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live from Market Square in downtown San Antonio si yes she is one of the hugest and of course the Spurs are right now is that rodeo road trip which we will just not talk about that because everybody’s gonna like are they gonna make up right now southern watch out don’t you know the hottest team in the NBA is right now so that’s in in town tonight yes Gold Warriors going down that’s like all right good afternoon everyone happy Monday back to school money for a lot of kids hope your you know didn’t have too much trouble getting them out of bed right my minor sleeping in yes i’m jenna is Jeske filling in for fiona while she’s on maternity leave and you know we’re talking spring break because yes it’s over but we want to see what you do did you do anything fun we did last weekend it was a little cool this weekend went down to port a and it was a little if max the wonder dog with us and he actually had a pretty good time on the beach didn’t did no in the water at all but it’s very relaxed yes the dog would bark and defend his territory right there so and of course on the cloudiest days you can get a really bad sunburn and i don’t know if i’m still peeling or not so sunscreens yeah even on the clouds just always relaxing little drive so what you do well we do a lot of fun things with the kiddos we did some crafting yeah i do me a little collage they came by case that got on TV and then we made a fairy garden so those are just a few things hanging out with mom yep i love the Batman t-shirt you know my boys do so well we were seeing all your spring break pictures did you stay here did you go on an exotic trip anything like that send them in and we are going to be showing them throughout the course of the hour Oh spring is all about a fresh start and why not revamp some recipes at home bianna Rodriguez is here to share some of her great recipes and your family these things yes so before we get started let’s talk about all the ingredients that we’re using today yes so we’re doing a fresh strawberry salsa so we have onions we have plenty of fresh strawberries we have jalapenos cilantro and fresh lime juice real simple ingredients a lot of people going really strawberries it also works really white got my attention yes I feel like you can do anything and swapping out the tomato for like a blackberry a blueberry works really really well like you said earlier a mixed berry would be good blueberry black and straw was a great idea and it wouldn’t just have to be for chips I mean you can put this on meats I think fresh fish yes chicken sandwiches mm-hmm yeah what are we doing today today we’re gonna pair them with a new product that just launched me to be it’s cheesy nose so it’s a Brazilian style cheese bread okay so it’s it’s great because you find them in the freezer section they go straight from the freezer to the oven no thong and required and this is what you get how long do they bake for under 20 minutes and they’re delicious so it’s a family recipe don’t have to thaw them at all don’t have to thaw them they’re gluten free made with real Parmesan cheese one gram sugar delicious oh my god so we wanted to do a different spin on how to serve them okay so we’re gonna pair them with a fresh strawberry salt strictly oven not my I was just reading to see if you can do them in the microwave straight from the back to the oven yeah like a little toaster oven so we’re gonna do is we’re gonna add our strawberry and are now all of this all of it beautiful right right thank you go with strawberry because it’s spring you know you want that little pop of freshness you want the Sun to come up so we’re gonna add onion and then we’re gonna add some jalapenos and you can do jalapenos or Serrano’s and I took the seeds out so because we don’t want it to be too spicy we don’t want it to overtake the flavor of the strawberries what do you prefer help my new sorcerer I both jalapenos in Serrano’s yeah so we’re gonna squeeze some fresh lime juice in there while she adds the cilantro and all of it all of it yes lots of flavor in color love lime and again if you want to put in lemon juice if you want you can do lemon juice your favorites or anything like that yeah go ahead cuz there’s no exact recipes or something how long with this last you can make this the evening before the night before and then serve it and then bees come straight from the oven you want to put them on a platter and serve them so they’re nice and warm we’re gonna hit it with some spices we’re gonna add cumin salt and pepper and then we’re gonna mix that all up and that’s it simple ingredients nice and fresh and it’s got especially with the strawberries in there it gives you that summary freshness yes yes and it kind of cools you down on a hot day like that and that’s it so beautiful vibrant and we’re gonna serve them you can bring them to the table with some warm cheesy nose I want a party at your house so then there you go beautiful for easy super perfect for spring entertaining with a glass of cold a beer margarita you’re ready to go

okay so that’s the the nice savory and then we have the sweet you can do it with a little bit of cinnamon sure all the cinnamon together with sugar mm-hmm and we’re gonna roll these straight from the oven well they’re nice and warm we’re gonna roll them in coconut water so then that will give us the little savory from the cheese dip them in there okay and just go and then just roll them in the sugar so it gives it a little sweet savory and then that little doesn’t kind of like a true at all yeah but then like a cheese it was just a different take on serving them just warm you know I wanted to add them a little texture and so it’s like a mini cheese tore off and that with a nice cup of coffee or a cup of tea or something like that and you would be and I think it’s so good I mean it’s so easy straight from that event you know straight from the freezer to the oven and you can do this in under 20 minutes today these are all your fantastic and well she started off with about 50 dozen and then I think then these are cold right now but a fresh out of the oven and this makes your house smells so good so you can find these in the freezer section that’s the bread at HEB they’re at all all the HIV so and you have so many recipes on your website you’re an author and you you’re all about family bringing people together that food really simple recipes you know together a family about it well thank you so much these recipes just go to as it and click on the as seen on si live tab thank you so much Vianney thank you well the new season spring cleaning and if you didn’t know Galaxies it is gala season for a lot of organizations now you want to look the part yes it is and Fiona stop by bare essentials to get the man in your life all suited up perfectly for that great event take a look all right guys it’s time to suit up and here to help you do it in a fancy way is Stefan Delgado with bare essentials if you wanna thank you for having me today I gotta tell you I feel extremely underdressed at the moment next to y’all right now you look great you look great you know I have to tell you when I think of gala season I think of something my late father used to tell me dress good feel good look good today I’m going to show you three different looks one from the very high-end look more of it as an investment look and then a very affordable look for the gentleman who maybe doesn’t go to as many galas during the season what I have here first is the investment look this is for the gentleman who’s going to go to 2 or 3 maybe 4 get as a year whereas running a tux can get expensive if you do that four times this is a look that may be expensive but again you can change it up and get your money’s worth what I have here is your traditional tux look with some modern appeal to it if you notice a shawl collar a navy approach as opposed to your traditional black look and if you notice the pockets there’s no pocket there’s no flaps on them so just a nice little cut to them to keep a little bit of a modern Flair there are other pieces I’ve gone with no socks again modern nice and slim fitting and then again no belt so I have this simple latches to tie on and a nice little pin stripe down the side to give that tuxedo Flair again this look is gonna be more of your higher-end but again it’s an investment piece it’s a piece that you’re gonna wear over and over and over time you can change the look if you wanted to go with a black shirt if you want to go with a black tie instead again change up your glasses the look can evolve over time so you will get your money’s worth on this kind of investment piece you can come to limit us and they can personally craft it for you to give you the lighting that you choose there’s a bunch of different options you can get with this tuxedo it’s a great look for you feeling the second look we have here is gonna be a little bit more of your more affordable look again this is just a cocktail blazer this cocktail is under $60 what you can do with this is simply throw on some black smooth suit pants and then go with this cocktail blazer and that simple black bowtie and if you notice here if you know what we have is a black bowtie it matches the pattern of the jacket but in contrast a shirt which is just a nice little touch a nice little flare you know also is what you need to do is if you need to just add an own pocket square – if I fancy it up boom you can do that right there and you’re good to go again this is a great value keeping it modern as well – with a little black trim on it see under $60 JCPenney the guy who just isn’t a crunch I need to go to a gala last minute this is a great look for them in Fiona what we have here is another affordable look again this is for a gentleman who may go to 1 or 2 galas a year but always has a black suit in his closet doesn’t have a black tie doesn’t want to go rent one again it’s just a simple black suit black slacks black jacket nice little white pocket square what I always encourage is if you’re gonna do this just keep it very simple keep it very light a simple black tie nice and skinny is always good it’s over tie bar would be great on this piece as well – so get nothing too crazy single button and then right here we have a nice little easy lapel pin again it’s just a little bit of color I mean feel free to change your colors up on it it’s up to you it was is what this does is that pop of color we always talk about you’re keeping it black and traditional but again you’re adding some Flair with this it’s simple it goes in through the back nothing too crazy you can easily pick this up at any department store and a great modern appeal to your black gala look all right we of course want to give

a big thank you to limit us bespoke custom clothier here at the roosevelt library in Southtown and they have a great selection of clothing everything from suits to formal wear for both men and women and Stefan tell folks how to find you yeah you can find me on Instagram and that’s bare essentials ve x AR es SVN TI a as bare essentials on Instagram and for a linked is Instagram just head to our website sa and click on the as seen on si live tab still ahead on sa live a new gem catering to women we’re taking you inside the new Vernon in 30 and learning a very healthy recipe plus spring is in the air and we’re making some very one-of-a-kind reads with the cactus and zero fight societies stay with us welcome back to ese liable if you’re a lover of succulents and cacti there’s always so much more to learn about them the San Antonio cactus and Zahra fight society is all about educating but also having fun with planting these beautiful pieces of nature joining us today is marechals to share more welcome it’s good to see ya okay the big question is the difference between a succulent and a zero fight alright well actually they’re all one in the same explain zero fights are plants that grow in areas where there is not much liquid water not much rain so they all have to have a special survival technique and your succulents and including cactus their technique is to store water in their bodies and that’s how they survive and they use their roots to get minerals and water out of the soil other zero fights have different survival strategies okay example the ones that I brought today these don’t use their roots their plan for what everybody else uses them that’s right that’s right these plants are called air plants Ortolan Xia’s okay and they absorb water through their leaves right right from the air if there’s lots of humidity and also if it rains that’s how they get their water and their roots are only for holding on to things okay so in nature this I mean they would kind of grip onto the wreath if you had them perfect if you could they grip onto their rocks or anything wrong trees even telephone wires okay so that’s why these are good for people that really aren’t that green of thumb ish yes yes just remember to water or at least twice a week yes fine so what I make me because this is beautiful well I did want to show you that we do have two native to Lancias that grow right here in Texas oh I thought that was fake stuff this is real this is real this is it does look like something you can ball moss and it is a tool and Xia that grows right here in San Antonio and this is Spanish moss which grows mainly in East Texas it’s not moss it is a tillandsia okay called Spanish moss it’s not much it’s not the really cool thing is you know when you’re making a succulent wreath eventually you have to take the succulents off and plant them but since these naturally grow on wood they can stay on here indefinitely okay so if you’ll notice on this one what I did was I used the the vines to actually hold the tillandsia onto the wreath okay so no glue or or wire or anything else so if you wanted to you could just kind of tuck all these mummies in there and and skip the whole glue gun that’s right they’d be all set okay now if you had these things are they better to put inside or outside well it outside is better but they but they can go inside and I did want to tell you that you know if you have a really large tillandsia like that one or a couple of really big ones over there you do want to use some thin wire okay you hold them on and if you were to put them in say in your bathroom where the shower is going every day that’s gonna be perfect for that right but they still do need additional water okay besides though how do you care for this then and once we get get it all done we stuck them in there right well how often choose you are something okay all right are we gonna glue sure okay I want to make sure we know how to care for that I just wanted to tell you use your glue gun glue it right onto the okay you don’t have to I just wanted let’s do it why not go ahead and glue that there and then since the roots are just for

holding on you just stick it on and and you’re good and you all meet once a month yet and anybody can come antiquing buddy can come um I’m gonna just kind of show you how to use great Antonio cactus and zero fight society they need every third Wednesday of each month at the San Antonio garden center if you’d like more information you can text si cxs two five six five one two or visit sa and click on the as seen on si live 10 we got all the information that you need these are great great gifts – perfect perfect housewarming or posters gifts okay still ahead on sa live Neal deal is perfect for your lunch hour and they cost five dollars or less yeah that’s a bargain details a little bit later on in the show plus for the kiddos – the adults the bidders on Ally has you covered with your spring shopping guides hey with the welcome back to ese live while the weather is warmer spring is almost here and we are going outside more a lot of you maybe want to get back on the healthy track maybe your resolution was to stay healthy and we’re kind of falling off of that well the Institute of functional health can help you stay on the healthy track and dive deeper into that dr. Jacob Torres is here today to tell us how welcome thank you so figuring out the problem is always a struggle for some so how do you get to the root of the problem you know so the game plan is very very strategic in our clinic the way we do things so first of all we have an integrated approach we have natural providers and also a traditional medical providers but we take a non-traditional approach to things so before we end up taking somebody on and figuring out if we’re gonna be able to help them or not we talk bins we sit down and talk for about 30 to 45 minutes specifically about what’s going on and with their health and also trying to get to the root of that problem because most of the time we’ll be told exactly what’s going on just in that initial conversation so at that point in time we’ll be able to see are we gonna be able to help this person and what is it going to take and then we order very very defined and also a very different labs and most providers will order that we can under basically unleash all of the issues at the bottom of the problem got it so that conversation I’m sure is very helpful because they’re able to explain and you dig a little deeper there so we have some photos of one of your patients let’s talk about Lucy you know so just like everybody else is listening you know she had come to our office and she was frustrated with the way she felt she was frustrated with not feeling not getting results she was frustrated with she had a lot of pain as well and she was looking for a complete overhaul and basically what we were able to do is we’re able to create a game plan and say hey this is what we this is what we need to do in order to be able to get to the root of your problem and she’s actually here in studio with us today to be able to share her own story with us as well Wow Lucy you look beautiful welcoming you thank you so why did you decide to go with the Institute of functional health well most definitely the struggles that I had health-wise pre-diabetic high cholesterol levels knee pain and no energy and so that was my main reason for coming to see dr Torres and dr. Torres tell me about the experience working with Lucy you know it was interesting because she came in initially because she had pain and then of course as she was going to other doctor she was noticing that the pain was being treated with medication that was causing a symptom that’s causing another problem you know something of course it’s a byproduct of everything you know what she’s now more active she’s now 50 pounds down she’s got a complete new outlook on life and of course she’s able to now avoid all those medications and you know and it’s this is a special especially a very special story for me because her husband’s part of our clinic also her daughter her son-in-law she she has her whole family because of what she’s been able to experience in her office Wow and you look great do you know I feel fantastic my energy level is back I no longer have those struggles that I had in the past you know when I first saw dr. Torres I I told him I’m like I want to be just out of the 200s yeah and he’s like well we can do this and by June I was I started in April and in June I was right under Wow and it’s just life-changing I love it got it why I can feel the excitement thank you so much for sharing that let’s talk about other patients who can benefit from so for sure you know a lot of people are just frustrated you know you’re so your scenes the pictures on the screen here people that have had issues with thyroid problems dry hair energy issues overweight fatty liver you know diabetes you know low testosterone you know it really comes down to committee here and just having a conversation with us you know not everyone is a candidate so we really want to make sure that we are getting as many details as we can in that initial consultation that’s what we offer the for the first $30 yes for sure they’re gonna get a free e-guide to the e-guide is a special little guy that they’re gonna get with tips and tricks on how to find that Fountain of Youth for them but they also get that free consultation that’s the first step to be able to go to our office and just tell us what’s going on there we can see if we are gonna be able to help them got it so just give them a call to 109 eight seven eight nine seven one or text info to that same phone number you can visit

them online at iff dr. Torres thank you thank you Lucy you look beautiful alright out with the old and in with the spring where you can get your spring shopping done and support local businesses that’s up that’s up next on sa life and earlier we asked you to share your Spring Break photos let’s see here Narcisse San Pedro California awesome you got to get out of tax this and Amanda giant pizzas at big Lu’s ooh el magic Time Machine Ripley’s museum wow you had fun pony rides sounds fun keep them coming welcome back everyone want to do a little spring shopping hey you can get it done at the alley on bitters local spot with local art one-of-a-kind boutique shops just minutes from downtown it is that hidden little gem right over there operators and Jennifer Starr is here to showcase some of the wonderful things that they have going on over at the alley and not only is it shopping but just about everything you can spend the whole day there you’re really good I call it a little hill country but right here in the middle of San Antonio they’ve got yoga and Pilates but they have two great dining establishments they have lots of classes great shopping there’s a boutique salon more classes you say classes yeah there’s a photography studio and an art gallery so again you can go there in the morning and just not spend the day yeah spend the whole day and you’ll feel like you’re not right now and it was spring shopping you’re talking everything from yesterday sure yes so this is from Texas Beach boutique and it says Fiesta then siesta of course that’s what a lot of people will be doing and then we have our Fiesta colors in their necklaces this is from there as well they have embroidered items lots of colors and they are the beach boutique so you’ll find really beachy items and well those slides are good because you could wear those on the beach one to around the pool or even just a little bit dressier for the evening right completely yeah okay right and we’re moving on to if you like the colors but you’re also really crafty you can do them yourself at originals beads and gems they have classes where you can make your own necklaces they have them from beginners to experts so a lot of fun stuff that’s one of the classes we offer at the alley okay by the way if you’re any pounding on the roof right now we’re hearing it they’re doing a little roof repairs up there so moving into spring floral I think the florals in outfits that’s right and so this is all together at boat resorts one of our newest shops and Boutros or means beautiful treasures in it’s a sister duo so Kat picks these beautiful European styles this one’s by Joseph ripped off the jeans and shirt and then her sister Donna makes these amazing floral masterpieces and very pretty yeah they’re so lovely they’ll really make your home feel spring not just respect that would last all year round she seasonally she has some seasonally the her Christmas stuff is amazing – yeah okay speak out yeah moving into floral Hermann so yes we have to brought chicken she is an expert in all things bras and you mentioned that and Jen was like the project she is a yeah and wonderful person I guess really like has all your essentials she can tell you exactly what sizes you need but beyond the essential she does do trendy styles for whatever the seasons are so we picked this beautiful lovely floral design here okay yes duh so we got fiesta and spring we’ve got our birds and this is iva style and she is an interior designer she’s got a great eye and she just you know like you go in there the shop is beautiful but got our Fiesta colors I love this those great flip-flops little teapot wake nothing early-bird she’s got beautiful pottery in there but you know think about it those would go with literally anything that’s right jeans skirt mm-hmm what it may be exactly suit screams yes definitely and a little bracelets to match moving on to the colors I mean shopping with Siobhan and she has local finds where she goes out to all these markets and stuff and one of the things she’s found here of okay this is these are real coins ladies parlors back in the day and they’ve made them into this story I think they’re really fun good for all night with a key on it yeah thank you from there you should go by and read them they’re awesome yes we all got a chuckle on that one alright can’t forgot what little girl wouldn’t just be denim pickles is the newest children’s boutique at the alley and they have all the brands that you love so we’ve got our Easter baskets tougher stuff Easter clothes and then I love this it’s fishing season so who doesn’t love a good fishing romper so see it’s shorts that are on there as well and you can see we have we have it in pink down there but it’s perfect for fishing season it comes in size twelve months to 70 years the romper doesn’t go for a 7 year old but all right

Wednesday one one Wednesday out of the month you have a lying-down Wednesday but especially coming up in April big what April 10th it’s the Fiesta fan day and we’re gonna have all things yes – there will have Fiesta themed food and we’ll have you know drinks throughout and live music the royal courts gonna come it’s gonna be fun in the alley on bitters and the wine down Wednesday on April 10th is from 5 till 9 p.m. it’s 55 west bitters and for more information on all these items and events at the alley on bitters and against head a little hidden gem they’re everything when she said is going on is sa and click on the as seen on si live tab Jennifer thank you very much and you’ve great spring ideas alright next on sa live full of color and packed with flavor a recipe that is less than $10 and get this it’s healthy for the entire family a with us you welcome back to assay live everyone well it’s a gym that empowers women and encourages self-confidence and a healthy way of living burn it in 30 if the name sounds familiar it should they’ve been featured on sa live many times before and today we get a look inside the gym Wow great place to uh not only get in shape but also get healthy with some healthy food as well Tiffany batts aqus who’s a registered registered dietitian joins us good afternoon yeah tell me about your role with Burnett in 30 I’m the registered dietician for the program so I create individualized meal plans we do a lot of tips workshops for the women individual consultations one-on-one sessions and group classes as well so recipes go live some ways right nutrition and exercise go hand-in-hand eat this you go yes as well these healthy food because you’re never gonna get abs if you got fat on top okay and you want to find flavorful foods to help you have a healthy meal plan eating healthy eating okay so today we have a black bean and corn salad with a Chipotle honey vinaigrette that I already blended which is over there so we’re going to start with the black beans and this is a very colorful salad so we have red bell peppers already chopped up corn yes very colorful very colorful so again very different textures in there yes we have Munchie we have yeah from the red onions are the last thing and all of this was ten dollars yes this was about ten dollars and it took me 15 minutes to prepare this so we’ll add the seasonings here we have little salt pepper and cumin so oli these are local flavors flavors that people known of course the honey Chipotle vinaigrette the Chipotle I blended as well yes I blended this as well so we have white wine vinegar honey and a little bit of olive oil that’s easiest so yep just mix it up and you can use this as a side salad you can put it in your taco because we have this option too yes and I was gonna start into the nutrients the beans have a lot of fiber yeah very fiber dense nutrient dense they double as a protein and a carbohydrate source of complex carbohydrates so these are the kind of carbohydrates that we want you to eat right then obviously olive oil is very good for you honey a good natural sweetener a little bit of sweet with a little bit of tangy and that can help you with your allergies as well because we get local honey and just some of that bee pollen stuff so you can make a big taco right there you can throw some chicken on if you want to scoop out some of that avocado a little bit more cilantro yeah you can use that you can try that yes and the gym is open now might taste that and so women can go and sign up and maybe schedule some time with you and that’s this workout that’s comes pretty sure the whole program yes and if anybody is interested in this recipe it’s on the Burnet and 30 Instagram so you can make this at home you can have it enjoy this any time what do you think because it’s fresh it’s cold it’s light all right good thank you so much next on I say live meal deals that won’t break the bank David elder he’s hit one out of the park out there at Circle K he’s sharing their specials that are less than five dollars stay with us you welcome back everyone okay so you’re out on the road you’re driving and get those hunger pains and what estoppel circle-k has got some great food ideas and it’s not gonna break the bank right in our resident foodie David elder is out there at the circle-k on loop 1604 and bulgur and Road to check out those deals hey David hey guys how’s it going yes I’m out here up over T Road in 1604 Easton check that out we’re going to be talking about meal deals happening right now at Circle K and with me to talk about them

savvy Catchings now Abbi we got this cool sign we got different pricing here right we’re gonna be looking at the food look at all this delicious food now how new is this stuff how many of these combo meals so we just launched these meal bills and our stores a few weeks ago we’re really excited about it yeah and as you can see on the sign right here we’ve got great deals starting at $2 $3 and $4 is that how these are lined up here exactly okay so I mean we’re talking two dollars and this is for you got to get you polar pop right so every deals gonna come over to any size polar pop yeah hot dogs a kolache ‘s one donut and that’s a medium coffee medium coffee that’s right I’ve been to Donuts hey Donna and of course I mean and the deals just get bigger and better as you increase and it’s only for a dollar increase you get so much more talking to hot dogs this one over here you get a double cheeseburger you get your chips and a drink all of I mean lunch tacos never even heard of them but they got them out here they’re delicious breakfast tacos I love it you guys can get all these different things when you come out here now how did you actually select the items that would be on the menu so all the items shown here are quick so our idea behind it is you come into the store you grab it you go you grab your your hot dog you’re watching your doughnut and then head over to the polar pop machine grab your polar pop checkout and then head out super fast super easy and great prices as well and that’s the point great prices super fast super easy I love is actually just hold this real quick now you actually have right here the hot dogs this is back to we’re highlighting West chug and you have a cool hot dog bar it’s like a build-it-yourself bar you head over there and this one it’s just simple it’s ketchup and it’s mustard Oh she’ll be delicious right I love it I mean so many key dollars $2 all right pardon me I’m gonna jump over here now look at kolache I don’t know what’s in this one’s like a surprise right a little pocket hmm no no gee I got a little something in there great stuff I love what’s going on out here now if people want to win prizes too I mean you guys have your secret word of the day and it actually just when times did it right it just made this 6:00 a.m newscast so tune in to the 6 a.m. news look for the secret word go to / – okay any of your word and I’m a kidder correctly we’ll actually get a free copy there you go get a free coffee make sure you head to the website and of course come out here and these are how many locations are having this are offering this meal deal all of San Antonio locations every San Antonio location of circle Cape now has the two the three and the four dollar meal deal options you get your polar pop you cool down on a hot day summers coming right around the corner fiestas gonna be right around the corner all right come chill out get great food grab your tacos ready to go I love it I love everything about it you guys make sure to get more information on circle-k just head to Circle K Texas calm you guys can get all this information and more find out when you can put in your your secret word of the day at KCI comm slash Circle K right and then you’re just everything about it here you know I’ll take the sign you grab some food too we’re gonna catch on down over here guys but I mean there’s lots of options and I might get like five drinks at the Polar pop station as well – Jen and Mike over there at Market Square I’ll make you beat this is really good this is not that’s like food bring some with you Haven alright tomorrow on sa live they are sure sign of spring Texas bluebonnets oh my gosh they are gorgeous they are popping up all over the sides of the roads looks like carpeting going down I think oh my goodness look at those beautiful anyway coming up tomorrow everything you will ever want to know about our beautiful state flower + WD deli is rolling out a new menu what they have in store for your taste buds were sample tomorrow NSA what [Applause] and went by too quickly spring break but Paul says fishing at Ron egg lake haha right guys Wow says my grandson and my husband also went to the coast on a short fishing trip nice and Chelsea says Kayson went to the beach for the first time and enjoyed every minute of his spring break nothing like that first time at the beach for those little ones yes another side planted leg that’s okay we’ll see it again Kristina we took a road trip to Amarillo for my little man to meet his paternal side of the family was spring break in Grand Cayman Wow friends broke bikes around snorkeling kayaking visited Stingray City that’s really cool stingray city there delicious and now a lot of the colleges have spring break coming up this oh yeah this week yes they didn’t have it all remember long ago so I guess the place to avoid a South Padre Island with all the colleges down there for that coming up tomorrow okay fire house at fair food truck and you said this is just yeah they’re gonna make fried crawfish mac and cheese balls

oh my I’m just well sure there’s a sauce or something – yeah yeah we’re gonna have a package all about the beautiful bluebonnets hold on I 37 I said it looked like kind of a lavender carpet on the sides of the highway there and WD deli yes they have got some new menu items they’re great sandwiches for those who know the place I mean they always have those amazing salad sandwiches these delicious cookies I was gonna say to close those cookies oh my gosh those cookies yes but they’ve added a few items so we’ll have them on to cook for us and of course we’ll eat you think – right I’ll tell you what get out there and enjoy the weather’s gonna stay a little bit on the cool ish side this week but hey that’s max the wonder dog and he was enjoying his spring break the water was a little too cold we’ll be back tomorrow