you are now entering Sunshine’s classroom hi guys welcome back to my channel today we’re going to talk about and I had women’s health and hygiene you know it’s a bit of a awkward topic for me personally to speak about because I don’t know like you know am I so no no no the reason why this video because many people’s parents have not even talked to them about women’s health or hygiene they haven’t talked to them about periods or shaving or anything like that because me personally how they even had my mom said the words shaving to me or vagina I like she has if she’s not that kind of person she finally things awkward to talk about so I have to do trial error and basically learn about my body muscle basically so I don’t put you guys out of all of the mistakes I went through you know and use some tips and some hacks I also other people are my snapchat to give me some tips and hacks so can all learn together as so many women message me or goals in a woman golf amount remaining let the of shaving okay me personally enough good I can tag a razor would never have touched my body that I wish I knew about shaving cream and I like shaving cream edge of the best obviously once it doesn’t last long like shaving loss longer than shaving cream but full of shaving cream then left issues let’s hustle let painless limitations and I’m saying that I feel like with raises it can give you razor burns could cut yourself ah cut enough so we were shamed it also for like when you’re first starting out you may not know how to change the body correctly and then you just mess up the hair flow and you just start getting good head all that stuff so I would say that if you’re getting into the whole shaving or having movement you know lab wherever you know I would suggest me personally shaving cream it does not hurt at all if you use it correctly but obviously shaving is quick and easy to do the job – and I’ve done the hair gone you know so let me give some tips for shaving one do not share shaving equipment I know this may seem obvious for some people but for some people is not kind of thing some people may see their long chain instance only reduce them up no red flag danger do not because all the blood maybe I got come out from someone else’s skin or your plane is no girl not too bad okay I want wheel off it to be heavy the brittle I need some of the shavings think I don’t do that okay I would recommend using a Shamus take two to three times and then throw it away then use another one with you get a pacifier for one time so it’s not expensive the reason why I say this is because you want the blade to be sharp if you’re using a blunt razor that can cause razor bumps and irritation because they haven’t really coming out in those a business you you know so use fresh Sheamus tips if you can afford to use one and roll away then good on me will not everybody have quite net then I would have had to run the shop all the times gone by Germany sitting up in girl also exfoliation is key that will help to reduce England head me personally never not lie I do not exfoliate my armpits because for me I didn’t get any invitation I’ve been more on page like it I don’t know why my office actually well-behaved you know I’m saying I don’t get any razor bumps or nothin like that like that’s just me personally but down there that’s a different story and time do not say so girl we got to know our bodies you know everybody’s body acts differently some people didn’t get way too pumped up oh and the heavenly moon routine might be really bad for the body just doesn’t react in that way but for someone you make all the right things for your bodies will still give you razor bumps and ingrown hair so you just got a little body unaccepted you’re not saying raised about sable bomb England head it’s all a part of life kind of a lie don’t be embarrassed or ashamed everybody gets that delusion I think I was alone but no girl I’m not alone that many girls out there I get is well so girls you know also in terms of Shaving remember to use shaving cream or any silky kind of substance do not shave drag girls girl do not shake dry that is a big mistake

to do okay because your office will get irritated and you start believing basically because the Rays of connect of your skin so you need shaving cream or soap do not say the English singing cream then use soap and of the nose yes and I would suggest shaven and gets their head some people say shape with the head I don’t know as long as their new doesn’t I care about civilian so after you finished shaving many people say they use aloe vera gel coconut oil or Vaseline to put on top of a baby to stop the itching I guess or imitation say for that one I’m not really sure because I thought like if you put up a gel or oily substance after you finished shaving when they get into like the pool that one they like cause in go ahead and I’m not really sure about that please comment down below if I’m incorrect down there but I want to say put a lot I’ll say put a little because in those optically shaven it can get itchy – I want a desperate in that coconut rule yeah one there Bohol gel bands need I don’t know it might be to that I know poor feeling or pore clogging I don’t know many people also said put apple cider vinegar on a cotton pad and tactical artist after you finish shaving I’ve never heard that for the first time I’m hearing of this so if you have issues with shaving maybe should try that and maybe work for you don’t put my name on it because I never titanfall so I don’t know I didn’t know for up mm gun Wow I will apple cider vinegar for drinking while pirates was drinking and so how kids as well but you guys need to remember that we have had in situations for a reason you don’t say it’s basically stop the sweat from dripping off our bodies they had better catch it yucky that’s why personally I do not scrape every single part of the hair from my body all the time especially in the winter girl absolute a little breed you know say like obviously I don’t even good songs welcome to bridge you know saying but I trim it I don’t need to scrape it down to the skin surface because they do end up all the time then you know obviously you get a little bumps and stuff like that we’re going to trim it you know just a nice level in the wind top we are not really sure outfit enough calm bonus even wear like a time table or a contrast exchange market obviously you may not want to show the head of do you shave it then I just shave it completely bad when necessary in terms of down there yeah that the reasons why people might want to you know shave with bad skin you know whatever my period I don’t like that to be any hair there because they noticed this at the back or the blood of yes general vein so I tried to make sure before I start everything gone you know just to make it more clean up according know when all the plan is what I would say so you know you got them you got you got the size basically yeah nigga vajazzle annual that bit I would suggest saving that big clear because if you let it grow then also grow it into a dialing girl girl oh you know what I’m talking about no one thought involved I was addressed shaving or waxing or hair removing the size and engels size and stuff like that I will belly and stuff like that and then just keep the base a nice you know trimmed level you don’t need to shake it back for no reason if you get ingrown hair a lot you get irritated when you’re shaving or whatever you know you do not need to shake it completely bare okay but if you’d like it clean as a baby’s butt and go you do that you do what you gotta do but for me kept ain’t nobody got time for that but obviously I’m not gonna sue don’t costume and that the end and everything mr. Bloem because I don’t want hair flying out for me I don’t like waxing because it hurts it costs money it takes time you know it doesn’t reduce the bumps for me in fact that little move box when I web I don’t know why I don’t know why because you know I start skin for asking a black people we have coarse hair so maybe when the hair cutting out the skin it just go like this and into the book you know just goes yeah you know SME waxing is not really my thing maybe I’ll try get into it later but for now I must equip shaving I’d handle evil cream someone said hey little Cleveland’s our best and if you don’t

want it to get into your vagina hole use your cotton pad and place it on top of your holes that make sense like if I didn’t have a little cream down there I don’t believe go down that I just use it on the top I know my site area I don’t really you know go duck duck direction you know because if you get have little cream in that sorry finished so makes me take your time spread it says why I move on and a please we can little children if you’re watching this be careful if you’re going to use heavy cream down there do not get it unlike the pink bits of your vagina that makes sense because it engine also be care full so now there’s about doc armpit this is what a lot of girls go through and sometimes I might buy like girl lying bad way like the other don’t need only a little fun but this is due to the aluminium in beauty Atreus I get it and iminium screen and the medium fries do to it and that will reduce the darkness obviously as well when you shave or remove hair from the area it will get dark when men remove the hair from their beard you see that after when you put it that 12 o’clock shadow or eight o’clock’s I don’t know what times in quality or something o’clock shadow John Day so it happens with everybody so don’t be embarrassed by it I see you’re taking pictures and the are can build sugar for the loggia when I girl like you don’t need to we understand you know be confident in your body burst of people send using lemon juice and we change the darkness from your objects and head it is what really does argue that you’re not comfortable with I’ll suggest rubbing lemon on them like four times a week and fee over time nobody changed a lot ever happen straight away in water in time to see it at the time it will change some people many people I said potato add lemon to get one as baking soda since it won’t be concussion like this year blending or grind orders put it in like a container and haven’t gained a whopping and place it on your armpits that every day you may see a difference one thing is I wouldn’t suggest using bleaching cream because that could be dangerous especially like you know in areas when you’re shaving all the time it could just be a lot you know our bleaching creams it’s not just you bleach it it’s like our we leave it I don’t know for bleaching creams you need to be consistent for the rest of your life with beating cream dealers I wanted to just do two creams I will suggest you know and more natural method my friend said kojie san like works well you can write from Amazon and there’s a lot of reviews on it on YouTube so you can check it out I have personally not used it before so to lock my name on it don’t work for you I’m not having to go out there and spend your plate and tell me what people have told me so gorgeous and nice and so I’ll put the spelling down there because I know I’m not pronouncing it right at all next in a let’s talk about is the smell from down there and go message me my friend’s vagina smells how can I told us how can it get better but one mistake people tend to make is that oh slope slightly smells I wash it more that is not necessarily the case if you don’t have a seller if you do then yeah that’s probably the case what do you do that’s probably not the case okay because the vagina is a self-cleansing sister I’m sure you’ve had this many times you know and it has a certain pH balance and keep on washing down there you live for what the balance you know I don’t even know what pH scale is at but it’s somewhere you know research if you want to know the actual details but one thing is you may be washing down there we may not be doing it correctly is there correct way to wash it with diver please personally when I wash down there I just use warm water before I used to use the piping hot water I use for my body for down there do not do that okay because I don’t know what stuff I’ve melted down there you know so use warm water don’t burn your uterus Sundays I’ve been like to the gym or be a very hot and sweaty day or I’m on my period that’s what I use them fresh but only a little bit as many people that are very near to infect our cars irritation I will curse but you happen to me evening I’m just saying what works

for me some people would either may be more sensitive than others and that’s perfect fine you know as I said as a child ever since know what works for you okay when I say I use some fresh I don’t even use it on to the diner and where I use it around that when the hairs are you know I think that’s key because a lot of sweat who build that like you don’t watch so all people would heart and expect it to be clean you know I’ll say it like I use the cell freshly like the hairs on that between the side that’s that area right here that’s what I use it I do not put that me the whole of my vagina I’ll can get astray many people have been singing they put their fingers up there to scoop some fun I did it you know some people may be very juicy in that area so then they have a little discharge so they may want to get out but if you’re young you are be careful you know because that can just take your life a different direction if you get what I’m saying it you know so I wouldn’t suggest putting your fingers up there you don’t know what it looking for because you end up experiencing something else you know you you know what I’m saying for me personally Adam took my fingers up there you know and I let it come out a day goes bad you know we to do that we Jennifer scream and yeah yeah sounds that me but if you feel like you putting your fingers up there and dig it out whatever you’re looking for it works for you then it works for you but for me I have had any issues yet I’m not going to fix on soon I start digging for fun when it hasn’t caused me any problems at this present moment in time if you’re experiencing constant discomfort or it change or smell then you need to go to the doctors okay I’ll think it would of go over to know you need to adopt it and maybe you have BV or thrush or something out give you some medicine or like some creams and we’ll be good you know so don’t wait way to just burn because egg is going to go you might make you worse you know in terms of the smell will you smell is what you eat basically so many people say drink cranberry juice drink citrusy drinks like lemon pineapple you notice about pineapples you know you either kind of foods that you know down they’ll be nice you know the end of junk food and stuff like that Baga chips coca-cola sprite 7up you know types will be coming out of yeah you know so I would suggest if you’re experiencing and smell I’ll firstly try changing your diet and drink learn or would top you select eat brother that’s fine okay we’ll have a brother now and then but I would suggest eating healthy stuff as well drinking water plenty of water water flush out any dispersal thing inside your body but if it’s smelling food there afterwards then 100 percent go to the doctors many people are suggesting something called probiotics and I will help with your pH level do jammin you know doing handy handy you let you know bring it down so probiotics set up and it may work for you if you’re experiencing from certain certain many people are saying is good to off pants and I agree I agree I feel like we’re sleeping if you can do not wear underwear let everything free because you know you’re sleeping your size are stuck together and then the heat of the on with everything just alerts to lot going on in there so if you can wear like a dress I can nightly dress or something I just not wear any underwear better for you sometimes with hot and I’m wearing a dress outside I’m not going to wear no underwear because you know I’m going to be sweating a lot I don’t want all to look like oh it like us hoping that even household in there no because that’s what because things start happening I don’t want nothing to happen okay also try as much as you can to wear cotton underwear I know silk was the novel Poland on Mad Max my links and my silken percent day but no try to wear cotton underwear as much as you can because I let of them breed is just like that silk shut cotton briefs and some people cannot not wear

underwear because a lot of things that is coming out them you know every girl dis with some people are just see some people less sir so someone recommended when panty line is entirely how to discard and it helps keeping your underwear nice and clean and stuff like there if you kind of food to be wearing panty liners every day go for it you know it will save your underwear the cleaning stress you know for example in the gym or you never be hot and sweaty and you don’t have time to shower straightaway title items would be good at least go to the gym where time to light off sweat everything in that time to liner then take off that little underwear it’s not stinking and smelling also all the tropical smells a lot of people are saying put lemon there we go from back tested it people are laughing but many people actually do it as we take lemon and cups like remember they put it like on top with not inside yeah it doesn’t touch the hole you put it like around yeah you could driver ever people on the outfit as well and they did it big Wow English let it sit there for about 10 minutes apparently this lowers a smooth fresh you know many people put lemon on their outfit before the shower and apparently this makes it office more even more fresh the other issue with bully load up because I know some people children can’t save them so it could happen on there and see what for you another tip for people that sweat a lot girl I leave this tip because I swept bear okay how could you just walk to my board there’ll be one people slip dripping so one dancer she uses drink claw to claw up to the spelling down there she uses that that is a roll-on Jochen thing apologize helped her so well I’m going to use it because summertime is coming you know on my pit can be sweating like this you know I need to be looking fresh and flat and bare and bulgy that’s the end of this video I hope you guys appreciate me doing this because this is very awkward for me to say you know like I’m not really you know into talking about these kind of topics and that but I’m so happy that I was able to say anything I wanted to say I’m growing you know if there’s any other tips or hacks I’ve not mentioned please don’t keep it to yourself right of the little we can all learn and help from your table if there’s anything that I said that you disagree with write down below why’d you say that as backup your point and remember what works for you may not work for me and what’s the meaning of work for you to remember everybody’s body is different and a specific guideline for women’s hygiene because what everybody’s body is the same you get me thank you guys what’s in this video now see my next flower