The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt 35 Minutes of Gameplay

hello my name is beta Gannon chair I am a senior level designer at CD Projekt RED and I would like to welcome you to an excellent gameplay presentation we have for you today I really hope you enjoy what we have in store for you have fun many of you might already be familiar with this guy he’s Garrett of Rivia our main protagonist he’s a Witcher 1 of a dying cast a professional monster slayer he’s back from a hunt carrying a mighty trophy on his saddle you might have seen the fight with the Griffin this is a direct follow-up to that adventure at this point players are several hours into the game so they should be familiar with how the game handles we are near the city of novigrad the biggest city in the world of the witcher we’re currently enroute to a meeting with Dykstra he’s the former head of red alien intelligence now a spy and a very powerful mobster what several thousands of inhabitants houses made of brick paved city streets warehouses all the desirable guilds and artisans banks the breathtaking temple I’ll ins brothels and the biggest seaport in the north this is Nova grams it’s a living breathing ecosystem of thousands inhabiting its corners everyone in the city all thugs beggars Lords and peasants have their day and night activities and pastimes they make all of Novogratz four districts unique characteristic places worlds within a world to explore see the fish market on the other side of the canal for instance you can of course by fish there but if you meet the right people and paid the right price you can get some nice and juicy contraband weapons armor and ingredients to your concoctions this place is ripe with quest to embark upon be careful though pick one and another may perish your choices will heavily affect how other adventures in the city are born or die if this presentation we’re about discovering all of the cloak-and-dagger gameplay we’d be sitting here for quite a while so instead let’s press on and try not to hit the pedestrians on the way in the works we’re getting closer to the place where we can talk to the extra he’s the one who ordered the Griffin to be slain we have done our part of the deal now it’s his turn to provide us with some information greetings Dykstra how’s your health you’re late fulfilling my end of the bargain brought you the head just like you wanted it’s hooked to my saddle somebody should get it hmm I fulfilled my end as well dug up that bloody information you wanted what have you learned your Russian haired last with the scar on her cheek she’s presumably in belen was seen there in the company of a creature that caused by the name of Johnny don’t laugh but to believe the witnesses tale this being looks a bit like a child and lives in some burrow in the woods probably a buck or a Lutin but she’s in belen damn it gerald is she I think she is thanks Dykstra that was coin well spent nice talking to you the time I was on my way Dykstra tells us that the person we’re looking for is deep south and valence nowadays only going by the name of no man’s land she was last seen there with Johnny a peculiar creature living in the woods it’s quite far away so we’ll use fast travel to get there well visit one of the signposts we can use to get to our destination on the outskirts of the city but I was useful

everything you see every village tower or point of interest can be explored in the game there are no invisible walls to limit your adventure fast travel is available to locations you’ve already unlocked by visiting them and luckily a spot close to where we want to get has already been made available to us by our preceding adventures traveling to our destination on horseback would have taken us at least 15 to 20 minutes at full gallop we’re quite far from where we are heading now alright we have arrived in the heart of no man’s land it’s a war-ravaged place where the only law that exists is that the strongest prevail we’re deep in the swamps the south of the land the dark and unforgiving place with a significant chance to stumbleupon danger let’s look around see what the place has to offer we’ll use our Witcher senses to get a better understanding of the surroundings so the extra told us we’re looking for a small childlike creature and those small footprints might very well lead to his hideout pretty cozy shelter Oh creature Dexter mentioned I must live here seems like we have stumbled upon a peculiar hole in the ground Johnny’s cozy hideout let’s knock on the door Johnny don’t be afraid you you’re a [ __ ] ah a God lling I’m looking for a woman with a chin hair seen her tell me everything from the start where did you see her what was she doing is important to me why not lost your voice can I help you somehow wanting to follow you no choice I guess so Johnny needs us to help him regain his voice and since its information we’re looking for it seems to make sense to help him in his time of woe he’s asking us to follow him so let’s do so ah you when nearby villages or guards want to dispose of dead bodies they usually dump them in the swamp stay close to me some of these bodies come back as the creatures you just saw they are called drowners they prey upon travelers and adventurers much like us this the place let me look around something’s on the ledge something

that’ll give you your voice back I guess I gotta make this climb Johnny apparently wants us to scale the mountain so let’s see what awaits us at the top look for spots that we can climb there are many many paths leading to key points in the land with all sorts of cool stuff to find in every nook and cranny it’s really worth to explore all of them the mountaintop seems to be riddled by harpies this is an excellent opportunity to equip girls newest addition to his arsenal is small crossbow Gabriel it comes with fully customizable ammunition just don’t forget to keep count all right let’s go nice that’s been a minute now to appreciate the view to give you a rough idea of the size of the land novigrad the city we came from is 14 times further away than that huge tree in the distance harpies are known to collect all sorts of shiny valuables much like crows they’re only slightly bigger and a little bit more annoying it’s advisable to check out their nest for loot so let’s get back to Johnny now let’s pick a different path because it looks pretty cool whiskey sliver ringworm rubbish womble be flabbergasted the sound of it done celebrating my favorite word life without savoring the sound of surreptitious shenana King is like making snails two o’clock thank you for this noble whoever you are no be your life hang on a minute I helped you now you help me I’m looking for a young fashion haired woman see anyone like that do you ever remember it as if it were yesterday soon as I woke I went to empty my bowels favorite car today defecating to the sunrise down my glorious suddenly heard a bang so loud it couldn’t have been me and that last appearance I won’t know where young ash in hair just like you said will did too handsome to boot she raced off towards the children’s heads quick as if the cranes are after him I yelled some unpleasantries she disturbed my mom sadly I’d lost my voice so I don’t think she heard me maybe whoever lives in those hats all know something that old hag don’t speak to strangers you’re a stranger will she talk to you I have spoken to her got my way Soviet you helped me and I know boy come with me all right Johnny’s got his voice back I’ll let you decide whether it’s a good thing or not most importantly we’re getting closer to finding the ashen haired girl let’s see where Johnny’s taking us good it’s clear not a crown in sight I need to sing de gran that auto karma you

they’ll giorni saw Figgins fire waning pale punk bus park jumped out and whispered listen you got your voice back it is though I seem to have lost an octave somewhere in the process why should look for it when I get home you’re not allowed here Johnny you shouldn’t have come calm down grand don’t get angry it’s not good for you the woman I asked about earlier forgive me grin but this fellow absolutely must talk to the ladies no she’s not allowed please it’s important the fellow will be quiet gran please hear me out I found little yagna when she got lost did I not did I break Jenny’s fever do i did i ask anything in return no didn’t even fuss about my stolen boys well now I want something grand help this fellow because otherwise he’ll western me day and night even during party time his lass is missing perhaps the ladies can help find her well since you put it that way Johnny I’ll help him come with me Johnny’s a good good lad though the ladies don’t like him now foul creature they say down like him who are the women in the tapestry those are the ladies ladies lovely with power hour all bc chiney answer my call before you are worm crawls wretched and small how dare you disturb our rest woman I’m looking for the woman with a shin hair I know you met her where is she whoo he’s impatient pops he only likes ashen haired girls it’s clear you met her tell me everything that was blunt well perhaps is for the best tell me have you got bollocks to fear woodland beasts Oh hard tires and a bonus white haired one brother has turned against brother the land is sort in blood evil reign stronger than ever a dark power has surface layer down one it feeds on hatred and disdain destroy the Beast and we will be grateful tell you all we know about this ocean head made dark power you need a knight-errant or a witch hunter not a Witcher the ornament of down Warren will tell you all remember to collect payment from him after you complete your task and now our servant will bring you the dagger home I’ll talk to the aldermen but I can’t promise anything move woman give the young man the dagger and you white one return only once you’ve completed the task Oh II mean she’s right on me why dagger gotta bring the dagger the dagger you ladies told me to give it you irit ease the dagger lice the Alderman’s payment on the stone stone bare stone share lovely ladies of the would have spoken we better make haste over to the village

of downward and speak to the alderman there about this task that we have been given him a legging struggling by his food cook them dad in Manatee strip the skin off glee cast and said hey tasty that’s a lot of unattended children this looks to be one of the orphanages in the land direct result of the war ravaging the surrounding areas the one to patch the kidlings they if you pay attention to the environment you might often stumble upon useful elements to be used to aid you in combat those gas clouds can be ignited using the igni sign hopefully frying anyone inside the blast radius but I’m pretty sure we’ll use that later sir I none Oh you are you have probably noticed the plethora of magic spells be used they’re called signs and they can come very handy during combat let’s see what we have at our disposal bringing up the radial menu erdin on the left is used to trap enemies quain creates a one-hit shield agni is a fire spray sign acts he can charm them to fight along your side or stun them an art is a powerful air blast we seem to be getting close to downward let’s look for the alderman nice village a real pearl of a swamps if you say so recognize this dagger I master I didn’t know you belong to them I’m supposed to help solve your problem tell me what it is just the essentials the war awoken ancient power an evil one that feeds on blood shed nightmares horn our nights and days folks sleepwalk from their homes never to return under the tree on the whispering elit thing I unburied all fathers sons daughters and mothers foker afeared to move them you must go there the dark powers must be cast off I look around the whispering hillock you’d be careful plastic region don’t you treat this evil light the aelderman needs our help at the whispering hello before the witches will help us with our task at hand there’s evil afoot so let’s make haste these parts of the swamps might seem to

be a peaceful part but you should never let your guard down it’s not a safe place to travel ah more wildlife nice the thing we kill that is called a water hack nasty thing was in wet places does not like fire at all you alright we seem to be getting closer to the whispering hillock we should probably use our Witcher senses here again we could stumble upon some clues helping us getting to the bottom of the situation claw marks wolves I should look around this is the screen you’ll probably spend most of your gameplay time on this is where you equip all the armors weapons and useful items you acquire throughout your adventures this is the character screen most importantly will set the best weapons for each of Gerald’s two signature swords a steel sword most effective against human opponents and a silver sword a lethal tool against monsters and beasts the powers that protect me they sense when you come who are you we definitely seem to be on the right track begone begone the powers show you damn apparently the werewolf was not the source of evil the elder man was talking about let’s continue scouting the area and let’s check out this cave opening the main path seems to be obstructed by some roots and they seem to be immune to igni let’s look for an alternate path we mentioned that there are many ways to explore the world of The Witcher in diving is not one of these we seem to have stumbled upon a hidden path let’s see where it takes us why are you God why still is learned are

you here to grant me death or is my freedom your wish you claim to be imprisoned now so I found you in fact length of magic I wondered and interests I love and something the children I lose I don’t want to be free I if something threatens the orphans I’ll help them myself the children to tuck I come Leah feel I’ve got a bunt reamed I shall see them only arica this is one of the many points in the game where you can affect the course of events you might choose to investigate what the tree spirit wishes us to help it or we can fight it and see the witches desires through if you ask me the tree spirit looks very untrustworthy I draw the seed burn I don’t believe you spirit too many claim your evil your words alone not enough did all the I you time to harvest the fruit of our efforts let’s tell the alderman that we got rid of the evil that was haunting the whispering hillock solved your problem just in case though avoid the whispering hey look for a while can all be where something lurk in there an evil spirit had possessed a tree on the hill it was responsible for the killings the crohn’s or the ladies of the wood is you call them said to remind you about payment take it you know what they want oh I do give me the dagger be back soon there is payment take it to the ladies will you why do you cut off your ear put it out your mind master you soon believe in and we must tarry on our young uns and their young uns after him no gods nor masters watch over vellen the land is no man’s he who wants to survive must seek his own protectors geez your weapon young man is even lovelier in real life real life you’re different then you were in the tapestry well bring it here you were to bring it not own it our deal I did my part now you do yours

the world once given we never break the girl now stay blonde that’s fingers are rail terrified exhausted she could barely stand the poor thing we cared for her as best we could like she was our own daughter wasted affection the very naughty girl mischievous stubborn oh she burned me don’t believe you they say you always keep your word so tell me everything exactly as it happened we shall tell you breathe boy we knew someone special was to arrive we read beast entrails saw the omens we would pimps her likeness and their [ __ ] she came from the newest wall the old spoken a child of the elder blood the somme seen that were burst into flame two hours Elda blood mmm the Briard of the treacherous did you do you