what’s that just making herself comfortable don’t mind her you see your reflection you’re gonna sit right in front of the mirror the only decorative thing I have back there hey guys it’s via today I have another v vibes invents for you because I have some new products that I want to try out and so that’s what we’re gonna do so I will go ahead and zoom in on my face I think that’s a close enough angle so I have my foundation and browse on and under eye concealers because I feel like you guys have seen me do that enough so if you’re wondering all the products that I use will be down below I worked so hard to make sure that they are all down there so yeah McDonald please sponsor be your iced coffee is my fav everybody I got this shirt at tarjay it is so cute it’s just like this really flowy boho e shirt I freaking love it so anyways the reason that I’m filming myself this morning is because I have some new products to try out that are actually not from a conventional makeup store they’re actually from marshalls and they were really really well priced I have this Bell appear set that has some loose I shadows and also an eyeshadow base am some eyeshadow brushes and I have this nude rose lip and eye and lip collection by style essentials looks so so pretty looks like a naked 3 palette right I don’t have the naked 3 palette but it looks a lot like it and it’s got a really pretty limpy which I’m hoping is actually pretty in real life because we’ll see so I will actually be having a marshalls TJ maxx and home get all of these items and some more really really cool items that i got like i got some really cool crystals and some like face care like skin care face care that’s a new term skincare items that i will also have in a haul video so what’s that is up i will link it up here for you guys and I’ll also link it down below I think I’ll be putting this one up first yeah so let’s go ahead and cut in you this here because it’s about the eye base in it so obviously that’s my first step this will only 699 at marshalls for getting three eyeshadows a base and two brushes for seven dollars that’s pretty dang good so I’m gonna go ahead and open this up oh my gosh it looks like someone already opened it I really hope there’s still products in here okay looks like there is soap a god all right this pretty legitimate I’m excited about this who just moved the camera so basically the whole reason I got this was for this eye makeup base because that girl shay here on YouTube uses this in every single one of her tutorial she got it in one of her MC bags and i figured for seven bucks i really want to try this makeup base so that’s the first thing i’m gonna dig into nobody has used its a nice peachy color I love that I love that it’s not super yellowy because yellowy tones don’t tend to look as good on my skin tone so I’m just gonna put this all over my eyes and we’ll see how it goes do I have a brush that I could do that way let me use this brush this is a jessup brush and it’s just a big fluffy brush I’m just gonna dig into that base I’ve actually never really used like a pot base other than the maybelline color tattoos and I wasn’t a big fan of those they kind of creased on me so I really hope this one doesn’t crease on me cuz it actually looks really really good in terms of how much coverage it’s giving me it’s really like evening out my eye lid space all right I think we are Gucci so that’s the eye base on um I kind of really like that works really really well at cancelling out all of the tones in my eyebrows my eyebrows in my eyelids the word i’m trying to think up so i’m going to take into this thing next this is the new dros eye and lip collection and this was only for dollars so in this is like anything oh my gosh I’m just ripping this packaging so TJ Max Hall you’re gonna have ripped packaging if this is anything like the naked palette I just for four dollars i was like i’m gonna take the chance on this actually being somewhat decent because it’s actually pretty cute looks look at that little look cram it’s really cute it looks like one of those like l’oreal ones or the Neutrogena ones it’s really sheer but it’s actually kind of pretty i think i can dig that thomas mosaic crayon but that’s not terrible I’ve smelled worse this actually seems like it could be a legitimately good palette it’s got like decent packaging like it’s obviously like plastic packaging but look this it’s really nice that black looks like crazy pigmented I’m just gonna swatch a couple of these just to get an idea I’m just gonna swatch that black just because it’s

calling my name so that’s the swatches there let’s watch these on my hand and see what we’ve got that’s really good I am really surprised by how well the swatch I’m excited to see how these do on my actual eyes so let’s get into that they definitely are kind of powdery like you can see that one like what I just want to want to swatch it was kind of powdery but that’s usually not that bad of a thing so to set my eye what’s this stuff called this I base in place I am just going to first um kind of move these creases around that happens no matter what base i use but i’m going to use this little french vanilla highlighter from laura geller that i’m also going to use as my highlight today but i’m just going to use it to lightly set this this area so that shadows will blend smoothly on top of it because it’s just kind of a very soft color that will be good for that ok perfect this in a thistle baby mirror on it it’s so cute so i think i’m going to go in with this bellapierre i shadow brush because it actually actually looks pretty good my gosh it’s so cute eyeshadow brush number 35 look little brushes I love the ones that have different colored bristles like this and I’m going to take a transition color which one of these should i use as a transition color I don’t know with this one that i swatched it’s just a nice like beige color so I thought today for my V vibes invents I would talk about how much I hate UPS because honestly i have not had very many good experiences with them in my buying things online career probably isn’t the best brush / transition color but i think it’s working out well so hopefully that keeps going that shade is very light but you can definitely tell a difference from i to i so but so i’ve had a couple of bad experiences with UPS first of all i live in an apartment complex so leaving a package at my door when I’m not home is not safe because I don’t care if you live in the fanciest apartment complex yeah in freaking LA or New York or wherever your stuff can get stolen if someone sees a package and they just have not a wonderful conscience they will take your package and so that’s never happened to me but I don’t want to run the risk of that happening so don’t deliver it to my door and let it sit there secondly don’t drop it at my door and not knock first to even see if I’m home because that just defeats the whole purpose like it needs to be you need to at least try to see if I’m home before you decide what you’re gonna do with my package like I don’t know if I’m the only one that has this issue and before I say anything else if you know someone that works for ups or you’ve had great experiences with your UPS people I understand but I’ve had terrible experiences with my UPS people which has formed my opinion of UPS so that is that ok next time take this color here which is just like a shimmery pink color I’m going to use that same brush just pack that all on my lid but yeah so I don’t agree with that that’s really pretty color I like that one and then a lot of the time they will come to my apartment complex and keep in mind my apartment complex is only open till 6pm so I only have that small window and I usually work until five so i only have that small window between five and six pm to get a package from the office if it comes well I’m at work so which it usually does i’m usually not home when they’re delivering lately it’s been that they’ll come to our apartment complex around five-thirty will not come knock on my door to see if i’m home deliver it straight to the apartment office and then they don’t update their freaking tracking whatever which i do check very frequently especially when I know it’s out for delivery that day they don’t update it until six so guess what I have to wait till the next day to go get my package and that really upsets me they don’t really have a great highlight color in that little palette so I’m going to use my little Smashbox double no not double full exposure palette i’m just going to use the white matte shade in here and put that on my brow bone but yeah so that happens to me that’s happened to me more than once and one time I actually came home from work and saw that there was a package at my doorstep and so I was already upset I’m almost positive if the person doesn’t answer the door they deliver it to the apartment office if the apartment office accepts packages like that just makes sense to me I feel like that’s how they’re supposed to do it but obviously it doesn’t always happen that way ok now I’m going to take this color earth from me bellapierre loose eyeshadow set it

looks like a really pretty like shimmery Kiki I don’t know but I’m gonna use that and I’m gonna use that same bellapierre brush and I’m just going to get it a little bit wet with this extremely adorable tony moly pocket bunny sleep mist setting spray I’m just going to spray a little bit of that on there to get slightly wet I’m just going to get the loose eyeshadow a little wet because I feel like if I didn’t get it wet I would just be a mess okay then I’m just going to apply that to my lid as well that is so pretty I like that really shimmery and pretty so I came home to a package at my door and I was upset and then I saw that one of my decorations that my dad gave me as a gift was broken in like four pieces out front of my door and I know that it wasn’t a neighbor like if you’re gonna throw a package at my doorstep and hit my door decoration because it was right next to the package it wasn’t like the package was on the complete other side of my doorstep and like this thing was totally out of the way and he just broke it I’m just gonna take this little shimmery purpley color and put that in my outer corner but I just tweeted them and they were like oh email our customer service with your problem and we’ll see what we can do for you whatever so I did and basically they contacted me and they’re like we’re so sorry this happened well blog can you send us a picture of it and I was like fine so I sent them a picture of it and that it was broken and basically they called the store that did it in the store manager called me and he wanted me to send him a picture of it so I was like okay so I sent him a picture of it basically nothing came of it as soon as I told him like what it was he was like whoa I mean like what do you want us to do about it and I was just like what can really be done you need to tell your employees not to break people’s things when they’re delivering packages and also not to leave packages at someone’s doorstep when they’re not there and the fact that like there wasn’t even a note left like they honestly like they said sorry yeah like the customer service people did but nothing was really ever resolved from it and honestly I just like gave up on it because it’s not worth it for a little decoration outside my door just really pissed me off the principle of it so I hate UPS okay so thoughts on that eyeshadow palette pretty it don’t I don’t feel like it has enough like Max in it yeah it doesn’t really have a good like pinky transition mapped color but other than that I think it’s really pretty and the bellapierre loose eyeshadows that one is super pretty i love the shimmer that it gave on the eye that’s nice so i’m just going to take this kind of like darkish matt brown color put that underneath my eyes but yeah so let me know if you guys have had any issues with delivery people because honestly like I haven’t had any issues with fedex or usps well I mean I have like one or two issues with usps but it was instantly resolved and it was not something like that because obviously usps delivers to your mailbox that dark brown is not that pigmented it’s still nice it’s just not building up the color how I wasn’t even thinking it through it looks fine I guess yeah that’s fine that’ll do pig that’ll do ok so now I’m just going to take this physicians formula I booster pin and this is in the color deep brown actually have a lasting impression review that I did probably like a year ago on this and this is still the same one so it has not dried up and it is still going strong so I commend that but it’s just a really pretty brown color and I just totally got that way too high guess we’re going for a thick wing today I just thought I would go a little soft instead of just doing block because I do black every time so why not try out something different some brown liner today apparently we’re doing a gigantic wing one thing about a wing is you never want to overwork the way if it gets to a somewhat decent place just leave it just leave it my words of advice after doing winged eyeliner for probably like seven years now alright I think that looks pretty good so Blake has been playing this a new game and it’s called the wolf among us and it’s on xbox right now I think it’s one of the like free games that you can get I don’t know if it’s is but he got it for one of those xbox game deals or whatever so it’s really really cool it’s actually about this wolf and his name is big P like big bad wolf get it so they live in this town called Fabletown right and so all of the like fairy tales live in this town called Fabletown and something bad

happens and he ends up having to investigate it because he’s the sheriff the big bad wolf is the sheriff and its really really cool if you like um what’s called like fairytale stuff like I totally recommend it it’s a lot more story oriented than actual like you doing things like the way that it works is like it gives you a bunch of different options of what you can say to people and the story changes based on those options and it’ll say like Snow White will remember that or beauty will remember that and like at the end of the story they get to tell you like what they thought of you throughout the whole story so like there’s parts where like you can choose to rip someone’s arm off or you can choose to just let them go and so like it though form their opinions on you throughout the game so it’s really really cool like I love games like that Blake’s played a couple like that before and those are my favorite games to watch because they have a lot more story instead of gore because I’m not too much into the gore games but he loves them but you know so now I’m going to use this TARDIS to blush palette that I just recently got with my ulta twenty percent off coupon I’m gonna use this shade love because it’s my favorite it’s kind of like a mabi shade and I’m just going to use that holy pigmentation that is amazingly pigmented I’m just gonna use that on my cheeks maybe really hear this brush is really not the best for blush like I’m not really sure what they were going for with that and I just used a lot oh just then so hopefully I can make that blend it out with the other side trying to make it look a little bit less black you know like crazy blush lady so I have seen some people good torn apart on YouTube over there blush being crazy ok I think that’s like decent I’m letting my mascara primer dries that’s why I’m not using the primary yet so now I’m going to use that little baby laura mercier french vanilla highlighter with the other side of this brush and you guys could see how pretty news is as a highlight it is really really pretty you really like just looking at it it doesn’t look shimmery at all but it is so pretty I also got this with my twenty percent off at Ulta it was sixteen dollars for this and you got some like weird sponge tip applicator thing to go with it but I’m not gonna use that but I just saw this is so pretty yeah speaking of fairy tales I totally need to catch up on once upon a time I have not been caught up on it me and my best friend Riley watch it together and we just haven’t had time to watch it because we watch it on hulu because I don’t have cable because I’m poor as I’ve mentioned before no I’m not poor but we just don’t really have the need for cable when we have hulu and netflix like what’s the boy and do some lash sensational mascara yeah I need to catch up on it so um do you guys will have any shows that you watch on hulu or netflix that you’re like obsessed with i’ll have to say my absolute favorite that i have found on netflix that i had never heard of before is lost girl if you’ve never watched lost girl stop this video real quick go and put it in your queue come back finish the video and then go watch it because it such a cool show it’s about like I really like like supernatural shows i actually haven’t watched the show supernatural which I mean everybody talks about how good it is but I haven’t watched that I need to cuz I’m sure that I would like it but I haven’t watched it yet look at that that seals booster be a lost girl is amazing i love supernatural shows if there’s any supernatural shows that you guys have watched that you think i would like totally let me know I’ve watched lost girl I’ve watched once upon a time isn’t there one called like bewitched or something like that I don’t know I I there’s one that I heard is like just coming out right now I only have four minutes left to film crap okay I need to delete some footage one second I’m trying to finish this must be real quick okay deleted some of last week’s footage so that I can keep talking to you guys be I love supernatural TV shows I love supernatural books if you guys have not read what’s a call in a camp member what I can’t remember right now I’ll put it right here but um I think the first one is may be called fallen I’m probably wrong but it was such a good book it’s about this girl who actually like falls in love with a fallen angel it was such a good book I don’t know like if I don’t know if it would be everyone’s cup of tea but like those are my favorite kind of books for sure I love those kind of books so while I wait for that my scared to dry on my

top because I don’t want to get mascara all over my top lid when I put it on my bottom I’m gonna try this lippy real glycans lip crayon by style essentials and it is in the color it doesn’t have a color it says like JC 1512 dash 0 to 90 is what it says that the color of it is so I’m just gonna put that on my lips and we’re gonna see how it looks oh I don’t know how I feel about this I don’t think that’s gonna work for me I’m gonna try and find something else that I have sitting over here just put on my lips because that literally makes me a ghost and it’s like really it really accentuates dry spots and I kind of have a lot of dry spots on my lips right now like that literally almost looked like pink foundation on my lips that’s not one for me i’ll have to give that one away i’m going to use this mafia colored lip gloss that i actually got off ebay it’ll be in my next ebay Stein’s video which i’m not sure when i’m going to be filming that because i’m still waiting on some stuff in the mail and since i’m in the process of moving I feel like it’s gonna take me a little bit to get another ebay science video up because it does take so long to get a lot of the products in so I’m just gonna put this on my lips and we’ll see see woke up oh the colors already it has like a almost a cupcake II smell kind of like the Milani amor a matte lip creams oh yeah already this is much better that color is so pretty I really like that color I’m so glad I chose that one this is like key best lip series long-lasting lip gloss so I think that it’s supposed to get Matt over time so we’ll see when I put on my bottom mascara and stuff if it starts to get Matt let’s see if I can I show you guys will I do this did once get a deer mascara after your liquid lipstick because your mouth is already open waiting for it to try so your mother’s already open while applying your bottom mascara if you’re me at least ah dirt at least it’s like further back so it’s about it oh that is sticky oh my god did I get that looks a lot like I got some of that in my hair so if you see a liquid lipstick in my hair that’s why okay let me get that little bit though misc you’re also my fees okay so i think that i am done with my makeup now so let’s see what we’ve got what do you guys think i think that this palette is pretty good it’s definitely sheared but for four dollars like why not why not pick it up I think the colors are pretty they do take a little bit of work to build them up but I still think it’s cute I mean it’s like little cheapo cheapo packaging but it’s cute in terms of this develop here I said I think this is absolutely worth it and they totally have other color combinations I saw the smoky eye one also but I didn’t see any of the other ones at marshalls but totally check out your local Marshalls to see if they have this because just for the eye base it’s worth it like I could totally probably use this one for my brows it’s a little bit of an angled one can never have too many angled brow brushes and you get three eyeshadows and that seven dollars like you can’t even get this kind of a base anywhere for seven dollars like I this is so worth it totally pick that up so I’m just going to zoom you guys out really quickly and I think we are done my hair has already done this time but it’s in the same style that I have showed you guys how I do in a previous Pheebs invents video so I’ll link that one down below for you guys if there’s any videos where I have like a lasting impression on them or anything like that i’ll be sure to link that down below as well and i will also link my v vibes in its playlist if you enjoy these videos and like listening to me vent about my life and whatnot i’m super excited about how this one came out i hope you guys like it and yeah i don’t know how she can fall asleep when i’m sitting here talking like look at her she looks she’ll kill i know i’m just gonna keep the camera like that so you guys can see her she but yeah if you guys like this video be sure to show some love to that like button right down there and if you subscribe you can be a member of mummies family and every single one of you guys counts so so so much to me thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see y’all in my next video bye guys