Running Techniques and Orthotics Talk By Mark Saunders

this clinic director here at physical I and I’ve been asked to do a brief tour card run techniques and angle projects I presume we will run into some description various levels you have anybody Francesca at all any videos anyone ok so i will try and keep it as simple as possible so that i can deliver information over to you guys why history is up a charter school student focus i specialize in running interest so the last 18 years ago in sport and as a disappearin pissed and about 10 years prior to that as a strength conditioning coach and we’ve put the army I still work for the army as a specialist to looking at injuries elite athletes in the army and those are the Special Forces training and I continue to to work well within as well as web professionals ball as far as what the fire practice so it’s quite both of experience there and I’ve also other specializations in that I work very closely nutritionists historicity approaches and also it would be many newer than talk on hydration later I’m also taking alone courses in hydration which might bill has a less impact on others this bull so one night I do today is get little oversight into what are you still livin out running techniques use of aquatics and how we can use those to improve performance and prevent injury and then we’ll get some questions and answers on the trial make it interesting but I find it interesting you guys may find a very boring topic but there we go so not talking in the present moment about rowing technique all the time it’s big sales pitch out then basically one case is the key to rent anything that’s sure as simple and will break biomechanics down to its bare basics it’s dance magnetics and you go on vessels of this but won’t go in together in general terms biomechanics East evaluation movement and then it’s or technique is open and when you look at biomechanics you look at the bodies over the whole weekend 42 someone one just took during the bitter so all over the world and go oh it looks good okay or you can break it down into the ankle joint the knee joint what’s happening at the arms what’s happening this was having hidden pelvis and it’s the correct body book book is the correct body biomechanics that legal to correct technique and if the correct technique which lead to accrue performance and Rachel injury so generally body mechanics issue correct techniques okay so the correct by mechanics your body’s working correctly you can incorrectly but those ways you need to look at this too is I want to discuss was the main reasons why you get poor technique at the moment I’m people products and footwear greatly country’s poor technique or give you a little bit better technique and all pelvic bone mechanics and I’m going to show you some video beckerman two key areas if you can correct what’s happening at the third another film is then generally your technique book will improve dramatically running generally requires the body to absorb repeated strain it’s the only sport I believe that you had is a social playing movement pattern that is repeated time and time again like when I those the bowels of hours and hours in some cases week week in week out day in day out there’s no there’s no change your body has his own let alone its own motor system and discontinue does the same thing that impacts and pizza and outs of horses of repeated the same tissues you’re trying to make your tennis place pay for our tenth of a but you’re repeating two different movement patterns every single shot girl making a backhand forehand overhead smash

forwards backwards sideways you do with in times of envisioning running it’s the same any things that may change is that you run fast uphill faster benefit or fossil and slow on the back that’s it as the only changes so you’re striving for change and resistance may change the due to the train but generally the same movement pattern and then because of that every runner will have to run fresh on where they will break down doesn’t matter who you up everyone will break down at some stage and this is a great bit about me being a physio because all you will get injured okay the average person gets 200 per year and generally money becomes an addictive sport so what happens is you start off running three days a week that your support those we make this appointees a week that goes to six days a week then increase your knowledge and then you do your session to the edge or the club and eventually will break down at substation week or preach or threshold in the breakdown you’ll even rest for two weeks then start again and break down again or you come see me and go away their listen and break down again now they have this site poor game goes on and on and on and that’s why runner’s high system there is any school Aaron flexible and forgetting the harness and seven and a spork really however it’s all over use up or under training and recovery sorry and here is just a few steps there you go run a sustained is that along a great central runners can be fun to get injured in one year very high percentage one of one of us did find something there runs and runs a minute of 20 to 25 comes as per week and running for up to one two three years so to classify yourself a runner you need to be doing over 25 films is for a week and need to be reconstituted want to peruse then there’s a little bit there about digital ailments and those students ready so anything that restricts your running is it is an injury that little niggle slows you down this is an injury of some description a full-blown injuries is anything that restriction running or stops you running for longer than two weeks so you started a little bit of the kids problems but still carol running and which the stitching or running you think I won’t doing that 10 mile run I’ll just go to a farm or run as an injury okay that is the look that is the description of the link and if you because our schools put your hands up who here currently has their poor listings that has some sort of injury okay hey me so can you increase your knowledge can you improve your performance carrying those nickels the answer’s no because all you do is increase in stress and strain on the body which will therefore make easily become worse or slow down anything for so doing we saw some downward spiral already so there’s always a reason why this is happening that’s what I could forget there’s always a reason it may not like the reason but there’s a reason they’re it’s most likely due to overuse my over training or under-recoveries down the victim there no you don’t talk about them Iranian walk we talked about under-recovery okay oh poor technique or bond carrots but as I explained to you before I mechanics makeup technique business tax on number of injuries we get so the majority in this courier than the ankle and foot lesson for you imagine I’ve never called Hank works birth and the expert okay due to the specializing in running interest I work with all the top knee searches and ankle surgeons country so I’m going to try and done step through this because I want to do what to didn’t they did here’s just a list of common among injuries knee pain into english in pain stress fractures boundaries and pitocin evasive club specializes Kinnison devices into a rented room honestly something thing and probably side you didn’t got them at the moment or pad something from them and it’s actually something from them I just look at her wisdom if you suffer an injury running it I’ll actual what me why don’t you get bilateral champagne by natural in pain if add item you’re both sides is either kids tendinosis on both sides it’s definite Shiva Tabata clinical issues and showing that a good name for okay and if it’s quite actual you get knee pain both need to go for a long run you’ve been running for one to three years no real thought where you getting come back the next day but need painting downstairs it’s going to substitute remodel castle to cook and

that could be pleasant and when you do get these sort of like how to describe them anger is whereby a finisher rather the next wave of knee pain where you’ve got pie TV panel got bits type kill is arrested for few days it goes away it’s all down to Petit the tissues that occurred and if you can improve the technique or proof of biomechanics it will reduce fatigue in those tissues when you’re running thereby allowing your threshold to go up a level ever I allow you to increase your wattage or your speed but guess what i’ve done as all the people before the old it is better take the next level next level so there is always an ultimate sort of level you can get to every creature and these are very few always talk about extrinsic and intrinsic factors or external internal stresses so the extrinsic factors would be things like that would increase tissue stress will be running on on tarmac intrinsic factors might be weak glutes and the pelvis excellency factors might be your shoes are old and lost electricity edges of facts of life in fact you get a person and wanting go for a very early morning run and it’s very cold and your body’s that warmed up and you look what he does is ready for running aces in fact there might be your ankle wrench movement or lack of dynamic flexibility so here are a few XO sitting and intrinsic factors that they’re clean you break these two two areas down or what you get is you get technique as down as its extrinsic factor and then you get biomechanics as an intrinsic factor and that’s why then the only ting things have crossover that’s why techniques and public annex of go hand in hand that’s why it’s done running really so when you get an injury it won’t just be for one reason there will be multiple practice both extrinsic and intrinsic factors that are causing the Achilles tendon to nurses call citb Center course in the plantar fasciitis course an anterior knee pain caused the shin splints okay so when you come to the physio and if their bricks all right I don’t know what’s causing it or they give you a precise diagnosis there are two extremes I can go to you there be more than one reason why the injuries occurring and wild horse has been produced and this is why sometimes I wasn’t here you can you can you sort like go have saved up ITB syndrome give up type ITB manj week glutes you’ve got Paul foot biomechanics you go to the massage therapist she shreds outdoor I team and it feels better pain they’re treating the symptoms but their surgeries and calls but it gets you through the run a kitchen to continue running and it keeps you we want to be which is out there hitting the models not always the best thing but you sometimes have to get all the practice and once you’ve got all the practice and Dean will the practice being in your look at long-term recovery and looked at all of skates we want some very swiftly now ok this is a please feel free to argue with me here please feel free to voice your opinions I’m guaranteed some of you were heel strikers and I’ve gone to bed for fitness best thing since sliced bread I had my one beliefs they’re very strong beliefs based on proven site size and also how much it will consume companies around I know what they’re trying to do and all I can do is give you the best bit of advice there will always be those outside the norm rails where barefoot running or turn running or soothe them but your hand with up but generally good all populations on sailboats of the world and and as such we I have to go down what I feel is straight that’s other book so that the normal population so but feel free to voice your opinions the important thing is everyone is an individual and you can’t type cause someone back that poor foot running or liquid running or hills right running is it’s the best form of running or little distance running long distance row everybody’s individual and a mid-foot

running technique may not suit someone and it will cost of an injury growing quickly so if you go to a trifle and training camp so you’ve got a running coach to advocating lead foot running because his best top athlete is a bit of a granite therefore must be the best thing then it’s not right it it may not be right for you and the same as I’ve so long as I have good people do cycling and have that white set up just because one person’s gotta buy set up one way for his his body type doesn’t mean that everyone should have that boy sets up and lengthen through their coolness so before I want to show you some video just going to need a bit advice if you know about dr. Ronnie styles that you feel comfortable with okay don’t worry about anything else at doctors and when you start you feel comfortable and it’s natural to yourself and with that also dr. Perry running shoes that build natural and comfortable don’t go on price dog brown bag on the last two cab and it’s a very undervalued underrated pediment of pradas training same conditioning because ones just want to run 70 people to stretch they don’t do so computing and say this weight lifters don’t do any cardiovascular work and if you are there to second edition exercises for your rating they need to be specific to that illegal sex with if you do change around style say you’re a girl striker and he goes to some netting you’ve got someone from hazel sort of like than this coach or running now and advocating you to change the lifestyle you’ve got to take probably at least three months or solid of stop running to change the race love and just customer so conditioning or particular thought you would change how you’ve advanced it takes a long long time the body to learn under the pattern that was talking to it okay you can’t just suddenly vocal if you’ve been running the 20 years letting your heel and running forwards sunny leone amid foot and driving backwards and do not repeatedly 1,600 times per mole which is it have another statute 80 mile and repeat that for like five miles and not the injured you have escaped a two to three months in any form of a strength conditioning program to actually to have this much more treasure to be take take place long term and to me that’s very very difficult because I don’t know 11 it would take three months off to do that you know it’s like it’s like something fun to change tiger woods golf swing and see what happened there they tried changes go swing and a priest contract about a month we went to this toilet for your eyes is injured again it’s very rated come over to bitter tots when looking at increasing your running speed fine increase your cadence first before increase in stride length too many coaches RSA increases private increases private as you increase your stride length you change the biomechanics if you change a pilot case you change your technique if you change your technique you need it will result in flight instance of interest because you haven’t done strength conditioning to go with the change in technique so before you start to increase if you go to increase your running speed live increase your cadence which is the innovation of your people on the length of stride first of all once you once you’ve increased your cadence if you don’t want to go and faster still increase your strength and conditioning to go with that and it’s slowly lengthen your stride length with that you know your your technique will change but hopefully with district conditioning being built in the same time that lets like your injury of as you get pizza as you get stronger as you do more mortgage you have similar strengthened conditioning if you run once a week don’t bother about it go for 15 mile by the week don’t worry about strength conditioning 15 to five days a week need to put in at least three speculation sessions a week if you want to run six days a week or more strength conditioning okay the more you do the more second position you need okay it is paramount to preventing injury and acts including performance you’ll not just improve performance just by priests admire demands you wanted it will be at high risk of injury the incidence of injury doubles over 25 miles so when she won since you’re over 25 miles per week the risk of injury doubles so since I get any of my athletes it’s 25 miles per week of running I’m increasing their spin position before i start to table to

go two miles we prefer to 12 months of it and that’s quite good exercise we’re also trying this is this this this this exercise here really straight that’s what we call the lateral swing systems and it’s a system that runs ocular fasciae that crosses over the body gear and their underside and his favors like this stabilizes you underling on one leg yone ponds i was having with that is that so static static exercise and running two dynamic exercise so if you did that for four hours a day you’ll be very good at that exercise it would pass through your running technique okay but it’s a position that he should be doing so these type of exercises learn a very ok I’m going to switch over now and show you some video cuz i have any questions now sure if i granted on it to quit there okay hit it is a patient oh boy quite some time ago but i use this this one quite a lot because she had been to see a podiatrist in two dishes and peddling pain lateral in pain and and she was complaining of this that naturally page should be around the shops and she told come see me because i was going to fix up and and after here with all the pieces you’ve been told the doctor she benton all the potty she’s been to I said that there’s no way that I was not going to fix her so so the first thing I’m going to look at this upon becoming so technique I i have i’ve known issues with people running on heels he’ll strike it’s natural for me is how we resolve shot is how we propel sell sport and for long distance runners I definitely if you get a lot less interest and when you start looking at all the top marketers if you watch the London after look at the finish look all the top 13 14 Marin what is going through look at how many of them a go striking admit for chronic and they’re still there still doing sub 5 minute miles so and they run to 3 m-f this year max and they do so like Max NT miles a week cory someone to 100 but they still strike it so my application is that there’s no evidence behind the running to be the best so we just take this person learning they would live with a google it now her heel strike here she found like he’ll strike and a bit city it’s in a very significant which is good on landing she lands she was told she needle pot eggs looking here at through her pelvis she pronates a big knee comes possibly cocaine and it shows relate a bit but nothing massively and and the pills it’s not too bad up here so these two things will affect now looking at an apartment case of lowered in so she’s a model to model oprah later at this stage here but this was an effective side and she had all four tix now the affected side insist side he’s landing if you look at her pelvis there that is what is causing her injury at this stage and that is poor running style or by mechanics at pelvis you ask me what’s causing that I’m telling you it’s not it’s not her lola lynn Barbra cancers causing their ok they most controlled and must control and lacking strength and conditioning I you probably found out that you go right back earlier history she may have had lower back pain or had an injury whereby she was on that side the muscles were infected at some stage when she Jennifer’s to head back pain now but certain muscles were switched off and she’s not diminished on him on Hills right through midstance and so when I put my strength conditioning program two months later she’s background opens Axl mobile products required and and if she wants to upon mission came back a game in the game because every time I got to southern spectrum conditioning she just increased don’t acknowledge so the stress of tissue stress levels so whenever it in coming back from injury you can go to see a busy little bit of exercise ability since you’re going for you for your kids or your transfer your glutes and all very basic though the rest sizes to keep you back to pain-free to get you to slope right honey but you won’t get to 10 15 20 miles you’ve got some fish your conditioning with that as it goes along so we’ll leave low and i’m going to go to now my favorite person Oliver this is

the right one now he needs a go on then he is a 235 lat and what I saw him he’s now G me directly he came up and running by when I first saw him he he’d never had an injury ever I want to like Mike wisdom about him his running he was a barrister he ran three times a week and max we could run was ten miles a week on each run and then prior to the mound for the way we was doing he was in the elite class he might go on Sunday got there 15 or 20 mile run but he he was a very good runner painting 30 miles a week max those three bouncing did what max down he wasn’t hanging about you know he was hanging about they never got injured so I other to him and he came in to me what’s the screening I said what I looked over with journey he keeps a big dick told it should wear on entrepreneurship shoes a little still I said oh yeah maybe you should but I don’t prove them by them any more neutral shoes because it’s it over the most comfortable which is what I believe it as well you pick shoes that comfortable so now I started looking spawn mechanics other thing running I looked his pelvis so you want to see someone who could strong stability that’s this guy here that’s good technical sponsibility working through through the pelvis on both sides you never just not having an injury that design into it and it’s quite interesting because if you look at his technique and its body alignment which is Allah part tenant as well relatively from here and of course here everything is pretty good all their normal limits I’ll take a look at his ankle joint I leave it closed up in a minute sunshine you get another I’m going to pull up alright though you can see this right so take a look at his left leg on landing as you can see planning nice he’ll strike here you can’t you can’t see too many tones on either side so that’s shown it’s not towed out or towed in and and then you see what happens example click here can you see how much ease i marinated under this guy who had an injury so the two things like that that make you have an injury one is mindless word but a very very high level runner to injury the strong core stability said positioning and the pelvis okay I did change him I wanted to give a buck or politics on it is my daughter song right now be an aerial footage straight away so does this leg here that right over now then II way it shows sports here we became a GV directly got so addicted to it it’s largely through the roof is train went through the roof and in to see me within weeks but when Achilles tendinosis which is never had before and the groin injury guess boy because he changed his fault changed his techniques changed his runny who’s going from up around from running to a faster pace running get off the pipe from work oxygen all think with favorite big guys achieve leed ratley’s like that so I said right we’ve got unload attention and we gave up on texts i had a number III sense but up until then you know he had the conditioning the right position for school I in the right technique for a sport and this is what happens new change things you have to be very careful that you do so my advice is a but if I had to do one thing some people to get into the Chiefs injury it would be strength conditioning and play first of all secondly would be looking to hang upon mechanics my input bar mechanics and that will be the next thing up through the depth in prevent injury and put those two together hand in hand you have a very very good chance reducing injury and rent increase performance improvement technique there’s many questions on that single got your burning questions that is hoping interested it No all the time is well now is the thing one has does anyone have orthotics or

installs home description yeah and when they all for injuries or were they before Justin through performance injuries performance performance working for performance so what sort so you went to so you had yourself a set to the crew to run technique or just food where she went back to something about you previously with the manufacturer and stopped producing around and then made a rather large difference right I made two changes at the same time one of which was the change the size of the shoe right the second orders to go back to using a got me cushing supporting said Christian just little versions Archbishop’s and that helps you in what way home boys components of America yes okay and what you think that is traffic will be there to improve loading techniques and the full yet ain’t no longer rolling out it’s all straight through yeah oh I vivant animated it in so it comes into less power to talk in oh so it is here’s why people come and see me for what its bugs even rats mice performance I mean our moment vanishes we massiveness really locks it nicely at the moment I would have always take everything with a pinch of salt from the running shoe industry I really would I work with them I learned very well there’s no clinical trials been done out there and if there are being done out there they don’t show it to anyone I personally say if I was a running shoe design manufacture and I had a top clinical biomechanics guy I paid to do research and that research was positive towards those ratios I would be pushed it out there amongst the world saying these ratios been proven to prevent injury there’s not one bit of clinical research out there in all the years of shoe manufacturing it’s all market research well I’m approach to the refuse to give to me but they asked me to research the research for them but but if we’re gonna go from one guy vindictive some research for them was the guy who live in in America and he may seem on TV yesterday did soul programme about dreams and stuff kalorama program oh and he he English sponsored by he got his visit was sponsored by at i’m 19 and the outcomes of that 211 publish it but he went ahead and published it and rural who were funded but he was a top gear and and that’s electricity systems and women love it was beneficial actually reduced it has always used injury I’m a Christian system there’s no evidence for or against cushioning systems and he’s got a lot of good paradox which I to spend all day talk about which I’m not going to talk about the tube website sorry what’s new philosophy Hales neat neat professionally professionally regular pay know intimately in the purpose of this nice work so the idea of having phone issues and orthotics is basically to try this is what we there’s more clinical herbalist reminder politics and hope in one of my shoes okay so you’re going to waste you know 200 quid you know we think you’re wasting two other panels waste little parable projects I’ve got more clinical research behind it and buy cheap pair of running shoes and buy really expensive pair a shoes that meant to be a to pronation do this and do that and actually you know you have to replace for every three hundred six months and potentially in my view cankles injury and I know things like a brooks apiece i would say to the weather way from you know I’m actually become more favor operations like them in this rain shoes because that they they would be like the original neutral shoes 25 years ago they just read bit to the wheel again neutral shoes today like this or Coney trying for the acid limbers for like world stability pronation shoes 20 25 years and they just added bits and bobs to the main very big quite heavy loss more cushiony and is no evidence to show that masses of maps of cushioning will prevent injury it’s actually a means to show you can actually increase injury of some people I’ll try to do describe this talk about this a bit if you see children put on a pair of christian shoes when they’re young they don’t true then that had much feedback come back for epic that’s why I advocated do walk around in bare feet as much as possible with it early childhood so they can take in perception and improve instance if muscles they start to look when you put them in shoes and trainers they start slapping their things a lot more recess slapping FB is the game ground reaction

force to stimulate muscles in 22 precisely to fill with proprioception fill the floor the same thing happens in our lives they proved it time and time again you put something really really Christian shoe you’ll get up me go oh yeah these feel good and when you run you actually land with a harder you’ll strike to get the same prep aseptically band that your body needs requires to have technique and correct what accounts for muscles to fire so what they do is be anything you can actually see this yourselves when you run bare feet so if you assault take your shoes off now take your socks off go out running out there in the street run along the roads if I’m running on concrete quite Taylor to start off with after about five bits of real and concrete you look the body wall of that the prospectivity would change your muscle to knee or change and the body will solve itself to absorb the shock food concrete I or my own little concrete quite comfortable off the world it’s a better technology comes unless they agree with that if you go to carry on running is something round on to a really really sandy soft beach you’ve all done before your knees give way go on these good way and what has to be cheered so again so what it does if we choose itself lot about 5-10 minutes running on sand beach you find it do the body stiffened up and save it to understand more comfortably are you more stable and also still hard work because it’s always saying but your body change itself to the Senate and even then it’s run by Paul to the contract again you’ll be hopping around for the first five minutes until the body relaxes so to reduce it’s up to them background the same thing happens for trains if I really really really expensive high tuition training very very big some people’s body too and by the way we will have to be tuning sort parameters so one personal fight police tomorrow culprit was me off I pray if the eea suffers he creates quite quickly but of those lists in here suppose Secondhand or secondhand buying sell price tremors of websites that last year’s model could have been sitting on the shelves of shots for a year soon as they’re manufactured the EBA starts too great for the moments manufactured also if you’re running continuously day off today you need to have two pairs of running shoes okay the reason being is when you land on either with some it compresses if you’re pressing a given run it’ll be compressed it takes 24 to 48 hours for it to recover if you never go out and run the next day you’re running on already on the compress soul so you increase the risk of injury because the compression is still there and has a recovered yet that is why you actually pleasure traders they do it if you’re all taking always advocate that you should know you run three to four times a week and have a rest day between doing other types of conditioning training ok because HD quality trainer that’s my personal belief but that that’s why it was absolutely a trainee to do to run day off today ok because it doesn’t the she doesn’t recover if you’re wearing a minimal shoe anyway does that really matter yeah it still be so we’re petitioning name some cushioning but it affects it takes the performance of the shoe and therefore affects the ground reaction forces which therefore textual procession was dead for that short technique so it may be limitless it may happen that it is Eva’s occur over bump is a toggle short period of time you know this is what I’m trying to say about clinic weapons there’s very limited clin equivalents out there whatever their size who is a damn fine and pump on you it’s the same as like the running shoes run under cushioning effect of running shoes pairs of temperature massively so you go out money in the mornings when it’s like minus 21 is for the collision impact is different then we’re running it in 28 degrees but you try and get shook up is to to the show clinical difference and how it affects the trainers and in anything else no pregnancy but we do know that it affects it because people take ETA and shown it ETA is most affected by temperature same as the body is so as you are so sort of things the reason I local politics is it came from 41 mechanics if you could control my mechanics and also by mechanics you can control the technique and crew technet if you can prove technique if you reduced range the stress on the body thereby in reducing injuries or increase in my exam performance quite rapidly okay at the bottom line that they help it by action christian bible cancer support book which i could augment or over here but but the other way say they improve technique is by improving proprioception which is one of the biggest things that I like about them is if your foot is in the correct position when its landing

and golden and coming back it means the proto centers in the engine and in capsule of the tissues around it are in a position that means they fire correctly they fire threat you through the threat perception you improve performance and you’ll reduce injury very very important and it helps the Jews things like muscle fatigue of the lower lid and when you’re looking at repeated strain of 1,600 times per mile of Langley repeatedly then you can even if you can reduce it by ten percent that fatigue that is massively what you want to do this is what I’m saying or what is so important in runners because if you can reduce have to take down by ten percent that Mitchell your google training though we’ve got by to the ten percent and your performance goes up by ten tend to say and this is where you’re talking about long-distance running 25 minutes here 25 minutes there that becomes a lot there are lots of types of projects under still give you advice on it if you feel that your once approval by mechanics or the technique or your performance or if you have injuries or to reduce the strain stress on those injuries you do need to get deep on the county screened and looked at heavy rain technique looked at and had looked up there there’s a lot of people out those selling politics there’s a wide range of prices as a wide range products of the wide range of brains of clinical experience personally I believe you pay for you get Lee comes to politics and my view now has changed over the years when I originally had my first pay robotics probably about 15 years ago those in the army and they made rigid to try and control by mechanics I completely disagree that there it can help some people but generally I feels it doesn’t the purpose of mobile is a mobile unit it was to land since the purple a demon stool and so we had as you saw the pictures ought to learn like whatever he wants to collapse it wants to roll on Lainey rolling it absorbs shock actually come through also what we call the mixed on to the third the footage metairie super neat in order to push up on all our metatarsal heads as it resonates it becomes rigid Lima which propels us forward with all the tissues in cretu linemen and gives us a lot more rigidity to prepare sus called a lot more efficiency so if you’re a pro later you mail and rolling like that unless you push off you’ll see that and let me go all that’s for technique what if you can Oh bring like a duck like this you know oh thanks because of their football panics you correct that you may make you better reduce that so instead them doing that left a blog that we drive through and come forward okay um your projects I like I’m normally are still rigid but we call semi-rigid and making material that this screen and it’s matt to the foot so as if that lays you have to control postings on the real awkward to create bottle case we talk about allows the foot to roll still without input to collapse still but then help defer to come back to the neutral position as quickly as possible so they can prepare the soft board that’s how you choose the forwards if it’s rigid the thought just landed go punk and this is where explanation shoes come in they have rigid or hardened installs on the inside of the shoe if it prevents a shoe from rolling over or doesn’t prevent the footprint roaring over in issue and that’s why they’re heavier and don’t actually control biomechanics they just control the shoes why we can install the foot by mechanics that’s why scene there’s no name is added that to show they can actually work if you want to get to new evidence in the couple last 50 years he’s been researched by the diocese and physios and we wouldn’t be allowed to in prescribed evening in the NHS or here if there wasn’t anything for evidence behind it I find it very difficult to prescribe choose to people because its own tail forever I did I feel by my views and energies I had are from again from typical evidence I’m quickly new foolish this is quite interesting wildfox don’t work on modern happy summers having back or products and passed a hammock work i’ll be more than happy at any stage to public how you can review you and tell you why they haven’t worked okay however at a button there was a big reason stem conditioning that’s why i love the notebook we’re running out of time now I i believe when it comes to trains when the pick a pair of trainers they can pick up some there’s the lightweight where we’re possible not ultra lightweight

lightweight because alt equals mass times acceleration and behavior issue is the greatest amount of horses we go through the book okay clearly go from neutral shoe if you’ve got adverse football mechanics hey all projects going them get it something correctly transfer it around and go there and change your shoes regularly I know you’ve got the guy over there those are buyers in their break it’s doing fine it’s all practice what I love about runners you know they’re not getting injured they just can on doing it till they get injured and then they come to anything already unchanged for trainers now well you know I’m like maybe you should change it before you drink because it takes three months to get over there is 10 model p okay and you know so it’s up to you we talk to about this now this was going to cover this is the only bit of research I have found on five positional sports medicine on running shoes it have a bit of research project this is their conclusion this is on top top leading journal it’s just an advertising footwear may represent a public health hazard that may need to be regularly regulated they were talking about asking a bit like on smoking the pot a health hazard ratios that was sort of as for the digital sports medicine Matic pro level done they took a placebo of things of everyone knows anything about as they’re working cells here marketing sales no no I will understand psychology of persuasion yeah you go to raise your shop right raineesha is coming through freebasing crew cab is expensive committee range and cheap why they’re too cheap what do you think it’s because people will buy cheap trainers no I have the cheap ones and say you by the mid trainers or more to mentor trainers the chief trainer is actually made the same materials as if better transit just have less clearance on them and in cheek pushing guys up okay they did a trial where they had using two trailers and it’s better trainers and the people chose were offline double-blind studies and able and basically Eagles and mid-range chains and the chief editor people prefer as soon as they show in the price psychology push them up you’re in the scale and this hopefully about technology and reinventing the wheel nothing else and not having to vote is very paranoid industry and this is why I hate women change the applied moment barefoot running is in that moment beeping barefoot running altos all that great if you like it you like it you don’t like it you don’t like it if 1 million people Evans behind it that is love if you’ve got to go to it just because you can be gone injury into the make a difference think twice it may know it may not help it’s more likely that you can go to the new technique and you do it properly using stata conditioning for that new techniques giving up another than new technique so i’m going to describe conditioning and all that they say right if you do spoken conditioning now but the English you’ve got at the moment with your actual race are you got a moment you’re probably the same outcome put in my advice and so it’s all deal with them now you’ve got two more talks are for this are you going to straight conditioning 1 i’ve been a pleasure but we’re doing here but if same position is is paramount to prevent injury and improve the odds and technique biomechanics caramel if you’ve got poor Bob mechanics or you’ve got I mean even why top athletes I’ve got let me show you is the one here but doesn’t wanna talk about it more appealing little weapon for running does anyone understand it but running does anyone talk about changing their style to live with money or pose or barefoot running I’ve changed mine than eight months to write and I mean did you feel you’ve run a good risk but Ronnie stop yeah I’m going to very quickly because generally I by the people have changed to me for running actually oddly for others a land of the mid-foot running but it doesn’t actually achieve me for running style I’m liking it so how do you know this fella brother you are in the first place do they you need a screening to tell you that yeah I do like to be there people if I see some different things as I say I had people coming here tell me one thing I look at them they land on their mid foot but they actually got achievement but everyone in style basically what happens is on on landing a

it further basil habit is midford run is you know the mid fur and if it’s let’s start to ground and you pull yourself through using blue controller handshakes requires in chromatic conditioning what I generally see the people ogling Bigfoot and then they go back down to the hill and then they push off again whereas normally you’d like he’ll strikers land hip roll push off this on a land that then so you dash your breaking full stair then you go backwards and go full-scale sort of exit this is this is a top international trifling iron man frankly called Tamsin Lewis she um she had some projects but she doesn’t have poor football mechanics but then she but then she would not listen to me when it comes to training because typical factories as well but she’s a lead foot running here at landing here that you see Usher Italy blinds up and she holds her footage and pronounce a bit holds her foot off the ground that she’s putting forward through here he was still to ground holding it there and her stability of the top is is really good but her right leg but she’s had problems with he’ll hit the ground and she 21 takes a bit more so basically she was coming for me for answers and the officers were it’s all about conditioning her lower lid and probably as I see someone do this in quietly sort of video and she’s a top international line when athlete she hasn’t stopped her running to so about six hours into training it’s Romanian and then she’s running through 22 yeah yeah two out something so you know on the manifold so evil isn’t going to save yourself I look at how to say that’s not bad running technique but what’s that form like after two hours of solid running and this is where it’s like the condition comes in you cannot maintain solid fall through just running rowers cannot maintain their pool in a rowing boat just through running now you have to do the strength of conditions go through the batches and follow that for long periods of time but that that was on the red forms of running start and when I look at someone I look at oh my style I’m a technique I look at their by mechanics I listen to her injuries I look at the history look at the training program look at the actual current problem where they want to go then that takes me about an hour 500 two hours and at the end of it you get your goals you get your plans how we’re going to achieve that and that means I say you have to go up to a boot camp and do three months or conditioning training you know to help you improve your running technique improve the conditioning if that means you need to go see if this Joe to have dry needling to get the ten-dollar be sorted out if that means you need to have foot orthotics to help control that bond with our mechanical errors occur in the foot and that nation is can have massage occurs with retype IT band or used in phone rolling programme and where is and this is we have to do oh and that means you have to cut down in my from 60 miles a week down to 25 miles of me that’s what you have to do but eventually you will get back in which you improve your performance improve your technique and think you’re running running running running or not pewter and again put your hands up haven’t you got an injury at the moment some description there you go and you’ll open up and who stopped running at the moment so a lot of you’re still running the VIN trees and you’ve been an interesting get better yeah boy running well done well happy does how will you do now