presenting the masterpiece Ultra Playstation 2 Surely the final solution regarding the classic playstation game library As you know Four or five months ago Spinecard channel presented a video A pink playstation 2 slim with an HDD And I tought “I want one” But, and I know this Many people send emails asking for it including myself but the guys never responded I do believe you didn’t know that (no) I was not the only one asking This guys runs a shop, they fix them and everything Never hear back, so As it was summertime, I though to myself “Let’s see if I can do it by myself” And here it is working Same as the one from the original video, but improved Does everything and even more That’s why I call it “ultra” And I do believe it’s fantastic Let’s try to showcase it with a little help That’s why here’s mom Always efficent She will try to help The thing is they put a lot of components inside the unit But the main difference They put inside an HDD But what I did is leave everything as it is Instead of replacing it with an HDD, the original laser is in place The TV shows the video running smoothly With other mods, the usb port is too slow The console is too old This port here is wired differently so there’s no speed penalty using an USB stick This uses the router method And the usb is wired to the router The original video uses an HDD but to fit an HDD inside such tiny console, you have to strip the laser assembly Problem is, without a laser, you cannot play discs anymore The old modification breaks the console forever So I left myself thinking “What can be done?” (You spend a lot of time thinking about it) That’s why it took so long to create it (How long?) Since I saw the original video 6 and half months You can place everything outside and call it a day But, can be improved? fit everything together? what about internally? That’s why all those months And this is the aftermath All playstation scraps An entire bag (That’s useless) This console you see here took many attempts I had to destroy quite a few to create one

So this is the game running Gradius V (works perfectly) Here’s the disc And its working from the memory So, instead of using an HDD, I opted for a USB stick (Which one?) This one Because I realized that if you place an HDD You cannot easily access the HDD anymore That’s awful, you have to use workarounds This console also have wifi, but now it’s useless I tought “If the drive were external, it would be much much better” Want games? plug it into the PC Done Plug it again Done -Same ideas- This method leaves the console as is So if you want to play discs, you can (Show us a Demonstration) I’m gonna get closer) Here we have FreeMCBoot And this is the USB This demonstrates the console running ps2 games from the usb The console is meant to run playstation 1 and playstation 2 games But not only from usb, discs too That’s why it’s better than the old video Everything done to the console can be undone -same ideas- Let’s gonna reboot now -same ideas- So we can launch OPL to play from the usb This are ps2 games This game is USA only The console is Euro but now you can play anything And this are ps1 games (There’s many!) (How many you can fit?) As much as you can fit into the usb This is a two-disc game You have to swap discs at certain point, no problem This is a Japanese one And this one is from America I have this one Let’s select anything

It’s loading now, playstation 1 from the usb That’s it No disc inserted Works perfectly It works pretty much as an Everdrive If you want, you can play even japanese games with translation patches The game never existed translated but you can play it now in other languages You can play ps1 and ps2 from the usb BUT and it’s a big one This method it’s not bug free Far from perfect indeed Playstation 2 games have compatibility issues And Playstation 1 games run throught an emulator (What’s that?) An emulator runs on top of the console The playstation don’t run the game, it runs another program (emulator) that runs the game (And don’t run) Yes, it runs, but it’s far from perfect The console don’t run a game In fact it’s running a program that runs the game And that gives you bugs and stuff This game here, the problem is the narrator voice cannot be heard It’s a documented bug Can anything be done? The solution to that problem is to use the laser lens Because using the laser, games run natively (You need to use a disc) So the solution was to modify also the lens, to read any kind of disc Not only original discs, but any kind of disc, from any region That’s the solution I don’t know if you can pick the region here This game is from America NTSC – U Let’s put it in And let’s remove the card with the freeMCBoot method (And it works) It will work because the console will read any disc playstation 1 or playstation 2, it doesn’t matter region So, this thing is meant to play the majority of games from usb But in those cases where a game is buggy with the usb method You can burn a disc and play it perfectly Now it’s loading (here we go) This console from Europe is reading an American disc It’s not reading from usb, let’s remove it It’s a completely different thing So if I open the drive Freezes This way, you can play anything, and play it as it meant to be Reading from discs is native, not emulated (I get it) (I don’t get it at all!) So all those limitations you had with the old way The one shown in the old video No more bugs No need for every game, just some But now you can play everything perfectly You couldn’t before, just some run fine You removed the drive, the modification cannot be undone

And I’m gonna demonstrate now a game with a translation patch Castlevania Symphony of the Night Japan version with a translation patch Never existed, game only came in Japan The best version of the game, English patched Burn it, and play (put it and run) This game in fact does it run from the usb But I wanted to demonstrate that when usb is buggy af With a disc, no problem at all It reads any disc (How long did it take?) Research and stuff, 6 months Easily half a year Research and stuff, many months But when you know how to do it And with all the pieces at home A weekend to assemble one But you need all the pieces and that takes time to arrive (You have to order them) (A month), pretty much, easily Specially if you have to find also the console (We are showing this to people) (And I want to know if this truly works) We have this one working, so it does I’m using it since last week and works perfectly fine It works as I imagined it should Done But I don’t know who else can be interested on it Maybe some guys that loves retro, certainly not common But it’s pretty much the final solution I have an original playstation 1 around here But with this thing here I don’t need it anymore With this you have it all And that’s it! Victory! No trick at all! Everything goes inside the console Just the original cables goes from the console The video cable to TV And the power cable Nothing to hide It reminds me the original Xbox The original Xbox had an HDD, so the console did everything And everything was inside together This is pretty much the same (look at the camera!) The console have everything inside Nothing left hanging around (That’s all) Nothing missing, nothing extra It’s really really cool I might add (It’s a good idea) It might be, I don’t know (might be) The definitive Playstation You can always play this on PC and stuff But if you have a TV or something, this might be the best option So that’s it, project shown Now you have to be honest with us Did you understand anything? (Nothing at all, It was Chinese) I knew you wouldn’t get much (But somehow I get it’s very interesting) Maybe not interesting, but… practical (Yeah, practical) I believe it’s practical because you can forget about it (Yeah, disc doesn’t break, boxes, all messed up…) cables (CABLES through the floor) (That’s convenient to someone who does cleaning) (Pretty much anyone living with you freaks) Thank you really So that’s it And the Special Guest I hope you liked the video (I hope I did a good job) (You will not call me again) Of course, don’t worry

(Call me anytime) I called you for this Goodbye and thanks for watching Don’t worry I will be back with more videos I don’t know when and I don’t know why But I will be back