YouTube Gold – MY HOE is an ICY GOLD DIGGER (s2 e25) | RC ADVENTURES

– [RCSparks] So the other day, I was thinking about how to get past our problem of being snowed on, getting rained on – [Joe] What! – [Rookie] Yes! – [Joe] Cool – [Rookie] You did work? – [RCSparks] I did some work! Finally did some work, instead of just standing around – You did a great job – [RCSparks] Look at this – [Joe] This might work – [RCSparks] Yeah, buddy, everything’s shrouded, they’ve got a cover on them now It’s gonna be a cold one today, Joe – [Joe] Well, blow on your hands, keep them warm a little bit – [RCSparks] Sprinkling the snow all over this place – [Joe] Some up there – [RCSparks] I know It’s starting to freeze up already Actual ice Yes, we all know it’s warmer where you live, we’re satisfied and very happy for you, aren’t we, Steve? (laughs) Fire up the shaker! – [Sluicebox Steve] Firing it up – [RCSparks] That’s a new way You still got your finger? – Oh, yeah – [Kevin] Careful, we’re running some ice here – [Sluicebox Steve] Shaking out the snow – [RCSparks] Ho-ho-ho, merry Christmas in September – [Joe] It’s starting – [RCSparks] Come on, baby – [Joe] They’re not liking it, inside out in the icehouse – [RCSparks] Everything’s cold – [Joe] They’re unhappy – [RCSparks] Here comes the pop – [Joe] You got water? – [RCSparks] Yeah – [Joe] Got water – [RCSparks] Straight outta the gate Shaker on Everything’s so cold, it shrunk up Welcome to Canada Before you load anything in the Volvo, wipe it out to make sure we don’t get anything sticking to it while it gets colder We gotta wait for these machines to start getting cold, get used to the temperature outside or everything is gonna stick Way too soon for snow, I tell you that much Okay, same as always, Kev Just make sure to get the pay into the hopper Try to keep the hopper full today so we don’t get much sticking to it, right? The snow won’t have an opportunity to melt and stick – Well, I’ll do my best, boss – [RCSparks] Thanks, buddy We’re having to lay down mats today when we’re bringing in the pay so we’re not scraping wet and putting it on the conveyor because that’s going to be our greatest enemy today Wet conveyors have things that stick to it And when it’s sticking to it, much like this trommel, we might have an issue here as well I’ll have to cover this up First pay on its way, straight from the glory hole Woo hoo! Thank you, Steve Look at that healthy pay right there, a nice , big scoopful for the day Good job, Kev – [Kevin] Thanks, boss – [RCSparks] Crazy I wonder how long these small hydraulic lines are gonna keep working That fluid will start to thicken up And these machines will start to get slow There are no hot packs available in the stores yet It’s far too early for any kind of heat packs First pay away, good job – [Joe] Get that in there – [RCSparks] Yeah And away it goes Look at this, straight into the auger It’s starting to stick a little right here There we go, that’s a better shoot More pay on the way! For Rookie, eh? – [Rookie] Over here, Steve – [RCSparks] Good job – Over here My turn Just put it in the hole – [RCSparks] First pay for Rookie’s plant Except the shroud is in the way

– [Joe] Bring that up – [RCSparks] Yeah – [Rookie] Tryin’ – [RCSparks] There, beautiful In the glory hole Joe continues to battle with what is left of unfrozen ground Trying to stack it up, getting it to the sorter – [RCSparks] Yeah, where’s the beer? – [Joe] Kevin – [RCSparks] Don’t worry, I turned off the fridge It’s nice and warm Kevin, go grab us four beer You don’t want cold beer on a day like today – Well, yeah, I like cold beer on any day – [RCSparks] That is an honest mistake on my side then Another load We’ve gotten very efficient over the last 25 episodes We’re moving dirt faster than we did in the first season, isn’t that right, Sluice? – We’re movin’ it way faster than the first season – [RCSparks] Way faster – It’s like from a teaspoon to a bucket – [RCSparks] Yeah, exactly Really appreciating this bucket now, custom made It is still ripping all the way through all this top layer that’s a little bit frozen over – [Kevin] Sir, you need to be a little more distracted – Thank you – [RCSparks] Perfect! – Co-op? – [RCSparks] Yeah, only the quality for my boys – The best, eh? (machine drones loudly) – [Rookie] Hard running, especially with your gloves on – [RCSparks] Yeah – [Rookie] It’s cold out here – [RCSparks] That takes a professional, man Gloves and the controls, not an easy task (machine drones loudly) Everybody watching from your beautiful, warm patio right now, sitting out there in your shorts enjoying a nice, cold lemonade, we’re jealous (laughs quietly) (machine drones loudly) – [Joe] The hopper’s getting full there – [RCSparks] Today is about efficiency – [Joe] It is. It’s cold (machine drones loudly) – [RCSparks] As long as these hydraulics keep moving, that pump inside will keep them warm But as soon as they sit idle, they’ll start to freeze up and get slow These guys are all about movin’ dirt today (machine drones loudly) Ooh, shallow bucket (machine drones loudly) (machine whirs and turns) Moving this hopper down has made it so much easier, obviously, for not having a higher center of gravity on the loader Definitely making it easier to dump the load into the hopper so it’s a constant feed Dude, so much better than last episode You were like, “YouTube efficiency,” and then you poured all the dirt on the ground It’s quite an operation now that we have this many people – [Rookie] YouTube gold efficiency – [RCSparks] Yeah, YouTube gold efficiency is what it’s turned out to be This is actually starting to be like a job – Well, yeah, it’s gonna happen – [RCSparks] You’re doing awesome today – [Rookie] Don’t jinx it – [RCSparks] Look at that – [Rookie] Don’t say that – [RCSparks] We’re gonna be watching you so closely now – [Rookie] I know. It’s terrible – [RCSparks] Perfect scrapes, look at this 25 episodes of practice right here – [Rookie] Well, winter and the gloves helped I don’t know Probably because it’s too cold to drink a lot of beer yet – [RCSparks] I think it’s a smaller target That’s what’s going on You’ve got a smaller target to deliver – [Rookie] I gotta concentrate – [RCSparks] Look at that Look at that Beautiful No more big, gaping holes for you, dude, just tight, little spaces to fit into – Everybody likes little, tight spaces – [RCSparks] It works better Let’s open it up a little for ya (machine drones loudly)

Ooh, that’s a tight corner – [Rookie] Kevin, you’re doing pretty good today – [Kevin] Well, thanks It’s not my first rodeo – [RCSparks] Well, you basically have been on this loader for like, what, 10 episodes in a row? – [Kevin] Yeah, something like that I’m getting pretty good with it – [RCSparks] Killin’ it, man I’m glad we put that plastic mat in It’s keeping everything underneath from getting the pay too wet – [Rookie] We’re not diggin’ to China anymore – [RCSparks] No, exactly – [Kevin] Well, there’s only gold here in Alberta (machine whirs and turns) (deep bass guitar) (dramatic music) – [RCSparks] Mandatory indoor beer break – It’s too cold to drink beer, so I (laughing) – [RCSparks] We’re gonna warm up all the machines, let the hydraulic lines re-expand – [Rookie] We need some hot pockets to stuff in the equipment bays – [RCSparks] I know I was saying I don’t see any It’s too early in the season (laughs) Look at those killer claws, eh? – [Kevin] Yeah, none for sale on the shelves yet – [RCSparks] Wes, killer bucket, dude, every time I see it – [Joe] This ramp is leaking a bit – [RCSparks] Oh, it’s always leaking man This whole machine is leaky – [Joe] This side’s pretty dry – [RCSparks] This is always leaking Especially when we got temperatures that are going up and down all the time – [Rookie] They all leak – [RCSparks] Yeah, exactly – [Joe] That just means we get a beer break more often – [Rookie] I’m okay with that – [RCSparks] And then back at it, these guys are like non-stop warriors, just continuing the hunt for gold We’re gonna be able to fire up that other trailer pretty soon Joe, you should go and grab the loader from Kev Put him back on the excavator, see if he likes that – [Joe] Yeah yeah, okay Kind of tired of being down here– – [RCSparks] I bet – It’s quiet man – [RCSparks] What are you doing down here? – Like I’m all off on my own Yeah, we’re getting great gold, but– – [RCSparks] Go take what is yours – [Joe] Hey Kevin – [Kevin] Yeah? – Go down there and use that excavator and load trucks – [Kevin] I’m just getting good on this! – [Joe] Eh, that’s okay – [Kevin] Sorry boss – Hey, back up where the action is – [RCSparks] That way easy! – [Rookie] He took that really well – [RCSparks] I didn’t think he was gonna take it that well! Hey, you’re getting soft Kev! – [Rookie] Kevin’s got a great attitude – [RCSparks] He does have a great attitude! Very eager to please, as always! – [Steve] I can’t quite put my finger on it but there’s something different about Kev today – [Joe] I agree – [RCSparks] Non-stop pay all day! Let’s tap it in here, give ya some more room (droning of machinery drowns out speaker) Beautiful Out it comes! This is a beautiful pile, you got lots of pay buddy! Rip her through! Try not to scratch the paint on the Volvo there Great job, Sluice! – [Steve] Thank you! – [Joe] Hurry up with that pay! – (laughs) I’m still learning Joe! – [Joe] Let’s go Kevin, what’s goin’ on? – [RCSparks] Joe, taking his place

back at the top of the loader Let her go in there buddy! There it is – [Joe] Kinda moist, I’m sure it’s just trying to still feed it fairly slowly – [RCSparks] Ah, look at that, I see it That’s feeding well, I can see that’s carrying it away, the shrouds are working Nothing sticking too bad – [Joe] That’s great – [RCSparks] Yeah, yeah (machine drones loudly) – [RCSparks] Scoop after scoop, they keep going in, the machines keep eating them I’m surprised they’re doing so well in the cold You gotta get it in there, Rook! – [Rookie] I’m trying! It’s mostly going in – [RCSparks] It’s building up on the side! – [Rookie] It’s all very sticky – [RCSparks] I know, it is You’re doing a great job though! Cleaning up a little bit for ya here How are you feeling right now? – Cold, it’s winter out here – [RCSparks] Is it far too early for snow? – Yeah, it is This is ridiculous I’m not happy about it – [RCSparks] You got icicles hanging from your nose – [Joe] Drippin’, actually – [RCSparks] Yeah, I can see that conveyor starting to get wet – [Steve] Belts are out – [Kevin] Belts are out! Finally, look at here! – [Rookie] Aw crap – [RCSparks] We were waiting for this Look at that! – [Steve] I thought that had some life left in it – [RCSparks] That is toast, dude, look at that! I’m glad you weren’t standing anywhere near it – [Steve] No kidding! – [RCSparks] Kev, are you okay? – Oh yeah, I’m good I was just hoping maybe we’ll find Rookie’s shoelace – [RCSparks] Okay, I do have another belt That’s amazing man – [RCSparks] Hmm, yup, this Here you go dude – [Rookie] Hey – [RCSparks] Well that looks better, eh? (machinery droning loudly) – [RCSparks] Here you go This can be for the belt I’ll run it down, you can dry off the conveyor belts You’re used to using one of these, right? – [RCSparks] There ya go Sometimes you just need a little finesse, Joe – I guess so – [RCSparks] Sometimes you need a lot – [Joe] Nice, can you feel that? – [RCSparks] No you’re right, that’s nice – Can you feel that? – [RCSparks] Yeah, nice – [Rookie] Hey – [Joe] Oh hey, I’m drying the belt! – [RCSparks] Joe is giving me a blow, it’s not a big deal! – [Joe] I’m drying the belt, what? – Looks like you gotta do your hair! – [Joe] My hair’s good! Just drying the belt – [Rookie] That’s just weird – [RCSparks] Such a beautiful sight Just one after another now – [Joe] Pay all day, buddy – [RCSparks] Yeah, I hope we’re still on the gold There you go, nice, healthy scoopful Joe Smash it in there buddy, there ya go Well almost, it looked good! (laughs) it’s like, it looked good from the front! – [Joe] ‘Cause it’s so sticky– – [RCSparks] It’s just a three dressed up as a nine! That’s a good point bro, you don’t want it all clumped together – [Joe] Try and feed it in there fairly slowly – [RCSparks] I can see it clumping together We need a shaker on those bars Not moving fast enough? – [Joe] No, it’s not moving – [Rookie] It stopped? – [RCSparks] Shouldn’t have, that’s a 5000 That should go for a long time – [Steve] It should, yeah – [RCSparks] And it ain’t from the conveyor? No, just a very hot motor box Woohoo, okay Yeah, hold on Get that pay back into the pile

– [Joe] Yeah– – [RCSparks] And we’ll pull these bars off with the chain We’ll see if we can get it out If it ain’t one thing, it’s another with gold mining, I gotta tell ya It ain’t easy running a mine site, you gotta be prepared for basically everything Come on, chain! Bring an empty rock truck up here, we’re gonna need it What’s the matter? (drone of machinery drowns out speaker) – [RCSparks] I know, I took it out – [Rookie] Oh did ya? – [RCSparks] Yeah, it wasn’t working well I see this pay behind it but we’ll just have to scoop it up and put it in there – [Rookie] Oh yeah, there’s a ton there – [RCSparks] But it wasn’t because it was sticky? It wasn’t going down, exactly – [Rookie] That rock truck coming down – [RCSparks] Yeah, rock truck! Rock truck on road! I don’t see Joe’s beer, is that it over there? – [Rookie] Must be it there – [RCSparks] It’s unopened, that’s impossible, that’s not Joe’s beer – [Rookie] It’s cold – [RCSparks] I dunno, I think somebody’s taken the place of Joe I’m starting to think he’s not actually Joe – [Joe] What are ya talking about? – [RCSparks] Well, you got a beer that’s not even opened! – [Joe] Well – [RCSparks] Something’s fishy about this Just drag it out of the way, man – [Joe] Oh for (beep) sakes – [RCSparks] Okay, let me rig it This is not right – [Joe] Here, we got it – [RCSparks] This is not right! That is not gonna work! – [Joe] Pull it back outta the way! – [Rookie] Who rigged this? – [RCSparks] Oh! You’re lucky that works – [Rookie] It did actually work – [RCSparks] Get to work Bring the bucket around, bring the truck around! You didn’t think this was gonna be easy day, did ya? – [Rookie] It’s never an easy day mining – [RCSparks] Come on, I don’t wanna be a (beep) here – [RCSparks] Why are you guys laughing? Get a shovel, help him out! – Hey, I need a beer break! – [RCSparks] Oh, now he needs a beer break! Now it comes open! – I did like six scoops, ya know! – [RCSparks] Okay, out of the way, get someone in there – [Joe] Steve! – [Rookie] Kevin, start shoveling! – [Kev] Just keep running back and forth when you gave me a broken loader over there It was out of hydraulic fluid, man – [RCSparks] Oh my god – [Joe] What are you talking about? It worked fine when I was there – [Kevin] Is this the biggest shovel we have? – Put your back into it Kevin! – Put your remote down and use two hands – [RCSparks] You’re always holding us up! – Hurry up! – [RCSparks] Where you going? (machinery drowns out speaker) – How are you even able to lift that? (machinery drowns out speaker) Oh, it smells gross Yeah, it was working hard – [Joe] Burnt? – [RCSparks] Yeah, burnt Oo, that’s not good – [Steve] That sounds terrible – [Joe] Got some bad news for ya – [RCSparks] Why, what? – The feeder is finished – The gears are done – [RCSparks] What? – Oh yeah, she’s unhappy Put a fresh battery in and all it did was grind and growl and make funny noises It’s not moving – [RCSparks] Okay, so the hopper’s out – [Rookie] Hopper’s out, we’re gonna need another excavator up here – [RCSparks] We got a leaky excavator down there? – [Rookie] We got a leaky excavator down there – [RCSparks] Okay Pack up the pay that we got, cover it, make sure yours goes through the plant Yours is done? – [Rookie] I’m still good – [RCSparks] Finish up your pay and then we’ll shutter down Shutter down! – [Kevin] Shut her down! – [Rookie] At least half down! – [Joe] Shut this half down! – [RCSparks] Kevin! Grab the shovel, shovel all this back in there ’cause the excavators are leaky – [Kevin] Got it – [RCSparks] You’re gonna make foreman one day buddy – [Kevin] Maybe next week – [RCSparks] Last bit going in, every bit we can YouTube Gold, baby – [Everyone] YouTube Gold! – [RCSparks] These guys are fighting against Mother nature, trying to shut us down and we’re trying to get through every ounce of dirt we can, to get every flake and speck of gold out that we can before everything freezes up and then that’s the end of it Let’s get the pans out! Rook’s almost done Cripes, it’s cold What do we see?

– [Joe] I see some stuff – [RCSparks] Oh yeah? – [Joe] We got quite a few here – [RCSparks] Some, there’s some up here – [Joe] Not so much in this one – [RCSparks] None? That’s not a good sign Okay, just be careful with the boxes, pull ’em out The shaker sounds so much better with the new belt on it – [Rookie] Yeah it’s much better – [RCSparks] Yeah, it’s smooth We don’t have a lot of water (Machinery drowns out speaker) We don’t have a lot of water It’s okay! It’s just coming apart This is my new method, right here Rule of thumb, this is a new rule of thumb right here Look at this one, that’s a nice line right there Nice one Whoa, a lot got washed down, look at all this got washed down Water on, Joe – [Joe] Water on! I can see gold already, right there, right there – [RCSparks] Good – [Joe] Here, here, all the way up to here All the way up to the top All the way up here You gotta get that stuff out – [RCSparks] Bring home the gold, baby – [Kevin] Gold, baby! – [RCSparks] I’m almost afraid to have that so high up here Just put it on its side – [Joe] Well hang on, gimme a second – [RCSparks] We got gold at the bottom Come on, out, out! – [RCSparks] That’s a nice little puddle of gold– – [Joe] That’s a nice puddle of gold – [RCSparks] Yup, have it ‘er – [Joe] Friggin’ awesome, boys! – [RCSparks] Yeah, looking good For such a cold day, that gold was flowing free – [Joe] Gold doesn’t care what the temperature is – [RCSparks] That’s a good point All right, let’s see some gold, boys! – [Rookie] Let’s see some gold! – [RCSparks] Bring me some good news here, Rook – [Rookie] Start with some more, so we get the big chunks first – [RCSparks] Professional rookie now Been at the table many hours – Gold, gold, gold – [RCSparks] Gold, gold, gold, gold, gold! Nothing – [Rookie] Seeing a lot of gravel – [RCSparks] That’s a lot of gravel – [Joe] Is that gold? – [Kevin] Yeah, it is! – [RCSparks] It’s tiny Okay, okay, okay Separating from the stones We’re gettin’ some Look at that, okay, okay! – [Rookie] It’s all here – [RCSparks] It’s a little – [Rookie] No, it’s good – [RCSparks] This feels like episode 10 (laughs) – [Steve] When we got three grams of gold? – [RCSparks] Yeah – [Rookie] Hey, remember when three grams was huge? – [Steve] Yeah, oh yeah – [RCSparks] Three grams is huge Oo, that is nice Peppering along the top, as it should Fine here, lots of fine, twinkle-twinkle little star When did you get something in your eyebrow? – I went fishing with Joe the other week – [RCSparks] Oh, when you dropped him off – He’s totally lying – He went to cast overhand, I was beside him and a hook right through So I just cut it off and put some threads on it and left it there – [RCSparks] Joe! – You guys believe that? – [Steve] Sounds legit, I can go with that – It’s legit – [RCSparks] What time is it boys? (boys create a raucous cacophony) Wheel of gold! Plug that in, let’s fire this baby up Looking forward to a payday today Oo, gold So the concentrate of the concentrate You stealing gold there, Steve? – [Steve] No, I just found it – [RCSparks] You just found, found gold – [Joe] You don’t just find it – [RCSparks] Okay buddy, load it in Let’s see it – [Rookie] Give me some gold, Joe – [RCSparks] Nice! Gold train! – [Joe] Ding, ding, ding! – [RCSparks] What are you, Apollo now? Ding ding! (bell being struck twice) – [Joe] Look at it all! – [RCSparks] Hey man, this is YouTube gold, all of this is gold Black sand, there you go Little less, I’m raising it right now in the back – [Joe] Constant flow of gold, all the way out – [Rookie] I like that – [RCSparks] It’s small, I don’t see a constant flow of gold – [Joe] I do – [RCSparks] That’s a nice piece – [Joe] Five, six riffles of gold – [RCSparks] Okay, I’m taking bets today

What are we thinking? We’ve seen the table already, how much gold? – I think six and a half grams – [Rookie] I’m gonna go three grams – [RCSparks] Three grams, that confident! – [Rookie] I’m feeling super good today about it – [Kevin] I’m feeling 5.5 – [Joe] I’m feeling, four – [RCSparks] I’ve seen also about four There, there it is – [Rookie] There’s still gold all the way out – [RCSparks] I know, it’s still working it There, beauty, look at it, there’s pieces – [Rookie] Oh nice – [RCSparks] That’s a nice piece – [Rookie] Ah, more gold! Wish and flick there – [RCSparks] Come on! – [Rookie] It’s going good there It keeps climbing – [Kevin] It keeps coming, it keeps giving – [RCSparks] Real gold, boys Oh yeah, we’re gettin’ gold still – [RCSparks] Not bad Let’s reprocess that though, as always Get out as much as we can Dump her in there, Rook Put the bucket back Look at there – [Joe] Yeah! – [RCSparks] There’s the gold train – [Joe] There it is! – [Kevin] Like cowboys – [Steve] That’s gotta be eight grams – [RCSparks] No riffle riders – [Rookie] No, no great big pieces but it’s still good – [RCSparks] We may be off the gold That would be pretty convenient It snowed and we’re off the gold – [Joe] Well we had some equipment failure, right? – [RCSparks] I think with three quarters of an ounce as a gold though and what we’re at now is pretty insane, amazing – [Steve] Yeah but we’re on a run It’d be nice to keep running – [RCSparks] That’s true, I don’t see anything else Okay, my turn to do this today – [Steve] Someone challenged us to reach five ounces – [RCSparks] Thanks, thanks Exactly, they’ll challenge us forever – [Rookie] Get a pound! – [RCSparks] Exactly (laughs) Oh, that’s decent! That is concerningly small – [Joe] That is – [RCSparks] Quite small – [Rookie] Not bad – [Joe] Not a large amount – [RCSparks] Let’s dry it up, let’s see what we got Looks pretty good, I guess I’m starting to get spoiled Rookie (laughs) It’s a ton of gold for what we did, in the cold – [Steve] That’s huge! – [RCSparks] But uh, yeah – We’ve been doing so well lately, it’s just– – [RCSparks] Dry it out Apparently we’re still doing well – [Rookie] You should not be disappointed – [RCSparks] Look at that, this is more gold than we had in the first episode More gold than the Hoffmans in season two right there – [Rookie] If this was season one, this would be our best clean out – [RCSparks] That’s true – [Rookie] And here we are moaning about it – [RCSparks] This is our best yet (Drier drowns out speaker) Looks nice now it’s dried out a bit – [Rookie] It does – [RCSparks] Zero, zero Okay, bring the gold, Rook – [Rookie] Gonna bring the gold – [Everyone] Gold, gold, gold – [RCSparks] Three– – [Steve] What are you doing? – [RCSparks] No no, gentle bro, gentle Dude – [Rookie] This is a splash shield – [RCSparks] Is this your first time doing this? Thank god we had a, there’s gold everywhere! – [Rookie] It’s okay! You got two grams – [RCSparks] Those are ounces, we’re in ounces right now – [Steve] That’s 0.2 ounces – [RCSparks] 6.3! – [Joe] No way! – [RCSparks] It’s more because you spilled it everywhere But wait, funny – [Rookie] We need a little, tiny, modeling paint brush – You need it! – [Rookie] Well, we being me – [RCSparks] Zeroed out In grams, okay – [Rookie] In grams, what have we got? – [Steve] It’s not zero – [RCSparks] It is zero – [Rookie] It said zero sluice – [Steve] It did say two a second ago – [RCSparks] It says 0.8, one gram! – [Steve] 1.4 Three, four, 4.1 Five, six– – [Rookie] Seven grams! – [Steve] Seven grams, wow! – [Rookie] That’s still good though! – [RCSparks] It is, it is Sixteen last week – [Rookie] I know, it’s still good though! – [Steve] That was last year’s whole take – [Rookie] We did 11 grams all last season – [RCSparks] 7.2, so who guessed eight? – I guessed 6.5 – [Rookie] Ding ding, I guessed three so I did terrible – [RCSparks] What’s with everybody’s apollo thing? – I said 4.1 – [Rookie] He started it!

– [RCSparks] Okay, zero it out, so now we know we got the 7.1 right? Without the humidity Here, undo this, let’s do the whole weigh up for every time This is season total so far Probably my favorite part, every single time – [Kevin] Wow – [RCSparks] That’s a mega nug – [Rookie] So huge – [RCSparks] Hold on, lemme change it here Let’s go straight to ounces There ya go, 0.6 One, nice, I’m loving it Keep it coming, all in the tray, keep it in the tray A little lower, there you go Two, three – [Rookie] Are we gonna get to four? – [RCSparks] Come on four, four, four four! – [Steve] 0.6 grams short – [RCSparks] Look at that, that’s insane – [Rookie] Sluice, go move some more dirt – [RCSparks] Dude, I thought we were gonna get to four – We need three more buckets from each of ya (everyone laughs) – [Steve] You lost the shovel in the pond – [Rookie] Fire it back up! – [RCSparks] That’s amazing – [Kevin] Dude, 122.8 grams – [RCSparks] That’s it boys, one, two, three! – [Everyone] YouTube gold! – [RCSparks] All right